Vickers Viking

WZ974Vickers Viking Mk.1AUsed for trooping flights
WZ975Vickers Viking Mk.1AUsed for trooping flights
WZ976Vickers Viking Mk.1AUsed for trooping flights
VL237Vickers Viking Canx
VL238Vickers Viking Canx
VL239Vickers Viking Canx
VL240Vickers Viking Canx
VL241Vickers Viking Canx
VL242Vickers Viking Canx
VL243Vickers Viking Canx
VL244Vickers Viking Canx
VP937Vickers Viking G-AGRV
2/102VX238Vickers Viking 1AEx TT197 n.t.u, ex G-AGOL. To 7215M at St. Athan, s.o.c. 18/12/1957 and scr.
4/104VW214Vickers Viking 1AEx G-AGON. Returned to G-AGON 01/07/1954, scr. 1956 at Southend, Essex
5/105VW215Vickers Viking 1AEx G-AGRM. Registered 15/08/1947, broken up at Farnborough 1955
6/106VW216Vickers Viking 1AEx G-AGRN. To 6991M Sutton-on-Hull Fire Section 20/06/1952, since perished
8/108XF639Vickers Viking 1Ex G-AGRP. Rtnd to G-AGRP, scr. Gatwick 06/1962
103VX141Vickers Viking 1AEx TT181 n.t.u, ex G-AGOM. Scrapped Martlesham 03/1953
115XF640Vickers Viking 1Ex G-AGRW. Rtnd to G-AGRW, pres. Bad Voslau, Austria
116WZ973Vickers Viking Mk.1AEx G-AHON. w/o 25/07/1952
117WZ972Vickers Viking Mk.1AEx G-AHOP. Returned to G-AHOP, scr. Hurn 1967
118XD637Vickers Viking 1AEx G-AHOR. Returned to G-AHOR, to ZS-DNU, w/o 29/05/1960
121XD635Vickers Viking 1AEx G-AHOT. Returned to G-AHOT, to ZS-DKH, stored Johannesburg Airport
124XD636Vickers Viking 1AEx G-AHOW. Returned to G-AHOW, scr. Manston, Kent during 1969
125VW218Vickers Viking 1AEx G-AHOX. Registered 10/09/1947, scrapped Farnborough by 1961
127VL226Vickers Viking C1AEx G-AIJE. Returned to G-AIJE, returned to VL226, to G-AIJE, w/o 02/09/1958
128XF765Vickers Viking 1Ex G-AHOY. Rtnd to G-AHOY, scrapped Manston, Kent 1968
130VW217Vickers Viking 1AEx G-AHPA. Returned to G-AHPA, broken up Wymeswold, Leicestershire 1958
131VL227Vickers Viking C1AEx G-AIKN. Returned to G-AIKN, to Southend fire dump 11/1965, b/u 1968
132XF638Vickers Viking 1Ex G-AHPB. Rtnd to G-AHPB, to D-BABY, scr. Winterthur, Switzerland
133XF764Vickers Viking 1Ex G-AHPC. Rtnd to G-AHPC, broken up and scrapped at Hurn Airport 07/1962
136VL228Vickers Viking C2f/f 04/02/1957, d/d 16/06/1947, s.o.c. 28/06/1950 and scrapped
140VL229Vickers Viking C2f/f 11/02/1947, d/d 30/05/1947, to G-APWS, scr. 04/1963 at Southend Airport
144VL245Vickers Viking C(VVIP)2f/f 09/07/1946, d/d 11/08/1946, w/o 02/09/1947
145VL230Vickers Viking C2f/f 22/04/1947, never delivered, to G-ANZK, b/u 07/1955 at Bovindon
147XF763Vickers Viking 1Ex G-AHPJ. To F-OCEU, scr. Nice, France 1971
150VL231Vickers Viking C2f/f 19/08/1947, d/d 05/09/1947, to A82-1, D-AMOR, D-BABY G-AOCH, scr. Manston
152XG349Vickers Viking 1BEx G-AHPM, XF632, G-AHPM. Rtnd to G-AHPM, w/o 09/08/1961
152XF632Vickers Viking 1BEx G-AHPM. Rtnd to G-AHPM, w/o 09/08/1961
153VL232Vickers Viking C2f/f 03/10/1947, d/d 29/10/1947, to G-APAT, w.f.u. at Hurn 05/1961 and scrapped
156VL233Vickers Viking C2f/f 09/10/1947, d/d 25/01/1948, to G-APOO, w.f.u. 18/08/1964 at Southend, scr.
157XF631Vickers Viking 1BEx G-AHPO. Rtnd to G-AHPO, w/o 20/12/1953
177VL246Vickers Viking C(VVIP)2Sold, to G-APOP, scr. Southend Airport, Essex during 01/1970
178VL247Vickers Viking C(VVIP)2Sold, to G-APOR 06/05/1958, scr. Southend Airport, Essex
179VL248Vickers Viking C2To G-AOBY, to XB-FIP
207VX856Vickers Viking Ex G-AJPH. To G-AJPH, XJ304, G-AJPH, remains to gravel pit, Bedfont, 03/1962
207XJ304Vickers Viking 1BEx VX856, ex G-AJPH. Rtnd to G-AJPH, broken up Heathrow 09/1962
208WZ357Vickers Viking 1BEx EI-ADF, ex G-AKTV. Returned to G-AKTV, b/u Southend 08/1964
211WZ356Vickers Viking 1BEx EI-ADI, ex G-AKTU. Returned to G-AKTU, b/u Hurn 09/1962
216WZ353Vickers Viking 1BEx G-AIVC. To D-ADEN, G-AIVC, D-AGAD, D-BEPO, F-BJER, w/o 11/09/1963
221XG896Vickers Viking 1BEx G-AIVH. Rtnd to G-AIVH, scrapped at Blackbushe 02/1960
228XF630Vickers Viking 1BEx G-AIVO. Rtnd to G-AIVO, to XG568, rtnd to G-AIVO, b/u Nice, France 1963
228XG568Vickers Viking 1BEx G-AIVO, XF630, G-AIVO. Rtnd to G-AIVO, b/u for spares Nice, France 1963
233WZ355Vickers Viking 1BEx G-AIXR. Returned to G-AIXR, b/u 02/1965 at Southend
234WZ354Vickers Viking 1BEx G-AIXS. Returned to G-AIXS, w/o 15/08/1954
237WZ311Vickers Viking 1BEx G-AJFS. Returned to G-AJFS, scr. 02/1965 at Southend
238WZ306Vickers Viking 1BEx G-AJFT. Returned to G-AJFT, perished Gatwick circa 1963
241XG895Vickers Viking 1BEx G-AJBO, ex XF629, w/o 01/05/1957 at Star Hill near Blackbushe
241XF629Vickers Viking 1BEx G-AJBO, to XG895, w/o 01/05/1957
246XF532Vickers Viking 1BEx G-AJBU, XF532 n.t.u, w.f.u. 03/1960 and b/u Hurn 03/1961
255XG350Vickers Viking 1BEx G-AJCD, XF633, G-AHPM. Rtnd to G-AJCD, b/u Nice, France 1963
255XF633Vickers Viking 1BEx G-AJCD. Rtnd to G-AJCD, to XG350, rtnd to G-AJCD, b/u Nice, France 1963
264XG567Vickers Viking 1BEx G-AKBH. Rtnd to G-AKBH, to F-BJRS, scr. Perpignan, France 01/1975

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