Photo Upload Page

Click here to Upload Images

This is an EXTREMELY straightforward process if you follow this simple guide.

1.   You have a photograph that fills a gap, or replaces/improves upon/updates an existing picture on the website. Save this file somewhere on your PC as a .jpg file. (You do not even need to edit or resize the image if you do not want to be bothered with that).

2.       Select an Image. Browse to and open/select this saved .jpg image file.

3.       Aircraft Serial. Type in the first few characters of the aircraft serial, and select the correct airframe from the dropdown list that appears.

4.       Image Date. Add an image date, accurately or vaguely, in whatever format you like.

5.       Image Location. Add in the photograph location, however you wish to describe it.

6.       Image Credit. Add in an image credit as required.

7.       Click the Upload button.

And it is done. You should see a message to tell you that the upload is successful, and asking if you have any more images you would like to upload.

At this point the image will be in a pending state at the system back-end, waiting for one of the Admins to Approve (or otherwise) your image. But this approval should be relatively quick.