1961 losses

06/01/1961 XJ573 R-457 Sea Vixen FAW1 893 NAS Crashed into the Mediterranean after striking an ECU box during an overshoot from HMS Ark Royal. Both crew were killed
09/01/1961 XD431   Vampire T11 5 FTS Crashed 18 miles north of Scunthorpe, Humberside after an engine fire damaged the flying controls. The pilot was killed
09/01/1961 WZ716   Auster AOP9 LAS Hit a hedge on take off and crashed into a field at Stopgate Cross, Somerset after going to the aid of another aircraft that had force-landed
11/01/1961 XJ762   Whirlwind HAR10 C(A) The engine failed at 100ft during recovery from a practice autorotation at Yeovil, Somerset It struck the ground heavily breaking off the tail cone. The two crew were uninjured
13/01/1961 XG128 Q Hunter FGA9 8 Sqn While en route to a target the leader called to climb to avoid high ground at Wadi Yahar, Aden. The aircraft flew into the high ground killing the pilot. It could not be established whether this was due to pilot error or if the aircraft had been struck by ground fire
16/01/1961 XN383 775 Whirlwind HAS7 737 NAS Ditched into the sea off Portland, Dorset after loss of power
23/01/1961 XE882   Vampire T11 1 FTS The student and instructor were unable to recover the aircraft from a practice spin. They both ejected and were seriously injured after landing heavily on frozen ground. The aircraft crashed at Aysgarth, North Yorkshire
23/01/1961 WJ342   Hastings C2 36 Sqn An engine cut on take off from Eastleigh, Kenya causing the aircraft to swing off the runway and the undercarriage to collapse
23/01/1961 XE593 P Hunter F6 65 Sqn Destroyed by fire following an explosion during start up at Duxford, Cambridgeshire
01/02/1961 XN460 26 Jet Provost T3 2 FTS Crashed at Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire after failing to recover from a spin. The pilot ejected safely
02/02/1961 VX123 X Auster AOP6 AAC Centre Damaged at Middle Wallop, Hants. Rebuilt as an A61 Terrier, G-ARLP
03/02/1961 XN312 H-281 Whirlwind HAS7 814 NAS Suffered partial transmission failure south of Hong Kong while on approach to HMS Hermes and ditched next to the ship. The three crew were rescued by two fellow 814 NAS Whirlwinds
07/02/1961 XN357 626 Whirlwind HAS7 719 NAS Ditched into the sea off Northern Ireland after loss off power
07/02/1961 XF893   Provost T1 6 FTS Dived into the ground out of cloud at Great Witley, Worcestershire after losing control at night. The pilot was killed
08/02/1961 XJ583 V-216 Sea Vixen FAW1 892 NAS A drop tank caught fire after the starboard oleo leg collapsed when landing on HMS Victorious while operating off Malaysia. Returned to the UK on HMS Hermes and was later allocated to Arbroath as A2507
09/02/1961 XJ527 H-242 Sea Vixen FAW1 890 NAS Crashed into the sea 25 miles off Horsborgh Light House, Tengah, Singapore while operating off HMS Hermes. Both crew ejected after a fire started in the starboard engine. The aircraft was not recovered
02/01/1961 VL312   Anson C19 TTC Flew into a hill 1,480ft above sea level while in cloud near North Barrule, Isle of Man. All six on board were killed
01/03/1961 XA904   Vulcan B1 44 Sqn After being airborne for 6 hours 35 minutes the pilot misjudged the approach to Waddington, Lincs. When downwind to land on the second attempt no’s 1, 2 and 3 engines cut due to low fuel. The controls stiffened and the aircraft touched down on the extreme right of the runway. It then ran off the runway onto the grass causing the undercarriage to collapse. Nose section allocated to 7738M
02/03/1961 XA917   Victor B1 Handley Page Landed in the  undershoot area at Radlett, Herts damaging the nose wheels. It ran onto the runway but with no steering it veered off onto the grass where the main undercarriage collapsed causing extensive damage to the fuselage. It was not repaired and was used for ground instruction at Radlett until being cut up. The nose section was used at Wittering and later Marham as an emergency trainer until 1996 when it was sold to a private owner
02/03/1961 XE604 Z Hunter FGA9 1 Sqn Stalled after carrying out a rocket attack on Cowden Range, Yorkshire and crashed into the North Sea. The pilot was killed
02/03/1961 XA752 F Javelin FAW4 72 Sqn The undercarriage caught the safety barrier on landing at Leeming, Yorks. It had been left up in error when the runway was changed. The aircraft struck the runway hard and swung onto the grass
02/03/1961 XL966   Twin Pioneer CC1 21 Sqn The pilot overflew the drop zone (supplies for a mountain rescue team) on Mount Kilimanjaro, Kenya and struck rising ground. The aircraft then crashed inverted into a ravine killing the navigator. The pilot and two dispatchers were injured
03/03/1961 WN496 LM-933 Dragonfly HR5 Lossiemouth Station Flt Rolled to starboard on take off from Lossiemouth, Morayshire. The starboard wheel struck the ground and the helicopter rolled over. To Fleetlands but was struck off charge
04/03/1961 XD654 909 Sycamore HR51 723 Sqn RAN While operating from HMAS Sydney off the Cocos Islands the pilot attempted to hover alongside HMS Hermes with insufficient wind. It ditched into the Indian Ocean but the crew were rescued safely
08/03/1961 XE602   Hunter F6 229 OCU Ran into the safety barrier at Chivenor, Devon after the throttle was jammed open by a loose screwdriver left in the aircraft by one of the ground crew. The pilot was injured
09/03/1961 XL477 H-433 Gannet AEW3 849 NAS Stalled on approach to HMS Hermes and ditched into the sea off Ceylon. Both crew jumped into the sea but the pilot was not found
10/03/1961 XL879 335 Whirlwind HAS7 824 NAS XL879 crashed into a field three miles north of The Lizard, Cornwall after touching rotor blades with XL884 at 500ft during formation flying. The three crew escaped safely. The remains of XL879 were used as ground instruction at Manadon until it was burnt at the pen day there in 1990. XL884 landed safely but see also 05/03/1968
10/03/1961 XL884 336 Whirlwind HAS7 824 NAS
14/03/1961 WV409   Hunter F4 66 Sqn Damaged by fire after it jumped the chocks during an engine run and ran into XG210, which was only slightly damaged. Location not known. WV409 was not repaired
14/03/1961 WP200   Valiant B1 RRE Take off from Pershore, Worcestershire, was abandoned after the powered controls were inadvertently switched off while the crew were attempting to clear a restriction in the port rudder movement. It overran at high speed, crashed through a steel mesh fence and came to rest just short of a railway line. Two crew were severely injured, the navigator being trapped in the cockpit for four hours. The other crew member received minor injuries
16/03/1961 WK295 G Swift FR5 2 Sqn Found to be damaged beyond repair on return to Jever, West Germany after a bird strike had damaged to port intake. The pilot had been unaware of any bird strike
20/03/1961 XL876 772 Whirlwind HAS7 737 NAS Ditched into the English Channel three miles off Portland Harbour breakwater, Dorset after the sonar gear caught fire in the rear cabin while dunking. The three crew were rescued and the helicopter was salvaged and went to the AIU at Lee-on-Solent for investigation
20/03/1961 XE322 G Sycamore HR14 110 Sqn The pilot went into forward flight too low after take off from a landing zone in Malaya. He force-landed into water due to insufficient height to clear obstructions ahead of him. All crew and the soldiers on board were unhurt
22/03/1961 WD144   Lincoln B2 23 MU Hit trees during a three engine approach to Aldergrove, Northern Ireland and belly-landed short of the field. This was the last Lincoln loss in RAF service
23/03/1961 XM347 13 Jet Provost T3 2 FTS Crashed at Wragby, Lincolnshire after engine failure. The pilot ejected safely. The failure had been caused by shot blast particles being left after manufacture in part of the oil pump and subsequent failure of the pump. This caused main bearing failure due to oil starvation
24/03/1961 WZ513   Vampire T11 8 FTS WZ513 struck XE944 over Swinderby, Lincs during a formation loop. The pilot of WZ513 was unaware of this but noticed handling problems. He flew to an unpopulated area and ejected over Binbrook. XE944 went into a spin and crashed near Swinderby killing the pilot. He had jettisoned the canopy but had insufficient time to eject
24/03/1961 XE944   Vampire T11 8 FTS
28/03/1961 XM477   Jet Provost T3 1 FTS The elevator controls stiffened and the fire warning light came on. The instructor shut down the engine and operated the extinguisher. The crew ejected when the aircraft entered a dive. It crashed two miles from Dishforth, Yorkshire
04/04/1961 XG522   Sycamore HR14 110 Sqn After take off the pilot turned the aircraft when only 4-6ft above the jungle landing zone at Cameron Highlands, Malaya. The port wheel struck a log causing the aircraft to hit the ground and roll over. The crew and passengers were unhurt
12/04/1961 XA813 U Javelin FAW2 46 Sqn Landed safely at Waterbeach, Cambs with loss of hydraulic pressure. The starboard jet pipe had fractured and hot gases had seriously damaged the rear fuselage and hydraulic pipes
19/04/1961 XD507   Vampire T11 3/4 CAACU Lost a drop tank during a dive. The subsequent stress found on return to Exeter deemed the aircraft to be damaged beyond repair
20/04/1961 XN303 C-333 Whirlwind HAS7 824 NAS The pilot was unable to increase engine RPM and ditched into the Mediterranean off Malta while operating off HMS Centaur. Due to suspected oil flow restriction in the throttle control system. The three crew were rescued
23/04/1961 WE602   Auster AOP6 653 Sqn The pilot abandoned take off from a strip six miles west of Herford, West Germany after he mistakenly believed the aircraft would not become airborne. It ran into a corn field and nosed over
24/04/1961 XA803 H Javelin FAW2 46 Sqn Written off at Waterbeach, Cambridgeshire. No further details
24/04/1961 XK584   Vampire T11 4 FTS Crashed at Wanddeusant, Anglesey, North Wales after both crew had ejected when they were unable to recover the aircraft from a spin
27/04/1961 XG580 527 Whirlwind HAR3 705 NAS Rolled to port, crashed and burnt out after mechanical control failure on take off from Predannack, Cornwall. Both crew were injured
28/04/1961 XD273 V-152 Scimitar F1 803 NAS Crashed into the Balabac Strait off North Borneo while operating off HMS Victorious following a fire warning. The pilot had ejected at 4,000 ft but was killed
30/04/1961 XP232   Auster AOP9 651 Sqn Hit the side of a valley in Cyprus while attempting to fly over the crest. It caught fire injuring both crew
01/05/1961 XN260 B Whirlwind HAS7 848 NAS While operating from HMS Bulwark the pilot abandoned his landing approach to Kota Belud Training Area, Borneo. However, it sank into the trees and broke up injuring one of the three on board. It was stripped for spares and then blown up on site
03/05/1961 XM835 509 Wessex HAS1 700 NAS Suffered a reduction in power and severe vibration while in a hover at 25 ft. It ditched into shallow water onto rocks off Nare Point, Falmouth Cornwall and rolled onto its port side. Both crew were injured. Allocated to A2516
04/05/1961 XG238 F Hunter F6 92 Sqn During a test flight the pilot reported loud bangs from the rear of the aircraft and announced that he was ejecting. The aircraft crashed into the Mediterranean two miles off Pomos Point, Cyprus. The pilot was never found. He had previously ejected successfully from XF434 on 9th April 1960
04/05/1961 XH692 K Javelin FAW5 228 OCU The remaining starboard starter cartridge fired while the crew were carrying out post flight checks on the ramp at Leeming, Yorks. It pierced the ventral tank which exploded and started a fire. The crew abandoned the aircraft safely
05/05/1961 XM469 12 Jet Provost T3 1 FTS Crashed five miles from York after failing to recover from a spin. The crew ejected safely
15/05/1961 XG188 C Hunter F6 19 Sqn Control was lost during a dog-fight. The pilot ejected at 5,000ft and the aircraft spun into the ground near Pocklington, Yorks
19/05/1961 XP188   Scout AH1 Saunders Roe The pilot attempted a forced landing on a small grass area in a caravan park at Shoreham, Sussex following engine failure. However the aircraft landed on two caravans and struck a third. The pilot was uninjured and there were no civilian casualties
24/05/1961 WG722 548 Dragonfly HR5 705 NAS Force-landed into a field at Pemboa, Helston, Cornwall following transmission failure. It rolled down a hill and demolished a wall of a farmer’s bungalow slightly inuring the farmer’s wife
26/05/1961 WV737   Pembroke C1 18 Group Comm Flt Crash-landed two miles west of North Berwick, Lothian following an engine fire and burnt out. It had just taken off from East Fortune
26/05/1961 XM683 T Whirlwind HAS7 848 NAS Ditched into the Celebes Sea off Borneo one mile off HMS Bulwark after power loss and intermittent engine cutting. The pilot was rescued
29/05/1961 WD497   Hastings C2 48 Sqn No 2 engine cut while turning onto the approach at Seletar, Singapore to carry out a practice supply drop. It stalled and crashed killing all thirteen on board
31/05/1961 XH875 L Javelin FAW9 64 Sqn Caught fire and burnt out after an explosion during engine start at Nicosia, Cyprus
01/06/1961 XJ765 B Whirlwind HAR2 225 Sqn Crashed and caught fire near Upavon, Wiltshire following rotor head failure killing both crew
13/06/1961 WT876   Cadet TX3 1 GC Stalled and crashed at Hawkinge, East London after the launch cable broke
16/06/1961 XL664   Pioneer CC1 A&AEE During a delivery flight from Prestwick to Boscombe Down the pilot mismanaged the fuel system and the engine cut despite the fact that the starboard tanks were full. He then misjudged the approach during a forced landing and hit some trees short of the selected field in the Wyre Forest area near Kinlet, Shropshire. Wreckage to Bicester fire dump
20/06/1961 XJ566 V-216 Sea Vixen FAW1 892 NAS Overshot during a night CCA to HMS Victorious while operating off Singapore. The aircraft turned to port and entered the water with 70 degree of bank 200 yards off the port beam killing both crew
22/06/1961 XD237 LM-611 Scimitar F1 736 NAS Lost height while orbiting following a dive attack during an Army co-operation exercise It struck the ground at Stripeside Grange Farm, two miles east of Keith, Banffshire in a shallow angle and broke up. The RAF exchange pilot was killed. Possibly due to distraction follwing generator failure
28/06/1961 XM185 C Lightning F1A 111 Sqn Crashed at Lavenham near Wattisham, Suffolk after the undercarriage failed to lower due to hydraulic failure. The pilot ejected
29/06/1961 XE848   Vampire T11 3 CAACU The pilot raised the nose too early during take off from Exeter with full drop tanks. He thought the aircraft would not become airborne and abandoned take off. It overshot and ran through the boundary fence
29/06/1961 XM373 11 Jet Provost T3 2 FTS Stalled back onto the runway causing the undercarriage to collapse at Syerston, Notts after the pilot lifted off too early
30/06/1961 WS115 HF-574 Meteor T7 728 NAS Declared a write off after a fire in the port wheel bay during engine start at Hal Far, Malta
07/07/1961 WV219   Whirlwind HAS22 781 Sqn Crashed and burnt out at Cranfield, Bedfordshire after the engine failed during landing
10/07/1961 XD269 157 Scimitar F1 803 NAS Taxied over the side of HMS Victorious after brake failure while operating off Kuwait
11/07/1961 XG134 A Hunter FGA9 208 Sqn Flew into the ground at Muta Ridge, Kuwait when recovering from a dummy rocket attack in hazy conditions. The pilot did not eject and was killed
13/07/1961 XG271 F Hunter FGA9 54 Sqn The pilot abandoned take off from Sylt, West Germany after being unable to raise the nose wheel. The aircraft ran into the crash barrier and burnt out. Caused by the elevator control reverting to manual due to a ruptured fuse
17/07/1961 XE803   Cadet TX3 2 GC Written off in a flying accident at Kirton in Lindsey, Lincolnshire
18/07/1961 WG319 C Chipmunk T10 Oxford UAS The pilot was unaware that the aircraft had struck a power point while taxying over the grass at Valley, Anglesey. He carried out three circuits and taxied back in before the damage to the underside of the aircraft was discovered
19/07/1961 XN333 756 Saro P531 771 NAS Ditched into the sea, rolled over and sank 2 ½ miles off Portland, Dorset after suffering failure of the tail rotor support structure at low altitude. The pilot was rescued but the observer drowned after being concussed. Recovered and allocated to ground instruction at Lee-on-Solent as A2519
20/07/1961 XJ569 487 Sea Vixen FAW1 899 NAS Stalled during a slow speed check at 20,000ft, spun and crashed into Ridge Hill between Sydling and Cerne Abbas, Dorset. The crew ejected
21/07/1961 XD264 R-108 Scimitar F1 800 NAS The pilot was unable to lower the starboard undercarriage due to hydraulic failure during an aerobatic sortie and ejected at 8000 ft six miles out to sea from Lossiemouth. The aircraft then turned inland and crashed into woods five miles south of South Cullen, Morayshire
25/07/1961 XG672 016 Sea Venom FAW22 ADS A formation take off was attempted from Yeovilton, Somerset on the short runway with no wind. It failed to become airborne and ran through a caravan park and into a house. One person in the park was killed and another was injured
27/07/1961 XH840   Javelin FAW9 60 Sqn Along with five other Javelins XH840 had departed Waterbeach on 24th July on delivery to 60 Sqn in Singapore. At Luqa, Malta a starter motor change was required and this exploded on test damaging the aircraft beyond economical repair. Allocated to 7740M and perished on Hal Far fire section, Malta
28/07/1961 XE787   Cadet TX3 1 GC Landed heavily at Hawkinge, East London. Allocated to ground instruction at Andover
31/07/1961 XL873 784 Whirlwind HAS7 737 NAS Ditched into the sea six miles east of Portland, Dorset near to the Sharpness Light Vessel after gradual loss of power. The two crew were rescued. The helicopter was recovered and was sent to the AIU at Lee-on-Solent for investigation
05/08/1961 XL113   Whirlwind HAR2 228 Sqn Ditched into Cullercoates Bay off the Northumberland Coast after the engine cut during winching practice
05/08/1961 XH791   Javelin FAW9 60 Sqn During a ferry flight from Waterbeach to Tengah, Singapore with other Javelins an explosion in the jet pipe blew a hole in the starboard fuselage. It broke formation and crashed into jungle near the Ganges Delta, India. The crew ejected but the pilot was killed when his seat malfunctioned
08/08/1961 XE579   Hunter FR10 8 Sqn Flew into the ground on the ranges six miles east of Zinjibar, Aden. The pilot was killed
17/08/1961 XB480 537 Hiller HT1 705 NAS Damaged beyond repair in a heavy landing at Culdrose, Cornwall. To Yeovilton Museum as A2577
23/08/1961 WT701 701 Hunter T8 764 NAS XL599 collided with WT701 after its pilot failed to keep a good lookout. He did not eject and was killed when it crashed at Huntley, Morayshire. The other pilot was involuntarily ejected
23/08/1961 XL599 704 Hunter T8 764 NAS
29/08/1961 WP841   Chipmunk T10 RAF Henlow The pilot failed to keep the aircraft straight during a three aircraft take off from Henlow, Bedfordshire resulting in the starboard elevator striking a marker board. It landed safely back at base but was found to be damaged beyond repair. To 7733M
29/08/1961 XH971 A Javelin FAW8 41 Sqn Broke up during a high speed tight turn over the runway at Geilenkirchen, West Germany. Both crew were killed
30/08/1961 XM423 R-J Jet Provost T3 CFS Struck high voltage cables at night, crashed and burst into flames at Harvington near Kidderminster, Worcestershire. The crew had ejected following engine failure
31/08/1961 XK529   Bucaneer S1 A&AEE The aircraft was taking part in deck trials on HMS Hermes in Lyme Bay, off Dorset. It was deliberately overtrimmed to determine the hands off launch technique but it pitched up and stalled following a catapult launch and fell into the sea 500 yards ahead of the ship. The canopy was jettisoned but the crew did not eject and were both killed
31/08/1961 XH710   Javelin FAW7 A&AEE Damaged in an acid spillage at Boscombe Down, Wiltshire. To No.27 MU Shawbury but was not repaired and was allocated to 7748M at Melksham.
04/09/1961 XD592   Vampire T11 1 FTS Following radio failure the crew became lost after letting down through cloud. They were forced to eject due to low fuel, the aircraft crashing near Acklington, Northumberland
05/09/1961 XL854 771 Whirlwind HAS7 737 NAS Ditched into the English Channel 7½ miles south east of Portland Bill, Dorset. The fuel pump had failed causing the engine to cut suddenly. The three crew were rescued safely
05/09/1961 WE545 W Auster T7 AAC Centre During night flying practice at Middle Wallop, Hants. WE549 landed on top of WE545, which was lined up for take off. The pilot of WE549 had failed to react to the red flares given by the controller. The student pilot of both aircraft were injured
05/09/1961 WE549 O Auster T7 AAC Centre
11/09/1961 WZ770   Grasshopper TX1 64 Group Written off, no further details
12/09/1961 XE583 D Hunter F6 19 Sqn The pilot lost control during an unauthorised barrel roll and crashed sixteen miles SW of Skydstrup, Denmark. He did not eject and was killed
18/09/1961 WV623   Provost T1 6 FTS Swung on landing at night at Acklington, Northumberland and ground looped
20/09/1961 WM987 Sea Hawk FB5 Hal Far Station Flt During a ground run at Hal Far, Malta the aircraft was badly damaged by fire. It was not repaired and was broken up on site
20/09/1961 XD212 614 Scimitar F1 736 NAS Spun into Raich Hill, Forgie, eight miles NW of Huntley, Banffshire while orbiting a contact point. The pilot did not eject and was killed
22/09/1961 XM839 512 Wessex HAS1 700 NAS Ditched into the English Channel off Culdrose, Cornwall due to engine failure
23/09/1961 VP964   Devon C1 Air Attache Caracus Ditched into shallow water at Kobbermindbugt after being unable to locate the airfield at Narsarssugh, Greenland. The crew and passengers escaped but the aircraft was covered by the rising tide
25/09/1961 WV564   Provost T1 6 FTS The pilot came in too high on landing at Acklington, Northumberland and bounced off the runway. He went round again but a tyre burst on landing. The aircraft was damaged beyond repair
29/09/1961 XD602 37 Vampire T11 RAFC Written off on return to Cranwell, Lincolnshire after being overstressed in flight when it pulled 7½ G during a tail chase
06/10/1961 XM110 V Beverley C1 84 Sqn Written off when a time bomb exploded on board while the aircraft was parked at Bahrain, following a flight from Kuwait
10/10/1961 WD498   Hastings C2 70 Sqn The co-pilots seat slid back on its runners as the aircraft was about to lift off from El Adem, Libya. He called to the captain to take control but let go of the controls before the captain had done this. The aircraft became airborne, stalled, crashed and burnt out. One of the six crew and sixteen of the thirty four passengers were killed. The pilot was not cleared to handle the Hastings during take off
11/10/1961 XJ725 E Whirlwind HAR2 22 Sqn Crashed into the English Channel off Ramsgate after the navigator inadvertently turned off the main fuel cock
12/10/1961 WA600 HF-573 Meteor T7 728 NAS Ran off the end of the runway at Hal Far, Malta after an aborted take off and burst into flames
12/10/1961 XP812   Beaver AL1 18 Flt/652 Sqn The engine cut after take off from Minden, West Germany. This was due to fuel starvation caused by incorrect fuel tank selection by the pilot. It landed heavily injuring one of the passengers. To 7735M and marked as XP000. Later allocated to G-BMGE and sold to America
13/10/1961 XF940 25 Hunter F4 ETPS Ran out of fuel while on approach to Farnborough, Hants. The pilot ejected at 400ft and the aircraft crash landed virtually intact on the nearby Tweseldown racecourse
13/10/1961 XG521   Sycamore HR14 118 Sqn The pilot mishandled the aircraft during a 'quick stop' landing at Aldergrove, Northern Ireland. The tail rotor struck the ground causing the aircraft to roll over. The crew and passengers were unhurt
17/10/1961 XA238   Grasshopper TX1 64 Group Written off, no further details
20/10/1961 WR968 Z Shackleton MR2/2 210 Sqn Burnt out at Ballykelly, Northern Ireland after it yawed during a three engine landing causing the undercarriage to collapse
23/10/1961 WZ559   Vampire T11 5 FTS Ran into the barrier at Oakington, Cambs after an aborted take off due to loss of power
25/10/1961 XK821   Grasshopper TX1 61 Group Written off, no further details
25/10/1961 XK861   Pembroke C1 2 TAF Comm Sqn Made a wheels up landing at Bruggen, West Germany after the pilot omitted to lower the undercarriage during a practice asymmetric landing
26/10/1961 WD995   Canberra B2 32 Sqn Collided during a practice night interception over Cyprus. The Canberra exploded killing the three crew. The pilot of the Javelin ejected but the navigator did not and was killed. He was probably killed in the collision
26/10/1961 XH906 Q Javelin FAW9 25 Sqn
27/10/1961 WF915   Canberra B2 75 Sqn RNZAF Crashed into the Malayan Jungle
27/10/1961 XJ519 219 Sea Vixen FAW1 892 NAS Broke out of the hold back due to excessive throttle by the pilot and went over the side of HMS Victorious while operating in Subic Bay, Philippines. Both crew were rescued but the observer was injured
01/11/1961 XD393 18 Vampire T11 5 FTS Written off, no further details. To 7732M at Sealand
03/11/1961 WZ399   Valiant B(PR)K1 543 Sqn During its take off from run from Offut, Nebraska, USA and when at 200 mph both Air Speed Indicators failed. The pilot abandoned take off but the main wheel tyres burst and the aircraft overshot the runway. Due to the ground falling away it became airborne and cleared a six lane highway before crashing onto a railway line. The crew survived when the cockpit broke away and was catapulted across the railway line away from the burning fuselage. The cause due to the wrong covers being fitted over the Pitot tubes during the night. This allowed water into the ASI system. During take off the water froze causing the ASI failure
08/11/1961 WT511 A Canberra PR7 31 Sqn Hit trees five miles NW of Munster, West Germany after both engines cut while at low level due to possible fuel starvation. Both crew were killed
10/11/1961 XM915 321 Wessex HAS1 819 NAS Ditched into the sea off Northern Ireland after fire broke out in the transmission system
21/11/1961 VM372   Anson C19 3 Group Comm Flt Lost height, struck trees, a pole and a building before crash-landing one mile SW of Mildenhall, Suffolk after an engine failed
21/11/1961 XN301 M Whirlwind HAS7 848 NAS While on approach to HMS Bulwark in Hong Kong harbour the pilot came in too low and affected by the downwash of a preceding aircraft. It struck the deck edge and fell over the port side into the harbour. The three crew were rescued
21/11/1961 XM266 F Canberra B(I)8 3 Sqn During a night flight the pilot radioed that he had an emergency. The aircraft then entered a spiral dive and crashed into a canal two miles east of Tiverton, Devon. Both crew were killed
22/11/1961 XK374   Auster AOP9 656 Sqn Crashed into a ravine in jungle near the Thai, Malayan border after a fuel pipe union became detached after it had incorrectly been wire locked. The aircraft and bodies of the crew were not found until April 1967
22/11/1961 XE581   Hunter FGA9 8 Sqn Crashed in the Persian Gulf due to the loss of elevators control at 20,000ft. The pilot ejected but his chute did not open and he was killed
27/11/1961 XM876 321 Wessex HAS1 819 NAS Ditched into the sea off Northern Ireland after loss of power while operating off HMS Wasp
28/11/1961 XH878 R Javelin FAW9 64 Sqn Crashed near Waterbeach, Cambs due to hydraulic failure. Both crew ejected safely
28/11/1961 XG572 528 Whirlwind HAR3 705 NAS Rolled onto its port side on Goonhilly Downs, Cornwall after the tail struck and earth bank during a practice autorotation and broke off the tail rotor. The pilot escaped safely. To Fleetlands but declared a write off
07/12/1961 XG578 527 Whirlwind HAR3 705 NAS Rolled rapidly to starboard after manual control was selected after take off. Control was lost and it crashed onto its starboard side at Trenance Farm, near Mullion, Cornwall. Both crew escaped safely. To Fleetlands but declared a write off
09/12/1961 XE643 K Hunter FGA9 208 Sqn The undercarriage was raised to stop during an abandoned take off from Mombasa, Kenya after the pilot noticed a lack of thrust. Nose section to 8586M
14/12/1961 XP836   P.1127 Hawker Aircraft Ltd The port engine front nozzle became detached in flight causing a diversion to Yeovilton, Somerset. When the flaps were selected the aircraft rolled uncontrollably to port due to nozzle imbalance and the pilot ejected safely at 100ft
14/12/1961 XA867 940 Whirlwind HAS1 HMS Protector Ships Flt Landed heavily from 10 ft whilst attempting to land a survey party on a small level area of barren rock at Ash Point, Greenwich Island, Discovery Bay, Chilean Antartic. It bounced, rolled over the edge and came to rest 30 ft below. All three occupants escaped safely
14/12/1961 XG500   Sycamore HR14 225 Sqn The tail rotor failed after touch down at Bender landing zone, Somalia. The rear fuselage broke away and the aircraft spun several times before coming to rest
22/12/1961 WK623   Chipmunk T10 Glasgow UAS Dived into the ground 1¾ miles north of Perth airfield and burnt out killing the pilot
27/12/1961 TG624   Hastings MET1 202 Sqn Swung on take off from Aldergrove, Northern Ireland. The undercarriage was raised to stop but the aircraft burnt out

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