MT438Auster AOP3
TJ295Auster AOP5
TJ478Auster AOP5To G-AJVT
TW448Auster AOP5To G-ANLU, canx, presume scrapped
VF603Auster AOP6Ex Haverfordwest, departed post 2004
WE545Auster T7d/d 04/05/1950, transferred to the AAC 01/09/1957, w/o 05/09/1961
WE546Auster T7d/d 04/05/1950, transferred to the AAC 01/09/1957, w/o 07/03/1962
WE549Auster T7d/d 04/07/1950, transferred to the AAC 01/09/1957, w/o 05/09/1961
WE556Auster T7d/d 08/09/1950, transferred to the AAC 01/09/1957, w/o 19/08/1958, s.o.c. 28/08/1958
WE566Auster T7d/d 28/12/1950, w/o 09/10/1951
WE567Auster T7d/d 05/12/1950, s.o.c. 13/03/1956 as CAT 5(C) at No.389/390 MU Seletar, Singapore
WE568Auster T7d/d 28/12/1950, s.o.c. 15/12/1959 as CAT 5(C) in the Far East
WE589Auster T7d/d 19/03/1951, s.o.c. 11/03/1957 as CAT 5(C), b/u 03/04/1957 at Abbotsinch
WE598Auster T7d/d 01/05/1951, transferred to the AAC 01/09/1957, w/o 10/01/1958
WE612Auster T7d/d 19/11/1951, transferred to the AAC 28/07/1958, w/o 22/04/1959
WE617Auster T7Canx
WE618Auster T7Canx
WE619Auster T7Canx
WE620Auster T7Canx
WE621Auster T7Canx
WE622Auster T7Canx
VW986Auster AOP6d/d 07/06/1948, w/o 22/02/1955
VW987Auster AOP6d/d 29/06/1948, w/o 03/06/1949
VW988Auster AOP6d/d 15/07/1948, w/o 20/11/1951
VW989Auster AOP6d/d 15/07/1948, w/o 29/08/1949
VW991Auster AOP6d/d 26/07/1948, w/o 10/05/1951
VX106Auster AOP6d/d 05/10/1948, w/o 27/01/1951
VX107Auster AOP6d/d 05/10/1948, w/o 06/10/1950
VX111Auster AOP6d/d 29/10/1948, w/o 13/05/1950
VX114Auster AOP6d/d 06/12/1948, w/o 08/11/1951
VX116Auster AOP6d/d 06/12/1948, w/o 08/12/1958
VX122Auster AOP6d/d 15/02/1948, w/o 22/09/1959
VX124Auster T10d/d 24/02/1949, w/o 11/07/1955
VX125Auster AOP6d/d 01/03/1949, w/o 30/08/1957
VX129Auster AOP6d/d 03/05/1949, w/o 24/02/1955
VX130Auster AOP6d/d 19/05/1949, w/o 24/09/1954
VX922Auster AOP6d/d 30/05/1949, w/o 04/09/1950
VX925Auster AOP6d/d 08/08/1949, w/o 06/02/1952
VX929Auster T7d/d 04/01/1950, w/o 31/08/1952
VX936Auster T7d/d 20/02/1950, w/o 06/04/1956
LB264Taylorcraft Plus D
TW568Beagle Terrier 2
TW641Beagle Terrier 2
43-25873Taylorcraft L-2 M
43-26394Taylorcraft L-2 M
42-26564Taylorcraft L-2 M
43-25823Taylorcraft L-2 A
RT607Auster AOP5
MS968Auster AOP5To G-ALYG, to Old Sarum
MS974Auster 5.J.1.Nex MS974, to G-AJYB, to private Braceborough, to Langham
MT119Auster AOP5
MT137Auster AOP4
MT166Auster AOP4
MT192Auster AOP4
MT197Auster AOP4
MT243Auster AOP4
MT255Auster AOP4Ex G-ANHU.
MT349Auster AOP4
MT360Auster AOP4
MZ135Auster AOP3
MZ168Auster AOP3
MZ231Auster AOP3To KLu as R-18
NJ626Auster AOP5
NJ633Auster AOP5
NJ673Auster AOP5
NJ689Auster AOP5
NJ695Auster AOP5
NJ703Auster AOP5
NJ728Auster AOP5
NJ771Auster AOP3No longer at Wangaratta
NX534Auster III
RT475Auster AOP5
RT486Auster AOP5
RT520Auster AOP5
RT578Auster AOP5
MS958Auster AOP4
RT610Auster AOP5
RT644Auster AOP5
TJ262Auster AOP5
TJ320Auster AOP5
TJ343Auster AOP5Sold, to G-AJXC, Hook, Hampshire, to White Walthaam
TJ347Auster AOP5
TJ375Auster AOP5
TJ380Auster AOP5
BAPC-070Auster AOP5
TJ457Auster AOP5Was previously based at Crowfield
TJ513Auster AOP5
TJ534Auster AOP5
TJ565Auster AOP5
TJ569Auster AOP5
TJ672Auster AOP5
TJ707Auster AOP6ex Perth, to Manston, to Netherlands to be used as a spares source
TW385Auster AOP5Ex G-ANFU, (C) remains to NELSAM Sunderland where it had been welded to an unknown AOP.6 frame, to SYAM Doncaster where she was used for spares and the cockpit area cut up and disposed of following various parts salvaged, rear unknown AOP.6 frame mated to WE558/G-ASDL at East Midlands AeroPark
TW439Auster AOP5To G-ANRP
TW462Auster AOP5
TW467Auster AOP5
TW498Auster AOP5
TW507Auster AOP5
TW513Auster AOP5
TW519Auster AOP5
TW524Auster 6A
TW536Auster AOP6To 7704M, to G-BNGE
TW591Auster AOP6
VF526Auster AOP6
VF530Auster AOP6Frame pres. Doncaster Museum
VF557Auster AOP6
VF560Auster AOP6w/o 31/03/1954 in Malaya
VF581Auster AOP6
VF608Auster AOP6G-ASIP, departed Kemble to Hoogeveen, the Netherlands during 2008
VF635Auster AOP6
VW985Auster AOP6d/d 07/06/1948, to G-ASEF 17/12/1962, stored Arncott, Oxfordshire, to Thruxton with Hodge Air Services
VX118Auster AOP6d/d 06/01/1949, to G-ASNB 06/12/1963, to VH-KUN at Kununurra, Australia
WB323Auster Mk.8Cancelled, not built
WE534Auster T7d/d 20/02/1950, w/o 03/05/1952, s.o.c. 02/07/1952 as CAT.5(C) and scrapped
WE535Auster T7d/d 07/03/1950, to G-ARZU 28/05/1962, canx 14/03/1973
WE537Auster T7d/d 02/03/1950, sold to Hong Kong Auiliary AF 11/11/1950, w/o 08/10/1951
WE538Auster T7d/d 01/03/1950, w/o 18/12/1951, s.o.c. 15/03/1952 at No.389/390 MU Seletar
WE540Auster T7d/d 29/03/1950, w/o 25/01/1955
WE541Auster T7d/d 04/04/1950, w/o 26/06/1954
WE543Auster T7d/d 04/04/1950, w/o 07/03/1952
WE544Auster T7d/d 02/06/1950, w/o 18/05/1956
WE547Auster T7d/d 31/05/1950, w/o 27/01/1958, to Middle Wallop for G.I. as 7562M, fate?
WE550Auster T7d/d 04/07/1950, w/o 29/10/1953
WE552Auster T7d/d 28/07/1950, to Hong Kong AAF 28/10/1966, to ZK-XHK, Rangiora, New Zeland
WE557Auster T7d/d 01/09/1950, to Hong Kong Auxilliary AF 18/12/1961, s.o.c. 20/10/1965
WE560Auster T7d/d 02/10/1950, s.o.c. 31/03/1958 in the Far East
WE561Auster T7d/d 1950, w/o 05/11/1954
WE562Auster T7d/d 07/11/1960, sold 17/04/1962 to Beagle-Auster Aircraft Ltd, fate?
WE563Auster C4d/d 07/11/1950, d/d 16/05/1956 to RNZAF NZ1707, w/o 22/08/1966, pres. Wigram
WE564Auster T7d/d 06/11/1950, w/o 06/08/1956
WE565Auster T7d/d 05/12/1950, sold 17/04/1962 to Beagle-Auster Aircraft Ltd, fate?
WE572Auster T7d/d 09/01/1951, to G-AVCR 12/12/1966, w/o 20/10/1974
WE588Auster T7d/d 06/02/1951, w/o 11/04/1954
WE590Auster T7d/d 19/03/1951, to RHKAAF, w/o 24/11/1963, s.o.c. 01/01/1964 CAT.5(c)
WE592Auster T7d/d 02/04/1951, w/o 14/12/1956, s.o.c. 27/04/1957
WE593Auster T7d/d 17/03/1951, w/o 15/06/1952, s.o.c. 10/09/1952
WE594Auster T7d/d 02/04/1951, w/o 30/07/1954, s.o.c. 17/03/1956
WE595Auster T7d/d 23/04/1951, w/o 17/07/1956, s.o.c. 21/08/1956
WE596Auster T7d/d 23/04/1951, w/o 16/09/1955, s.o.c. 26/10/1955
WE597Auster T7d/d 27/04/1951, w/o 25/06/1957
WE599Auster T7d/d 25/05/1951, to EI-ASU 10/01/1968, Trim, Eire
WE600Auster T7d/d 25/05/1951, to 7602M, preserved RAF Museum, Cosford
WE601Auster T7d/d 03/07/1951, s.o.c. 17/03/1956 as CAT 5(C) at No.389/390 MU Seletar, Singapore
WE602Auster T7d/d 03/07/1951, w/o 23/04/1961, s.o.c. 05/05/1951 as CAT 5(C)
WE605Auster T7d/d 25/07/1951, s.o.c. 28/06/1956 at Kai Tak, Hong Kong
WE607Auster T7d/d 03/09/1951, sold 20/02/1962 to Auster Aircraft, fate?
WE608Auster T7d/d 03/09/1951, w/o 30/01/1953
WE610Auster T7d/d 11/10/1951, w/o 26/09/1953
WE613Auster T7d/d 31/12/1951, w/o 10/04/1956
WE614Auster T7d/d 31/12/1951, w/o 06/07/1955
WE615Auster T7d/d 31/12/1951, w/o 24/05/1956
WE616Auster T7d/d 04/01/1952, w/o 03/06/1954
WJ316Auster Sf/f 08/1950, w/o 26/09/1955
WJ354Auster AOP6d/d 11/06/1952 , s.o.c. 03/07/1959 for spares and produce
WJ355Auster AOP6d/d 04/01/1952, w/o 14/03/1955
WJ356Auster AOP6d/d 00/01/1952, fate unknown
WJ357Auster AOP6d/d 21/02/1952, converted to Beagle A.61 Terrier 3, to G-AVYK, crashed
WJ358Auster AOP6d/d 21/01/1952, to G-ARYD, pres. MoAF Middle Wallop
WJ360Auster AOP6d/d 04/02/1952, s.o.c. 08/08/1960 at RAF Idris, Libya
WJ361Auster AOP6d/d 04/02/1952, w/o 12/10/1952, s.o.c. 13/11/1952
WJ362Auster AOP6d/d 04/02/1952, w/o 04/08/1959
WJ363Auster AOP10d/d 07/02/1952, to G-AVCS, w/o 18/10/1981
WJ364Auster AOP6d/d 07/02/1954, w/o 26/05/1952
WJ365Auster AOP6d/d 07/02/1952, s.o.c. 05/05/1959 as CAT 5 at RAF Kuala Lumpur
WJ366Auster AOP6d/d 20/03/1952, w/o 20/12/1958
WJ367Auster AOP6d/d 03/03/1952, w/o 22/03/1956
WJ368Auster AOP10d/d 03/03/1952, s.o.c. 17/04/1962, to G-ASZX Eggesford
WJ369Auster AOP6d/d 03/03/1952, s.o.c. 18/07/1969 as CAT 5(C) at Kai Tak, Hong Kong
WJ370Auster AOP6d/d 14/03/1952, to G-APRO, Crowfield
WJ371Auster AOP6d/d 21/03/1952, w/o 01/05/1958
WJ372Auster AOP6d/d 21/03/1952, sold and believed scrapped
WJ373Auster AOP6d/d 29/04/1952, coverted to Mk.6A, to SE-ELE, then to OH-AUE
WJ374Auster AOP6d/d 29/04/1952, w/o 31/01/1954
WJ375Auster AOP6d/d 08/05/1952, w/o 27/03/1957
WJ376Auster AOP6d/d 11/06/1952, w/o 28/04/1955
WJ377Auster AOP6d/d 11/06/1952, w/o 09/08/1958
WJ378Auster AOP6d/d 08/10/1952, w/o 02/07/1954
WJ398Auster AOP6d/d 21/10/1952, w/o 11/05/1955
WJ399Auster AOP6d/d 11/11/1952, w/o 02/12/1955
WJ400Auster AOP6d/d 30/10/1952, s.o.c. 02/05/1960 at No.103 MU Akrotiri
WJ401Auster AOP10d/d 28/11/1952, to G-AVYU 24/11/1967, to Australia as VH-BGL 11/10/1999, to Tyabb
WJ402Auster AOP6d/d 08/01/1953, w/o 04/12/1956, s.o.c. 29/03/1957
WJ403Auster AOP6d/d 08/01/1953, s.o.c. 15/02/1961 at No.103 MU Akrotiri
WJ405Auster AOP6d/d 30/01/1953, w/o 16/05/1955
WJ406Auster AOP6d/d 03/02/1953, w.f.u. 04/1959, donated to Libya
WJ407Auster AOP6d/d 26/02/1953, w/o 08/07/1958
WJ408Auster AOP6d/d 27/03/1953, w/o 29/04/1955
WJ409Auster AOP6Cancelled and not built
WJ410Auster AOP6Cancelled and not built
WJ411Auster AOP6Cancelled and not built
WJ412Auster AOP6Cancelled and not built
WJ452Auster T7Cancelled and not built
WJ453Auster T7Cancelled and not built
WJ454Auster T7Cancelled and not built
WJ455Auster T7Cancelled and not built
WR920Auster AOP6Canx
WR921Auster AOP6Canx
WR922Auster AOP6Canx
WR923Auster AOP6Canx
WR924Auster AOP6Canx
WR925Auster AOP6Canx
WR926Auster AOP6Canx
WR927Auster AOP6Canx
WR928Auster AOP6Canx
WR929Auster AOP6Canx
WR930Auster AOP6Canx
WR931Auster AOP6Canx
WR932Auster AOP6Canx
WR933Auster AOP6Canx
WR934Auster AOP6Canx
WR939Auster T7Canx
WR940Auster T7Canx
WR941Auster T7Canx
WR942Auster T7Canx
WR943Auster T7Canx
WZ673Auster AOP9d/d 03/03/1955, s.o.c. 25/07/1961 in the Far East
WZ674Auster AOP9d/d 03/03/1955, w/o 13/03/1962
WZ676Auster AOP9d/d 05/04/1955, s.o.c. 01/07/1964 on Christmas Island
WZ677Auster AOP9d/d 00/03/1955, s.o.c. 07/1961 in the Far East
WZ678Auster AOP9d/d 05/04/1955, w/o 29/08/1956
WZ679Auster AOP9d/d 05/04/1955, to 7863M, sold, to Sandy, to Coventry, to Cambridgeshire
WZ694Auster AOP9d/d 21/04/1955, w/o 07/06/1956
WZ695Auster AOP9d/d 06/05/1955, w/o 23/12/1955
WZ696Auster AOP9d/d 06/05/1955, w/o 07/09/1958
WZ697Auster AOP9d/d 06/05/1955, w/o 11/02/1957
WZ698Auster AOP9d/d 15/08/1955, s.o.c. 13/02/1963 on Christmas Island
WZ699Auster AOP9d/d 10/05/1955, w/o 18/06/1956
WZ700Auster AOP9d/d 18/05/1955, w/o 13/12/1956
WZ701Auster AOP9d/d 21/06/1955, w/o 25/05/1956
WZ702Auster AOP9d/d 01/06/1955, s.o.c. 18/09/1957
WZ703Auster AOP9d/d 21/06/1955, w/o 13/03/1958
WZ704Auster AOP9d/d 21/06/1955, s.o.c. 11/09/1966
WZ705Auster AOP9d/d 24/06/1955, w/o 09/03/1956
WZ707Auster AOP9d/d 04/07/1955, w/o 03/01/1958
WZ708Auster AOP9d/d 20/07/1955, w/o 12/04/1960
WZ709Auster AOP9d/d 25/07/1955, s.o.c. 20/09/1959
WZ710Auster AOP9d/d 03/08/1955, w/o 09/08/1956
WZ711Auster AOP9Md/d 28/07/1955, w/o 2015, damaged airframe to SYAM, Doncaster 10/2016, to Messingham during 2021
WZ712Auster AOP9d/d 03/08/1955, s.o.c. 12/07/1966 in the Middle East
WZ713Auster AOP9d/d 03/08/1955, w/o 23/05/1956
WZ714Auster AOP9d/d 26/08/1955, w/o 24/10/1957
WZ715Auster AOP9d/d 26/09/1955, s.o.c. 15/07/1966
WZ716Auster AOP9d/d 06/09/1955, w/o 09/01/1961
WZ717Auster AOP9d/d 26/09/1955, w/o 09/11/1957
WZ718Auster AOP9d/d 26/09/1955, w/o 09/07/1957
WZ719Auster AOP9d/d 30/09/1955, w/o 01/09/1962
WZ720Auster AOP9d/d 03/10/1955, w/o 01/09/1962
WZ722Auster AOP9d/d 27/10/1955, w/o 12/07/1966 to Odiham dump by 04/1967
WZ723Auster AOP9d/d 10/11/1955, sold as scrap 20/12/1966 at No.389/390 MU Seletar, Singapore
WZ725Auster AOP9d/d 15/11/1955, s.o.c. 11/1956
WZ726Auster AOP9d/d 24/11/1955, to 7436M 22/05/1957
WZ727Auster AOP9d/d 16/12/1955, s.o.c. 08/1955
WZ728Auster AOP9d/d 16/12/1955, w/o 20/01/1960
WZ730Auster AOP9Scr. Singapore 20/12/1966
WZ731Auster AOP9To Hong Kong Aux AF 06/09/1966
VF528Auster AOP6
VF529Auster AOP6
VF543Auster T10
VF544Auster AOP6
VF545Auster AOP6
VF546Auster AOP6
VF547Auster AOP6
VF549Auster AOP6
VF550Auster AOP6
VF551Auster AOP6
VF553Auster AOP6
VF554Auster AOP6
VF555Auster AOP6
VF556Auster AOP6
VF558Auster AOP6
VF559Auster AOP6
VF561Auster AOP6
VF562Auster AOP6
VF563Auster AOP6
VF564Auster AOP6
VF566Auster AOP6
VF567Auster AOP6
VF568Auster AOP6
VF569Auster AOP6
VF570Auster AOP6
VF572Auster AOP6
VF573Auster AOP6
VF574Auster AOP6
VF575Auster AOP6
VF576Auster AOP6
VF577Auster AOP6
VF578Auster AOP6
VF579Auster AOP6
VF580Auster AOP6
VF582Auster AOP6
VF600Auster AOP6
VF601Auster AOP6
VF602Auster AOP6
VF604Auster AOP6
VF605Auster AOP6
VF606Auster AOP6
VF607Auster AOP6
VF609Auster AOP6
VF610Auster AOP6
VF612Auster AOP6
VF614Auster AOP6
VF615Auster AOP6
VF616Auster AOP6
VF617Auster AOP6
VF618Auster AOP6
VF619Auster AOP6
VF620Auster AOP6
VF621Auster AOP6
VF622Auster AOP6
VF623Auster AOP6
VF624Auster AOP6
VF625Auster AOP6
VF626Auster AOP6
VF627Auster AOP6
VF629Auster AOP6
VF630Auster AOP6
VF632Auster AOP6
VF633Auster AOP6
VF636Auster T10
VF637Auster AOP6
VF638Auster AOP6
VF639Auster AOP6
VF640Auster AOP6
VF641Auster AOP6
VF642Auster AOP6
VF643Auster AOP6
VF644Auster AOP.6
VF645Auster AOP6
VF646Auster AOP6
VF647Auster AOP6
VF648Auster AOP6
VF666Auster AOP6Canx
VF667Auster AOP6Canx
VF668Auster AOP6Canx
VF669Auster AOP6Canx
VF670Auster AOP6Canx
VF713Auster AOP6Canx
VF714Auster AOP6Canx
VF715Auster AOP6Canx
VF716Auster AOP6Canx
VF717Auster AOP6Canx
VF718Auster AOP6Canx
VF719Auster AOP6Canx
VF720Auster AOP6Canx
VF721Auster AOP6Canx
VF722Auster AOP6Canx
VF723Auster AOP6Canx
VF724Auster AOP6Canx
VF725Auster AOP6Canx
VF726Auster AOP6Canx
VF727Auster AOP6Canx
VF728Auster AOP6Canx
VF729Auster AOP6Canx
VF730Auster AOP6Canx
VF731Auster AOP6Canx
VF732Auster AOP6Canx
VF733Auster AOP6Canx
VL522Auster NTo 6818M
VL523Auster NTo 6819M
VL524Auster NCanx
VL525Auster NCanx
VR811Auster AOP6Canx
VR812Auster AOP6Canx
VR813Auster AOP6Canx
VR814Auster AOP6Canx
VR815Auster AOP6Canx
VR816Auster AOP6Canx
VR817Auster AOP6Canx
VR818Auster AOP6Canx
VR819Auster AOP6Canx
VR820Auster AOP6Canx
VR821Auster AOP6Canx
VR822Auster AOP6Canx
VR823Auster AOP6Canx
VR824Auster AOP6Canx
VR825Auster AOP6Canx
VR826Auster AOP6Canx
VR827Auster AOP6Canx
VR828Auster AOP6Canx
VR829Auster AOP6Canx
VR830Auster AOP6Canx
VW990Auster AOP6d/d 26/07/1948, s.o.c. 15/06/1955
VW992Auster AOP6d/d 29/07/1948, w/o 27/01/1955, s.o.c. 16/02/1955
VW994Auster AOP6d/d 29/07/1948, w/o 31/12/1960, s.o.c. 02/02/1961
VW995Auster AOP6d/d 30/07/1948, sold 29/09/1961 to Auster Aircraft Ltd, scr.
VW997Auster AOP6d/d 31/08/1948, w/o 01/05/1952, s.o.c. 02/07/1952
VW998Auster AOP6d/d 31/08/1948, s.o.c. 15/10/1955
VW999Auster AOP6d/d 31/08/1948, w/o 09/04/1958, s.o.c. 23/10/1958
VX108Auster AOP6d/d 13/10/1948, w/o 20/03/1955, s.o.c. 24/03/1955 and scrapped in Eritrea
VX109Auster AOP6d/d 13/10/1948, to G-ARLH, to EI-AMB, to G-ARLH, w.f.u. 10/09/1973
VX110Auster AOP6d/d 29/10/1948, to G-ASHY 06/05/1963, to SE-ELA 01/04/1964, w/o 21/08/1971
VX112Auster AOP6d/d 15/11/1948, w/o 23/07/1950, s.o.c. 05/09/1950
VX115Auster AOP6d/d 06/12/1948, w/o 01/11/1951, remains s.o.c. 11/11/1951 and scrapped in Malaya
VX117Auster AOP6d/d 06/12/1948, w/o 10/03/1952, remains s.o.c. 02/09/1952 and scrapped in Malaya
VX119Auster AOP6d/d 18/01/1949, s.o.c. 16/10/1954 and scrapped
VX120Auster AOP6d/d 06/01/1949, sold to Auster, converted to Terrier 2, fate unknown
VX126Auster AOP6d/d 15/11/1949, to RAAF A11-200, w/o 01/04/1954 aboard MV Kista Dan, b/u as spares for A11-201
VX127Auster AOP6d/d 15/11/1949, to RAAF A11-201, w/o 13/04/1955, to VH-RCT, w/o 05/02/1964
VX128Auster AOP6d/d 04/1949, s.o.c. 01/05/1959 at No.103 MU Akrotiri, Cyprus and scrapped
VX923Auster AOP6d/d 20/06/1949, s.o.c. 08/10/1955 with the FEAF and scrapped
VX935Auster T7d/d 24/01/1950, to Sweden as SE-ELK, w/o 1976
16675Auster AOP6
16692Auster T7
TW384Auster AOP5
MT170Auster 4
TJ352Auster 5
HL535Taylorcraft Plus C2
LB294Taylorcraft Plus D
LB312Taylorcraft Plus D
LB347Taylorcraft Plus D
LB375Taylorcraft Plus D
TW642Beagle Terrier 1
VF634Beagle Terrier 2To G-ASWM
VW993Beagle Terrier 2d/d 29/07/1948, sold 13/04/1960 to G-ASCD 10/06/1968, pres. Elvington Museum
VF527Beagle Terrier 2
42-35872Taylorcraft L-2 A
43-26509Taylorcraft L-2 M
43-26592Taylorcraft L-2 M
43-26325Taylorcraft L-2 M
43-26085Taylorcraft L-2 M
43-26052Taylorcraft L-2 M
AUS/10/10WZ670Auster AOP9d/d 15/02/1955, w/o 18/01/1957
AUS/10/11WZ671Auster AOP9d/d 15/02/1955, w/o 13/10/1956
AUS/10/12WZ672Auster AOP9d/d 04/03/1955, sold 24/06/1975 to G-BDER, to N803KB, Schuyler Lake, New York
AUS/10/2WZ662Auster AOP9d/d 26/06/1954, to G-BKVK 08/08/1983, Liverpool
AUS/10/3WZ663Auster AOP9d/d 29/07/1954, sold as scrap 20/12/1964 at No.389/390 MU Seletar, Singapore
AUS/10/4WZ664Auster AOP9d/d 21/09/1954, s.o.c. 22/06/1957
AUS/10/5WZ665Auster AOP9d/d 30/09/1954, s.o.c. 25/09/1964 at No.389/390 MU Seletar, Singapore
AUS/10/6WZ666Auster AOP9d/d 11/02/1955, w/o 26/10/1958, s.o.c. 28/10/1958 at No.389/390 MU Seletar
AUS/10/60WZ729Auster AOP9Crashed at Spanhoe Lodge 06/06/2017, to AAIB Farnborough
AUS/10/7WZ667Auster AOP9d/d 11/02/1955, to 7431M 22/05/1957, to Middle Wallop dump 02/10/1967
AUS/10/8WZ668Auster AOP9d/d 11/02/1955, w/o 23/05/1959
AUS/10/9WZ669Auster AOP9d/d 15/02/1955, w/o 19/04/1958
AUS/127/FMWE539Auster T7d/d 29/03/1950, to 7435M, to G-ATHU 16/08/1965, to Eaton Bray, Bedfordshire
AUS/R/10//74XS238Auster AOP9d/d 12/11/1962, pres. Newark Air Museum
B.247VX121Auster AOP6d/d 25/01/1949, to G-AYDX 20/05/1970, to Spanhoe Lodge, Northamptonshire
B.601VW996Beagle Terrier 2d/d 31/08/1948, sold 20/04/1961, to G-ARLR, to Bagby, North Yorkshire
B.602WE604Auster T7d/d 02/08/1951, sold 12/10/1961 to Auster, to G-ARTZ, w/o 15/08/1973
B.604WE591Auster T7d/d 19/03/1951, w/o 26/01/1960, to G-ASAK, to F-AZTJ, to Hassfurt as D-EZTJ
B.608VX928Auster T7d/d 21/12/1949, to G-ASAN 26/06/1962, stored County Tipperary, Ireland
B.609TW533Beagle Terrier 2to G-ASAX 12/06/1962, on rebuild, to Hodge Air Service Thruxton
B.611WE606Auster T7d/d 01/08/1951, to G-ASAE 01/06/1962, w/o 04/11/1962
B.612WE603Auster T7d/d 25/07/1951, to G-ASBT, to D-ECXO, then D-EBMU, to Denmark as OY-AVV, to Gothenburg - Save Airport as SE-ELV
B.616WE571Auster T7d/d 10/01/1951, to G-ASCE 23/07/1962, to HB-EUD, pres. Schwenningen Museum
B.617WE548Auster T7d/d 02/06/1950, to G-ASCF 23/07/1962, to SE-ELO 09/1967, to Norway 1968
B.619VF565Auster AOP6to Beagle Terrier c/n B.619, G-ASCH, located at Oaksey Park, Wiltshire 21/11/2018
B.621WE551Auster T7d/d 04/07/1950, to G-35-11, to G-ASOY, w/o 20/07/1965 in West Germany
B.623VX942Auster T10To G-ASFM 08/03/1963, w/o 23/05/1964
B.625WE542Auster T7d/d 04/04/1950, to G-35-11, sold to ZK-CDG, pres. Halswell, New Zealand
B.626VX924Beagle Terrier 2d/d 06/07/2949, sold 23/10/1961, to Norway as LN-TVE, to G-NTVE Fenland, to EI-GVT Ireland by Oct 2020
B.627WJ404Auster AOP10d/d 29/01/1953, sold 1962 to G-ASOI, to Bidford, Warwickshire
B.631WE609Auster T7d/d 01/10/1951, to G-ASRL, w/o 18/04/1969, to VP-WDN, to ZS-WNI Krugersdorp
B.635VF611Beagle Terrier 2
B.636VF552Auster AOP6To G-ASZE, privately owned Yeovilton, to Germany
B.637VX927Beagle Terrier IId/d 20/12/1949, to G-ASYG 03/11/1964, privately owned Dubov√°
B.641VF628Beagle Terrier 2
B.702VF631Beagle Terrier 2To G-ARLP n.t.u, to G-ARLM at Spanhoe Lodge, to G-ASDK, restoration Hibaldstow
B5/10/100XK374Auster AOP9d/d 01/02/1956, w/o 22/11/1961
B5/10/101XK375Auster AOP9d/d 23/02/1956, s.o.c. on Christmas Island 01/07/1964
B5/10/102XK376Auster AOP9d/d 30/01/1956, b/u as spares 30/11/1965 at Hong Kong
B5/10/103XK377Auster AOP9d/d 26/03/1956, w/o 30/10/1958
B5/10/104XK378Auster AOP9d/d 26/03/1956, w/o 14/02/1958
B5/10/105XK379Auster AOP9d/d 18/04/1956, w/o 29/02/1964
B5/10/106XK380Auster AOP9d/d 11/06/1957, w/o 11/04/1959
B5/10/107XK381Auster AOP9f/f 10/07/1956, d/d 18/07/1956, w/o 28/03/1963
B5/10/108XK382Auster AOP9d/d 23/07/1956, b/u as spares 21/12/1964 at No.71 MU Bicester
B5/10/109XK406Auster AOP9d/d 26/07/1956, sold at No.19 MU St. Athan, to VH-XKA at Anakie, Queensland
B5/10/110XK407Auster AOP9d/d 30/07/1956, scrapped 20/12/1966 at No.389 MU Seletar, Singapore
B5/10/111XK408Auster AOP9d/d 31/07/1956, w/o 18/12/1963
B5/10/112XK409Auster AOP9d/d 08/08/1956, b/u as spares 06/09/1966 at Kuching Airport, Borneo
B5/10/113XK410Auster AOP9d/d 19/10/1956, s.o.c. on Christmas Island 13/02/1963
B5/10/114XK411Auster AOP9d/d 29/10/1956, fate unknown
B5/10/115XK412Auster AOP9d/d 30/10/1956, declared CAT.5(C) in Hong Kong on 01/09/1966
B5/10/116XK413Auster AOP9d/d 30/11/1956, s.o.c. 30/07/1965 and sold as scrap in Malaya
B5/10/117XK414Auster AOP9d/d 10/12/1956, w/o 22/01/1964
B5/10/118XK415Auster AOP9d/d 10/12/1956, sold as scrap 20/12/1966 at No.389/390 MU Seletar, Singapore
B5/10/119XK416Auster AOP9d/d 10/12/1956, to 7855M, to G-AYUA at Widmerpool
B5/10/120XK417Auster AOP9d/d 18/09/1956, to G-AVXY at Messingham
B5/10/121XK418Auster AOP9d/d 08/01/1957, to 7976M, to 93BG Museum Hardwick, Norfolk, to Swaffham ATC
B5/10/122XK419Auster AOP9d/d 08/01/1957, to 8058M, vandalised 1979/80, parts to XR240
B5/10/123XK420Auster AOP9d/d 12/03/1957, w/o 25/07/1963
B5/10/124XK421Auster AOP9d/d 06/03/1957, to 8365M, to SYAM, Doncaster
B5/10/125XN407Auster AOP9f/f 31/08/1959, d/d 08/09/1959, to HKG-6, to Washington USA as N38224
B5/10/126XN408Auster AOP9d/d 05/10/1959, to RHKAAF as HKG-5, pres. Florida Air Museum, Lakeland
B5/10/127XN409Auster AOP9d/d 02/11/1959, s.o.c. in Hong Kong 01/08/1966 and scr.
B5/10/128XN410Auster AOP9d/d 02/11/1959, to HKG-7, to HKG-9, w.f.u. 1972
B5/10/129XN411Auster AOP9d/d 21/12/1959, w/o 01/09/1962
B5/10/130XN412Auster AOP9d/d 11/12/1959, on rebuild Melton Mowbray area
B5/10/131XN435Auster AOP9d/d 11/02/1960, to G-BGBU Egham area
B5/10/132XN436Auster AOP9d/d 25/01/1960, scr. Aden 09/1965
B5/10/133XN437Auster AOP9d/d 06/01/1960, to G-AXWA North Weald, to Rush Green
B5/10/134XN438Auster AOP9d/d 01/02/1960, w/o 02/12/1960
B5/10/135XN439Auster AOP9d/d 09/02/1960, scr. Aden 03/1965
B5/10/136XN440Auster AOP9d/d 08/03/1960, w/o 25/07/1963
B5/10/137XN441Auster AOP9d/d 22/03/1960, to G-BGKT Exeter, Devon
B5/10/138XN442Auster AOP9d/d 07/04/1960, b/u as spares at No.103 MU Akrotiri, Cyprus 11/07/1966
B5/10/139XN443Auster AOP9d/d 07/04/1960, to 7977M, perished Middle Wallop dump circe 1974
B5/10/140XP232Auster AOP9d/d 07/11/1960, w/o 30/04/1961
B5/10/141XP233Auster AOP9d/d 07/11/1960, w/o 03/06/1963
B5/10/142XP234Auster AOP9d/d 21/12/1960, scr. 09/08/1966 in Libya
B5/10/143XP235Auster AOP9d/d 21/12/1960, s.o.c. 07/1966 in Cyprus
B5/10/144XP236Auster AOP9d/d 29/12/1960, b/u 17/02/1966 in Libya
B5/10/145XP237Auster AOP9d/d 04/01/1961, w/o 09/10/1964
B5/10/146XP238Auster AOP9d/d 11/01/1961, b/u Reasby 03/1965
B5/10/147XP239Auster AOP9d/d 11/01/1961, last noted Cyprus 1966
B5/10/148XP240Auster AOP9d/d 15/02/1961, w/o 30/05/1963
B5/10/149XP241Auster AOP9d/d 15/02/1961, to G-CEHR Eggesford, to Spanhoe Lodge
B5/10/150XP242Auster AOP9d/d 15/02/1961, to G-BUCI 10/02/1992, stored Middle Wallop
B5/10/151XP243Auster AOP9d/d 28/02/1961, w/o 22/07/1963
B5/10/152XP244Auster AOP9d/d 28/02/1961, to 7864M, (F) at Stretton-on-Dunsmore, Warwickshire
B5/10/153XP245Auster AOP9d/d 03/03/1961, w/o 09/09/1965
B5/10/154XP246Auster AOP9d/d 03/03/1961, w/o 03/09/1964
B5/10/155XP247Auster AOP9d/d 27/03/1961, b/u Sherburn-in-Elmet 1980
B5/10/156XP248Auster AOP9d/d 13/04/1961, w/o 12/06/1963, to 7822M
B5/10/157XP249Auster AOP9d/d 13/04/1961, s.o.c. 30/04/1966
B5/10/158XP250Auster AOP9d/d 13/04/1961, w/o 30/07/1963, to 7823M
B5/10/159XP251Auster AOP9d/d 13/04/1961, b/u 30/12/1963 at No.103 MU Akrotiri, Cyprus
B5/10/160XP252Auster AOP9d/d 08/05/1961, w/o 05/03/1965
B5/10/161XP253Auster AOP9d/d 05/06/1961, w/o 31/03/1965
B5/10/162XP254Auster AOP11f/f 18/08/1961, to G-25-12 n.t.u, to G-ASCC, Tollerton, Nottinghamshire
B5/10/163XP277Auster AOP9d/d 09/09/1961, stored Fort Rucker Museum, Alabama, to Texas area
B5/10/164XP278Auster AOP9d/d 09/06/1961, w/o 23/08/1966
B5/10/165XP279Auster AOP9d/d 29/07/1961, to G-BWKK 30/07/1979, to Winchester, cancelled 05/08/2014
B5/10/166XP280Auster AOP9d/d 29/06/1961, to Coalville, stored UK
B5/10/167XP281Auster AOP9d/d 28/07/1961, pres. IWM Duxford, Cambridgeshire
B5/10/168XP282Auster AOP9d/d 08/1961, to G-BGTC, to Widmerpool 1989 and W/o 2.10.1996, wing remains and spare factory fuselage privately owned South Lincs for rebuild as XP 282, original cockpit stored Aeroventure, Doncaster
B5/10/168XP282Auster AOP9d/d 08/1961, to G-BGTC, to Widmerpool 1989 and W/o 2.10.1996, wing remains and spare factory fuselage privately owned South Lincs for rebuild as XP 282, original cockpit stored Aeroventure, Doncaster
B5/10/169XP283Auster AOP9d/d 11/09/1961, to 7859M, on rebuild, Baxterley, Warwickshire, departed?
B5/10/170XP284Auster AOP9d/d 12/09/1961, scr. Cyprus 1966
B5/10/171XP285Auster AOP9d/d 29/09/1961, pres. Oakey, Queensland, Australia
B5/10/172XP286Auster AOP9d/d 02/11/1961, to 8044M, frame stored Private owner, South Molton Devon, RTP in use for XK421 during 2018/2019
B5/10/173XR236Auster AOP9d/d 20/11/1961, vandalised St. Georges, Bristol circa 1977, remains to CAG Innsworth
B5/10/174XR237Auster AOP9d/d 21/11/1961, b/u as spares circe 07/1972, location?
B5/10/175XR238Auster AOP9d/d 08/11/1961, b/u as spares circe 07/1972, location?
B5/10/176XR239Auster AOP9d/d 11/12/1961, w/o 07/05/1964, fuselage Rugby
B5/10/177XR240Auster AOP9d/d 03/01/1962, to G-BDFH 24/06/1975, privately owned Yeovilton
B5/10/178XR241Auster AOP9d/d 01/1962, to G-AXRR 07/11/1969, to Eggesford
B5/10/179XR242Auster AOP9d/d 26/01/1962, w/o 16/09/1965, b/u as spares 18/03/1966 at Akrotiri, Cyprus
B5/10/180XR243Auster AOP9d/d 26/01/1962, to No.4 SoTT St Athan 03/1976, sold 21/09/1989, fate unknown
B5/10/181XR244Auster AOP9d/d 01/02/1962, AAC Historic Flight Middle Wallop, G-CICR 12/11/2013
B5/10/182XR245Auster AOP9d/d 01/02/1962, w/o 09/08/1965
B5/10/183XR246Auster AOP9d/d 01/02/1962, to 7862M, to G-AZBU Gaddesby
B5/10/184XR267Auster AOP9d/d 23/02/1962, to G-BJXR 02/02/1982, to Hucknall, to Tatenhill
B5/10/185XR268Auster AOP9d/d 05/03/1962, CAT 5 at No.103 MU Akrotiri Cyprus 11/07/1966
B5/10/186XR269Auster AOP9d/d 05/03/1962, to G-BDXY, w/o 01/09/1991
B5/10/187XR270Auster AOP9d/d 06/04/1962, w/o 14/09/1964, remains to No.71 MU Bicester dump
B5/10/188XR271Auster AOP9d/d 06/04/1962, stored Wroughton
B5/10/32WZ706Auster AOP9d/d 04/07/1955, to 7851M, to G-BURR, privately owned Darley Moor, Derbyshire
B5/10/45WZ721Auster AOP9d/d 17/10/1955, w.f.u. 01/09/1966, preserved MoAF, Middle Wallop, Hampshire
B5/10/50WZ724Auster AOP9d/d 10/11/1955, to 7432M 22/05/1957, pres. Middle Wallop, Hampshire
B5/10/83WZ675Auster AOP9d/d 05/04/1955, Cat.5(C) 07/11/1963, to 7826M 06/12/1963
L-482243-247Taylorcraft L-2 A
L-530043-25988Taylorcraft L-2 M
L-541643-26104Taylorcraft L-2 M
L-553543-26223Taylorcraft L-2 M
L-596243-26650Taylorcraft L-2 M
L4628N47731Taylorcraft L-2 M
L537343-26061Taylorcraft L-2 M
L561543-26303Taylorcraft L-2 M
L563543-26323Taylorcraft L-2 M
L5638N61720Taylorcraft L-2
L594143-26629Taylorcraft L-2
OGMA-453548Auster D5/160
OGMA-703564Auster D5/160
106HH987Taylorcraft Plus DEx G-AFTZ, to G-AHLJ, to EI-ALH
153LB282Taylorcraft Plus DEx LB282, to private Wycombe Area for rebuild, to Turweston for rebuild
157LB286Taylorcraft Plus DTo G-AHUM, to G-ARRK, to EI-AMF
173LB314Taylorcraft Plus Dex G-AHHX, to OY-DSZ
175LB317Taylorcraft Plus To HB-EUL, to F-WQVL, to F-AZTS
182LB323Taylorcraft Plus D
211LB352Taylorcraft Plus D
214LB367Taylorcraft Plus Dto G-AHGZ Apr 1946
216LB369Taylorcraft Plus D
228LB381Taylorcraft Plus DTo G-AHKO, to D-ECOD, to OY-DSH
238MZ105Auster AOP3
320MZ195Auster AOP3
330MZ218Auster AOP3
333MZ220Auster AOP3
350MZ236Auster AOP3To KLu as R-11, to PH-NGH, stored Soesterberg
363MZ249Auster AOP3
373NJ970Auster AOP3
413NK126Auster AOP3To RAAF as A11-41
455NX533Auster AOP3
462NX537Auster AOP3
577NJ957Auster AOP3NJ957, to KLu R-4, 1-31, PH-UFM.
615NJ785Auster AOP3To RAAF as A11-40
635NJ797Auster AOP3
639NJ820Auster AOP3
700NJ889Auster AOP3
803MS938Auster AOP4Ex MS938, to HB-EOK, to D-EMXA, to G-BXKX
841MS977Auster AOP5To G-ANIU, to LN-BDU, to SE-CBT, pres. Arlanda Museum, Stockholm
845MS980Auster AOP5
977MT343Auster AOP5MT343, to G-AJYI, to F-BFXF
1035NJ635Auster 5D
1050NJ667Auster AOP5To G-AJJR, to VH-ABA
1067NJ676Auster 5To G-AJHJ, stored Chudleigh, Devon
1086NJ702Auster AOP5
1159RT497Auster AOP5To G-AKSI, to HB-EON, to D-EGAT, to SE-AMC, to OH-XMK Finland
1272TJ187Auster AOP5ex G-ALKI
1364TJ272Auster 5
1412TJ342Auster 5
1505TJ517Auster AOP5
1542TJ515Auster VEx G-ANIM, to LN-BDK 06/1954
1575TJ527Auster 5To G-ANIL, to D-ECIL
1577TJ592Auster 5To TF-LBP
1586TJ567Auster 5
1736TW371Auster 5
1757TW387Auster 5Dex G-ANHY
1772TW433Auster AOP5
1790TW446Auster AOP5
1792TW452Auster AOP5To G-AMJM, to F-BBSO, to North Reston Area as G-AMJM for rebuild 11.2019
1812TW473Auster 5
1815TW477Auster 5M
1831TW501Auster AOP5
1834TW502Auster 5
1910TW529Auster AOP.6ex TW529, converted to Auster 6A with reported c/n 3727 and registered SE-ELI sold to Denmark
2060TW517Auster AOP5To F-BGXG Aug 1953 - Jun 1975, To G-BDFX, was on rebuild at Oaksey Park, to Parkend Area
2251VF482Auster AOP6d/d 25/09/1946, w/o 26/06/1949
2252VF483Auster AOP6d/d 26/09/1946, w/o 01/10/1946
2253VF484Auster AOP6d/d 27/09/1946, thought to have been burnt on Nicosia, Cyprus fire section
2254VF485Auster AOP6d/d 27/09/1946, w/o 14/09/1951
2255VF486Auster AOP6d/d 30/09/1946, w/o 19/05/1959
2256VF487Auster AOP6d/d 20/09/1946, w/o 20/10/1953
2257VF488Auster AOP6d/d 16/10/1946, w/o 07/02/1948
2258VF489Auster AOP6d/d 16/10/1946, s.o.c. 03/07/1959
2259VF490Auster AOP6d/d 24/10/1946, w/o 27/06/1956
2260VF491Auster AOP6d/d 23/10/1946, w/o 20/06/1948
2261VF492Auster AOP6d/d 13/11/1946, sold to G-ARKC 15/02/1961, w/o 12/06/1971
2262VF493Auster AOP6d/d 01/10/1946, w/o 27/01/1949
2263VF494Auster AOP6d/d 26/09/1946, s.o.c. 06/05/1950 at No.107 MU Kasfareet, Egypt and scrapped
2264VF495Auster AOP6d/d 26/09/1946, s.o.c. 03/06/1948
2265VF496Auster AOP6d/d 03/10/1946, w/o 20/11/1954
2266VF497Auster AOP6d/d 01/10/1946, w/o 18/10/1951, s.o.c. 10/01/1952
2267VF498Auster AOP6d/d 01/10/1946, s.o.c. 02/02/1951
2268VF499Auster AOP6d/d 01/10/1946, w/o 05/04/1949
2269VF500Auster AOP6d/d 01/10/1946, w/o 26/02/1951, s.o.c. 10/03/1951 as CAT 5(C)
2270VF501Auster AOP6d/d 01/10/1946, w/o 31/08/1954, s.o.c. 10/09/1954
2271VF502Auster AOP6d/d 17/10/1946, s.o.c. 10/02/1949
2272VF503Auster AOP6d/d 09/10/1946, w/o 10/09/1950
2273VF504Auster AOP6d/d 07/10/1946, w/o 05/04/1948, s.o.c. 12/04/1948
2274/B622 VF505Auster AOP6d/d 23/10/1946, sold 23/10/1961, to G-ASOM, to Old Hay Airfield, Paddock Wood
2275VF506Auster AOP6d/d 09/10/1946, w/o 29/09/1953, s.o.c. 30/11/1953
2276VF507Auster AOP6d/d 14/10/1946, w/o 30/12/1948
2277VF508Auster AOP6d/d 23/10/1946, w/o 21/10/1949, s.o.c. 19/01/1950
2278VF509Auster AOP6d/d 16/10/1946, w/o 26/02/1954
2279VF510Auster AOP6d/d 16/10/1946, s.o.c. 29/04/1948
2280VF511Auster AOP6d/d 24/10/1946, fate unknown
2281VF512Auster AOP6d/d 24/10/1946, to G-ARRX 04/07/1961, to Popham, Hampshire
2282VF513Auster AOP6d/d 21/10/1946, thought to have been s.o.c. in West Germany
2283/3743 VF514Auster AOP6d/d 24/10/1946, sold 02/05/1961, to Sweden as SE-ELM
2284VF515Auster AOP6d/d 24/10/1956, no further details known
2285/B629 VF516Auster AOP6d/d 24/10/1946, sold 17/04/1962, to G-ASMZ, to Eshott, Northumberland
2286VF517Auster AOP6d/d 25/10/1946, converted to a float plane, w/o 07/08/1947
2287VF518Auster AOP6d/d 24/10/1946, w/o 18/05/1948, s.o.c. 10/08/1948
2288VF519Auster AOP6d/d 28/10/1946, to G-ASYN, w/o 02/01/1976, frame stored Doncaster
2289VF520Auster AOP6d/d 13/11/1946, w/o 01/08/1953
2290VF521Auster AOP6d/d 28/10/1946, w/o 22/05/1951
2291VF522Auster AOP6d/d 31/10/1946, w/o 03/07/1957
2292VF523Auster AOP6d/d 31/10/1946, sold on 11/10/1961, to Hants and Sussex Aviation, fate?
2293VF524Auster AOP6d/d 13/11/1946, w/o 13/05/1950, s.o.c. 05/10/1950
2294VF525Auster AOP6d/d 13/11/1946, w/o 18/05/1953, s.o.c. 20/06/1953
2506VF548Beagle Terrier 1To G-ASEG 17/12/1962, damaged beyond repair 03/1999, exported to Denmark
2529VF571Beagle Terrier 1
2554VF613Auster AOP6w/o 07/05/1953
2558VP628Auster AOP6To RCAF 16651, to CF-MMY
2576VP629Auster AOP6To RCAF 16652, to CF-KBV
2577VP630Auster AOP6To RCAF 16653, to C-FNQC
2578VP631Auster AOP6To RCAF 16654, to CF-FJM
2579VP632Auster AOP6To RCAF 16655, to C-FKBW
2580VP633Auster AOP6To RCAF 16656, to C-FLGM, stored Wetaskiwin Museum
2581VP634Auster AOP6To RCAF 16657
2582VP635Auster AOP6To RCAF 16658
2583VP636Auster AOP6To RCAF 16659
2584VP637Auster AOP6To RCAF 16660
2585VP638Auster AOP6To RCAF 16661
2586VP639Auster AOP6To RCAF 16662, to CF-XNF, pres. Museum Victoria, B.C. Canada
2587VP640Auster AOP6To RCAF 16663, to C-FKJP
2588VP641Auster AOP6To RCAF 16664
2589VP642Auster AOP6To RCAF 16665, to CF-KGZ
2590VP643Auster AOP6To RCAF 16666, to C-FLXT
2591VP644Auster AOP6To RCAF 16667, to C-FLIC
2596VP645Auster AOP6To RCAF 16668, to CF-MOE
2597VP646Auster AOP6To RCAF 16669
2598VP653Auster AOP6To RCAF 16670, then to C-FLWK, pres. Trenton Museum, Canada
2599VP654Auster AOP6To RCAF 16671, to C-FLWA
2600VP655Auster AOP6To RCAF 16672, to C-FLOE
2815VT976Auster AOP6d/d 08/1947 to Belgian Army as A-5, w/o 13/01/1953
2816VT977Auster AOP6d/d 08/1947 to Belgian Army as A-1, w/o 23/03/1955
2817VT978Auster AOP6d/d 08/1947 to Belgian Army as A-9, to OO-FDD, stored Vissenaken, Belgium
2818VT979Auster AOP6d/d 08/1947 to Belgian Army as A-3, to OO-FDA, stored Vissenaken, Belgium
2819VT980Auster AOP6d/d 08/1947 to Belgian Army as A-4, w/o 29/06/1954
2820VT981Auster AOP6d/d 08/1947 to Belgian Army as A-7, to OO-FDB, stored Vissenaken, Belgium
2821VT982Auster AOP6d/d 01/1948 to Belgian Army as A-21, s.o.c. 1956, to OO-OVL, w/o 27/05/1960
2822VT983Auster AOP6d/d 08/1947 to Belgian Army as A-6, w/o 18/12/1953
2823VT984Auster AOP6d/d 08/1947 to Belgian Army as A-2, w/o 05/12/1958
2824VT988Auster AOP6d/d 08/1947 to Belgian Army as A-8, to OO-FDC, stored Vissenaken, Belgium
2825VT989Auster AOP6d/d 09/1947 to Belgian Army as A-10, w/o 04/12/1950
2826VT990Auster AOP6d/d 10/1947 to Belgian Army as A-11, to OO-FDE, pres. Brussels Museum, Belgium
2827VT991Auster AOP6d/d 10/1947 to Belgian Army as A-12, to OO-FDF 25/09/1958, w/o 27/05/1962
2828VT985Auster AOP6d/d 12/1947 to Belgian Army as A-19, w/o 04/12/1950
2829VT986Auster AOP6d/d 10/1947 to Belgian Army as A-13, to OO-FDG 25/09/1958, w/o 12/05/1962
2830VT987Auster AOP6d/d 10/1947 to Belgian Army as A-14, to G-BKXP 12/10/1983 Thruxton, to Cheshire
2831VT992Auster AOP6d/d 11/1947 to Belgian Army as A-18, to OO-FDK, canx 01/04/1971
2832VT993Auster AOP6d/d 11/1947 to Belgian Army as A-17, to OO-FDJ, stored Vissenaken, Belgium
2833VT994Auster AOP6d/d 12/1947 to Belgian Army as A-20, parts used in restoration of A-14/VT987
2834VT995Auster AOP6d/d 11/1947 to Belgian Army as A-15, to OO-FDH, to Brasschaat Gunfire Museum
2835VT996Auster AOP6d/d 11/1947 to Belgian Army as A-16, to OO-FDI, pres. Lesany, Czech Republic
2836VT997Auster AOP6d/d 11/1947 to Belgian Army as A-22, to OO-FDL, stored Vissenaken, Belgium
2850VF660Auster AOP6d/d 31/10/1947, s.o.c. 08/04/1954 as CAT 5(C)
2851VP656Auster AOP6To RCAF 16673
2852VP657Auster AOP6To RCAF 16674
2853VP658Auster AOP6To RCAF 16675, to CF-LPA
2854VP659Auster AOP6To RCAF 16676, to CF-KJP
2855VP660Auster AOP6To RCAF 16677, to CF-LSU
2856VP661Auster AOP6To RCAF 16678
2857VP662Auster AOP6To RCAF 16679, to CF-KFN
2858VP663Auster AOP6To RCAF 16680
2859VP664Auster AOP6To RCAF 16681, to CF-KRF, to C-GCID, Hamilton, Canada
2860VP665Auster AOP6To RCAF 16682
2861VP666Auster AOP6To RCAF 16683
2862VP667Auster AOP6To RCAF 16684, to CF-OMW
2863VP668Auster AOP6To RCAF 16685
2864VP669Auster AOP6To RCAF 16686
2865VF661Auster AOP6d/d 30/04/1948, w/o 13/11/1958
2866VF662Auster AOP6d/d 22/04/1948, w/o 14/10/1949
2867VF663Auster AOP6d/d 30/04/1948, s.o.c. 21/07/1958
2868VF664Auster AOP6d/d 30/04/1948, w/o 05/06/1952
2869VF665Auster T7f/f 20/04/1948, converted to a Marshalls MA4, w/o 08/03/1966
2983XA177Auster B.4Ex G-AMKL. To G-25-2, stored Thorney-Carr Farm, Newark
3059N1-300Auster J.5G
3153XJ941Auster J.5G Autocarissued as XJ941 from 1955 to 01/1957, to VP-KPZ, w/o 19/06/1962
3690XW635Beagle D5/180 Husky Ex G-AWSW, to RAF 16/06/1969, rtnd to G-AWSW, to Spanhoe Lodge
3722VX113Beagle Terrier 1d/d 15/11/1948, to G-ARNO 08/05/1961, to Eggesford, to Stow Maries, Essex
3723WE536Auster T7d/d 07/03/1950, to G-ARTM 09/10/1961, w/o 28/05/1970, stored Thorney - Carr Farm
3724VX123Beagle Terrier 1d/d 15/02/1949, w/o 02/02/1961, to G-ARLP, to restoration at Flixton
3726WE555Auster T7d/d 01/08/1950, to Beagle-Auster Aircraft Ltd, to G-ARXL, w/o 06/07/1970
3727/B.703WE558Auster T7d/d 30/08/1950, to G-ASDL, w/o 22/07/2004, (C) area pres. East Midlands Aeropark
3728/B.606WE587Auster T7d/d 09/01/1951, to G-ASAC 01/06/1962, w/o 04/09/1964 at Roborough, Plymouth
3729WE611Auster T7d/d 24/10/1951, to G-ARUX 14/12/1961, w/o 18/08/1963 at Luton
3730VX926Auster T7d/d 15/12/1949, to G-ASKJ 16/07/1963, damaged 20/06/1984, scrapped
3731/B.610WE559Auster T7d/d 02/10/1950, to G-ASAD 01/06/1962, w/o 30/08/1970
3732/B.605WE569Auster T7d/d 28/12/1950, to G-ASAJ 26/06/1962, based at Croft, Defford
3733WE553Auster T7d/d 28/07/1950, Beagle-Auster Aircraft Ltd, to Sweden as SE-ELD, w/o 06/02/1982
3733/B.613WE570Auster T7d/d 06/02/1951, to G-ASBU 12/07/1962, w/o 12/08/1980, frame stored Stonehaven
3739VX934Auster T7d/d 12/01/1950, d/d 13/07/1951 to RHKAAF, s.o.c. 21/12/1959 Kai Tak, Hong Kong
3741WE554Auster T7d/d 01/08/1950, to Sweden as SE-ELN, to Denmark as OY-DJK
3745WJ359Auster AOP6d/d 21/01/1952, s.o.c. 12/05/1961 at No.103 MU Akrotiri, to G-ASTI, to Heathfield
433142-35870Taylorcraft L-2
440142-35940Taylorcraft L-2 A
443842-35977Taylorcraft L-2 A
446642-36005Taylorcraft L-2 A
456742-38529Taylorcraft L-2 A
4620N3752LTaylorcraft L-2 B
531143-25999Taylorcraft L-2 M
542243-26110Taylorcraft L-2 M
555543-26243Taylorcraft L-2 M
574543-26433Taylorcraft L-2 M
631843-26753Taylorcraft L-2 M

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