1964 losses

03/01/1964 XR698 32 Jet Provost T4 3 FTS Stalled during a practice forced landing and belly-landed at Leeming, Yorkshire. To Leeming Fire Dump
10/01/1964 XF710 F Shackleton MR3 120 Sqn No3 engine caught fire, oversped and fell off after take off from Kinloss, Morayshire. No4 engine then caught fire and was feathered. The fire spread along the whole wing and a forced landing was made on Colloden Moor near Inverness where the aircraft burnt out. All of the crew escaped and joined a village party to await their rescuers
10/01/1964 XG514 SD Sycamore HR14 CFS Rolled over due to pilot error while practising sloping ground landings near Ternhill, Salop
12/01/1964 WT874   Cadet TX3 621 GS Written off in a flying accident at Locking, Somerset. Later became BGA1255
22/01/1964 XK414   Auster AOP9 14 Flt Made a precautionary landing at Umas Umas, Borneo in bad weather and hit a log on rough ground
23/01/1964 XG832 398 Gannet ECM6 831 NAS Crashed near St Austell, Cornwall after suffering a double engine failure during a GCA approach. The three crew escaped safely
24/01/1964 XG519 K Sycamore HR14 110 Sqn Crashed eight miles south of Fort Kemar, Malaysia after avoiding trees and burnt out. The crew escaped
24/01/1964 XN966 226 Buccaneer S1 809 NAS Received an engine fire warning and crashed onto the runway at Lossiemouth, Morayshire during a Mirror Assisted Dummy Deck Landing (MADDL). Both crew ejected at what was insufficient height and luckily escaped with their lives
28/01/1964 XD249 111 Scimitar F1 800 NAS Crashed into the Moray Firth off Lossiemouth, Morayshire after the pilot ejected due to an hydraulic leak preventing the undercarriage from lowering. He was rescued by SAR helicopter
30/01/1964 XH723 R Javelin FAW9 29 Sqn Blew up on take off from Nicosia, Cyprus and burnt out. The crew escaped
02/02/1964 XK379   Auster AOP9 656 Sqn Stalled and crashed into the water while in a steep turn pursuing an enemy ship in Tawau Harbour, Borneo. One of the two crew were injured
07/02/1964 XS115 AA Wessex HAS1 845 NAS Failed to establish a hover at 3,500ft and sank into a gully, rolled onto its starboard side and caught fire in a small jungle clearing in Borneo
10/02/1964 XH747 B Javelin FAW9 60 Sqn Crashed into the sea off Singapore after structural failure of the tail. The crew ejected safely
17/02/1964 XG166 58 Hunter F6 229 OCU Crashed into Bideford Bay, North Devon. The Indian Air Force pilot was killed
18/02/1964 WV855 038 Sea Hawk FGA6 Airwork Ltd The pilot reported low fuel and was last heard when fifteen miles SE of Isle of Wight. The aircraft crashed into the English Channel without trace
20/02/1964 XJ523 VL-710 Sea Vixen FAW1 766 NAS Crashed at Summer Ways Farm, Thorney, Somerset while on a night GCA radar approach to Yeovilton
20/02/1964 XJ433   Whirlwind HAR10 110 Sqn Force-landed in scrub at Pa Umor, Borneo after engine failure
28/02/1964 XP141 KE-181 Wessex HAS1 829 NAS Ditched into the English Channel off Falmouth, Cornwall while operating off HMS Kent
01/03/1964 XG265 K Hunter FGA9 20 Sqn Crashed at Labuan, Borneo after a fire in the rear fuselage. The pilot ejected but was killed
12/03/1964 XP639 53 Jet Provost T4 CFS Following a mid-air collision XP639 crashed near Morton-In-Marsh, Gloucs. XR670 landed safely back at Little Rissington and was not badly damaged. The pilot of XP639 ejected safely
12/03/1964 XR670   Jet Provost T4 CFS
20/03/1964 XH443 C Javelin T3 226 OCU Declared a write off after the fuselage was twisted in a heavy landing at Leuchars, Fife
25/03/1964 XN927 LM-223 Buccaneer S1 809 NAS Crashed near Elgin, Morayshire after the pilot ejected following an engine fire
25/03/1964 XN723   Lightning F2 Rolls Royce Ltd Crashed at Keysham, Leicestershire after the crew had ejected at 5,000ft due to a fire following an engine bay fuel leak
25/03/1964 XL820 S-L Sycamore HR14 CFS Crashed near Ternhill, Salop after failure of a main rotor blade. Both crew were killed
29/03/1964 XH955 T Javelin FAW9R 60 Sqn Burst a tyre during a heavy landing at Labuan, Borneo. The aircraft swung off the runway causing the undercarriage to collapse
03/04/1964 XH724 F Javelin FAW9 60 Sqn Written off when it ran off the end of the runway at Tengah, Singapore into a monsoon drain and caught fire. The crew escaped safely
04/04/1964 XE311 V Sycamore HR14 110 Sqn Caught fire on landing at Butterworth, Malaysia and burnt out
16/04/1964 XL594 K Hunter T7 19 Sqn Failed to recover from a dive during a display rehearsal over the disused airfield at Carnaby, Humberside. The pilot was killed
17/04/1964 XG136 G Hunter FGA9 43 Sqn During a simulated rocket attack the starboard drop tank came loose and hit the wing causing the aircraft to roll out of control into the ground at Rusais, Aden. The pilot was killed
17/04/1964 XP148 C-306 Wessex HAS1 815 NAS Ditched into the sea off Aden after suffering engine failure and was not recovered
20/04/1964 XP109 BF Wessex HAS1 845 NAS The aircraft undershot a landing site on a small ridge and rolled down a hillside at Bukit Lanjak area, Sarawak, Borneo. Due to the inaccessibility of the site it was stripped of parts and abandoned
20/04/1964 XN195   Cadet TX3 2 GS Written off in a flying accident at Grangemouth, Stirling
20/04/1964 XN154   Sedbergh TX1 618 GS Written off in a flying accident at Locking, Somerset. To the RAFGSA as GSA333 later becoming BGA1465
21/04/1964 XG293 F Hunter FGA9 20 Sqn Crashed at Tengah, Singapore after the pilot ejected following engine failure due to a fuel systems fault during aerobatics
22/04/1964 XH774 B Javelin FAW9 29 Sqn Caught fire after the engine failed on take off from Akrotiri, Cyprus. To 103 MU there but was not repaired and was declared a write off on 15th July
27/04/1964 XN785 C Lightning F2 92 Sqn Crashed during an attempted forced landing at the disused airfield at Hutton Cranswick, Humberside. The pilot had been trying to reach Leconfield short of fuel due to a systems fault. He did not eject and was killed
29/04/1964 XN184   Sedbergh TX1 RAFC Crashed at Cranwell, Lincolnshire. To the RAFGSA as GSA339
06/05/1964 WZ363   Valiant B1 148 Sqn Dived into the ground at Market Rasen, Lincolnshire following an overshoot at Binbrook at night. All five crew were killed
07/05/1964 XR239   Auster AOP9 AAC Centre The student failed to climb away during field landings and overshoots at Stockbridge, Hampshire. The instructor took control but the aircraft ran into a hedge. Later declared a write off and allocated to ground instruction
11/05/1964 XL845 30 Whirlwind HAS7 705 NAS Struck the ground heavily throwing out the aircrewman and came to rest on its port side at Predannack, Cornwall during a practice auto rotation. The pilot was unhurt but the aircrewman later died. To Fleetlands but was  declared a write off
11/05/1964 XH535   Vulcan B2 A&AEE Entered a spin during an unauthorised high rate descent approach to Boscombe Down, Wiltshire at low speed. The parachute was streamed which recovered the aircraft temporarily but it again entered a spin and hit the ground at Chute near Andover, Hampshire. Both test pilots ejected but the four rear crew were killed
14/05/1964 XH436 C Javelin T3 JIRF Written off in a starting explosion at Leuchars, Fife
16/05/1964 XN262 Z Whirlwind HAS7 846 NAS Ditched into Cowie Harbour, north of Sebatik Island, Borneo after a suspected tail rotor failure while on a casevac sortie. One of the casualties drowned
21/05/1964 WB967   Sedbergh TX1 RAFC Written off at Cranwell, Lincs. Sold to the RAFGSA and later became BGA1352
23/05/1964 WZ396   Valiant B(PR)K1 543 Sqn The starboard main undercarriage door came open during a flypast at Bentwaters, Suffolk. It broke away preventing the wheel from being lowered. A wheels up landing was made at Manston, Kent on a foam carpet but the aircraft was written off
27/05/1964 XR949 25 Gnat T1 4 FTS Crashed near Bala, Merioneth after the pilot had ejected following loss of control after the canopy fractured
29/05/1964 XM942   Twin Pioneer CC1 209 Sqn Hit a soft patch on landing and lost its undercarriage at Long Akah, Borneo
02/06/1964 XL896 CU-912 Whirlwind HAS7 Culdrose Station Flt Ditched into the English Channel off Pedngwinian near Church Cove, Mullion, Cornwall after engine failure in the hover during diver jumping practice. The four crew escaped safely
03/06/1964 XP348   Whirlwind HAR10 22 Sqn Flew into the ground near Midhurst, Sussex suffering blade stall. This occurs when the ‘retreating’ blade stalls because the aircraft is travelling too fast causing insufficient airflow over the blade. The remedy is to slow down but in this case the pilot went into a dive to increase speed. Both crew were killed
09/06/1964 XM191 H Lightning F1A 111 Sqn Written off following an engine fire on landing at Wattisham, Suffolk. Cockpit to 7854M
11/06/1964 VW863   Valetta C1 52 Sqn Belly landed at Labuan, Borneo after the undercarriage jammed up
12/06/1964 XM873 C-302 Wessex HAS1 815 NAS Suffered severe ground resonance while on a hillside landing zone at Wadi-Misrah in the Radfan area of Aden. The tail rotor failed and the helicopter rolled down the hill into a gully
15/06/1964 XN580 46 Jet Provost T3 RAFC Crashed at Scopwick, Lincolnshire. The crew had ejected after the aircraft caught fire
24/06/1964 XJ615 23 Hunter T7 ETPS The engine flamed out due to mismanagement of the fuel booster pump switches following fuel transfer failure. The aircraft struck trees on high ground in lifting fog 1¾ miles SE of Haslemere, Surrey killing the French pilot
30/06/1964 XE647 H Hunter FGA9 208 Sqn Collided and crashed during a practice strike on a disused lightship near Dasa Island in the Persian Gulf. Both pilots ejected
30/06/1964 XK139 J Hunter FGA9 208 Sqn
11/07/1964 XJ605 C-215 Sea Vixen FAW1 892 NAS Spun uncontrollably into the Straits of Malacca off Penang, Malaysia while operating from HMS Centaur. Both crew ejected but were never found
12/07/1964 XP228 C-248 Gannet AEW3 849 NAS Crashed into the Sea off Penang, Malaysia after the engine caught fire. The crew were rescued. They had been searching for the crew of XJ605 which crashed the previous day
14/07/1964 XN300 T Whirlwind HAS7 846 NAS Suffered failure of the tail rotor drive at 500ft and force landed in 2ft of water on the foreshore of Sebatik Island, Borneo fifteen miles south west of Tawau. The three on board were not injured. It was later destroyed by a 
demolition team
15/07/1964 XR596   Scout AH1 656 Sqn Crashed into the jungle near Kluang airfield, Southern Malaya after fuel pump failure. The wreck was found three days later. Both crew were killed
16/07/1964 XG507 S-E Sycamore HR14 CFS Crashed at Ternhill, Salop after pilot error
16/07/1964 XA909   Vulcan B1A 101 Sqn Suffered an engine bay explosion. The pilot turned the aircraft out to sea and the crew baled out. It turned back towards land crashing at Gwalchmai near Valley, Anglesey
16/07/1964 XD216 22 Scimitar F1 ETPS Suffered complete electrical failure and double engine failure after operation of the crash inertia switches during a violent manoeuvre. The Canadian pilot regained control at 15,000ft but with both engines flamed out was forced to eject. The aircraft crashed into the English Channel one mile off East Wittering, Sussex after the pilot had ejected. He was rescued unhurt from the sea by holiday makers
16/07/1964 WJ771   Canberra B6 6 Sqn Disintegrated and crashed 15 miles south of Khartoum, Sudan after entering an active Cumulo-Nimbus cloud at 40,000 ft. The three crew were killed
22/07/1964 XR978 47 Gnat T1 4 FTS Crashed into Bala Lake, Merioneth after the crew ejected following loss of control during a spin
27/07/1964 XP682 H Jet Provost T4 7 FTS Crashed at Scooter, Lincolnshire after flying into power lines. The pilot was killed
31/07/1964 XL771   Skeeter AOP12 5 Flt The tail rotor struck the ground at Quebec Field, Osnabruck, West Germany. The aircraft yawed and hit the ground hard
31/07/1964 XM930 V-344 Wessex HAS1 814 NAS The aircraft flew out to identify HM submarine Ambush which was operating off Singapore. It suffered loss of power when coming into a hover and narrowly missed the sonar dome of the submarine. It entered the water just off the starboard bow and all four crew were rescued
04/08/1964 XH874 H Javelin FAW9R 64 Sqn Whilst on loan to 60 Squadron the aircraft suffered a starter explosion and subsequent fire at Kuching, Sarawak, Borneo. Declared a write off and used for spares
06/08/1964 WP217   Valiant B(PR)1 232 OCU Suffered a wing spar failure over North Wales. It made a safe return to Gaydon, Warwickshire. After this incident all other Valiants were inspected and many were found to have defective wing spars. This resulted in the early withdrawal of the whole fleet
11/08/1964 XE623 Q Hunter FGA9 43 Sqn Crashed 1½ miles NW of Khormaksar, Aden after the pilot had ejected following engine failure
17/08/1964 XP397 T Whirlwind HAR10 230 Sqn The tail rotor struck the ground first in a forced landing near Gutersloh, West Germany after loss of power
17/08/1964 WH958 J Canberra B15 45 Sqn Abandoned take off from Kai Tak after it ran into a flock of birds. It ran off the runway and into Hong Kong Harbour
19/08/1964 XN935 V-124 Buccaneer S1 801 NAS During a touch and go on HMS Victorious while off Singapore the starboard undercarriage pre-shortened. The aircraft became airborne even though the starboard aileron was dragged along the deck. The controls then locked due loss of hydraulic pressure and both crew ejected safely
20/08/1964 XH437 X Javelin T3 23 Sqn Written off in a starting explosion at Leuchars, Fife
25/08/1964 WF329 M Varsity T1 AES Struck the ground hard and cartwheeled after a wing hit the runway during a night asymmetric approach at Topcliffe, Yorkshire. Two crew were killed
28/08/1964 XH845 N Javelin FAW9R 23 Sqn Written off in a starting explosion at Leuchars, Fife
28/08/1964 XP704 H Lightning F3 74 Sqn Spun into the ground during a display rehearsal at Leuchars, Fife. The pilot attempted to eject but the aircraft hit the ground before the seat operated
31/08/1964 WT718 LM-697 Hunter GA11 764 NAS Crashed into Spey Bay off Port Gordon near Lossiemouth, Morayshire after engine failure. The pilot ejected safely
03/09/1964 XP246   Auster AOP9 6 Flt The aircraft encountered bad weather while en-route Middle Wallop to Rearsby, Leics. The pilot attempted a forced landing in a field at Lowersby Leicestershire but then tried to overshoot after deciding that the field was too rough. The overshoot failed and the aircraft struck a hedge. Allocated to Bicester dump in 1965
05/09/1964 XM869 C-305 Wessex HAS1 815 NAS Ditched into the South China Sea off HMS Centaur while operating off Singapore after suffering engine failure
06/09/1964 XR431 C-426 Gannet AEW3 849 NAS Missed the arrestor wire when landing on HMS Centaur. It bounced and crashed into the sea off Singapore
10/09/1964 XJ760   Whirlwind HAR10 110 Sqn Lost power on approach to Long Bangar landing site, Borneo and force landed
11/09/1964 XP294   Twin Pioneer CC1 209 Sqn Skidded while landing on a wet airstrip at Bareo, Borneo. It ran into a ditch causing the undercarriage to collapse
11/09/1964 XM134   Lightning F1A 226 OCU Crashed into the North Sea off Happisburgh, Norfolk after the pilot ejected due to a jammed undercarriage
14/09/1964 XR270   Auster AOP9 AAC Centre The aircraft cartwheeled through a hedge at Winchester, Hampshire after the port wing struck the ground during a field landing in bad weather. The student pilot was uninjured
16/09/1964 XM943   Twin Pioneer CC1 78 Sqn Swung off the airstrip on landing at Manawa, Aden and ran into some trees
17/09/1964 XN583 33 Jet Provost T3 7 FTS Crashed near Pannal, Harrogate, Yorkshire after an unauthorised display by the student pilot for the benefit of his girlfriend. The student was killed
18/09/1964 XP773   Beaver AL1 653 Sqn Force-landed in a wadi in Aden due to fuel starvation. It was declared a write off after it was dropped 300 ft by a Belvedere attempting a recovery
18/09/1964 XP106 C-300 Wessex HAS1 815 NAS Ditched into the sea off Aden after an in flight fire while operating off HMS Centaur
19/09/1964 XF455   Hunter FGA9 20 Sqn Flew into the sea off Singapore while flying low in poor visibility. The pilot was killed
23/09/1964 WT370   Canberra B16 45 Sqn The starboard engine failed to respond during an overshoot at Kauntan, Malaysia. It crashed into a rubber plantation one mile south of Kauntan. The two crew escaped with slight injuries
28/09/1964 XD230  R-157 Scimitar F1 803 NAS Suffered hydraulic failure during a refuelling flight while acting as a tanker. This resulted in the port undercarriage leg remaining retracted. The pilot gained height and ejected over the Moray Firth off Lossiemouth, Morayshire The aircraft was recovered and was eventually allocated to G.I. at West Freugh
30/09/1964 XR664 41 Jet Provost T4 6 FTS Crashed at Jedburgh, Roxburgh after a bird strike. The crew ejected safely
05/10/1964 WJ820   Canberra PR7 58 Sqn Suffered a severe bird strike over the Terhuna Range, Libya and lost the canopy. The pilot forgot to lower the undercarriage on return to base and belly landed
07/10/1964 XM601   Vulcan B2 9 Sqn Control was lost during the climb out from a night asymmetric overshoot at Coningsby, Lincs. The two pilots ejected but were killed due to the angle of the aircraft when they left. The three rear crew were killed when the aircraft crashed
12/10/1964 XR976 44 Gnat T1 4 FTS Undershot the runway during a practice forced landing at Rhosneigr near Valley, Anglesey causing the undercarriage to collapse
16/10/1964 XE592 F Hunter FGA9 8/43 Sqns Crashed into the sea eight miles off Masirah Island, Oman killing the pilot
19/10/1964 XP111 V-343 Wessex HAS1 814 NAS Destroyed by fire at Rengam, Sembawang, Singapore after making a successful auto-rotation landing from 200 ft following engine failure. The three crew escaped safely
19/10/1964 XK136 O Hunter FGA9 20 Sqn Failed to recover from a spin and crashed in into a swamp 32miles NNW of Tengah, Singapore. The pilot ejected safely
23/10/1964 XP237   Auster AOP9 14/20th Hussars During take off from a track in Libya the starboard wheel struck the roof of an Arab village hut shearing off the starboard undercarriage. The flight continued for three hours to burn off fuel after which the pilot made a port wheel only landing at Idris. The aircraft ground looped after the starboard wing struck the ground but both occupants escaped safely
30/10/1964 XG463   Belvedere HC1 26 Sqn Crashed 20 miles WNW of Khormaksar, Aden after an explosion in the front engine either damaged the flying controls or incapacitated the pilots. All three on board were killed
03/11/1964 XL844 977 Whirlwind HAS7 HMS Centaur Ships Flt Ditched into the South China Sea off Malaysia following engine failure while on plane guard duty off HMS Centaur. The three crew were rescued safely
03/11/1964 BB852   Tiger Moth T2 BRNC AEF Caught by a gust of wind while landing at Roborough, Plymouth, Devon. It overturned after hitting a pill box
15/11/1964 XN931 V-122 Buccaneer S1 801 NAS Crashed into the Johore Strait four miles north of Tengah, Singapore after both crew ejected. The aircraft was part of an eight ship formation flight during the re-commissioning ceremony for HMS Victorious. They were flying over various airfields and were over Tengah when it turned away from the formation and control was lost
17/11/1964 XP892   Scout AH1 3 Flt Crash-landed at Ktima landing pad, Cyprus after tail rotor failure at 40ft. The main rotor struck the cockpit injuring both crew
25/11/1964 XN708 R-244 Sea Vixen FAW1 890 NAS Crashed into Lyme Bay, Devon during a night practice rocket attack on a Lepas flare towed by HMS Murray. Both crew were killed
26/11/1964 XN948 V-119 Buccaneer S1 801 NAS Caught fire and crashed into the sea off Singapore while on a test flight from HMS Victorious. The observer ejected safely but the pilot was killed on impact with the water
14/12/1964 XM460 70 Jet Provost T3 CFS Overshot on landing at Little Rissington, Gloucestershire and struck power cables. The pilot later died from his injuries
31/12/1964 XG461 G Belvedere HC1 26 Sqn Cyclic control was lost on the rear rotor on landing at Khormaksar, Aden causing the aircraft to roll over and catch fire

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