DHC Chipmunk

C1/0001/DHH.f1 WB549DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 17/11/1949, to G-BAPB 26/02/1973, to Old Buckenham
C1/0002/DHH.f3 WB550DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 18/11/1949, pres. RCAF Memorial Museum, Trenton, Ontario, Canada
C1/0003/DHH.f2 WB551DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 19/12/1949, to Australia as VH-TWD, w/o 04/06/1959
C1/0004/DHH.f5 WB552DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 22/03/1950, to G-AMZL, rtnd to WB552, w/o 09/02/1972
C1/0005/DHH.f4 WB553DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 19/12/1949, to G-AOTX, to Switzerland as HB-TUL, w/o 23/10/1976
C1/0006/DHH.f6 WB554DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 03/02/1949, to de Havilland 27/09/1960, sold to Ghana AF as G-159
C1/0007/DHH.f7 WB555DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 03/02/1949, w/o 25/04/1966, to 7924M, b/u St. Athan, (N) on rebuild Wickenby
C1/0008/DHH.f8 WB556DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 03/02/1949, to RAFGSA, fuselage to Moorabbin, Australia
C1/0009/DHH.f9 WB557DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 03/02/1949, sold as scrap 12/09/1973 at No.5 MU Kemble
C1/0010/DHH.f10 WB558DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 03/02/1949, w/o 17/08/1967
C1/0011/DHH.f11 WB559DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 03/02/1949, w/o 25/05/1960
C1/0012/DHH.f12 WB560DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 17/02/1950, sold at St. Athan 1994, (PAX) Norwich, Norfolk
C1/0013/DHH.f13 WB561DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 17/02/1950, w/o 23/08/1955, s.o.c. 06/09/1955, to IAC 199, stored Baldonnel
C1/0014/DHH.f15 WB562DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 14/02/1950, w/o 29/07/1975, s.o.c. 29/07/1975 as CAT 5(C)
C1/0015/DHH.f16WB563DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 17/02/1950, sold 24/07/1956 to G-AOTF, to RAFGSA, to Saltby, Leicestershire
C1/0016/DHH.f17 WB564DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 17/02/1950, sold 25/06/1956 to G-AOSV, to OH-HCD Finland, to Kymi
C1/0017/DHH.f18 WB565DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 17/02/1950, to G-PVET 23/05/1997 at Rendcomb, Gloucestershire
C1/0018/DHH.f19 WB566DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 20/02/1950, to New Zealand as ZK-TNR 17/02/1984, w/o 03/04/1994
C1/0019/DHH.f22 WB567DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 20/02/1950, sold at Newton, to VH-JHN, Gatton, Queensland, Australia
C1/0020/DHH.f23 WB568DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 10/03/1950, sold 25/06/1956 to VH-REW, w/o 22/09/1957
C1/0021/DHH.f24WB569DHC Chipmunk T10Sold 30/05/1996 to SE-BDN, to G-BYSJ 12/10/1999 Kemble, Gloucestershire
C1/0022/DHH.f26WB570DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 27/02/1950, to G-AOSH, to HB-TUC, w/o 08/06/1968
C1/0023/DHH.f27WB571DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 10/03/1950, to G-AOSF, HB-TUA, G-AOSF, D-EIIZ, D-EOSF Porta Westfalica
C1/0024/DHH.f25WB572DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 10/03/1950, to G-AOTN, to VH-BON, to VH-RSK Upway, Victoria, Australia
C1/0025WB573DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 20/03/1950, w/o 30/11/1968, s.o.c. 05/12/1968 as CAT 5S
C1/0026WB574DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 20/03/1950, to G-AOSN, w/o 19/02/1977
C1/0027WB575DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 20/03/1950, sold 10/03/1995 at Yeovilton to F-AZPD, Rennes, France
C1/0028WB576DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 20/03/1950, w/o 01/09/1952, s.o.c. 23/09/1952 as CAT 5S
C1/0029WB577DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 20/03/1950, sold 18/07/1956 to Australia as VH-DDN, w/o 27/06/1959
C1/0030WB578DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 28/03/1950, sold 24/08/1956 to Australia as VH-RFW, w/o 19/09/1959
C1/0031WB579DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 28/03/1950, w/o 03/07/1951
C1/0032WB580DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 28/03/1950, sold 06/09/1957, broken up as spares 08/1959 at Biggin Hill
C1/0033WB581DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 28/03/1950, sold 08/11/1973 to G-BBNP, to South Africa as ZS-LJU
C1/0034WB582DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 28/03/1950, sold 20/07/1956 to G-AOTP, w/o 11/06/1959
C1/0035WB583DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 28/03/1950, s.o.c. 10/07/1956, scrapped at No.71 MU Bicester
C1/0036WB584DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 28/03/1950, to 7706M (PAX), mated to rear fuse of WG303, pres. Carlisle
C1/0037WB585DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 30/03/1950, sold 06/07/1956 to G-AOSY, privately owned Audley End, Essex
C1/0038WB586DHC Chipmunk T10Sold, to Norway as LN-DHC, Kjeller, to Oslo Gardermoen Museum
C1/0039WB587DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 31/03/1950, sold 18/07/1956 as VH-UEK, w/o 28/01/1963, std. Port Adelaide
C1/0040WB588DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 21/03/1950, to G-AOTD 30/06/1956, privately owned Henstridge
C1/0041WB600DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 20/03/1950, to VH-RCU 31/05/1988, Keith, Australia
C1/0042WB601DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 05/04/1950, to VH-BCA at Mareeba, Queensland, Australia
C1/0043WB602DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 30/03/1950, w/o 06/07/1951, s.o.c. 21/07/1951 as CAT 5S
C1/0044WB603DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 05/04/1950, w/o 26/04/1952
C1/0045WB604DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 05/04/1950, to G-AOTR, to D-EGOG, to HB-TUH, rtnd to G-AOTR Compton Abbas
C1/0046WB605DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 05/04/1950, to Switzerland as HB-TUK, w/o 28/07/1972
C1/0047WB606DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 05/04/1950, to Australia as VH-BSR, w/o 19/03/1960
C1/0048WB607DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 04/04/1950, w/o 25/05/1951, to de Havilland, s.o.c. 13/09/1951 as CAT 5S
C1/0049WB608DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 04/04/1950, to Australia as VH-BSN, w/o 24/12/1958
C1/0050WB609DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 30/04/1950, w/o 26/08/1950
C1/0051WB610DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 17/04/1950, to Australia as VH-BSM, w/o 04/12/1958, stored Caloundra
C1/0052WB611DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 04/04/1950, sold 17/08/1956 at No.22 MU Silloth to G-AOTH, w/o 06/02/1970
C1/0053WB612DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 17/04/1950, to G-AOTT, to D-EMUN 18/12/1958, b/u 09/1971 Germany
C1/0054WB613DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 27/04/1950, to G-AOSI, to Singapore as VR-SDW, w/o 30/04/1963
C1/0055WB614DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 27/04/1950, to Australia as VH-BWB, w/o 02/02/1964
C1/0056WB615DHC Chipmunk T10Sold 08/05/1997, to G-BXIA 09/06/1997, Blackpool, Lancashire
C1/0057WB616DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 05/04/1950, to G-AOSC, to VH-MOE, to Super Chipmunk VH-UEU, Gawler
C1/0058WB617DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 01/05/1950, to Australia as VH-RNE, w/o 23/03/1957
C1/0059WB618DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 01/05/1950, to Australia as VH-RVQ, w/o 01/02/1959
C1/0060WB619DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 01/05/1950, to OH-HCB, to G-APYG, to Henstridge
C1/0061WB620DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 03/04/1950, to EI-AJC, G-ARTP, EI-AMH, G-ARTP, IAC 200, w/o 24/04/1980
C1/0062WB621DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 01/05/1950, G-AOSR, to VH-BSV in Queensland, Australia, to VH-RME
C1/0063WB622DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 12/05/1950, to Australia as VH-BSP, w/o 02/02/1963
C1/0064WB623DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 12/05/1950, to Australia as VH-RVW, to ZK-DUC in Wanaka, New Zealand
C1/0065WB624DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 15/05/1950, pres. Newark Air Museum, Nottinghamshire
C1/0066WB625DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 21/04/1950, to VH-RVT, then to VH-RJK Cunderdin, Australia
C1/0067P-121DHC Chipmunk 22Ex RDAF 12-121, to P-121, to OY-ALZ
C1/0068/DHH.f77WB626DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 22/02/1950, b/u as spares, PAX to Trenchard Museum, Halton during 2012
C1/0069WB627DHC Chipmunk T10B/u as spares at Cambridge, to 9248M, (F) privately owned Dulwich College
C1/0070WB629DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 03/05/1950, to VH-CPC, then to VH-ICC, w/o 16/06/1961
C1/0071WB628DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 22/05/1950, to G-AOSJ, w/o 26/02/1961
C1/0072WB630DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 22/05/1950, to EI-AJD 21/07/1956, to VH-BWD, to VH-BWE, w/o 09/01/1960
C1/0073WB644DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 31/05/1950, w/o 06/09/1950
C1/0074WB634DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 19/05/1950, to VH-RWO, then to PK-AAY in Indoneasia, fate unknown
C1/0075WB640DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 03/05/1950, to VH-RSQ, to N640WB at Houston South West Airport, Texas, USA
C1/0076WB641DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 19/05/1950, w/o 02/06/1951, s.o.c. 18/06/1951 as CAT 5S at Sutton Bridge
C1/0077WB631DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 24/05/1950, to G-AOJY, w/o 24/06/1966, remains scr. Hamble
C1/0078WB632DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 30/05/1950, to EI-AJA, then to G-APMW 12/05/1958, w/o 27/06/1962
C1/0079WB633DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 24/05/1950, to G-AOJM, to D-ECEM 23/08/1956, w/o 29/08/1958
C1/0080WB635DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 01/06/1950, to G-AOSZ, to G-TRIC, privately owned Cuatro Vientos, Spain
C1/0081WB638DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 09/06/1950, to Australia as VH-BVR, w/o 19/01/1957
C1/0082WB639DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 09/06/1950, to Australia as VH-RNF, w/o 09/12/1961
C1/0083WB642DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 16/06/1950, to VH-BVQ, VH-GAF, VH-GAH, VH-AST, VH-ASK Victoria, Australia
C1/0084WB643DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 22/06/1950, to de Havilland Aircraft, Hatfield, to Iran as EP-AFO
C1/0085WB645DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 15/06/1950, reduced to a PAX as 8218M (n.t.u.), stored Halton, Bucks, to USA
C1/0086WB646DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 22/06/1950, w/o 04/05/1952
C1/0087WB647DHC Chipmunk T10Transferred to AAC, sold 08/05/1997, to Rangiora, New Zealand as ZK-XUK
C1/0088WB650DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 27/06/1950, G-BBTR, to Breckenridge-Stephens County A/P, TX, USA as N53941
C1/0089WB648DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 13/06/1950, to G-AORF 07/05/1956, w/o 21/07/1968
C1/0090WB649DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 13/06/1950, to Australia as VH-BSL, w/o 16/07/1957
C1/0091WB651DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 07/07/1950, to Australia as VH-BAW, w/o 27/01/1964
C1/0092WB655DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 10/07/1950, to Australia as VH-RND, w/o 20/09/1964
C1/0093WB652DHC Chipmunk T10To G-CHPY 07/03/1997, Portamio, Portugal, to Little Rissington, to Calcutt, Wiltshire
C1/0094WB653DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 15/06/1950, to de Havilland Aircraft, Hatfield, to Iran as EP-AFP
C1/0095WB656DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 14/07/1950, w/o 08/04/1953
C1/0096WB657DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 13/07/1950, to Royal Navy Historic Flight, Yeovilton, 11/03/1994, de-registered 01/04/2019
C1/0097WB654DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 07/1950, 8218M, to G-BXGO, to Finmere, Bucks
C1/0098WB658DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 15/06/1950, to VH-BSJ, then to VH-RVK, w/o 08/09/1964
C1/0099WB660DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 07/07/1950, to G-ARMB, to Oamaru, New Zealand as ZK-CHP, to Timaru
C1/0100G-ALWBDHC Chipmunk 22A
C1/0101P-122DHC Chipmunk 22
C1/010212-123DHC Chipmunk 22P-123
C1/0103P-124DHC Chipmunk 22
C1/0104P-125DHC Chipmunk 22Ex RDAF 12-125, to P-125, to SE-GRK, ex Ekerby.
C1/0105P-126DHC Chipmunk 22
C1/0106P-127DHC Chipmunk T20Ex RDAF 12-127
C1/0107P-128DHC Chipmunk 22
C1/0108P-129DHC Chipmunk 22Ex RDAF 12-129. to P-129, to OY-ATO
C1/0109P-130DHC Chipmunk T20Ex 12-130
C1/0110WB661DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 17/07/1950, w/o 04/04/1951
C1/0111WB659DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 22/06/1950, to VH-BAD 09/11/1956, to VH-UPD, w/o 29/04/2014
C1/0112WB662DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 20/06/1950, to Australia as VH-RGW, w/o 14/10/1962
C1/0113WB665DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 21/07/1950, to Paris-Cox Field, Texas, USA as N655WB
C1/0114WB666DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 15/06/1950, to de Havilland Aircraft, Hatfield, to Iran as EP-AFM
C1/0115WB667DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 25/07/1950, to Brewton Municipal Airport, Alabma, USA as N17017
C1/0116WB668DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 28/07/1950, to Australia as VH-GAN, then to VH-WFH, to Port Macquarie
C1/0117WB669DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 20/06/1950, to Australia as VH-GMD, then to VH-RSJ, w/o 17/06/1963
C1/0118WB670DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 26/07/1950, PAX to 8361M, to private owner Carlisle Museum
C1/0119WB671DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 26/07/1950, to G-BWTG 04/06/1996, to Teuge, Netherlands
C1/0120WB672DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 27/06/1950, to USA as N9867F, then to Australia as VH-DBI, w/o 15/04/1962
C1/0121WB673DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 28/07/1950, w/o 30/08/1954, s.o.c. 10/09/1954 at No.71 MU Bicester
C1/0122WB674DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 29/06/1950, to G-AOTL, then to Australia as VH-RVR, w/o 30/01/1960
C1/0123WB675DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 11/08/1950, to Australia as VH-RNI, to VH-AKB, to Luskintyre
C1/0124WB676DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 14/08/1950, transferred to the AAC 19/09/1958, w/o 23/07/1959
C1/0125WB677DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 16/08/1950, sold 24/09/1956 to Australia as VH-RHW, to Jandakot
C1/0126WB678DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 29/06/1950, to Australia as VH-BWA, then to VH-UET, w/o 07/10/1962
C1/0127WB679DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 29/06/1950, to G-AOTA, to Australia as VH-BSU, to Mareeba
C1/0128WB680DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 17/08/1950, to de Havilland, Leavesden, to G-APMN, w/o 27/07/1958
C1/0129WB681DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 17/08/1950, to Australia as VH-RNV, then to VH-WCR
C1/0130WB682DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 17/08/1950, to G-AORW Prestwick
C1/0131WB683DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 17/08/1950, to G-AORL, to Australia 08/09/1986 as VH-DCZ
C1/0132WB684DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 04/07/1950, to G-BBTP, to N53942, to USA as N68031, to Auburn California
C1/0133WB685DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 04/07/1950, pres. NEAM, Sunderland, (Composite with WP969 rear fuselage)
C1/0134WB686DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 29/08/1950, to G-AORP, w/o 08/05/1960, scr. Stapleford, Essex 1974/5
C1/0135WB687DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 29/08/1950, to G-AOST, to USA as N2790, to Delaware, USA as N101JF
C1/0136WB688DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 05/09/1950, to Australia as VH-RJW, to Indonesia as PK-AAX, since scrapped
C1/0137WB689DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 05/09/1950, to G-AOUN, to OO-NCL, to D-EPCL, Porta Westfalica, Germany
C1/0138WB690DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 05/07/1950, sold 25/06/1956 at No.20 MU Aston Down to USA as N713H
C1/0139WB691DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 05/09/1950, to Ireland as EI-AHY, to HB-TUF Switzerland, w/o 10/12/1967
C1/0140WB692DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 08/09/1950, to Iran as EP-AFN, pres. Tehran Museum, Iran
C1/0141WB693DHC Chipmunk T10Sold 08/05/1957, to Ardmore, Auckland, New Zealand as ZK-RFS
C1/0142WB695DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 19/08/1950, to G-AOTB, to Australia as VH-WFD, w/o 05/04/1959
C1/0143WB694DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 05/07/1950, sold as scrap 04/09/1973 at No.5 MU Kemble
C1/0144WB696DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 19/08/1950, to EI-AHU, to G-APLO, based Seppe, Netherlands
C1/0145WB697DHC Chipmunk T10Sold 27/02/1997, to G-BXCT 03/03/1997, to Eshott, Northumberland
C1/0146WB698DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 19/09/1950, to Australia as VH-RVU, the to VH-KJM, w/o 25/12/1974
C1/0147WB699DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 19/09/1950, to G-AOJV, to D-EJAN, then to EC-BOI, Barcelona, Spain
C1/0148WB700DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 05/07/1950, to Australia as VH-RNI, w/o 13/09/1957
C1/0149WB701DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 20/09/1950, to Australia as VH-BWD, w/o 03/07/1958
C1/0150WB702DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 26/09/1950, to G-AOFE, Goodwood, West Sussex
C1/0151WB703DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 14/07/1950, to G-ARMC 26/04/1961, to Compton Abbas, to Booker
C1/0152WB704DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 20/09/1950, to de Havilland Aircraft, Hatfield, to Iran as EP-AFR
C1/0158WB712DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 20/07/1950, to G-AOTC, w/o 31/01/1958
C1/0159WB711DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 03/10/1950, s.o.c. 20/05/1958, to G-APPM, Sywell, Northamptonshire
C1/0161WB713DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 22/09/1950, sold 12/06/1956 to G-AOPZ, w/o 08/04/1962
C1/0162WB714DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 30/10/1950, to G-AOUB, to VH-RNE, then to VH-RVG, w/o 10/12/1961
C1/0163WB727DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 02/10/1950, to de Havilland Aircraft, Hatfield, to Iran as EP-AFS
C1/0164WB728DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 02/10/1950, to EI-AHP, G-AOZU, 5N-AGP, G-AOZU, VH-RWI Jandakot, Australia
C1/0165WB729DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 12/10/1950, w/o 10/05/1952
C1/0167WB715DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 20/07/1950, to G-APAC, w/o 08/05/1962, parts to WD327/G-ATVF
C1/0168WB716DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 20/07/1950, to AAC 01/09/1957, later scrapped
C1/0169WB717DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 27/07/1950, to South Africa ZS-CCV, to Rhodesia VP-WDV, w/o 08/10/1972
C1/0170WB718DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 14/08/1950, to G-AORU, to Switzerland as HB-TUD, w/o 29/03/1979
C1/0171WB719DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 17/08/1950, to G-AOJW, to D-EFUS, w/o 19/03/1966
C1/0172WB720DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 23/08/1950, w/o 25/09/1956, s.o.c. 25/09/1956 at No.71 MU Bicester
C1/0173WB721DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 01/09/1950, to AAC 06/05/1969, to N31352, to G-CMNK St Columb Major, Cornwall
C1/0174WB722DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 28/08/1950, to G-AOSP, to VH-BTL, to Scone, as VH-AMV
C1/0175WB723DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 29/09/1950, w/o 22/02/1952, s.o.c. 26/02/1952 at No.63 MU Edzell
C1/0176WB724DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 07/09/1950, to G-APCV, to VH-FBB 11/04/1958, to VH-FEK, stored Cunderdin
C1/0177WB725DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 22/09/1950, sold 29/05/1956 at 9 MU Cosford to G-AORV, w/o 09/11/1960
C1/0178WB726DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 13/09/1950, to G-AOSK, Halton, Buckinghamshire, to Turweston
C1/0179WB730DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 12/10/1950, to G-AOUO, with RAFGSA at Cosford, to Halton, to Hooton Park
C1/0180WB731DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 12/10/1950, to G-AOUP, w.f.u 13/06/2017, stored Milden, Suffolk
C1/0181WB732DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 20/10/1950, to G-AOJZ, w/o 31/05/1966, wreckage to Sandtoft, to Australia
C1/0182WB733DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 20/10/1950, to G-ATDE, rtnd WB733, pres. (Composite WG422) AeroVenture
C1/0183WB734DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 20/10/1950, sold 14/02/1957 at No.20 MU Aston Down to G-AOZP Gamston
C1/0184WB735DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 27/10/1950, to Ireland as EI-AHR, w/o 16/05/1966
C1/0185WB736DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 03/11/1950, s.o.c. 05/09/1958, to G-ARGH, w/o 18/07/1966
C1/0186WB737DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 06/11/1950, w/o 27/03/1951, remains to No.63 MU Edzell and scrapped
C1/0187WB738DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 31/10/1950, to G-BCHS, to South Africa 02/1976 as ZS-JJR
C1/0188WB739DHC Chipmunk T10Sold 02/1996 to Windmill Aviation then to France as F-AZVA, St. Rambert d'Albon
C1/0189WB743DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 09/11/1950, to Australia as VH-BSR, w.f.u.
C1/0190WB744DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 09/11/1950, to G-BDEL, to USA as N65152, to N9HP, w/o 12/11/1984
C1/0192WB745DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 09/11/1950, to G-AOJS, D-EHOF, VR-NBI, 5N-AAE, to ZK-LOM West Melton, New Zealand
C1/0193WB746DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 13/11/1950, to G-ASPW 06/03/1964, w/o 01/07/1967
C1/0194WB747DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 09/11/1950, w/o 20/07/1954, s.o.c. 04/08/1954 as CAT 5S
C1/0195WB748DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 15/11/1950, sold 10/08/1956 at No.22 MU Silloth, to Australia as VH-RIW
C1/0196WB749DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 13/11/1950, to G-AOFF, to OH-HCE, to California, USA as N9246Z, stored
C1/0198WB750DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 15/11/1950, to G-BDEK, to USA as N65217, to N545PU
C1/0199WB751DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 15/11/1950, to G-AOJP, to D-EFOL, to G-AOJP, to D-EFOL, w/o 10/06/1964
C1/0200WB752DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 15/11/1950, w/o 14/05/1957, s.o.c. 17/07/1957 at No.58 MU Sutton Bridge
C1/0201WB753DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 17/11/1950, to Australia as VH-BPZ, w/o 20/11/1957
C1/0202WB754DHC Chipmunk T10Sold 08/05/1997, to ZU-BJZ, Lanseria, South Africa
C1/0204WB755DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 17/11/1950, to G-AOTO, to RJAF as T212, w/o 24/09/1959
C1/0205WB756DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 17/11/1950, to F-AYME, Le Plessis - Belville, France
C1/0206WB757DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 17/11/1950, to G-AORE, exported 14/07/1971 to a private owner in USA
C1/0207WB758DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 23/11/1950, to 7729M, to Holbeach, scrapped
C1/0208WB759DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 22/11/1950, to G-AOTW, to D-ELEF, to HB-TUI, w/o 09/05/1971
C1/0209WB760DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 11/12/1950, to G-BCOO, Hawarden, Flintshire, Wales
C1/0211WB761DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 22/11/1950, sold 16/08/1956 at No.22 MU Silloth to VH-RWI, Australia
C1/0212WB762DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 12/12/1950, to G-BCOY, Husbands Bosworth, Leicestershire
C1/0213WB763DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 11/12/1950, sold 17/10/1973 to G-BBMR, to Bicester, to Turweston
C1/0214WB764DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 12/12/1950, to EI-AJE, to G-APPK, to Oklahoma, USA 09/1997 as N4998T
C1/0215WB765DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 12/12/1950, to Ghana AF as G-155, w/o 1967
C1/0217WB766DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 19/12/1950, sold 18/07/1956 to G-AOSU, to Gyor-Per, Hungary
C1/0218WB767DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 12/12/1950, to Ghana AF as G-161, w/o 07/1964
C1/0219WB768DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 12/12/1950, to G-AOTU, to Nigeria 14/11/1962 as 5N-AGO, w.f.u.
C1/0220WD282DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 19/12/1950, w/o 18/05/1963, remains to 49 MU Colerne 25/05/1953, scr.
C1/0221WD283DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 12/12/1950, to G-AOSW, exported to New Zealand as ZK-BSV 19/10/1956
C1/0222WB705DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 19/12/1950, w/o 20/07/1953, to Sri Lankan AF as CT-101, since w/o
C1/0223WD284DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 19/12/1950, to G-AORS, to West Germany as D-EHUM, w/o 10/03/1958
C1/0224WD285DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 25/12/1950, sold 29/11/1974 at No.5 MU Kemble, to N48110, USA
C1/0225WD286DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 12/01/1951, to G-BBND, to Little Gransden, to Old Warden Aerodrome
C1/0226WD287DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 19/12/1950, to Malyasian AF FM1022 31/01/1959, to VH-BBK, to Caboolture
C1/0227WD288DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 19/12/1950, to G-AOSO, to F-AZDN n.t.u, to G-AOSO, to USA as N122DH
C1/0228WB706DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 12/12/1950, to Debden for G.I. as 7286M, to Sri Lankan AF as CT-102
C1/0229WD289DHC Chipmunk T10Sold 07/02/1997 at Newton, to ZU-BHI, Gwanda Zimbabwe
C1/0230WD290DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 28/12/1950, to EI-AHT, to G-AOZV, to USA as N83778
C1/0231WD291DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 28/12/1950, w/o 23/11/1954
C1/0232WD292DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 28/12/1950, to G-BCRX, to White Waltham
C1/0233WD293DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 28/12/1950, to 7645M, PAX, to South Wales Aviation Museum, St. Athan, to South Yorkshire Area by Nov 2021
C1/0234WD294DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 28/12/1950, w/o 01/05/1956, s.o.c. 07/05/1956 at No.71 MU Bicester, scr.
C1/0235WD295DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 12/01/1951, w/o 11/05/1956, s.o.c. 31/05/1962 at No.71 MU Bicester, scr.
C1/0236WD296DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 12/01/1951, w/o 19/07/1957, to VH-IHB Jandakot, Australia
C1/0237WD297DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 12/01/1951, to G-ARMD, w.f.u. 02/02/1982, to Prestwick
C1/0238WD298DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 12/01/1951, to G-AORK, to USA 13/03/1968 as N8342
C1/0239WD299DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 12/01/1951, to G-BBTO, to USA as N6WG
C1/0240WB709DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 12/01/1951, to 7601M, to Kenyan AF, to Sri Lankan AF as CT-103
C1/0241WD300DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 12/01/1951, w/o 08/10/1951
C1/0242WD301DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 12/01/1951, to Finland as OH-HCA, to G-AMXL 26/05/1960, w/o 05/03/1978
C1/0243WD302DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 15/01/1951, w/o 04/06/1958
C1/0244WD303DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 15/01/1951, w/o 26/03/1962, to 7754M at Cosford for G.I, b/u 1965
C1/0245WB710DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 10/01/1951, to EI-AJB, to VH-RSM, to Maitland, Australia
C1/0246WD304DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 15/01/1951, w/o 16/11/1963
C1/0247WD305DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 13/01/1951, w/o 20/07/1960, to G-ARGG 19/10/1960, based Ballyboy
C1/0248WD306DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 15/01/1951, to G-AOJN, to D-EFOM 10/1956, to Paderbon-Lippstadt
C1/0249WD307DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 11/01/1951, w/o 18/09/1952, s.o.c. 30/09/1942 at No.49 MU Colerne, scr.
C1/0251WD308DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 11/01/1951, Ghana AF G-150, to N48250, to Antwerp, Belgium 02/07/2018
C1/0252WD309DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 10/01/1951, to G-BCBF, to Sweden as SE-FNN, w/o 1976
C1/0253WD310DHC Chipmunk T10Sold 30/05/1996, to G-BWUN 05/07/1996, to Guist, to Jersey
C1/0254WD318DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 18/01/1951, to PAX, to 8207M n.t.u, to 8257M, to Burford, Canada
C1/0256WD319DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 18/01/1951, to EI-AHV, to G-AOZJ, to HB-TUE, to Stauning, Denmark as OY-ATF
C1/0257WD320DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 28/01/1951, w/o 30/05/1953, to No.60 MU Rufforth 02/01/1953 for scrap
C1/0258WD321DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 02/02/1951, to G-BDCC, w/o 29/08/1999, to Boscombe Down Aviation Collection
C1/0259WD322DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 31/01/1951, w/o 31/05/1973, to Woodvale fire dump 15/06/1973, perished
C1/0260WD323DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 31/01/1951, to Australia as VH-MOR, w/o 03/09/1961
C1/0262WD324DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 31/01/1951, w/o 02/01/1953, to No.60 MU Rufforth 16/01/1953 for scrap
C1/0263WD325DHC Chipmunk T10Transferred to AAC 01/09/1957, to AACHF Middle Wallop
C1/0264WD326DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 01/02/1951, w/o 27/06/1953, s.o.c. 29/09/1958 at No.60 MU Rufforth
C1/0265WD327DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 07/02/1951, w/o 29/09/1958, to G-ATVF, to Turweston
C1/0266WD328DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 12/02/1951, d/d 01/06/1965 to Kenyan AF
C1/0267WD377DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 28/03/1951, w/o 28/07/1966, (C) preserved, Wings Museum, Balcombe, W Sussex
C1/0268WD329DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 12/02/1951, sold to de Havilland Aircraft 27/09/1960, to Ghana AF as G-158
C1/0269WD330DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 12/02/1951, sold 18/08/1975 at No.5 MU Kemble, exported to USA as N65235
C1/0270WD331DHC Chipmunk T10Sold 27/02/1997 to G-BXDH 10/03/1997, Popham, Hampshire
C1/0271WD332DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 12/02/1951, w/o 17/05/1960, to Ouston for G.I. as 7644M, later scr.
C1/0272WD333DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 12/02/1951, scr. 16/06/1958 at No.22 MU Silloth to J.Shackleton Ltd
C1/0275WD334DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 15/02/1951, sold to Australia as VH-WFC, w/o 07/04/1962
C1/0276WD335DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 15/02/1951, b/u 12/09/1973, PAX to Eastleigh area, Hampshire
C1/0277WD336DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 15/02/1951, to Ireland as EI-AJF, to G-ARCR 04/08/1960, w/o 02/09/1973
C1/0278WD337DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 15/02/1951, to Malaysian AF FM1024, to Hong Kong VR-HGE, w/o 24/10/1971
C1/0279WD338DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 15/02/1951, d/d 01/06/1965 to Kenyan AF
C1/02801304DHC Chipmunk T20Ex FAP 1304, to CS-DAE, to G-HDAE
C1/0281WD344DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 21/02/1951, d/d 20/03/1969 to Kenyan AF
C1/0282WD345DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 21/02/1951, exported to USA as N31103, to N5UK
C1/0283WD346DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 21/02/1951, sold 20/03/1975, to G-MUNK 15/04/1986, w/o 26/09/1986
C1/0284WD347DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 21/02/1951, sold 19/11/1973, to G-BBRV, to HB-TUT Lausanne
C1/0285WD348DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 21/02/1951, sold 22/06/1956, to G-AOSA 05/07/1956, w/o 04/12/1966
C1/0287WD349DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 21/02/1951, exported to Australia as VH-RSN, w/o 30/12/1959
C1/0288WD350DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 21/02/1951, w/o 22/07/1958
C1/0289WD351DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 21/02/1951, w/o 15/04/1956
C1/0290WD352DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 21/02/1951, to 7597M, to Newton, broken up for spares 21/05/1969
C1/0291WD353DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 28/02/1951, to G-BCHW, exported 04/1976 to Michigan, USA as N3034F
C1/02921308DHC Chipmunk Mk.20
C1/0293WD354DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 21/02/1951, sold as scrap 12/09/1973 at No.5 MU Kemble
C1/0294WD355DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 21/02/1951, w/o 17/06/1970, to Church Fenton for G.I. as 8099M, scr.
C1/0295WD356DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 21/02/1951, to G.I. as 7625M 01/12/1959, privately owned in Canada
C1/0296WD357DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 27/02/1951, w/o 11/07/1958, s.o.c. 16/07/1958 as CAT 5(C)
C1/0297WD358DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 28/2/1951, to G-APUS, canx 01/09/1960 and b/u at Biggin Hill
C1/02981305DHC Chipmunk Mk.20
C1/02991307DHC Chipmunk Ex 1307
C1/0300WD359DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 27/02/1951, sold 17/10/1973 to G-BBMN, to Denham
C1/0301WD360DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 27/02/1951, w/o 09/07/1951
C1/0302WD361DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 27/02/1951, to G-BBRK, to Australia as VH-PUB, to VH-PUE Moorabbin
C1/0303WD362DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 15/03/1951, sold 25/06/1956, to Australia as VH-DDO, w/o 29/08/1962
C1/0304WD363DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 09/03/1951, sold 18/07/1974 at No.5 MU Kemble to G-BCIH to Netheravon
C1/0305WD383DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 05/04/1951, w/o 12/10/1958, scr. 07/11/1958 to Hants & Sussex Aviation Ltd
C1/0306WD364DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 20/03/1951, w/o 15/05/1963
C1/0307WD365DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 15/03/1951, exported USA N31370, N133EB, Polk City, FL as N61957
C1/0308WD370DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 15/03/1951, s.o.c. 12/03/1975, PAX to No.225 ATC Sqn, Brighton
C1/0309WD371DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 15/03/1951, sold 17/10/1973 to G-BBMP, w/o 17/12/1978
C1/0310WD372DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 20/03/1951, w/o 04/11/1962
C1/0311WD389DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 20/04/1951, to VP-KLW, to Kenya, re-registered to 5Y-KLW, w/o 1971
C1/0312WD373DHC Chipmunk T10To G-BXDI 10/03/1997, Duxford, then to Booker during 04/2010
C1/0313WD374DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 20/03/1951, exported to Parafield, Adelaide, Australia as VH-BSR
C1/0314WD375DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 28/03/1951, to 7643M n.t.u, to G-ARDF 25/11/1960, w/o 11/07/1971
C1/0315WD376DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 28/03/1951, to G-BDDC, to N99140 02/1977, then N38MW at Stamping Ground
C1/0316WD378DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 30/03/1951, sold as scrap 12/09/1973 at No.5 MU Kemble
C1/0317WD390DHC Chipmunk T10Sold, to G-BWNK 04/03/1996, current Compton Abbas, Dorset
C1/0318WD379DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 30/03/1951, d/d 01/06/1965 to Kenyan AF
C1/0319WD380DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 20/03/1951, sold 18/08/1975, exported to Plant City, Florida, USA as N55DA
C1/0320WD381DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 02/04/1951, to G-ARME 26/04/1961, w/o 29/03/1966
C1/0321WD382DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 02/04/1951, sold, to USA as N65265
C1/0322WD384DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 02/04/1951, sold 07/07/1974 at No.5 MU Kemble, exported to USA as N48044
C1/0323WD394DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 08/05/1951, sold No.394 MU Heany, Rhodesia, to ZS-DIL, w/o 03/09/1955
C1/0324WD385DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 05/04/1951, w/o 02/04/1959
C1/0325WD386DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 11/04/1951, (C) stored Upper Ballinderry area (composite with WD377)
C1/0326WD387DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 16/04/1951, to G-BDDD, to Westbury, Wiltshire
C1/0327WD397DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 20/04/1951, sold No.394 MU Heany, Rhodesia, to Kenya VP-YLD, to F-OARO
C1/0328WD388DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 16/04/1951, to G-BDIC, to Dahlemer-Binz, Germany as D-EPAK, to Bienenfarm
C1/0329WD391DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 16/04/1951, exported to Iceland as TF-RAF, w/o 24/07/1982
C1/0331WD392DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 20/04/1951, w/o 13/11/1952
C1/0332WD393DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 25/04/1951, sold at No.394 MU Heany, Rhodesia, to ZS-DIS, South Africa
C1/0333WD395DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 25/04/1951, sold No.394 MU Heany, Rhodesia, to Kenya VP-KLR, w/o 06/1962
C1/0334WD396DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 25/04/1951, w/o 10/06/1952
C1/0335/DHB.f226WG271DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 01/05/1951, sold 19/06/1953, to France as F-OAOO 29/10/1953, w/o 27/03/1961
C1/0336/DHB.f227WG272DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 27/04/1951, sold 17/06/1953, to N203JC, Marion, USA
C1/0338/DHB.f228WG273DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 04/05/1951, w/o 19/12/1951, s.o.c. 22/01/1952 as CAT 5(C)
C1/0339/DHB.f229WG274DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 04/05/1951, sold 19/06/1953 to ZS-DIR 29/10/1953, w/o 17/01/1956
C1/0340/DHB.f231WG276DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 01/05/1951, sold 06/1953, to Kenya as VP-KLU 29/10/1953, w/o 24/10/1956
C1/0341/DHB.f232WG277DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 08/05/1951, sold 17/06/1953, to ZS-DIX 29/10/1953, w/o 04/10/1956
C1/0342/DHB.f233WG278DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 08/05/1951, w/o 24/05/1955
C1/0343/DHB.f234WG279DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 10/05/1951, to Mozambique as CR-AEI 29/10/1953, fate?
C1/0344/DHB.f236WG280DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 18/05/1951, to France as F-OBIL, then F-AZFD 29/10/1953, w/o 1989
C1/0345/DHB.f230WG275DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 04/05/1951, sold 06/1953, to France as F-OAOS 29/10/1953, w/o 29/03/1961
C1/03461309DHC Chipmunk T20CS-AZR
C1/0347/DHB.f239WG283DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 18/05/1951, to Zambian AF as either 501 or 502
C1/0348/DHB.f243WG284DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 21/05/1951, to Zambian AF as either 501 or 502
C1/0349/DHB.f244WG285DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 21/05/1951, sold 23/06/1953 to Kenya as VP-KLV, w/o 16/02/1958
C1/0353/DHB.f248WG289DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 24/05/1951, to Tarrent County, Texas, USA as N1350U
C1/0354/DHB.f249WG299DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 29/05/1951, sold 22/08/1966 at No.5 MU Kemble to Zambian AF as AF505
C1/0355/DHB.f250WG300DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 29/05/1951, sold as scrap 12/09/1973, to the RAFGSA, PAX, Bicester, departed
C1/0356/DHB.f251WG301DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 29/05/1951, to USA as N65237, w/o 06/12/1980
C1/0358/DHB.f238WG282DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 17/05/1951, to South Africa as ZS-DIT 29/10/1953, w/o 02/06/1956
C1/0359/DHB.f258WG306DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 06/06/1951, to USA as N311SH on rebuild Wilmington, Delaware, USA
C1/0360/DHB.f259WG307DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 06/06/1951, to ZS-BTO, East London, South Africa, damaged 24/04/2005
C1/0361/DHB.f260WG308DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 06/06/1951, to G-BYHL 15/03/1999, Cranwell, to Syerston, departed
C1/0362/DHB.f261WG309DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 14/06/1951, to France as F-OARP 29/10/1953, fate?
C1/0364/DHB.f262WG310DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 14/06/1951, to France as F-OAOI 29/10/1953, fate?
C1/0367/DHB.f263WG311DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 06/06/1951, w/o 27/09/1954
C1/0368/DHB.f264WG312DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 14/06/1951, to France as F-OASK, w/o 27/03/1961
C1/0369/DHB.f253WG303DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 31/05/1951, to 8208M, (N) pres. Stamford, to Hooton Park
C1/0370/DHB.f275WG315DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 26/06/1951, to ZS-VYU, Rand, South Africa
C1/0371/DHB.f271WG313DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 20/06/1951, to France as F-OAON 29/10/1953, fate?
C1/0372/DHB.f276WG316DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 02/07/1951, to G-BCAH 06/05/1974, to Tatenhill
C1/0373/DHB.f274WG314DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 25/06/1951, to Australia as VH-WRW 29/10/1953, w/o 08/11/1964
C1/0374/DHB.f277WG317DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 02/07/1951, to ZS-IZU 08/1974 Scottburgh, South Africa
C1/0375/DHB.f279WG319DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 02/07/1951, w/o 18/07/1961, to PAX, Radley College, Abingdon, since scr.
C1/0384/DHB.f257WG305DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 06/06/1951, s.o.c. 12/08/1959 as Cat 5(S) at Swinderby
C1/0385/DHB.f237WG281DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 16/05/1951, to France as F-OAYJ, w/o 23/08/1959
C1/0386/DHB.f245WG286DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 22/05/1951, to France as F-OAOP 29/10/1953, fate?
C1/0386/DHB.f246WG287DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 24/05/1951, w/o 29/06/1955
C1/0387/DHB.f247WG288DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 24/05/1951, to N48273, to Pima Air Museum, Arizona, USA, departed
C1/0388/DHB.f252WG302DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 30/05/1951, w/o 29/11/1951, s.o.c. 10/12/1951 as CAT 5(C)
C1/0389/DHB.f256WG304DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 06/06/1951, to VH-NMX, to Ardmore, New Zealand as ZK-CPY
C1/0390/DHB.f278WG318DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 02/07/1951, to N318WG De Kalb County, Georgia, USA
C1/0392/DHB.f280WG320DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 03/07/1951, w/o 29/10/1958, broken up, parts to Irish AC 199 (WB561)
C1/0393/DHB.f281WG321DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 03/07/1951, to G-DHCC, Antwerp - Deurne, Belgium
C1/0394/DHB.f282WG322DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 03/07/1951, to G-ARMF 26/04/1961, to Spanhoe Lodge
C1/0395/DHB.f283WG323DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 07/1951, to C-GBRW, to N323WG
C1/0396/DHB.f284WG324DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 17/07/1951, to N9261, Pratt Airport, Pratt, Kansas, USA
C1/0397/DHB.f285WG325DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 03/07/1951, w/o 14/12/1952, s.o.c. 22/12/1957 as CAT 5(S)
C1/0398/DHB.f286WG326DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 09/07/1951, to Mozambique as CR-AEF, w/o 21/10/1956
C1/0399/DHB.f287WG327DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 06/07/1951, to France as F-OAOH
C1/0413B.F9-37/95DHC Chipmunk 22
C1/0418/DHB.f288WG328DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 11/07/1951, to Australia as VH-RBW, w/o 10/07/1955
C1/0421BF.9-39/95DHC Chipmunk T20
C1/0422/DHB.f289WG329DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 17/07/1951, w/o 06/05/1956, s.o.c. 08/05/1956 at No.58 MU Sutton Bridge
C1/0423/DHB.f290WG330DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 11/07/1951, sold 29/10/1953 in Rhodesia, to Mozambique as CR-AEG, w.f.u.
C1/0424/DHB.f291WG331DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 12/07/2952, to France as F-OBIK, w/o 27/03/1961
C1/0425/DHB.f292WG332DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 11/07/1951, to France as F-OAOM, stored Berenty, Madagascar
C1/0426/DHB.f293WG333DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 12/07/1951, to South Africa as ZS-IGA, to ZS-UJL, Krugersdorp, South Africa
C1/0429/DHB.f294WG334DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 13/07/1951, to Congo as 9Q-CNT, w/o 09/10/1971
C1/0430/DHB.f295WG335DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 13/07/1951, w/o 10/03/1953, s.o.c. 20/04/1953 as Cat 5(C)
C1/0431/DHB.f296WG336DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 17/07/1951, to Rhodesia as VP-YKY, to F-OARQ France
C1/0432/DHB.f297WG348DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 17/07/1951, to G-BBMV 12/10/1973, to Biggin Hill, to Goodwood
C1/0433/DHB.f298WG349DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 17/07/1951, to G-BCIG, to N65153, to Oregon, USA as N939R
C1/0437/DHB.f299WG350DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 20/07/1951, to G-BCYE, to G-BPAL 29/10/1986 Portimao, Portugal
C1/0438/DHB.f300WG351DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 10/08/1951, to Australia as VH-SJD, w/o 02/09/1965
C1/0439/DHB.f302WG352DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 10/08/1951, to N713W Washington County, Minnesota, USA
C1/0440/DHB.f303WG353DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 10/08/1951, w/o 11/10/1958, rebuilt as G-APTG, w/o 03/10/1965
C1/0441/DHB.f304WG354DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 09/08/1951, to ZS-DIU SAAF Historic Flight, Swartkop, South Africa
C1/0444/DHB.f305WG355DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 18/08/1951, to F-OAOK France, w/o 27/03/1961
C1/0445/DHB.f306WG356DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 10/08/1951, to Rhodesia as VP-KLN, to F-OBAU France
C1/0446/DHB.f307WG357DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 15/08/1951, to VH-RSP Caloundra, to Tyabb, Australia
C1/0447/DHB.f308WG358DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 10/08/1951, to South Africa as ZS-DJN, w/o 30/03/1959
C1/0448/DHB.f309WG359DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 10/08/1951, sold 29/10/1953, to Rhodesia as VP-YKX, w/o 1959
C1/0450164DHC Chipmunk T20
C1/0451/DHB.f310WG360DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 10/08/1951, w/o 27/01/1952, s.o.c. 21/02/1952 as CAT 5(C)
C1/0454/DHB.f311WG361DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 15/08/1951, w/o 09/02/1953, s.o.c. 20/04/1953 as CAT 5(C)
C1/0455/DHB.f312WG362DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 16/08/1951, s.o.c. 30/01/1975 to PAX, 8630M, to 2523 ATC Sqn Linton, Cambs
C1/0459/DHB.f313WG363DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 16/08/1951, to G-BDIM 02/12/1975, w/o 14/07/1996
C1/0460/DHB.f317WG364DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 07/09/1951, sold 05/12/1973, to N68030 Palm Beach, Florida, USA
C1/0464168DHC Chipmunk T20
C1/0465/DHB.f318WG392DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 06/09/1951, to South Africa as ZS-DIO, then to ZS-VIC
C1/0466/DHB.f319WG393DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 06/09/1951, to USA as N29WP
C1/0467/DHB.f328WG394DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 06/09/1951, to Australia as VH-KLP, then VH-RNF, w/o 26/03/1958
C1/0468/DHB.f330WG395DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 06/09/1951, sold 29/10/1953, to South Africa as ZS-DIP, w/o 27/02/1960
C1/0469/DHB.f333WG396DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 13/09/1951, sold 29/10/1953, to F-OAPI Berenty, Madagascar
C1/0471/DHB.f334WG397DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 13/09/1951, sold 29/10/1953, to Mozambique as CR-AEH
C1/0472/DHB.f336WG398DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 17/09/1951, sold 29/10/1953, to VH-RVY, Luskintyre, crashed 14/11/2014
C1/0473/DHB.f337WG399DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 19/09/1951, sold 29/10/1953, to South Africa as ZS-MXD
C1/0474/DHB.f339WG400DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 25/09/1951, sold 10/08/1956, to VH-BVP Parafield, Australia
C1/0475/DHB.f340WG401DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 20/09/1951, sold 24/07/1956, to G-AOTZ, to OO-FFT Antwerp, Belgium
C1/0476/DHB.f341WG402DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 25/09/1951, sold as scrap 16/07/1957 at No.10 MU Hullavington
C1/0477/DHB.f342WG403DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 26/09/1951, w/o 19/07/1957, parts to WB560 during 02/1999
C1/0478/DHB.f343WG404DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 19/09/1951, sold 29/10/1953, to Australia as VH-RCW, w/o 13/11/1956
C1/0479/DHB.f344WG405DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 19/09/1951, sold 29/10/1953, to Zaire as 9Q-CJL, w/o 1968
C1/0480/DHB.f345WG406DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 25/09/1951, w/o 23/02/1953
C1/0481/DHB.f346WG407DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 28/09/1951, sold, to G-BWMX 19/02/1996 Croydon, Cambridgeshire
C1/0482/DHB.f349WG408DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 25/09/1951, to G-AOTV, to N19547, Monterey, CA, USA
C1/0483/DHB.f350WG409DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 02/10/1951, to VP-YLB, to France as F-OARS, to Malagasy as 5R-MEF, w/o 1970
C1/0484/DHB.f351WG410DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 27/09/1951, to VH-RVV, w/o 06/02/1965, to VH-MMR, pres. Caloundra
C1/0485/DHB.f353WG411DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 02/10/1951, sold 29/10/1953 in Rhodesia, to VH-RVX, w/o 06/09/1961
C1/0486/DHB.f354WG412DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 01/10/1951, to G-AOUC, to VH-RNJ, to VH-CXZ, to N8DW, Brevard County, Florida
C1/0487/DHB.f355WG413DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 02/10/1951, to Rhodesia as VP-YKZ, b/u for spares 1956, parts to ZS-CSB
C1/0488/DHB.f356WG414DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 02/10/1951, sold 29/10/1953 in Rhodesia, to ZS-DIM, then ZS-VGR
C1/0489/DHB.f357WG415DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 02/10/1951, sold 29/10/1953 in Rhodesia, to Mozambique as CR-AEJ, w/o 1960
C1/0490/DHB.f358WG416DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 10/10/1951, to VH-CGY, to VH-TUG, w/o 08/12/1968, stored Cunderdin
C1/0491/DHB.f359WG417DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 10/10/1951, to G-BBNA 12/10/1973, Husbands Bosworth, Leicestershire
C1/0492/DHB.f360WG418DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 10/10/1951, to G-ATDY, rtnd WG418, PAX 8209M, to South Reddish
C1/0493/DHB.f361WG419DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 09/10/1951, to 8206M(PAX), No.1053 Sqn ATC Armthorpe, to Sywell Museum
C1/0494/DHB.f362WG420DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 10/10/1951, to G-BDBN, to ZS-JVS, then ZS-URX, w/o 19/08/2000
C1/0495/DHB.f363WG421DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 15/10/1951, sold 29/10/1953 in Rhodesia, to VP-KLO, w/o 09/12/1955
C1/0496/DHB.f364WG422DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 22/10/1951, to 8394M, sold 31/08/1977, to G-BFAX, Egginton
C1/0497/DHB.f365WG423DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 15/10/1951, sold 29/10/1953 in Rhodesia, to F-OARR France, w/o 27/03/1961
C1/0498/DHB.f366WG424DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 15/10/1951, sold 29/10/1953 in Rhodesia, to Australia as VH-RVZ, then VH-RTW
C1/0499/DHB.f368WG425DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 15/10/1951, sold 29/10/1953 in Rhodesia, to Australia as VH-FTA, w/o 27/01/1968
C1/0500/DHB.f369WG426DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 15/10/1951, sold 29/10/1953 in Rhodesia, to VH-BNU, VH-RSR, w/o 10/04/1961
C1/0501/DHB.f370WG427DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 17/10/1951, to VH-BSQ, then VH-GEB, to N7DW, Monroe County, Florida, USA
C1/0502/DHB.f371WG428DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 19/10/1951, to Zambia AF 506, pres. Livingstone Park, Victoria Falls
C1/0503/DHB.f372WG429DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 19/10/1951, to Australia as VH-RVS, to VH-ZAZ, Mundijong, Western Australia
C1/0504/DHB.f373WG430DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 22/10/1951, to C-GBNM, then to USA as N430WG, to Thermal, California
C1/0505/DHB.f374WG431DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 22/10/1951, to G-BCMG, to N431WG, La Verne, California, USA
C1/0506/DHB.f376WG432DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 22/10/1951, preserved MoAF, Middle Wallop, Hampshire
C1/0507/DHB.f377WG457DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 22/10/1951, w/o 20/08/1956, s.o.c. 18/10/1956 at No.71 MU Bicester
C1/0508/DHB.f378WG458DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 23/10/1951, to N458BG, to G-CLLI at Eshott, Northumberland
C1/0509/DHB.f381WG459DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 09/11/1951, to N65254, to C-GWZD, to N6004A, Toledo Ed Carlson, WA
C1/0510/DHB.f382WG460DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 09/11/1951, w/o 16/10/1971, to a PAX as 8116M at Turnhouse, fate unknown
C1/0511/DHB.f392WG461DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 09/11/1951, to VH-RNH, VH-CCE, VH-CYN, VH-WGI, to Tocumwal
C1/0512/DHB.f393WG462DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 09/11/1951, to G-AOSX, to OH-HCC, returned back to G-AOSX, w/o 03/11/1964
C1/0513/DHB.f394WG463DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 09/11/1951, to G-ATDX, rtnd WG463, to (PAX) 8363M, to Private owner Eversham area
C1/0514/DHB.f395WG464DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 09/11/1951, to G-ATEA, rtnd WG464, to No.131 ATC Newcastle - then disposed of
C1/0515/DHB.f396WG465DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 14/11/1951, to G-BCEY 14/05/1974, White Waltham Aerodrome, Berkshire
C1/0516/DHB.f397WG466DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 12/11/1951, sold, stored, Berlin-Tempelhof, pres. Gatow Museum
C1/0516/DHB.f398WG467DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 15/11/1951, w/o 24/07/1953
C1/0518/DHB.f399WG468DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 20/11/1951, to G-BCAI, canx 28/04/1975, to South Africa as ZS-JJG
C1/0519/DHB.f400WG469DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 20/11/1951, sold 07/10/1974, to G-BWJY, to France 26/12/2018
C1/0520/DHB.f401WG470DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 20/11/1951, to G-BBSS 21/11/1973, Husbands Bosworth, Leicestershire
C1/0521/DHB.f402WG471DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 20/11/1951, to PAX, to 8210M, to East Tilbury, sold 04/2013
C1/0522/DHB.f403WG472DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 20/11/1951, to G-AOTY 12/07/1956, Bryngwyn Bach, Clwyd, Wales, to Kemble
C1/0523/DHB.f404WG473DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 26/11/1951, w/o 01/07/1960, to 7647M, reduced to spares, remainder scrapped
C1/0524/DHB.f405WG474DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 21/11/1951, sold 28/11/1974 No.5 MU Kemble, to G-BCSL 26/11/1974, Liverpool
C1/0525/DHB.f406WG475DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 21/11/1951, to 7989M, to G-BFDC, Newtownards, Ards, Northern Ireland
C1/0526/DHB.f411WG476DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 01/11/1951, sold 30/06/1959 to Malaysian AF as FM1020, fate?
C1/0527/DHB.f412WG477DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 30/11/1951, to 8362M, to PAX, to Scampton
C1/0528/DHB.f413WG478DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 30/11/1951, to VH-TMX, then to VH-MMS, Caboolture, Queensland, Australia
C1/0529/DHB.f414WG479DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 01/01/1952, sold 30/05/1996, to F-AZLO, to Eshott
C1/0530/DHB.f415WG480DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 01/01/1952, sold 30/05/1996, to VH-ZCM at Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia
C1/0531/DHB.f416WG481DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 01/01/1952, to G-BCCX 17/04/1974, RAFGSA Odiham
C1/0532/DHB.f417WG482DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 01/01/1952, to N31106, to VH-ZOT, to Oklahoma, USA as N754RB
C1/0533/DHB.f418WG483DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 01/01/1952, w/o 15/08/1968
C1/0534/DHB.f419WG484DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 03/01/1952, to VH-KFA, VH-DCE, VH-GCE, to N13DW Jefferson County, Louisiana
C1/0535/DHB.f420WG485DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 03/01/1952, to Ghana AF as G162, since broken up as spares and produce
C1/0536/DHB.f421WG486DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 03/01/1952, to Battle of Britain Memorial Flight, Coningsby, Lincolnshire
C1/0537/DHB.f492WG487DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 03/01/1952, w/o 15/04/1956, s.o.c. as CAT 5(C) at No.58 MU Sutton Bridge
C1/0538/DHB.f423WG488DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 03/01/1952, w/o 23/07/1969
C1/0539/DHB.f424WG489DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 03/01/1952, s.o.c. 03/05/1956 as CAT 5(C) at No.49 MU Colerne
C1/0540/DHB.f425WG490DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 03/01/1952, w/o 13/11/1957, to G-APNC, to D-EGAP, w/o 19/05/1959
C1/0541/DHB.f426WG491DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 04/01/1952, to G-AOTG, to N88GF, Hennepin County, Minnesota, USA
C1/0542/DHB.f427WK506DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 04/01/1952, w/o 28/04/1953, s.o.c. 14/05/1953 as CAT 5(S)
C1/0543/DHB.f428 WK507DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 11/01/1952, sold 18/06/1975, to Caboolture, Australia as VH-SSJ
C1/0544/DHB.f429 WK508DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 11/01/1952, w/o 24/06/1955
C1/0545/DHB.f430 WK509DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 11/01/1952, w/o 12/10/1958, s.o.c. 17/10/1958 as CAT 5(C)
C1/0546/DHB.f431 WK510DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 11/01/1952, w/o 23/10/1952
C1/0547/DHB.f432 WK511DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 29/01/1952, to G-BVBT, to New Zealand as ZK-SKH, to Matamata
C1/0548/DHB.f433 WK512DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 09/01/1952, to G-BXIM 13/05/1997, to South Cerney, to Halton
C1/0549/DHB.f434 WK513DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 21/01/1952, s.o.c. 19/08/1958 as CAT 5(C) at No.71 MU Bicester
C1/0550/DHB.f435 WK514DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 11/01/1952, sold 12/10/1973, to G-BBMO Wellesbourne Mountford
C1/0551/DHB.f440 WK515DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 23/01/1952, w/o 29/03/1977
C1/0552169DHC Chipmunk T20
C1/0553/DHB.f441WK516DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 29/01/1952, w/o 02/06/1962
C1/0554/DHB.f442 WK517DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 29/01/1952, sold 14/06/1996 to G-ULAS,
C1/0555/DHB.f443 WK518DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 29/01/1952, to BoBMF, Coningsby, Lincolnshire
C1/0556/DHB.f444 WK519DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 04/02/1952, w/o 29/07/1952
C1/0557/DHB.f445 WK520DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 04/02/1952, to G-BARS 26/02/1973 Yeovilton, Somerset as '1377'
C1/0558/DHB.f446 WK521DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 04/02/1952, to Jackson-Hawkins Field, Mississippi, USA as N53945
C1/0559/DHB.f447 WK522DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 04/02/1952, sold 10/10/1974, to G-BCOU Duxford, Cambridgeshire
C1/0561/DHB.f448 WK523DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 04/02/1952, w/o 19/08/1953
C1/0562/DHB.f449 WK547DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 04/02/1952, w/o 29/07/1952
C1/0563/DHB.f450 WK548DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 04/02/1952, to G-BBMZ 12/10/1973 Booker, Buckinghamshire
C1/0564/DHB.f451 WK549DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 04/02/1952, sold 30/10/1974 at No.5 MU Kemble, to G-BTWF, to France
C1/0565/DHB.f452WK550DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 20/02/1952, to Jandakot Airport, Perth, Australia as VH-KMF, to Caboolture
C1/0566/DHB.f453 WK551DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 20/02/1952, to New Zealand as ZK-SAX, to Ardmore
C1/0567/DHB.f454 WK552DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 21/02/1952, w/o 09/08/1954, s.o.c. 02/09/1954 as CAT 5(C)
C1/0570/DHB.f455 WK553DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 21/02/1953, to N533DB Walla Walla Regional Airport, Washington, USA
C1/0571/DHB.f456 WK554DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 20/02/1954, to South Africa as ZU-DHC 24/06/1997
C1/0572/DHB.f457 WK555DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 22/02/1952, to Noarlunga-Huntfield, Australia as VH-PUW
C1/0573/DHB.f458 WK556DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 03/03/1952, s.o.c. 14/07/1972 at No.27 MU Shawbury
C1/0574/DHB.f459 WK557DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 03/03/1952, to Huntington Municipal Airport, Indiana, USA as N19548
C1/0575/DHB.f460 WK558DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 08/08/1952, to G-ARMG 26/04/1961 Shenington-Edge Hill, to Halton
C1/0576/DHB.f461 WK559DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 29/02/1952, to Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA as N559WK
C1/0578/DHB.f462 WK560DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 05/03/1952, s.o.c. 14/07/1972 at No.27 MU Shawbury
C1/0579/DHB.f463 WK561DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 03/03/1952, w/o 09/07/1957
C1/0580/DHB.f464 WK562DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 17/03/1952, sold 03/1996, to France as F-AZUR 09/1996
C1/0581/DHB.f465 WK563DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 03/03/1952, w/o 12/03/1953
C1/0583/DHB.f466 WK564DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 17/03/1952, to G-BDID, w/o 22/09/1987
C1/0584/DHB.f467 WK565DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 17/03/1952, to D-ELLY, to Paderborn, w/o 17/09/2020 in a flying accident
C1/0585/DHB.f468 WK566DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 17/03/1952, w/o 21/01/1956, s.o.c. 25/01/1956 as CAT 5(C)
C1/0586/DHB.f469 WK567DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 17/03/1952, w/o 16/08/1968
C1/0587/DHB.f470 WK568DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 17/03/1952, w/o 04/05/1954, s.o.c. 01/06/1954 as CAT 5(S)
C1/0589/DHB.f471 WK569DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 17/03/1952, to USA as N9154, w/o 05/07/1976
C1/0590/DHB.f472 WK570DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 18/03/1952, reduced to PAX, pres. Southampton Museum, Hampshire
C1/0591/DHB.f473 WK571DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 18/03/1952, w/o 26/06/1952
C1/0592/DHB.f474 WK572DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 27/03/1952, to ZS-OWJ at Rand, South Africa
C1/0593/DHB.f475 WK573DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 25/02/1952, to Rand, South Africa as ZS-JPT
C1/0595/DHB.f476 WK574DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 24/03/1952, to Parafield, Adelaide, Australia as VH-DHU
C1/0596/DHB.f477 WK575DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 24/03/1952, w/o 13/07/1970, (fuselage section) Diss, Norfolk
C1/0597/DHB.f478 WK576DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 28/03/1952, reduced to PAX as 8357M to Tettenhall Transport Heritage Centre
C1/0598/DHB.f479 WK577DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 03/04/1952, to G-BCYM 13/03/1975, based at Oaksey Park, Wiltshire
C1/0599/DHB.f480 WK578DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 03/04/1952, w/o 26/01/1954
C1/0601/DHB.f481 WK579DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 31/03/1952, w/o 30/08/1952, s.o.c. 17/11/1952 as CAT 5(C)
C1/0602/DHB.f482 WK580DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 03/04/1952, w/o 24/09/1954, to 7155M, s.o.c. 01/07/1967
C1/0603/DHB.f483 WK581DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 28/03/1952, sold 07/07/1975 to USA as N53946, then N48099
C1/0604/DHB.f484 WK582DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 28/03/1952, w/o 12/04/1957
C1/0605/DHB.f485 WK583DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 03/04/1952, to USA as N320WM, w/o 19/08/1985
C1/0607/DHB.f486 WK584DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 03/04/1952, reduced to PAX as 7556M, pres. Ramsey, Cambs.
C1/0608/DHB.f487 WK585DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 02/04/1952, to 9265M, to G-BZGA 13/03/2000, to Compton Abbas
C1/0609/DHB.f488 WK586DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 15/04/1952, sold 05/1997 to G-BXGX 19/05/1997, to Shoreham
C1/0610/DHB.f489 WK587DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 02/04/1952, to 8212M, reduced to PAX last noted Enfield, thought scr.
C1/0611/DHB.f490 WK588DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 02/04/1952, to Plymouth-Canton-Mettetal, Mississippi, USA as N4996
C1/0613/DHB.f491 WK589DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 16/04/1959, as N589WK, pres. Urbana-Frasca, Illinois, USA
C1/0614/DHB.f492 WK590DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 16/04/1959, sold, to G-BWVZ 16/07/1996, Grimbergen, Belgium
C1/0615/DHB.f493 WK591DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 06/04/1952, to Griffin-Spalding County, Georgia, USA as N591WK
C1/0616/DHB.f494 WK607DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 14/04/1952, to South Africa as ZS-BSS 05/1957, w/o 26/03/1960
C1/0617/DHB.f495 WK608DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 10/04/1952, to Royal Navy 7/06/1966, RNHF, to G-CLNI 17/03/2020
C1/0618/DHB.f496 WK609DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 16/04/1952, sold 27/02/1997, to G-BXDN 18/03/1997, Booker, Bucks
C1/0620/DHB.f497 WK610DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 16/04/1952, w/o 12/09/1967
C1/0621/DHB.f498 WK611DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 16/04/1952, s.o.c. 16/08/1955 as CAT 5(C), to G-ARWB, Thruxton
C1/0622/DHB.f499 WK612DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 17/04/1952, sold 29/09/1960 to USA as N48262, to Chino
C1/0623/DHB.f500 WK613DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 18/04/1952, w/o 14/10/1983
C1/0624/DHB.f501 WK614DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 25/04/1952, s.o.c. 14/03/1960 as CAT 5(C), to 7633M, scr. Shawbury 04/1962
C1/0625/DHB.f502 WK615DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 22/04/1952, d/d 31/01/1959 RMAF FM1025, to 9M-ANM, w/o 08/08/1968
C1/0628/DHB.f503 WK616DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 30/04/1952, to Ghana AF G-157, to Granbury AP, Texas, USA as N48260
C1/0629/DHB.f504 WK617DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 23/04/1952, d/d 01/06/1965 to Kenyan AF, dismantled at Wilson-Nairobi 1991
C1/0630/DHB.f508 WK618DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 09/05/1952, sold 23/08/1965 to Zambian Air Force as AF503, scr.
C1/0631/DHB.f509 WK619DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 02/05/1952, sold 01/09/1965 to Zambian Air Force as AF504, w/o 13/01/1970
C1/0632/DHB.f516 WK620DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 30/04/1952, w/o 19/05/1993, stored Turweston, to Enstone, to Hawarden
C1/0633/DHB.f521 WK621DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 02/05/1952, to Ardmore, Auckland, New Zealand as ZK-UAS
C1/0635/DHB.f518 WK622DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 02/05/1952, sold 02/04/1975, parts to WB555 rebuild
C1/0636/DHB.f519 WK623DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 13/05/1952, w/o 22/12/1961
C1/0637/DHB.f520 WK624DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 04/05/1952, sold 07/1995, to G-BWHI 08/09/1995, to Blackpool
C1/0638/DHB.f521 WK625DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 16/05/1952, s.o.c. 17/08/1954 as CAT 5(S)
C1/0639/DHB.f522 WK626DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 16/05/1952, to 8213M, to PAX 06/1972, pres. AeroVenture, Doncaster
C1/0640/DHB.f523 WK627DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 16/05/1952, to South Africa as ZS-JIT 21/04/1975
C1/0641/DHB.f525 WK628DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 16/05/1952, sold 17/10/1973, to G-BBMW 12/10/1973, to Goodwood
C1/0643/DHB.f526 WK629DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 13/05/1952, to South Africa as ZS-VTL
C1/0644/DHB.f527 WK630DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 13/05/1952, sold 27/02/1997, to G-BXDG 07/03/1997 Felthorpe, Norfolk
C1/0645/DHB.f532 WK631DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 19/05/1952, w/o 23/06/1966
C1/0646/DHB.f533 WK632DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 22/05/1952, w/o 30/03/1953, s.o.c. 20/04/1953 as CAT 5(S)
C1/0647/DHB.f534 WK633DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 22/05/1952, sold 07/1995, to G-BXEC 03/04/1997, Redhill Airfield, Surrey
C1/0648/DHB.f535 WK634DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 28/05/1952, to N4358H, to G-CIGE Dunkeswell
C1/0650/DHB.f541 WK635DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 05/06/1952, to G-HFRH 13/10/2010, to Hawarden
C1/0651/DHB.f542 WK636DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 05/06/1952, w/o 21/09/1967
C1/0652/DHB.f543WK637DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 05/06/1952, to USA as N122LT, w/o 07/04/1979
C1/0653/DHB.f544 WK638DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 03/06/1952, w/o 22/08/1999, under restoration Finningley
C1/0654/DHB.f545 WK639DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 05/06/1952, to USA as N6540C, w/o 23/06/2010
C1/0655/DHB.f546 WK640DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 03/06/1952, to G-BWUV 18/07/1996, w/o 20/02/2009, to YAM Elvington, N.Yorkshire
C1/0658/DHB.f547 WK641DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 03/06/1952, w/o 15/06/1956
C1/0659/DHB.f548 WK642DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 03/06/1952, sold 27/02/1997, to G-BXDP 27/02/1997, Kilrush, Ireland
C1/0660/DHB.f549 WK643DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 03/06/1952, to Cleveland-Cuyahoga, OH, USA as N643WK
C1/0661WP772DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 30/05/1952, w/o 04/05/1990, to RAF Manston History Museum
C1/0662WP773DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 03/06/1952, s.o.c. 23/07/1957 as CAT 5c at No.22 MU Silloth
C1/0663WP774DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 16/06/1952, w/o 30/04/1960
C1/0665WP775DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 03/06/1952, s.o.c. as CAT 5 G.I. at No.60 MU Ruffoth, scr. Church Fenton
C1/0666WP776DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 13/06/1952, transferred to Royal Navy 01/06/1971, to Canada 10/1994
C1/0667WP777DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 13/06/1952, w/o 28/03/1955
C1/0668WP778DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 18/06/1952, sold to G-BBNF 12/10/1973, w/o 23/05/1981
C1/0669WP779DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 19/06/1952, w/o 27/05/1954
C1/0670WP780DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 19/06/1952, w/o 30/01/1955
C1/0671WP781DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 19/06/1952, sold 21/05/1974, to USA as N31105, w/o 29/09/1976
C1/0673WP782DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 19/06/1952, s.o.c. 22/05/1958 at No.71 MU, Bicester, to USA as N12158
C1/0674WP783DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 19/06/1952, donated to Kenyan AF on 01/06/1965
C1/0675/DHB.f563WP784DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 19/06/1952, to Twyford (composite WZ876), pres. East Midlands Aeropark
C1/0676WP785DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 19/06/1952, sold 17/01/1974 at No.5 MU Kemble, to Sweden as SE-FOO
C1/0677WP786DHC Chipmunk T10Sold 30/05/1996, to Australia as VH-CPI
C1/0678UB176DHC Chipmunk
C1/0679WP787DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 23/06/1952, to Ghanaian AF, then to USA as N65350
C1/0680WP788DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 23/06/1952, sold to G-BCHL 20/06/1974, Rednal, Shropshire, to Sleap
C1/0681WP789DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 26/06/1952, sold to G-BCOS 10/10/1974, w/o 17/08/1981
C1/0682WP790DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 30/06/1952, to G-BBNC, b/u, rebuilt & pres. London Colney, Hertfordshire
C1/0683WP791DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 27/06/1952, w/o 24/07/1958, to G-APTS, to VH-ZIZ Parafield, Australia
C1/0684WP792DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 27/06/1952, sold 19/07/1956, to Australia as VH-FLC, to Goolwa
C1/0685WP793DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 27/06/1952, s.o.c. 02/04/1958 as CAT 5c at RAF Upwood, sold, to USA as N2533
C1/0686WP794DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 30/06/1952, w/o 24/10/1955
C1/0687WP795DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 30/06/1952, sold, to G-BVZZ 05/01/1995, to Netheravon
C1/0688WP796DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 01/07/1952, free transfer to Nigeria 24/02/1960, to 5N-AAG, Nigeria
C1/0689WP797DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 01/07/1952, sold 30/01/1976 at No.5 MU Kemble, to N31376, Chippewa Falls WI
C1/0690WP798DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 03/07/1952, sold 19/12/1955 at No.10 MU Hullavington to RJAF
C1/0691WP799DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 10/07/1952, sold to GSA Bicester, to G-BCSA, to Shenington
C1/0692WP800DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 10/07/1952, sold to G-BCXN 20/03/1975, to White Waltham
C1/0693WP801DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 10/07/1952, to Canada 01/1995, then to USA, to Sturgis SD as N801WP
C1/069512-131DHC Chipmunk T20Ex RDAF 12-131, P-131, SE-XFO, OY-PCH
C1/0696WP802DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 11/07/1952, to Ghanaian AF as G-153
C1/0697WP803DHC Chipmunk T10Sold 30/05/1996, to G-HAPY 03/07/1996, Booker, Buckinghamshire
C1/0698WP804DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 24/07/1952, sold 05/05/1976 at No.5 MU Kemble, to Australia as VH-QOZ
C1/0699WP805DHC Chipmunk T10Sold, to G-MAJR 25/09/1996, Lee-on-Solent, Hampshire
C1/0700WP806DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 21/07/1952, w/o 17/09/1955
C1/0702P-132DHC Chipmunk T20
C1/0703WP807DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 24/07/1952, sold, to G-BCHV 28/01/2004, to Cranwell, to Bedfordshire
C1/0704WP808DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 24/07/1952, sold 23/07/1975 to G-BDEU, w/o 03/01/2012, stored Prestwick
C1/0705WP809DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 28/07/1952, sold, to G-BVTX 02/08/1994, to Husbands Bosworth
C1/0706WP810DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 25/07/1952, sold 17/01/1974, to ZS-IZV East London, South Africa
C1/0707WP811DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 28/07/1952, sold 02/08/1974, to G-BCKN 05/08/1974, to Blackpool
C1/0708WP828DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 29/07/1952, w/o 25/05/1959
C1/0710WP829DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 28/07/1952, sold 20/03/1969 to Kenyan AF, to USA as N88925, to N829WP
C1/0711WP830DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 28/07/1952, sold 13/10/1975 at No.5 MU Kemble, to USA as N9256Z
C1/0712WP831DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 15/08/1952, sold 17/10/1973, to G-BBMT 12/10/1973, Graveley, Hertfordshire
C1/0713WP832DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 19/08/1952, sold 20/03/1975 at No.5 MU Kemble, to USA as N832WP
C1/0714WP833DHC Chipmunk T10To G-BZDU, to Eshott, to N918HF to N833WP at Chino, to Flabob, California 08/2018
C1/0715WP834DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 20/08/1952, w/o 23/06/1966
C1/0718WP835DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 24/08/1952, sold 25/04/1975, to West Germany as D-ERTY, Porta Westfalica
C1/0719WP836DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 28/08/1952, w/o 19/07/1960, to 7655M, derelict White Waltham by 1968
C1/0720WP837DHC Chipmunk T10Sold 27/02/1997, to Australia as VH-WPO, to Point Cook
C1/0721WP838DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 12/09/1952, w/o 12/09/1967
C1/0722WP839DHC Chipmunk T10Sold 30/05/1996, to G-BZXE, to Australia
C1/0723WP840DHC Chipmunk T10Sold 27/02/1997, to G-BXDM 28/02/1997, to F-AZQM Reims - Prunay, France
C1/0725WP841DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 28/08/1952, w/o 27/08/1961, to 7733M Alfreton ATC, fate?
C1/0726WP842DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 28/08/1952, w/o 21/10/1953
C1/0727WP843DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 06/09/1952, to G-BDBP 23/04/1975, to South Africa as ZS-COX
C1/0728WP844DHC Chipmunk T10To G-BWOX 27/03/1996, Shobdon, Herefordshire, to Adriers, France
C1/0729WP845DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 02/09/1952, w/o 17/07/1974, to PAX at St. Athan, Bruntingthorpe, to Canada
C1/0730WP846DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 06/09/1952, sold 22/05/1975 at No.5 MU Kemble, to USA as N125BB
C1/0731WP847DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 06/09/1952, scr. 11/04/1958 to Vendair Ltd, to HB-TUG, Buttwil, Switzerland
C1/0733WP848DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 02/09/1952, to G-BFAW 31/08/1977, to Old Buckenham, Norfolk
C1/0734WP849DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 02/09/1952, s.o.c. 06/06/1958 as CAT 5c, to Henlow, scrapped 11/1958
C1/0735WP850DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 06/09/1952, to G-ATDF 28/04/1965, to Mojave, USA as N735DH
C1/0736WP851DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 06/09/1952, to G-BDET, to PH-ZWA, to F-AZUU Chateauroux-Villers
C1/0737WP852DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 06/09/1952, sold 30/10/1974 at No.5 MU Kemble, to USA as N68029
C1/0738WP853DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 08/09/1952, w/o 20/05/1954, s.o.c. at No.54 MU Cambridge, parts to WP975
C1/0739WP854DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 16/09/1952, w/o 05/02/1962, to 7747M with No.9 AEF 28/03/1962, scr. 1966
C1/0740WP855DHC Chipmunk T10Sold 27/02/1997, to Australia as VH-JPA
C1/0741WP856DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 22/09/1952, to G-BVWP, to N856WP, Putnam County, Florida, USA
C1/0742WP857DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 23/09/1952, to G-BDRJ 19/02/1976, to Prestwick, South Ayrshire, Scotland
C1/0743WP858DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 23/09/1952, w/o 16/10/1955
C1/0744WP859DHC Chipmunk T10Sold 27/02/1997, to G-BXCP 27/02/1997, to Fishburn, departed
C1/0745172DHC Chipmunk T20
C1/0746173DHC Chipmunk T20
C1/0747WP860DHC Chipmunk T10Sold 27/02/1997, to G-BXDA 07/03/1997, to Eshott, Northumberland 01/2022
C1/0748WP861DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 02/10/1952, sold 13/10/1975, to USA as N681WP, to Masterton, New Zealand
C1/0749WP862DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 03/10/1952, w/o 19/04/1963, to PAX at Letchworth. Stolen 03/1989 and b/u
C1/0750/DHB.f646WP863DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 06/10/1952, to G-ATJI, to 8360M, to 2385 ATC Sqn, Melksham
C1/0751WP864DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 06/10/1952, to PAX at No.27 MU Shawbury, to Newton for G.I, to USA 1976
C1/0752WP865DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 06/10/1952, w/o 15/08/1960
C1/0755WP866DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 07/10/1952, d/d 31/01/1959 to RMAF, to 9M-AMP in Malaysia, w/o 02/02/1969
C1/0756WP867DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 10/10/1952, sold 20/03/1975 at No.5 MU Kemble, to Sweden as SE-FNP
C1/0757WP868DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 08/10/1952, w/o 07/10/1958
C1/0758WP869DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 08/10/1952, to PAX, to 8207M, to 8215M, to G-CLXD White Waltham
C1/0759WP870DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 17/10/1952, sold, to G-BCOI 24/09/1974, to Rayne Hall Farm, Essex
C1/0760WP871DHC Chipmunk T10Sold, to ZU-DXP, Rand, South Africa
C1/0761WP872DHC Chipmunk T10Sold 27/02/1997, to Canada, then to USA as N198DD, to Audley End, to G-IGES
C1/0763WP893DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 29/10/1953, sold 01/08/1958 to de Havilland, then to USA as N2UK
C1/0764WP894DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 27/10/1952, to Ghanaian AF, to USA as N894WP
C1/0765WP895DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 27/10/1952, w/o 12/07/1960, to 7650M, then to USA as N2247
C1/0766WP896DHC Chipmunk T10Sold, to G-BWVY 03/09/1996, Audley End, Essex, to Halton
C1/0767WP897DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 29/10/1952, sold 30/10/1974 at No.5 MU Kemble, to USA as N68028
C1/0769WP898DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 30/10/1952, w/o 02/05/1958
C1/0770WP899DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 29/10/1952, to G-BCSB 25/11/1974, w/o 04/03/2000, stored Halton
C1/0771WP900DHC Chipmunk T10Sold 10/1996, to France as F-AZJL
C1/0772WP901DHC Chipmunk T10Sold, to G-BWNT 07/03/1996, privately owned Biggin Hill, to Seppe
C1/0773WP902DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 31/10/1952, w/o 23/091954
C1/0776WP903DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 01/11/1952, sold 21/01/1974, to G-BCGC 13/03/1974, Henlow, Bedfordshire
C1/0777WP904DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 17/11/1952, to USA as N904WP
C1/0778WP905DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 17/11/1952, s.o.c. 27/04/1966, to 7438M, privately owned Old Warden
C1/0779WP906DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 17/11/1952, sold to Canada 10/1994
C1/0780WP907DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 17/11/1952, w/o 06/05/1957, to PAX as 7970M, scrapped Abingdon
C1/0782WP908DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 10/11/1952, w/o 03/08/1962
C1/0783WP909DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 17/11/1952, d/d 31/01/1959 to Malaysian AF, then to USA as N70727
C1/0784WP910DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 24/04/1952, w/o 03/05/1953
C1/0785WP911DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 12/12/1952, w/o 02/07/1958
C1/0786WP912DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 10/12/1952, to RAF Museum, Hendon as 8467M, to RAF Museum, Cosford
C1/0788WP913DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 12/12/1952, w/o 29/12/1958, scrapped 03/1959
C1/0789WP914DHC Chipmunk T10Sold, to France as F-AZSM
C1/0790WP915DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 12/12/1952, sold 21/10/1975 at No.5 MU Kemble, to USA as N915WP
C1/0791WP916DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 12/12/1952, w/o 27/09/1955
C1/0792WP917DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 12/12/1952, to G-APPA 11/09/1958, to Blackpool Airport
C1/0793WP918DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 11/12/1952, to 7632M, perished Manchester 03/1963
C1/0794P-139DHC Chipmunk
C1/0795WP919DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 1/12/1952, sold 30/09/1975 at No.5 MU Kemble, to Australia as VH-AFL
C1/0796WP920DHC Chipmunk T10To G-BXCR 03/03/1997, sold 27/02/1997 to South Africa as ZS-OMA
C1/0797WP921DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 24/12/1952, to G-ATJJ, rtnd WP921, PAX stored Brooklands Museum, Weybridge
C1/0798WP922DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 24/12/1952, w/o 02/11/1962
C1/0799WP923DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 31/12/1952, w/o 20/08/1953, s.o.c. 05/09/1953 as CAT 5s
C1/0800WP924DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 24/12/1952, to G-BBMX, to S√łnderborg, Denmark, to OY-MIK 02/2009
C1/0801WP925DHC Chipmunk T10Sold 08/05/1997, to G-BXHA 20/05/1997, to Biggin Hill
C1/0802P-140DHC Chipmunk 22
C1/0804WP926DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 06/01/1953, broken up as spares 1957 at Middle Wallop, scrapped 1962
C1/0805WP927DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 06/01/1953, to G-ATJK, rtnd WP927, to PAX, to 8216M, pres. Wyton, Cambs
C1/0806WP928DHC Chipmunk T10Sold, to G-BXGM 09/05/1997, Goodwood, West Sussex
C1/0807WP929DHC Chipmunk T10Sold, to G-BXCV 03/03/1997, Duxford, Cambridgeshire
C1/0808WP930DHC Chipmunk T10To G-BXHF 28/05/1997, to Goodwood, West Sussex
C1/0809WP962DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 06/06/1953, to RAF Museum, Hendon 05/05/2000, issued 9287M 16/05/2000
C1/0810WP963DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 11/02/1953, to PAX, to 8341M, then to USA circa 1979, to Moletai, Lithuania
C1/0826WP964DHC Chipmunk T10To Rand, South Africa as ZU-DXO
C1/0827WP965DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 26/01/19523, w/o 01/05/1972, s.o.c 06/06/1972
C1/0828WP966DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 03/02/19853, w/o 01/07/1957
C1/0829WP967DHC Chipmunk T10Sold 27/02/1997 to France as F-AZJQ
C1/0830WP968DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 03/02/1953, w/o 22/12/1965
C1/0835WP969DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 04/02/1953, to G-ATHC 26/07/1965, rear fuselage used on WB685
C1/0836WP970DHC Chipmunk T10Sold, to USA as N970WP
C1/0837WP971DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 04/02/1953, to G-ATHD, rtnd WP971, rtnd G-ATHD, based Denham
C1/0838WP972DHC Chipmunk T10To 8667M PAX, scr. Abingdon 1991
C1/0839WP973DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 27/02/1953, sold, to G-BCPU 24/10/1974, to White Waltham
C1/0840WP974DHC Chipmunk T10Sold 27/02/1997, to ZK-TAZ, Tauranga, New Zealand
C1/0841WP975DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 20/02/1953, to G-BAVH 10/04/1973, Lasham, Hampshire
C1/0842WP976DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 26/02/1953, w/o 17/06/1962
C1/0843WP977DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 27/02/1953, to G-BHRD 27/05/1980, w/o 21/01/1997, (C) pres. Abingdon,
C1/0844WP978DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 17/03/1953, to No.4 SoTT St. Athan, to 7467M, to Bicester, private Chivenor, PAX to private owner Stamford Area 2021
C1/0845WP979DHC Chipmunk T10w/o 23/05/1982, scrapped Swanton Morley 1993
C1/0846WP980DHC Chipmunk T10w/o 26/08/1993
C1/0847WP981DHC Chipmunk T10Sold 27/02/1997, to Australia as VH-SHX, to Archerfield
C1/0848WP982DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 16/03/1953, w/o 24/08/1959, to G-ARDW 29/07/1960, w/o 11/05/1968
C1/0849WP983DHC Chipmunk T10Sold 08/05/1997, to G-BXNN 04/08/1997, Eggesford, Devon
C1/0852WP984DHC Chipmunk T10Sold 30/05/1996, to G-BWTO 05/06/1996, Little Gransden, Cambridgeshire
C1/0853WP985DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 24/03/1953, to Malaysia 9M-ANB, scrapped 1965
C1/0854WP986DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 31/03/1953, w/o 11/06/1965
C1/0861WP987DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 07/04/1953, sold 27/02/1956 at No.10 MU Hullavington to RJAF T-201
C1/0862WP988DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 07/04/1953, to G-AOTM 11/07/1956, to USA as N65312, then to N122DH
C1/0863WZ845DHC Chipmunk T10Sold 03/1997
C1/0864WZ846DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 10/04/1953, to 8439M, ex Chatham ATC, to 2427 Sqn ATC, Biggin Hill
C1/0866WZ847DHC Chipmunk T10To G-CPMK
C1/0867WZ848DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 08/04/1953, w/o 24/09/1955
C1/0868WZ849DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 20/04/1953, sold 17/10/1973 to G-BBMU, to Washington, USA as N31351
C1/0871WZ850DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 20/04/1953, w/o 14/06/1969
C1/0872WZ851DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 27/04/1953, d/d 19/03/1956 to RJAF as T-203
C1/0873WZ852DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 29/04/1953, w/o 06/09/55
C1/0875WZ853DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 30/04/1953, to G-ASFE, w/o 16/08/1964
C1/0877WZ854DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 29/04/1953, w/o 29/05/1959
C1/0878P-143DHC Chipmunk 22
C1/0879WZ855DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 04/05/1953, w/o 06/04/1956
C1/0880WZ856DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 05/05/1953, sold 27/02/1997 at Newton, to Victoria, Australia as VH-DHW
C1/0881/DHB.f777P-142DHC Chipmunk 22Ex 12-142
C1/0883WZ857DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 05/05/1953, w/o 04/04/1963
C1/0884WZ858DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 04/05/1953, to G-BBSE, later G-DHCI, w/o 18/02/2003
C1/0886WZ859DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 04/05/1953, to N22DH, w/o 09/11/2011, Benton Field, Kansas
C1/0887WZ860DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 11/05/1953, to G-BDCH, to N124VH, then to Indiana, USA as N26JH
C1/0889WZ861DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 11/05/1953, w/o 26/06/1970
C1/0890WZ862DHC Chipmunk T10To South Africa 03/1997
C1/0891P-145DHC Chipmunk 22
C1/0892WZ863DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 04/06/1953, d/d 19/03/1956 to RJAF
C1/0893WZ864DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 16/03/1953, w/o 07/12/1966
C1/0895WZ865DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 04/06/1953, to USA as N67269, to N895WP, to Australia 2012
C1/0896WZ866DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 04/06/1953, to 8217M, scr. Firbeck, Yorkshire 03/1999
C1/0897/DHB.f786P-146DHC Chipmunk 22Ex RDAF 12-146, P-146, to OY-ATL @ Padborg
C1/0898WZ867DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 06/1953, to 7439M, to G-APOY, LN-EHL, fuselage stored Skien, Norway
C1/0899WZ868DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 16/06/1953, to G-BCIW, w/o 26/11/1991, stored Jandakot, Australia
C1/0900WZ869DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 25/06/1953, w/o 20/05/1968, to PAX, to St. Athan Museum
C1/0901WZ870DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 18/06/1953, w/o 01/11/1959
C1/0902P-147DHC Chipmunk 22Ex RDAF 12-147, to P-147, to OY-ALD
C1/0904WZ871DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 25/06/1953, w/o 20/09/1954
C1/0905WZ872DHC Chipmunk T10To G-BZGB at Blackpool Airport, to Spanhoe Lodge 30/09/2021
C1/0907WZ873DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 26/06/1953
C1/0910WZ874DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 09/07/1953, w/o 02/05/1968, to G-CPMK
C1/0911WZ875DHC Chipmunk T10w/o 05/03/1978
C1/0913WZ876DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 09/07/1953, to G-BBWN, w/o 25/09/1996, (C) Tangmere Museum
C1/0915WZ877DHC Chipmunk T10Sold to France 06/1997, to F-AZLI, to Berck Sur Mer, France
C1/0916WZ878DHC Chipmunk T10Sold to France
C1/0918WZ879DHC Chipmunk T10To G-BWUT Audley End
C1/0921/DHB.f809WZ880DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 30/07/1953, w/o 07/06/1959
C1/0922/DHB.f810WZ881DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 30/07/1953, d/d 24/02/1960, to Krugersdorp, South Africa as ZS-ONE
C1/0924WZ884DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 01/10/1953, to G-BXGL
C1/0927/DHB.f817WZ882DHC Chipmunk T10To G-BXGP and operated from Eaglescott, Devon, to Bourne Park
C1/0930WZ883DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 07/09/1953, to G-APSB, to Florida, USA as N111PR, w.f.u. 25/06/2009
C1/09421655DHC Chipmunk T20
C1/1003600DHC Chipmunk T20Ex G-5-15
OGMA-071317DHC Chipmunk T20To CS-AZM n.t.u, to St. Athan 16/03/2021
OGMA-111321DHC Chipmunk T.20
OGMA-121322DHC Chipmunk Mk.20Ex FAP, wreck reported Beja, presumed scrapped
OGMA-131323DHC Chipmunk Mk.20
OGMA-141324DHC Chipmunk
OGMA-181328DHC Chipmunk T20
OGMA-241334DHC Chipmunk Mk.20
OGMA-301340DHC Chipmunk T20Ex FAP, to CS-DAI, to G-SETH, to St Athan stored 09/14
OGMA-321342DHC Chipmunk T20Ex FAP, to CS-DAJ, to St Athan stored 09/14
OGMA-351345DHC Chipmunk T20To CS-DAO, to G-AOCP
OGMA-401350DHC Chipmunk T.20
OGMA-431353DHC Chipmunk T20Ex FAP,to G-CDWF Canx 25/02/08, to C-????.
OGMA-441354DHC Chipmunk 22
OGMA-481358DHC Chipmunk 22
OGMA-501360DHC Chipmunk T20Ex FAP, CS-DAP, G-CHPM, G-BYYU, N1360A, to Poland
OGMA-551365DHC Chipmunk T.20
OGMA-571367DHC Chipmunk T20Ex FAP 1367, to CS-DAQ, to G-BYYW, to G-UANO
OGMA-591369DHC Chipmunk T20Ex FAP, to CS-DAD, imported to the UK and scrapped circa 2005 at Stamford
OGMA-621372DHC Chipmunk 22Ex PortAF 1372, to OO-NPO, to HB-TUM, wreck noted stored at Lausanne in May 2011.
OGMA-631373DHC Chipmunk 22
OGMA-651375DHC Chipmunk
OGMA-661376DHC Chipmunk Mk.20
2318001DHC Chipmunk
2518003DHC Chipmunk 1A-1
109-147F9-13/93DHC Chipmunk
141-17918012DHC Chipmunk
151/18918017DHC Chipmunk
166/20418028DHC Chipmunk
173/21118035DHC Chipmunk
176-21412038DHC Chipmunk DHC-1
177/21518039DHC Chipmunk
180/21818042DHC Chipmunk 1B-2-S5
182/22018044DHC Chipmunk
186-22412048DHC Chipmunk CT-120
190/22818052DHC Chipmunk
192/23018054DHC Chipmunk
196/23418058DHC Chipmunk
204/24218066DHC Chipmunk
208/24612070DHC Chipmunk
210-24818072DHC Chipmunk
20994712071DHC Chipmunk DHC-1B

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