1960 losses

03/01/1960 WE569   Auster T7 654 Sqn The pilot was instructed to hold due to bad weather at base, Hildesheim, West Germany. He was forced to land in a field when the weather closed in causing the aircraft to tip onto its nose and turn over. Rebuilt as an A61 Terrier G-ASAJ
05/01/1960 WV537 O-F Provost T1 6 FTS The foreign student of WV537 taxied onto the active runway at High Ercall, Shropshire without realising it and without permission. The aircraft was struck on the port wing by XF905 which had just landed. Another Provost managed to overshoot
05/01/1960 XF905   Provost T1 6 FTS
08/01/1960 XJ675   Hunter F6 93 Sqn The engine failed due to fuel mismanagement by the pilot. He was unable to relight it and ejected. The aircraft crashed onto a house five miles NE of Aurich, West Germany injuring two civilians
11/01/1960 VW472   Meteor T7 Ferry Sqn At the end of a ferry flight from 12 MU to the RAFFC at Manby, Lincolnshire the starboard undercarriage would not lock down. The pilot elected to make a wheels up landing but the canopy iced up and he could not re-locate the airfield. He was forced to make a forced wheels up landing due to low fuel
19/01/1960 WV664   Provost T1 2 FTS Failed to recover from a spin and crashed near Pocklington, Yorkshire killing the pilot
20/01/1960 XG658 737 Sea Venom FAW21 766 NAS Crashed one mile east of Teckenham, Wiltshire during a night GCA recovery to Lyneham
20/01/1960 XJ728 H Whirlwind HAR2 22 Sqn Rotated into the water off Padstow, Cornwall following tail rotor failure caused by the tail rotor control cable breaking
20/01/1960 XM664 PO-766 Whirlwind HAR7 727 NAS The pilot was unable to maintain the hover due to overpitching and went into forward flight. Engine RPM dropped and the aircraft ditched into the English Channel four miles off Portland, Dorset. The three crew were rescued
20/01/1960 WZ678   Auster AOP9 656 Sqn/11 Flt Crashed into the jungle after loss of power shortly after take off from Seremban, Malaya. The wreckage was not found until 11th April 1960
21/01/1960 WF926   Canberra PR3 39 Sqn Flew into the Mediterranean 19 miles ENE of Luqa, Malta during a GCA let down. Both crew were killed
26/01/1960 WE591 Y Auster T7 AAC Centre The propeller came off due to fracture of the shaft during climb out from a practice engine failure after take off from Middle Wallop, Hants. It landed in a ploughed field four miles from Andover and turned over. Rebuilt as an A61 Terrier as G-ASAK
02/01/1960 XD520   Vampire T11 8 FTS Flew into the ground at Swinderby, Lincs after descending through low cloud. The pilot ejected safely
03/02/1960 WM568 LM-647 Sea Venom FAW21 736 NAS Suffered lateral control failure on take off from Lossiemouth, Morayshire due to hydraulic failure. It rolled to starboard and crashed onto the runway killing the pilot
04/02/1960 XM661 PO-774 Whirlwind HAS7 737 NAS Ditched into the English Channel eight miles off Portland, Dorset and sank after it was hit by a large wave while in the hover which caused the engine to fade. The three crew were picked up by HM submarine Trafalgar
04/02/1960 XM377 17 Jet Provost T3 2 FTS Made a wheels up landing on the grass at Syerston, Nottinghamshire due to fuel shortage and another aircraft being on the runway
05/02/1960 WK298 O-F Swift FR5 79 Sqn Crashed near Fallingbostel, West Germany following engine failure. The pilot ejected safely
05/02/1960 WV796 LM-601 Sea Hawk FGA6 736 NAS Force landed in the undershoot area at Kinloss, Morayshire after suffering a flame out at 13,000ft. The pilot had inadvertently left the rear fuel tank cock closed
06/02/1960 XD238 V-145 Scimitar F1 803 NAS Suffered massive fuel loss during a sortie from HMS Victorious due to a leak. Diverted to Lossiemouth, Morayshire but the pilot was forced to eject while on approach when both engines flamed out. The aircraft crashed onto a road near to Lossiemouth Golf Course on the airfield boundary
07/02/1960 XD245 V-155 Scimitar F1 803 NAS Due to hydraulic failure the hook failed to lower while operating in the Moray Firth. The aircraft was bounced off the deck of HMS Victorious in a failed attempt to lower it. Due to extremely low fuel the pilot climbed to 2,000ft and ejected, unfortunately the parachute did not deploy and he was killed. His body was never found
09/02/1960 WV183   Skyraider AEW1 849 NAS Struck the starboard catwalk of HMS Albion prior to touchdown and crashed into the Mediterranean
09/02/1960 XL850 302 Whirwind HAS7 815 NAS Ditched into the Mediterranean off HMS Albion on the Gibraltar approaches after the throttle jammed. The three crew were rescued but the aircraft was not recovered
10/02/1960 WW147 489 Sea Venom FAW21 894 NAS Ditched into the Mediterranean immediately ahead of HMS Albion following engine failure after a catapult launch
10/02/1960 XD920   Swift FR5 2 Sqn Badly damaged in a ground accident in West Germany and was later declared a write off
15/02/1960 XL849 333 Whirlwind HAS7 824 NAS Ditched into the sea 23 miles south of the Lizard, Cornwall after losing power in a hover
15/02/1960 VP535   Anson C19 Gutersloh Station Flt Damaged beyond repair after an undercarriage leg collapsed while taxying at Gutersloh, West Germany
16/02/1960 WT334   Canberra B(I)8 16 Sqn Spiralled into the ground out of cloud while recovering from a bombing run on the Nordhorn Range, West Germany. Both crew were killed
20/02/1960 XL897 A-302 Whirlwind HAS7 815 NAS Ditched into the Mediterranean following loss of power shortly after take off from HMS Albion. The three crew were rescued by the planeguard helicopter and the wreck was not recovered
24/02/1960 XG686 441 Sea Venom FAW22 891 NAS Crashed in the Middle East off Aden due to engine failure while operating from HMS Centaur
24/02/1960 WT963 425 Skyraider AEW1 849 NAS Crashed near Helston, Cornwall following engine failure after take off from Culdrose. Both crew were killed
25/02/1960 XL453   Gannet AEW3 700 NAS Crashed after stalling on take off from Culdrose, Cornwall
27/02/1960 WM572 457 Sea Venom FAW21 893 NAS Force-landed in a field near Dreghorn, Ayrshire after the engines had been shut down due to a fire warning
01/03/1960 TG579   Hastings C1A 48 Sqn Flew into the Indian Ocean at night and sank while on approach to Gan, Maldives after the pilot had been blinded by lightning. The fourteen passengers and six crew were all injured
01/03/1960 WR504   Venom FB4 208 Sqn Struck tree tops when recovering from a dive in Kenya. Declared a write off on return to Eastleigh
04/03/1960 VW423   Meteor T7 13 Group Comm Flt Skin wrinkling was found around the fuselage portion of the tail unit below the leading edge of the fin after a flight from Ouston, Notts. Caused by the operational role in which it had been used and due to the age of the aircraft
05/03/1960 XG334 A Lightning F1 AFDS Crashed in to the North Sea off Wells-Next-the-Sea, Norfolk following hydraulic failure which resulted in undercarriage failure. The pilot ejected safely
07/04/1960 XD969 H Swift FR5 79 Sqn Crashed short of the runway at Gutersloh, West Germany after the pilot ejected following engine failure
08/03/1960 XM385 24 Jet Provost T3 2 FTS The student mishandled the approach to Syerston, Notts. The instructor took control but the engine failed to accelerate and the aircraft touched down in the undershoot area
09/03/1960 XH988 X Javelin FAW8 41 Sqn Crashed at Carleton, near Carlisle after the crew ejected. The aircraft had suffered an electrical failure and ran out of fuel while trying to find an airfield
09/03/1960 XM941   Twin Pioneer CC1 224 Group Support Flt Force-landed near Labis, Malaya after double engine failure and tipped over
11/03/1960 XG520   Sycamore HR14 CFS Suffered ground resonance on landing at South Cerney, Gloucestershire and overturned. 
11/03/1960 XG614 A-491 Sea Venom FAW22 894 NAS While operating off HMS Albion the aircraft collided off Malta and crashed into the Mediterranean Sea 
11/03/1960 XG723 A-490 Sea Venom FAW22 894 NAS
18/03/1960 WG723 978 Dragonfly HR5 HMS Centaur Ships Flt Struck overhead power cables during a survey flight, burst into flames and crashed into a creek in Mombasa Harbour, Kenya. It broke up and sank killing the three crew
29/03/1960 XF424   Hunter FGA9 8 Sqn A seagull struck the lower lip of the starboard air intake while at 250ft. Made a safe landing back at Sharjah, Oman but was later declared a write off
29/03/1960 XA433 CU-448 Gannet AS4 849 NAS Ditched into the sea one mile from Wolf Rock off Lands End, Cornwall after the port aileron locked. Both crew were recovered
04/04/1960 WW272 LM-652 Sea Venom FAW21 738 NAS Crashed into the sea while on approach to Lossiemouth, Morayshire after the pilot became disorientated during a night GCA. He did not eject and was killed
05/04/1960 XD432   Vampire T11 APS Sylt Damaged beyond repair in West Germany
06/04/1960 XL851 331 Whirlwind HAS7 824 NAS While operating off HMS Ark Royal and in a hover the engine noise increased. The helicopter then moved left, lost height and ditched into the Mediterranean Sea off Malta. Two of the three crew were injured and all were rescued by another 824 NAS Whirlwind
08/04/1960 XA640 A Javelin FAW4 3 Sqn Suffered brake failure and over ran the runway into a wood at Geilenkirchen, West Germany
09/04/1960 XF434 CU-448 Hunter F6 43 Sqn Dived into the Mediterranean Sea SE of Nicosia, Cyprus after engine failure. The pilot ejected safely but see XG238 on 04/05/1961
12/04/1960 WZ708   Auster AOP9 656 Sqn 2 Flt Flew into trees on approach to Kampong Kijal, Malaya. (Kampong is Malay for village)
19/04/1960 XL967   Twin Pioneer CC1 209 Sqn Force-landed at Kota Tingi, Malaya after both engines failed shortly after take off due to fuel mismanagement by the pilot
25/04/1960 WB559   Chipmunk T10 Oxford UAS Abandoned by the crew during a spin and crashed two miles SW of Abingdon, Oxfordshire
26/04/1960 XJ440   Gannet AEW3 Bristol Siddeley Engines Stalled and crashed at Cribbs Causeway while on approach to Filton, Bristol. All the crew were killed
26/04/1960 WN494   Dragonfly HR5 RNAY Fleetlands The pilot lost control in rearward flight during a test flight at Fleetlands, Hampshire due to the centre of gravity being near the forward limits
27/04/1960 WK274   Swift FR5 2 Sqn Damaged at Jever, West Germany and was later declared a write off
29/04/1960 XL555   Pioneer CC1 230 Sqn Stalled on take off and dived into the ground at Upavon, Wiltshire. The crew escaped safely
30/04/1960 WP774 CU-448 Chipmunk T10 Hull UAS Control was lost during a practice engine failure on take off from Brough, Humberside. It entered a spin, crashed into a shed and burned out. Both crew were killed
07/05/1960 WA445 18 Vampire FB5 3 CAACU Landed back at Exeter Airport on completion of an Army Co-operative exercise which consisted of shallow dives on gun positions at Weston Zoyland, Somerset. The ground crew informed the pilot that during the sortie a bird had entered the port air intake. The pilot was unaware of any bird strike taking place. The aircraft was not repaired
07/05/1960 XE788   Cadet TX3 641 GS Written off in a flying accident at Ouston, Durham. Rebuilt and sold to the RAFGSA as GSA 296 later becoming BGA1282
10/05/1960 WT321   Canberra B(I)6 213 Sqn Flew into the ground from cloud when trying to recover from a practice bombing run at Varrelbusch, West Germany. The three crew were killed
14/05/1960 XD242 V-152 Scimitar F1 803 NAS The pilot had shut down one engine to conserve fuel. He attempted to overshoot from his approach to Yeovilton, Somerset but the aircraft failed to gain height and speed and crashed onto the airfield. The pilot escaped from the aircraft but suffered spinal injuries. The ejection seat fired when it was being removed from the wreckage. The wreckage ended its days at Aberporth
17/05/1960 XE612 M Hunter F6 74 Sqn Lost power during take-off from Horsham St. Faith, Norfolk. The pilot was unable to stop and it overran the end of the runway and caught fire
17/05/1960 XK933 770 Whirlwind HAS7 737 NAS Ditched into Church Hope Cove, Portland Dorset after instrument failure. The crew were rescued. Allocated to A2496
18/05/1960 XA359 Y-309 Gannet AS1 817 Sqn/RAN Crashed in to the sea off Australia
18/05/1960 XK938 335 Whirlwind HAS7 824 NAS While operating off HMS Ark Royal it ditched into the Mediterranean Sea off Malta after a violent engine overspeed caused by suspected clutch failure. The three crew were rescued by a helicopter from Hal Far
21/05/1960 XA823 P Javelin FAW6 29 Sqn Collided at 40,000 feet during "Exercise Yeoman". XA823 crashed into the North Sea 50 miles off the Durham Coast while XA835 crashed near Hartlepool. All four crew members ejected safely
21/05/1960 XA835 Z Javelin FAW6 29 Sqn
23/05/1960 WW203 LM-650 Sea Venom FAW21 738 NAS Force-landed at Dalcross Airport, Inverness after the engine flamed out. It overran the runway and came to rest having run into the perimeter fence
30/05/1960 XF507 A Hunter F6 65 Sqn Failed to pull out of a dive from 28,000ft during combat manoeuvres and struck the ground at Islip, near Thrapston, Northants. The pilot did not eject and was killed
31/05/1960 XF901 J-O Provost T1 RAFC The pilot attempted a forced landing following engine failure NE of Spitalgate, Lincolnshire. He was killed when trying to clear a hedge the aircraft stalled, crashed and caught fire
01/06/1960 XL615   Hunter T7 8 Sqn Flew into high ground near Khormaksar, Aden at night. Both crew were killed
01/06/1960 WB921   Sedbergh TX1 2 GC Written off at Spitalgate, Lincolnshire
01/06/1960 VV298   Anson T1 BCCS No 1 engine failed just after take off from Northolt. The pilot was forced to make a deliberate emergency landing on the roof of the nearby Express Dairy Co causing extensive damage and seriously injuring both crew. The two passengers were uninjured
08/06/1960 VF634   Auster AOP6 652 Sqn During a practice engine failure after take off from Detmold, West Germany the pilot allowed the aircraft to lose too much height and it struck the ground heavily. Converted to a A61/2 Terrier as G-ASWM
09/06/1960 WG669 CU-530 Dragonfly HR5 705 NAS Crashed during an autorotation landing near Predannack, Cornwall after a tail rotor blade had broken away
10/06/1960 WA650 HF-57 Meteor T7 728 NAS The pilot misjudged his approach to Hal Far, Malta after an engine had failed. The aircraft rolled to port and crashed into a field killing the pilot
10/06/1960 XE883 53 Vampire T11 8 FTS Lost power and crashed on take off from Swinderby, Lincolnshire. The pilot was killed
10/06/1960 XG193 A Hunter F6 111 Sqn XG193 collided with XG200 during aerobatics and crashed near Wattisham, Suffolk. The pilot did not eject and was killed. XG200 landed safely, (See 15/05/1967)
10/06/1960 XG200   Hunter F6 111 Sqn
14/06/1960 XA108 BY-557 Sea Vampire T22 727 NAS Returned to Brawdy, Pembrokeshire after reporting a rough running engine. Suffered severe vibration while on approach and then a flame out resulting in a fast wheels up landing. It was not repaired
16/06/1960 XL772   Skeeter AOP12 652 Sqn Rolled over on take off from Middle Wallop, Hants. To the dump there
16/06/1960 XK626 68 Vampire T11 RAFC Crashed into a field two miles west of Cranwell, Lincolnshire following engine failure after take off
17/06/1960 VW803   Valetta C1 84 Sqn The brakes faded on landing at Mukheiras, Aden causing the aircraft to over run the runway and the undercarriage to collapse
17/06/1960 XM382 28 Jet Provost T3 2 FTS Spun into the ground near Melton Mowbray, Leics after entering an uncontrollable spin. The pilot ejected safely
23/06/1960 XD913 C Swift FR5 79 Sqn Landed on the main undercarriage at Gutersloh, West Germany after the nose wheel jammed
24/06/1960 WK292 T Swift FR5 79 Sqn Written off in a ground accident at Gutersloh, West Germany
29/06/1960 WK299 D Swift FR5 2 Sqn Badly damaged on landing at Jever, West Germany when the nose wheel collapsed. Later declared a write off
29/06/1960 XA706 C Javelin FAW5 228 OCU Force-landed at Leeming, Yorks after an inflight fire. Later declared a write off and allocated to 7649M
29/06/1960 WM575   Sea Venom FAW22 RNAY Belfast Stalled while circling and crashed into Lough Black during a test flight from Sydenham, Northern Ireland. Both crew were killed
01/07/1960 WG473 LK Chipmunk T10 London UAS Written off when it struck an electrical supply point at Brawdy, Pembrokeshire
05/07/1960 VF621 Auster AOP6 654 Sqn Climbed steeply after overflying Putlos landing strip, West Germany. It stalled and crashed killing both crew
05/07/1960 XK942 293 Whirlwind HAS7 820 NAS Suffered clutch failure, yawed to port and ditched into the Mediterranean north of Philippeville, Algeria while operating off HMS Ark Royal. The three crew were rescued
07/07/1960 WJ914   Varsiry T1 1 RS Collided  and crashed five miles SW Oakington, Cambs. The six Varsity crew and two Vampire crew were all killed
07/07/1960 XD549 AO Vampire T11 5 FTS
12/07/1960 WP895 11 Chipmunk T10 Southampton UAS Written off in a heavy landing at Hamble, Hants. Allocated to 7650M and used for ground instruction with 2 AEF. In 1965 it was sold, rebuilt and became G-ATTS. In 1969 it became N2247 in the USA
12/07/1960 XN152   Sedbergh TX1 621 GS Written off in a flying accident at Locking, Somerset
14/07/1960 XE827 50 Vampire T11 8 FTS Force-landed at Swinderby, Lincs, after the engine cut and the controls jammed
14/07/1960 TW569   Auster AOP6 653 Sqn Swung on landing at Kermia, Cyprus and ran into a ditch
19/07/1960 XH617   Victor B1A 57 Sqn Crashed near Oakley, Suffolk following a fire in two engines shortly after take off from Honington. Three of the six crew were killed. Caused by the failure of an alternator drive which penetrated the fuel tank
19/07/1960 WP836 R Chipmunk T10 Bristol UAS Hit by the taxying Messenger while parked at Locking, Weston-super-Mare 
19/07/1960 G-AKBM   Miles Messenger Private
20/07/1960 WD305   Chipmunk T10 Cambridge UAS After taxying in at Teversham, Cambridgeshire the ground crew noticed damage to the underside of the aircraft. Earlier in the day it had taxied over an unmarked G.P.O junction box at Martlesham Heath but the pilot was unaware of this and the aircraft had been flown by three other pilots before the damage was noticed. It was rebuilt and sold as G-ARGG
22/071960 WN458   Gannet AS1 725/RAN Crashed at Nowra, Australia
24/07/1960 XL699   Pioneer CC1 209 Sqn Sank back into the ground and rolled over on take off from Bario, Borneo, after the tail struck the ground
27/07/1960 XK909 775 Whirlwind HAS7 737 NAS Ditched into the sea off Portland, Dorset after the engine oil pressure exceeded limits and the pressure fell rapidly. The observer and aircrewman jumped into the water prior to ditching. Them and the pilot were all rescued safely
27/07/1960 XJ761   Whirlwind HAR4 228 Sqn Lost power, hit the water and sank into the North Sea off Yarmouth, Norfolk. The crew escaped safely
04/08/1960 WZ472 AW Vampire T11 5 FTS The crew abandoned the aircraft during an uncontrollable spin near Wattisham, Suffolk. The instructor was unfortunately killed
08/08/1960 R4918   Tiger Moth T2 Dartmouth Flying Club Written off when it force-landed and hit a wall at Arbroath, Tayside
09/08/1960 XL557 V Pioneer CC1 230 Sqn The approach to Watchfield, Hants was too slow in the gusty conditions. The port wing struck the ground causing the aircraft to nose into the ground which collapsed the undercarriage and damaged the rear fuselage
11/08/1960 XK910 331 Whirlwind HAS7 824 NAS While operating off HMS ARK Royal it ditched into the Mediterranean Sea off Malta after colliding with the ensign mast of HMS Scorpion during a replenishment at sea
12/08/1960 XD864   Valiant B1 7 Sqn Crashed onto the disused airfield at Spanhoe, Northants when it stalled after take off from Wittering. The five crew were killed
15/08/1960 WP865 B Chipmunk T10 Durham UAS Spun into a field at Milcombe village five miles SW of Banbury, Oxfordshire. The pilot did not abandon the aircraft and was killed. Durham UAS were detached to Gaydon but were operating from Bicester due to strong cross winds at Gaydon
15/08/1960 XF614 PZ Provost T1 CFS Overshot on landing and struck the side of the taxyway at Little Rissington, Gloucs tipping up onto its nose
16/08/1960 WZ587   Vampire T11 5 FTS Failed to recover from a spin and dived into the ground six miles north of Methwold, Norfolk. The pilot ejected safely 
18/08/1960 XB519   Hiller HT1 RNAY Fleetlands Crashed into Fareham Creek, Hampshire after the engine failed during auto-rotation practice. The two crew escaped safely
23/08/1960 XD954   Swift FR5 79 Sqn During servicing at Gutersloh, West Germany both were found to need considerable repair. Due to the impending withdrawal of the type they were written off
23/08/1960 XD974 M Swift FR5 79 Sqn
23/08/1960 WK300 E Swift FR5 2 Sqn Damaged in West Germany. With the withdrawal from service of the type it was not repaired
26/08/1960 XG560   Pioneer CC1 209 Sqn Lost power and flew into trees at Seletar, Singapore
30/08/1960 XG638 LM-649 Sea Venom FAW21 738 NAS Failed to return to Lossiemouth, Morayshire on a night sortie. It had crashed, possibly into the Minch, east of Lewis
31/08/1960 XD972 W Swift FR5 2 Sqn Badly damaged in a ground accident at Jever, West Germany and was later declared a write off
01/09/1960 WN492 934 Dragonfly HR5 Lossiemouth Station Flt Rolled to starboard immediately after take off from Lossiemouth, Morayshire and crashed onto Plockton sports field
02/09/1960 XM170   Lightning F1A BAC Suffered mercury contamination during its build which went undetected until its first flight at Warton, Lancashire. White fungus appears on the structure in many places. It was put into quarantine for many years before being removed and ended its days on the dump at 9 SoTT Newton as 7877M
05/09/1960 VZ521   Meteor F8 5 CAACU A tyre burst on take off from Woodvale, Merseyside causing it to swing off the runway. To ground instruction at Catterick
06/09/1960 XE449 183 Sea Hawk FGA6 806 NAS Crashed into the South China Sea east of the Philippines while operating off HMS Albion. The pilot had ejected following a fire warning
06/09/1960 XD953 F Swift FR5 79 Sqn Suffered hydraulic failure and system contamination at Gutersloh, West Germany. Due to the impending withdrawal of the type it was not repaired
07/09/1960 XN133   Alouette AH2 6 Flt Rolled into the ground on take off from Bulbarrow Hill, Hants after the cyclic control jammed. Allocated to 7702M
14/09/1960 XG538   Sycamore HR14 110 Sqn Badly damaged when the rotors hit a wall during take off from Naplang, Thailand. Later declared a write off
14/09/1960 WW205 490 Sea Venom FAW21 894 NAS The pilot mishandled the aircraft at the final stages of a night CCA to HMS Albion while operating in the South China sea 350 miles NE of Malaya. The port drop tank struck the deck and the wire was not engaged. Power was applied too late to go round and it went over the side into the sea killing both crew
17/09/1960 XJ515 R Sea Vixen FAW1 892 NAS During a NATO exercise fifty miles north of the Shetland Islands it hit the round-down while landing on HMS Ark Royal. It slid along the deck, burst into flames and went over the side, killing both crew
20/09/1960 XH838 F Javelin FAW7 33 Sqn The port tyre burst on landing at Middleton St George, Tee Side. This caused the undercarriage leg to collapse and the aircraft swung off the runway. To Catterick for fire practice
26/09/1960 WH169   Meteor T7 RAFC As part of a touch and go manoeuvre at Cranwell, Lincolnshire the student pilot carried out a successful asymmetric touchdown. He then opened only one throttle which caused the aircraft to swing off the runway onto the grass. The port undercarriage leg struck a fire hydrant sign which swung the aircraft round to an abrupt halt
03/10/1960 XJ693   Hunter F6 20 Sqn Written off in a wheels up landing at Gutersloh, West Germany after the undercarriage had jammed
04/10/1960 XJ450   Pioneer CC1 209 Sqn Turned over on landing at Fort Kemar, Malaya
05/10/1960 XK486   Buccaneer S1 Blackburn Aircraft Ltd During auto pilot trials the attitude indicator began rotating. The auto pilot followed the movement and disorientated the pilot. Both crew ejected safely at 6,000ft and the aircraft crashed near Little Weighton, Yorkshire
07/10/1960 VL300   Anson C19 RAE The pilot lost control of the aircraft on landing at Llanbedr, Merioneth. It swung off the runway onto rough ground where the undercarriage was torn off causing the port engine to be knocked out of alignment
07/10/1960 XN313 H-282 Whirlwind HAS7 814 NAS Ditched into Loch Ryan, Wigtown, Scotland and sank after engine failure during a sonar hover off HMS Hermes. Due to a possible fuel system fault. The three crew were rescued by HMS Blackpool
11/10/1960 XL151 L Beverley C1 84 Sqn Flew into sand dunes at night while flying at 570ft 15 miles NE of Khormaksar, Aden and blew up killing all seven crew. They had been searching for a missing Beech C-45 Expeditor
17/10/1960 WD415   Anson T21 229 OCU Written off when the undercarriage was retracted in error on landing at Chivenor, Devon
18/10/1960 WT897   Cadet TX3 662 GS Written off in a flying accident at Arbroath, Tayside
19/10/1960 XA114   Sea Vampire T22 738 NAS Crashed onto Coulardbank Farm, after engine failure after take off from Lossiemouth, Morayshire. Both crew were killed
24/10/1960 XE953 19 Vampire T11 8 FTS Badly damaged in a belly landing at Swinderby, Lincolnshire following engine failure. Later declared a write off
24/10/1960 WT504   Canberra PR7 58 Sqn The crew abandoned the aircraft after a fuel tank fire at 5,000 ft followed by a total loss of electrics. It crashed 12 miles NNE of Wyton, Cambridgeshire
25/10/1960 WZ417 32 Vampire T11 RAFC Abandoned by the crew near Scampton, Lincs following engine failure
26/10/1960 XN463   Jet Provost T3 A&AEE The pilot was unable to increase engine RPM and during the subsequent descent broke cloud at 100ft. The aircraft struck some trees and crashed at Sutton Mandervill, Wiltshire injuring the pilot
27/10/1960 XA754 D Javelin FAW4 72 Sqn Declared a write off after the centre fuselage was subject to excessive heat when during an engine run at Leconfield, Yorkshire the jet pipe split
09/11/1960 XE590 V Hunter F6 4 Sqn Suffered a bird strike while at low level over West Germany. It landed at Jever but was written off
11/11/1960 WF766   Meteor T7 A&AEE Disintegrated in flight over Axminster, Devon. killing the pilot. Wreckage impacted the ground three miles NW of Lyme Regis
14/11/1960 WD711 HR-579 Meteor TT20 728 NAS Ran out of fuel after becoming lost during a night practice strike on a ship and crashed into the Mediterranean Sea off Linosa Island 74 miles west of Malta. Both crew were killed and the aircraft was not found
15/11/1960 XA159 980 Sea Vampire T22 Lossiemouth Station Flt The fire warning light came on in flight and the engine flamed out. It was then badly damaged in the subsequent forced landing at Lossiemouth, Morayshire
16/11/1960 XD222 609 Scimitar F1 736 NAS Became overdue while on a low level navigational flight. It had crashed at Bridge of Cally six miles north of Blairgowrie, Perthshire. The pilot was killed. Wreckage to Lee-on-Solent
17/11/1960 WK278   Swift FR5 79 Sqn Struck trees during a low level reconnaissance flight in West Germany in poor visibility. Landed safely back at Gutersloh but was damaged beyond repair
17/11/1960 WP205 Valiant B1 A&AEE Overshot the runway on landing at Boscombe Down, Wiltshire and struck the control caravan. Not repaired and struck off charge on 11th July 1961
21/11/1960 XA825 K Javelin FAW6 29 Sqn Flew into Bowbeet Hill near Peebles, Borders when descending through cloud. Both crew were killed
22/11/1960 WW452   Provost T52 SOAF Crashed at Benson, Oxfordshire prior to delivery to Oman
22/11/1960 XL495 425 Gannet AEW3 849 NAS Ditched into the sea 20 miles off Malta while delivering mail from Hal Far to HMS Victorious. The pilot abandoned the aircraft when it began to sink but was drowned
24/11/1960 WJ759   Canberra B6 9 Sqn Dived into the ground while recovering from a practice bombing run at Tarhuna, Libya. The three crew were killed
24/11/1960 WV839 628 Sea Hawk FGA6 738 NAS Collided during a formation change five miles off Lossiemouth, Morayshire and crashed into the Moray Firth. Both pilots ejected
24/11/1960 XE401 645 Sea Hawk FGA6 738 NAS
28/11/1960 XN307 H-286 Whirlwind HAS7 814 NAS Suffered engine failure and ditched into the harbour at Gibraltar while operating off HMS Hermes. Allocated to A2501 at Lee-on-Solent and ended its days at HMS Ganges, Ipswich
29/11/1960 WV915 182 Sea Hawk FGA6 806 NAS Crashed into the Indian Ocean off Ras Hafun, Somali Republic after the pilot ejected due to engine failure while operating off HMS Albion
30/11/1960 XA356   Gannet AS1 816 Sqn/RAN Crashed into the sea while on approach to HMAS Melbourne
02/12/1960 XN438   Auster AOP9 8th Indept Recce Flt Caught in a down draught on take off from Kabale Strip, Uganda. It struck trees and landed in a swamp
07/12/1960 XG511   Sycamore HR14 103 Sqn Fell into the Mediterranean after the rotor hit the stern of a ship off Famagusta, Cyprus
09/12/1960 XD329 154 Scimitar F1 803 NAS The aircraft assumed a nose up attitude on launch from HMS Victorious. The pilot was unable to maintain control and ejected
16/12/1960 XM138 G Lightning F1 AFDS Caught fire and burnt out after a fire bottle exploded on landing at Coltishall, Norfolk

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