Hughes 269

UnknownHughes Osage TH-55A
67-16929Hughes Osage TH-55A
67-15422Hughes Osage TH-55A
64-18104Hughes Osage TH-55A
-Hughes Osage TH-55A
67-16963Hughes Osage TH-55A
67-16902Hughes Osage TH-55A
64-18054Hughes Osage TH-55A
64-18058Hughes Osage TH-55A
66-18274Hughes Osage TH-55A
67-16694Hughes Osage TH-55A
67-16825Hughes Osage TH-55A
67-16856Hughes Osage TH-55A
64-18217Hughes Osage TH-55A
67-16996Hughes Osage TH-55A
05244Hughes 269 Hkp.5B
unknownHughes 269
unknownHughes 269
18000Hughes Osage TH-55A
67-16908Hughes Osage TH-55A
67-16755Hughes Osage TH-55A
UnknownHughes Osage TH-55A
67-16998Hughes Osage TH-55A
S109110302Hughes 269 C
S114510330Hughes 269 C
S125705240Hughes 269 Hkp.5B
S125805241Hughes 269 HPK.5B
S127005246Hughes 269 Hkp.5B
S1774ES-PSFHughes 269 C
16-043864-18126Hughes Osage TH-55A
19-0411IN083Hughes 269 B
29-107667-16969Hughes Osage TH-55A
29-109667-16989Hughes Osage TH-55A
38-081067-16703Hughes Osage TH-55A
38-081167-16704Hughes Osage TH-55A
42-0066XS349Hughes 269 AEx G-ASBL, ex G-17-1, d/d 13/07/1962, to XS684 21/06/1963
42-0066XS684Hughes 269 AEx G-ASBL, ex G-17-1, XS349, to G-ASBL, w/o 27/10/1964 at Fairlop
004905215Hughes 269 Hkp.5A
52-0081XS685Hughes 269 AEx G-ASBD, ex G-17-2, to G-ASBD, w/o 01/08/1981 at South Driffield
56-053464-18194Hughes Osage TH-55A
68-0695HL-4087Hughes 269 C
78-0715HL-4090Hughes 269 C
78-090267-16795Hughes Osage TH-55A
78-091467-16807Hughes Osage TH-55A
88-0705HE.20-2Hughes 269 Cscrapped following a roof collapse at Malaga Technical School
88-0707HE.20-03Hughes 269 C
95-037164-18059Hughes Osage TH-55A
105-039464-18082Hughes Osage TH-55A
117-073067-15386Hughes Osage TH-55A
128-0747HE.20-13Hughes 269 C
128-0754HE.20-15Hughes 269 C
014561307Hughes Osage TH-55J
020461313Hughes Osage TH-55J
021761317Hughes Osage TH-55J
023161322Hughes Osage TH-55J
029161324Hughes Osage TH-55J
029861326Hughes Osage TH-55J
031061328Hughes Osage TH-55J
032161329Hughes Osage TH-55J
033261332Hughes Osage TH-55J
034461335Hughes Osage TH-55J
036764-18055Hughes Osage TH-55A
037864-18066Hughes Osage TH-55A
038264-18070Hughes Osage TH-55A
039264-18080Hughes Osage TH-55A
042561336Hughes Osage TH-55J
048164-18169Hughes Osage TH-55AEx Shoreham, w/o 28/07/2008
055765-18245Hughes Osage TH-55A
056465-18252Hughes Osage TH-55A
060266-18319Hughes Osage TH-55AEx US Army 66-18319, ex N602CH, ex G-FSDH
062266-18310Hughes Osage TH-55A
0704HE.20-01Hughes 269 C
0706HE.20-09Hughes 269 C
0726HE.20-04Hughes 269 C
0728HE.20-06Hughes 269 C
0729HE.20-07Hughes 269 C
0730HE.20-08Hughes 269 C
073667-15392Hughes Osage TH-55A
0755HE.20-16Hughes 269 C
0756 67-15412Hughes Osage TH-55A
076267-15418Hughes Osage TH-55A
077367-15429Hughes Osage TH-55A
078267-15438Hughes Osage TH-55A
080667-16699Hughes Osage TH-55A
084067-16733Hughes Osage TH-55A
084967-16742Hughes Osage TH-55A
085967-16752Hughes Osage TH-55A
088405221Hughes 269 Hkp.5B
089805222Hughes 269 Hkp.5B
090305223Hughes 269 Hkp.5Bw/o and scrapped
0949 67-16842Hughes Osage TH-55A
095567-16848Hughes Osage TH-55A
098467-16877Hughes Osage TH-55A
098567-16878Hughes Osage TH-55A
098667-16879Hughes Osage TH-55A
101767-16910Hughes Osage TH-55A
102467-16917Hughes Osage TH-55A
103167-16924Hughes Osage TH-55A
104005230Hughes 269 Hkp.5B
104405224Hughes 269 Hkp.5B
105167-16944Hughes Osage TH-55A
105205225Hughes 269 Hkp.5B
105305226Hughes 269 Hkp.5BEx Dattenburg, to Bavaria
106267-16955Hughes Osage TH-55A
106567-16958Hughes Osage TH-55A
106705228Hughes 269 Hkp.5B
106905227Hughes 269 Hkp.5B
107367-16966Hughes Osage QTH-55A
107505229Hughes 269 C
107567-16968Hughes Osage TH-55A
116705231Hughes 269 Hkp.5B
116805232Hughes 269 Hkp.5B
118805233Hughes 269 Hkp.5B
118905234Hughes 269 Hkp.5B
119005235Hughes 269 Hkp.5B
121905238Hughes 269 Hkp.5B
125605239Hughes 269 Hkp.5B
125905242Hughes 269 HPK.5B
126705243Hughes 269 HPK.5BEx Dattenburg, to Bavaria
0524505245Hughes 269 Hkp.5B
58086667-16759Hughes Osage TH-55A
115042364-18111Hughes Osage TH-55A
1280746HE.20-12Hughes 269 C

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