Lockheed Neptune

131410Lockheed Neptune EP-2H
WX619Lockheed Neptune MR1Canx
WX620Lockheed Neptune MR1Canx
WX621Lockheed Neptune MR1Canx
WX622Lockheed Neptune MR1Canx
WX623Lockheed Neptune MR1Canx
WX624Lockheed Neptune MR1Canx
WX625Lockheed Neptune MR1Canx
WX626Lockheed Neptune MR1Canx
WX627Lockheed Neptune MR1Canx
WX628Lockheed Neptune MR1Canx
WX629Lockheed Neptune MR1Canx
WX630Lockheed Neptune MR1Canx
WX631Lockheed Neptune MR1Canx
WX632Lockheed Neptune MR1Canx
WX633Lockheed Neptune MR1Canx
WX634Lockheed Neptune MR1Canx
WX648Lockheed Neptune MR1Canx
WX649Lockheed Neptune MR1Canx
WX650Lockheed Neptune MR1Canx
WX651Lockheed Neptune MR1Canx
WX652Lockheed Neptune MR1Canx
WX653Lockheed Neptune MR1Canx
WX654Lockheed Neptune MR1Canx
WX655Lockheed Neptune MR1Canx
WX656Lockheed Neptune MR1Canx
WX657Lockheed Neptune MR1Canx
WX658Lockheed Neptune MR1Canx
WX659Lockheed Neptune MR1Canx
WX660Lockheed Neptune MR1Canx
WX661Lockheed Neptune MR1Canx
WX662Lockheed Neptune MR1Canx
WX663Lockheed Neptune MR1Canx
WX664Lockheed Neptune MR1Canx
WX665Lockheed Neptune MR1Canx
WX666Lockheed Neptune MR1Canx
WX667Lockheed Neptune MR1Canx
WX668Lockheed Neptune MR1Canx
WX669Lockheed Neptune MR1Canx
WX670Lockheed Neptune MR1Canx
WX671Lockheed Neptune MR1Canx
WX672Lockheed Neptune MR1Canx
131427Lockheed Neptune SP-2E
WX673Lockheed Neptune MR1Canx
WX674Lockheed Neptune MR1Canx
WX675Lockheed Neptune MR1Canx
WX676Lockheed Neptune MR1Canx
WX677Lockheed Neptune MR1Canx
WX678Lockheed Neptune MR1Canx
WX679Lockheed Neptune MR1Canx
WX680Lockheed Neptune MR1Canx
WX681Lockheed Neptune MR1Canx
WX682Lockheed Neptune MR1Canx
WX683Lockheed Neptune MR1Canx
WX684Lockheed Neptune MR1Canx
WX685Lockheed Neptune MR1Canx
WX686Lockheed Neptune MR1Canx
WX687Lockheed Neptune MR1Canx
WX688Lockheed Neptune MR1Canx
WX689Lockheed Neptune MR1Canx
WX690Lockheed Neptune MR1Canx
WX691Lockheed Neptune MR1Canx
145915Lockheed Neptune SP-2H
147941Lockheed Neptune SP-2H
WX557Lockheed Neptune MR1Canx
WX558Lockheed Neptune MR1Canx
WX559Lockheed Neptune MR1Canx
WX560Lockheed Neptune MR1Canx
WX561Lockheed Neptune MR1Canx
WX562Lockheed Neptune MR1Canx
WX563Lockheed Neptune MR1Canx
WX564Lockheed Neptune MR1Canx
WX565Lockheed Neptune MR1Canx
WX566Lockheed Neptune MR1Canx
WX567Lockheed Neptune MR1Canx
WX568Lockheed Neptune MR1Canx
WX569Lockheed Neptune MR1Canx
WX570Lockheed Neptune MR1Canx
WX571Lockheed Neptune MR1Canx
WX572Lockheed Neptune MR1Canx
WX573Lockheed Neptune MR1Canx
WX574Lockheed Neptune MR1Canx
WX575Lockheed Neptune MR1Canx
WX576Lockheed Neptune MR1Canx
WX577Lockheed Neptune MR1Canx
WX578Lockheed Neptune MR1Canx
WX579Lockheed Neptune MR1Canx
WX580Lockheed Neptune MR1Canx
WX581Lockheed Neptune MR1Canx
WX582Lockheed Neptune MR1Canx
WX583Lockheed Neptune MR1Canx
WX584Lockheed Neptune MR1Canx
WX585Lockheed Neptune MR1Canx
WX586Lockheed Neptune MR1Canx
WX587Lockheed Neptune MR1Canx
WX588Lockheed Neptune MR1Canx
WX589Lockheed Neptune MR1Canx
WX590Lockheed Neptune MR1Canx
WX591Lockheed Neptune MR1Canx
WX616Lockheed Neptune MR1Canx
WX617Lockheed Neptune MR1Canx
WX618Lockheed Neptune MR1Canx
26-100389082Lockheed Neptune XP2V-1
426-5021A89-302Lockheed Neptune SP-2H
426-5028WX493Lockheed Neptune MR1Ex 51-15914, d/d 13/01/1952, s.o.c. 08/08/1957 as CAT 5 (c) at No.63 MU Kinloss
426-5029WX494Lockheed Neptune MR1Ex 51-15915, d/d 13/01/1952, s.o.c. 08/08/1957 as CAT 5 (c) at No.63 MU Kinloss
426-5050WX498Lockheed Neptune MR1Ex 51-15916, d/d 29/07/1952, s.o.c. 08/08/1957 as CAT 5 (c) at No.63 MU Kinloss
426-5056WX495Lockheed Neptune MR1Ex 51-15917, d/d 03/07/1952, scr. 11/11/1958 at No.22 MU Silloth
426-5063WX496Lockheed Neptune MR1Ex 51-15918, d/d 03/07/1952, scr. 11/11/1958 at No.22 MU Silloth
426-5070WX497Lockheed Neptune MR1Ex 51-15919, d/d 01/07/1952, scr. 22/09/1958 at No.22 MU Silloth
426-5095WX502Lockheed Neptune MR1Ex 51-15920, d/d 16/11/1952, d/d 06/03/1958 to Argentine Naval Commission as 0408
426-5096WX499Lockheed Neptune MR1Ex 51-15921, d/d 20/11/1952, scr. 22/09/1958 at No.22 MU Silloth
426-5097WX501Lockheed Neptune MR1Ex 51-15922, d/d 20/11/1952, scr. 22/09/1958 at No.22 MU Silloth
426-5098WX500Lockheed Neptune MR1Ex 51-15923, d/d 20/11/1952, scr. 22/09/1958 at No.22 MU Silloth
426-5099WX503Lockheed Neptune MR1Ex 51-15924, d/d 04/12/1952, s.o.c. 08/08/1957as CAT 5 (c) at No.63 MU Kinloss
426-5105WX509Lockheed Neptune MR1Ex 51-15925, d/d 07/02/1953, to USA, to Brazil as FAB7007, w/o 21/08/1959
426-5106WX511Lockheed Neptune MR1Ex 51-15926, d/d 18/02/1953, w/o 22/01/1957, CAT 5 (s) 05/04/1957 at Kinloss
426-5107WX514Lockheed Neptune MR1Ex 51-15927, d/d 21/02/1953, scr. 22/09/1958 at No.22 MU Silloth
426-5108WX556Lockheed Neptune MR1Ex 51-15928, d/d 15/11/1954, to USA, to Brazil as FAB7006, w/o 16/04/1967
426-5109WX510Lockheed Neptune MR1Ex 51-15929, d/d 14/02/1953, w/o 13/10/1955
426-5117WX504Lockheed Neptune MR1Ex 51-15930, d/d 18/12/1952, scr. 22/09/1958 at No.22 MU Silloth
426-5118WX505Lockheed Neptune MR1Ex 51-15931, d/d 20/12/1952, to USA, to Brazil as FAB7008, w/o 29/08/1963
426-5119WX506Lockheed Neptune MR1Ex 51-15932, d/d 07/01/1953, scr. 22/09/1958 at No.22 MU Silloth
426-5120WX508Lockheed Neptune MR1Ex 51-15933, d/d 19/01/1953, scr. 22/09/1958 at No.22 MU Silloth
426-5121WX507Lockheed Neptune MR1Ex 51-15934, d/d 07/01/1953, scr. 14/11/1958 at No.22 MU Silloth
426-5131WX515Lockheed Neptune MR1Ex 51-15935, d/d 07/03/1953, to USA, to Brazil as FAB7001, w/o 31/07/1962
426-5132WX512Lockheed Neptune MR1Ex 51-15936, d/d 18/02/1953, to Argentine Naval Commission as 0409, scr.
426-5133WX517Lockheed Neptune MR1Ex 51-15937, d/d 13/03/1953, scr. 14/11/1958 at No.22 MU Silloth
426-5134WX516Lockheed Neptune MR1Ex 51-15938, d/d 09/03/1953, to Argentine Naval Commission as 0413, scr.
426-5135WX513Lockheed Neptune MR1Ex 51-15939, d/d 21/02/1953, to Argentine Naval Commission as 0410, scr.
426-5145WX552Lockheed Neptune MR1Ex 51-15940, d/d 18/05/1955, scr. 14/11/1958 at No.22 MU Silloth
426-5146WX522Lockheed Neptune MR1Ex 51-15941, d/d 13/04/1953, to Argentine Naval Commission 0414, w/o 07/11/1965
426-5147WX519Lockheed Neptune MR1Ex 51-15942, d/d 04/04/1953, to USA, to Brazil as FAB7005, w.f.u. 08/06/1976
426-5148WX521Lockheed Neptune MR1Ex 51-15943, d/d 07/04/1953, to USA, to Brazil as FAB7003, w.f.u. 21/06/1976
426-5149WX520Lockheed Neptune MR1Ex 51-15944, d/d 07/04/1953, scr. 14/11/1958 at No.22 MU Silloth
426-5150WX542Lockheed Neptune MR1Ex 51-15945, d/d 22/04/1953, w/o 15/01/1954
426-5151WX526Lockheed Neptune MR1Ex 51-15946, d/d 19/04/1953, scr. 14/11/1958 at No.22 MU Silloth
426-5152WX518Lockheed Neptune MR1Ex 51-15947, d/d 20/03/1953, scr. 14/11/1958 at No.22 MU Silloth
426-5153WX525Lockheed Neptune MR1Ex 51-15948, d/d 18/04/1953, to USA, to Brazil FAB7009, pres. Salvador, Brazil
426-5154WX523Lockheed Neptune MR1Ex 51-15949, d/d 13/04/1953, to USA, to Brazil as FAB7011, w.f.u. 27/03/1973
426-5155WX524Lockheed Neptune MR1Ex 51-15950, d/d 17/04/1953, to Argentine Naval Commission as 0415, scr.
426-5156WX528Lockheed Neptune MR1Ex 51-15951, d/d 19/04/1953, scr. 22/09/1958 at No.22 MU Silloth
426-5157WX529Lockheed Neptune MR1Ex 51-15952, d/d 18/04/1953, to USA, to Brazil FAB7010, pres. Afonsos, Brazil
426-5158WX527Lockheed Neptune MR1Ex 51-15953, d/d 18/04/1953, to Argentine Naval Commission as 0411, scr.
426-5159WX546Lockheed Neptune MR1Ex 51-15954, d/d 04/05/1953, w/o 27/11/1956, s.o.c. 26/02/1957 as CAT 5 (s)
426-5160WX545Lockheed Neptune MR1Ex 51-15955, d/d 01/05/1953, w/o 10/10/1956
426-5161WX543Lockheed Neptune MR1Ex 51-15956, d/d 27/04/1953, to USA, to Brazil as FAB7000, w.f.u. 22/03/1973
426-5162WX544Lockheed Neptune MR1Ex 51-15957, d/d 27/04/1953, to USA, to Brazil as FAB7002, w.f.u. 17/09/1973
426-5163WX547Lockheed Neptune MR1Ex 51-15958, d/d 05/05/1953, w/o 13/01/1956, remains destroyed Hal Far, Malta
426-5164WX555Lockheed Neptune MR1Ex 51-15959, d/d 21/07/1953, to USA, to Brazil as FAB7004, w.f.u. 30/07/1975
426-5165WX548Lockheed Neptune MR1Ex 51-15960, d/d 07/05/1953, to USA, to Brazil as FAB7012, w.f.u. 30/03/1972
426-5166WX549Lockheed Neptune MR1Ex 51-15961, d/d 08/05/1953, to Argentine Naval Commission as 0412
426-5167WX550Lockheed Neptune MR1Ex 51-15962, d/d 13/05/1953, scr. 14/11/1958 at No.22 MU Silloth
426-5168WX551Lockheed Neptune MR1Ex 51-15963, d/d 13/05/1953, scr. 11/11/1958 at No.22 MU Silloth
426-5169WX553Lockheed Neptune MR1Ex 51-15964, d/d 18/05/1953, to USA, to Brazil as FAB7013, w.f.u. 29/10/1974
426-5170WX554Lockheed Neptune MR1Ex 51-15965, d/d 03/06/1953, scr. 11/11/1958 at No.22 MU Silloth
426-5238128392Lockheed Neptune SP-2E
426-52834711Lockheed Neptune SP-2E
426-5305131424Lockheed Neptune SP-2H
426-5326131445Lockheed Neptune SP-2E
426-5337131456Lockheed Neptune SP-2H
426-5340131459Lockheed Neptune SP-2E
426-5403131522Lockheed Neptune SP-2E
526-5383131502Lockheed Neptune P-2E
526-5423131542Lockheed Neptune SP-2E
726-7035135588Lockheed Neptune SP-2H
726-7039135596Lockheed Neptune SP-2H
726-7052135620Lockheed Neptune AP-2H
726-7057140154Lockheed Neptune SP-2H
726-7065140963Lockheed Neptune SP-2H
726-7129143173Lockheed Neptune SP-2H
726-7136144685Lockheed Neptune SP-2H
726-7139144688Lockheed Neptune SP-2H
726-7143216Lockheed Neptune SP-2H144692, ex Valkenburg
726-7157218Lockheed Neptune SP-2H146438
726-7167145905Lockheed Neptune SP-2H
726-7177147563Lockheed Neptune SP-2H
726-7183147566Lockheed Neptune SP-2H
726-7184145917Lockheed Neptune SP-2H
726-7185147567Lockheed Neptune SP-2H
726-7192145921Lockheed Neptune SP-2H
726-7198147948Lockheed Neptune SP-2H
726-7199147949Lockheed Neptune SP-2H
726-7200147950Lockheed Neptune SP-2H
726-7204147954Lockheed Neptune SP-2H
726-7209147959Lockheed Neptune SP-2H
726-7215147965Lockheed Neptune SP-2H
726-7218147968Lockheed Neptune SP-2H
726-7223148338Lockheed Neptune EP-2H
726-7224148339Lockheed Neptune SP-2H
726-7226148341Lockheed Neptune SP-2H
726-7228148343Lockheed Neptune DP-2H
726-7229148344Lockheed Neptune SP-2H
726-7236148351Lockheed Neptune DP-2H
726-7241201Lockheed Neptune SP-2H
726-7243148355Lockheed Neptune SP-2H
726-7247148357Lockheed Neptune SP-2H
726-7251204Lockheed Neptune SP-2H
726-7256148360Lockheed Neptune SP-2H
726-7257207Lockheed Neptune SP-2HBroken up 12/81
726-7260148362Lockheed Neptune SP-2H
726-7263210Lockheed Neptune SP-2H
726-7264148335Lockheed Neptune SP-2H
726-7272A89-272Lockheed Neptune P2V-7
726-7273A89-273Lockheed Neptune SP-2H
726-7275A89-275Lockheed Neptune P2V-7
726-7277A89-277Lockheed Neptune P2V-7
726-7279A89-279Lockheed Neptune P2V-7
726-7280A89-280Lockheed Neptune P2V-7
726-7281A89-281Lockheed Neptune SP-2HEx 149081
726-7282150279Lockheed Neptune SP-2H
726-7285150281Lockheed Neptune SP-2H
826-801024110Lockheed Neptune P-2Hw/o 03/06/2012
826-801324113Lockheed Neptune P-2H
20024618Lockheed Neptune P2V-7
20214701Lockheed Neptune P-2J
5192128346Lockheed Neptune SP-2H
5228128382Lockheed Neptune P-2E
5239128393Lockheed Neptune SP-2H
5248128402Lockheed Neptune SP-2E
5268128422Lockheed Neptune SP-2E
5344131463Lockheed Neptune SP-2E
5366131485Lockheed Neptune AP-2A
5367131482Lockheed Neptune P-2E
5387131506Lockheed Neptune SP-2E
7095 140436Lockheed Neptune LP-2J
7102140443Lockheed Neptune SP-2H
7106141234Lockheed Neptune SP-2H
7158144681Lockheed Neptune SP-2H
7168145906Lockheed Neptune SP-2H
7216147966Lockheed Neptune SP-2H

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