Westland Scout

XP193Westland Scout AH1Canx
XW800Westland Scout AH1Canx
XW801Westland Scout AH1Canx
F.96185X-UUXWestland Scout Srs.1To G-BKLJ
F9472XP846Westland Scout AH1f/f 20/10/1961, last noted ground instructional use at No.39 Rgt Waterbeach
F9473XP847Westland Scout AH1Pres. Museum of Army Flying, Middle Wallop
F9474XP848Westland Scout AH1d/d 09/06/1962, to FAST Museum, Farnborough 03/09/2015 for display
F9475XP849Westland Scout AH1d/d 20/07/1962, w/o 03/04/1997, to G-CBUH, to ZK-HQU Wanaka, New Zealand, to Moteuka
F9476XP850Westland Scout AH1d/d 01/04/1962, scrapped Dishforth 1995
F9477XP851Westland Scout AH1d/d 1962, w/o 10/05/1963
F9478XP852Westland Scout AH1d/d 06/11/1962, to G.I. Wattisham, probaby scrapped
F9479XP853Westland Scout AH1d/d 19/11/1962, ex Bramley, Dunkeswell, pres. Sutton, Surrey
F9480XP854Westland Scout AH1d/d 29/01/1963, w/o 23/03/1965, to 7898M, to TAD043, to Abridge, Essex
F9481XP855Westland Scout AH1d/d 29/01/1963, to G.I. Arborfield 29/06/1992, to Arncott
F9482XP856Westland Scout AH1d/d 31/01/1963, l/n Gloucester 12/2008, departed prior to 03/2011
F9483XP857Westland Scout AH1d/d 04/02/1963, scrapped Middle Wallop
F9484XP883Westland Scout AH1d/d 04/02/1963, cabin pres. Wymeswold area
F9485XP884Westland Scout AH1d/d 06/02/1963, spares use Middle Wallop, to North Weald 08/2021, to Northern Ireland
F9486XP885Westland Scout AH1d/d 30/04/1963, to BDRT Wattisham, probaby scrapped
F9487XP886Westland Scout AH1d/d 07/02/1963, stored Helicopter Museum, Weston-super-Mare
F9488XP887Westland Scout AH1d/d 01/05/1963, scrapped Sek Kong 1994
F9489XP888Westland Scout AH1d/d 04/04/1963, to Sproughton, to private owner in the UK 12/2019
F9490XP889Westland Scout AH1d/d 05/04/1963, w/o 23/02/1965
F9491XP890Westland Scout AH1d/d 05/04/1963, to Ipswich area, Suffolk
F9492XP891Westland Scout AH1d/d 01/05/1963, to ZK-HZS New Zealand
F9493XP892Westland Scout AH1d/d 01/05/1963, w/o 17/11/1964
F9494XP893Westland Scout AH1d/d 01/05/1963, expired Middle Wallop fire dump around 2001
F9495XP894Westland Scout AH1d/d 01/05/1963, scrapped Sek Kong 1994
F9496XP895Westland Scout AH1d/d 06/05/1963, damaged 11/11/1966, preserved Woodley, Berkshire
F9497XP896Westland Scout AH1d/d 30/05/1963, w/o 20/11/1973
F9498XP897Westland Scout AH1d/d 11/06/1963, scrapped Soest, Germany during 1990's
F9499XP898Westland Scout AH1d/d 17/06/1963, scrapped Minden, Germany during 1990's
F9500XP899Westland Scout AH1d/d 18/10/1963, to G.I. at Arborfield, to Middle Wallop, pres. Old Sarum
F9501XP900Westland Scout AH1d/d 10/09/1963, to BDRT Wattisham, probaby scrapped
F9502XP901Westland Scout AH1d/d 11/09/1963, w/o 18/01/1983
F9503XP902Westland Scout AH1d/d 10/09/1963, cabin pres. Aeroventure Doncaster
F9504XP903Westland Scout AH1d/d 10/09/1963, last noted Detmold, Germany
F9505XP904Westland Scout AH1d/d 02/10/1963, w/o 12/05/1978
F9506XP905Westland Scout AH1d/d 02/10/1963, pres. Sproughton, stored Doncaster Museum
F9507XP906Westland Scout AH1d/d 03/10/1963, w/o 12/03/1985
F9508XP907Westland Scout AH1d/d 04/11/1963, to G-SROE 26/10/1995, privately owned Clopton
F9509XP908Westland Scout AH1d/d 13/11/1963, crashed 13/08/1980, to Batamas scrapyard, Kuala Belait, Brunei
F9510XP909Westland Scout AH1d/d 15/11/1963, w/o 19/02/1991
F9511XP910Westland Scout AH1d/d 06/12/1963, w/o 13/09/1989, to Middle Wallop Museum
F9517XR595Westland Scout AH1f/f 12/12/1963, d/d 07/01/1964, to G-BWHU, to private owner Southam
F9518XR596Westland Scout AH1d/d 07/01/1964, w/o 15/07/1964
F9519XR597Westland Scout AH1d/d 24/01/1974, to Everett Aero, Sproughton, pres. Hermeskeil Museum
F9520XR598Westland Scout AH1d/d 03/02/1964, w/o 30/03/1967
F9521XR599Westland Scout AH1d/d 04/02/1964, w/o 20/09/1965
F9522XR600Westland Scout AH1d/d 18/02/1964, scr. Otterburn 06/1999
F9523XR601Westland Scout AH1d/d 28/02/1964, w/o 26/08/1979, privately owned Sproughton, Suffolk, gone by 2021
F9524XR602Westland Scout AH1d/d 28/02/1964, to Cyprus for G.I, since scrapped
F9525XR603Westland Scout AH1d/d 11/03/1964, to VH-NVW, w.f.u. Avalon, Australia
F9526XR604Westland Scout AH1d/d 25/03/1964, w/o 08/02/1979
F9527XR627Westland Scout AH1d/d 13/04/1964, preserved Storwood, East Riding of Yorkshire
F9528XR628Westland Scout AH1d/d 22/04/1964, w/o 08/06/1982, to Ipswich area, Suffolk
F9529XR629Westland Scout AH1d/d 29/04/1964, to Ipswich, Suffolk
F9530XR630Westland Scout AH1d/d 01/05/1964, scr. Middle Wallop 1999
F9531XR631Westland Scout AH1d/d 28/05/1964, w/o 19/06/1974
F9532XR632Westland Scout AH1d/d 29/06/1964, to Gambia 01/1997
F9533XR633Westland Scout AH1d/d 21/07/1964, w/o 07/09/1966, pres. Hermeskeil Museum, Germany
F9534XR634Westland Scout AH1d/d 28/08/1964, w/o 16/05/1966
F9535XR635Westland Scout AH1d/d 08/02/1965, to Midland Air Museum for G.I. use
F9536XR636Westland Scout AH1d/d 08/02/1965, w/o 12/04/1973
F9537XR637Westland Scout AH1d/d 17/07/1964, last noted G.I. Detmold, Germany
F9538XR638Westland Scout AH1d/d 05/05/1964, w/o 03/01/1966
F9539XR639Westland Scout AH1d/d 02/07/1965, scr. Middle Wallop 1993
F9540XR640Westland Scout AH1d/d 29/03/1964, w/o 14/05/1969
F9548N8-101Westland Scout AH1
F9620XT614Westland Scout AH1f/f 18/10/1965, d/d 22/11/1965, scr. Sek Kong 11/1993
F9621XT615Westland Scout AH1d/d 16/02/1966, w/o 02/02/1968
F9622XT616Westland Scout AH1d/d 30/11/1965, scr. Middle Wallop 1993
F9623XT617Westland Scout AH1d/d 02/12/1965, pres. Wattisham gate, removed 05/2014 for the Museum
F9624XT618Westland Scout AH1d/d 06/12/1965, scr. Sek Kong 11/1993
F9625XT619Westland Scout AH1d/d 03/01/1965, w/o 10/03/1966
F9626XT620Westland Scout AH1d/d 03/01/1965, scr. Dishforth 1998
F9627XT621Westland Scout AH1d/d 14/01/1966, w/o 19/05/1970, and sold by 07/2022
F9628XT622Westland Scout AH1d/d 06/04/1966, w/o 23/04/1968
F9629XT623Westland Scout AH1d/d 21/02/1966, to G.I. Arborfield, to Lyneham
F9630XT624Westland Scout AH1d/d 16/02/1966, to G-NOTY, to Sproughton, to Suffolk
F9631XT625Westland Scout AH1d/d 01/04/1966, w/o 30/01/1968
F9632XT626Westland Scout AH1d/d 28/02/1966, to AAC Historic Flight Middle Wallop, Hampshire, G-CIBW
F9633XT627Westland Scout AH1d/d 23/03/1966, scr. Sek Kong 11/1993
F9634XT628Westland Scout AH1d/d 29/04/1966, scr. Sek Kong 11/1993
F9635XT629Westland Scout AH1d/d 25/01/1966, w/o 28/05/1982
F9636XT630Westland Scout AH1d/d 02/05/1966, to G-BXRL, w/o 16/10/1999, pres. Bruntingthorpe,
F9637XT631Westland Scout AH1d/d 16/06/1966, believed b/u to Bolenda Engineering, Ipswich 1997
F9638XT632Westland Scout AH1d/d 27/05/1966, to G-BZBD, w/o 23/08/2000, scr. North Weald 2007
F9639XT633Westland Scout AH1d/d 13/06/1966, to SEAE Arborfield for G.I, to Bridgewater College
F9640XT634Westland Scout AH1d/d 21/07/1966, to G-BYRX , stored North Weald
F9641XT635Westland Scout AH1d/d 27/06/1966, w/o 05/05/1967
F9642XT636Westland Scout AH1d/d 04/08/1966, preserved Batamas scrapyard, Kuala Belait, Brunei
F9643XT637Westland Scout AH1d/d 12/08/1966, scr. Yeovilton 1994
F9644XT638Westland Scout AH1d/d 23/08/1966, pres. Middle Wallop, Hampshire
F9645XT639Westland Scout AH1d/d 12/08/1966, scr. Middle Wallop 1993
F9646XT640Westland Scout AH1Privately owned South Clifton, Nottinghamshire
F9647XT641Westland Scout AH1w/o 01/09/1967
F9648XT642Westland Scout AH1Scr. Middle Wallop 1993
F9649XT643Westland Scout AH1To G.I. STANTA battle area, East Wretham, Norfolk
F9650XT644Westland Scout AH1To Gambia
F9651XT645Westland Scout AH1To Ipswich area, Suffolk
F9652XT646Westland Scout AH1To ZK-HYS, w/o 09/03/1998, stored Dairy Flat, New Zealand
F9653XT647Westland Scout AH1w/o 28/09/1982
F9654XT648Westland Scout AH1To Nicosia, Cyprus for BDRT, submerged off Akrotiri 1998
F9655XT649Westland Scout AH1d/d 05/12/1966, to ZK-HUK, w/o 12/03/2003, canx 28/05/2007
F9693XV118Westland Scout AH1To 9141M, to North Weald, Essex, taken away 2013 most likely to be disposed of?
F9694XV119Westland Scout AH1Scr. Otterburn Ranges 06/1999
F9695XV120Westland Scout AH1w/o 06/06/1967
F9696XV121Westland Scout AH1To G-BYKJ, to North Weald
F9697XV122Westland Scout AH1Preserved Shrivenham, Oxfordshire
F9698XV123Westland Scout AH1Preserved Shawbury, to Bentwaters 20/02/2018, to Sproughton, pres. Greenford
F9699XV124Westland Scout AH1To SEAE, Arborfield for G.I. use, to North Florida Area for restoration
F9700XV125Westland Scout AH1w/o 16/12/1969
F9701XV126Westland Scout AH1Registered as G-SCTA on 18/12/1995, privately owned Whepstead, Suffolk
F9702XV127Westland Scout AH1Preserved Museum of Army Flying, Middle Wallop, Hampshire
F9703XV128Westland Scout AH1To New Zealand as ZK-HUD, w/o 30/09/1999, stored Bethells Beach
F9704XV129Westland Scout AH1To New Zealand as ZK-HVD
F9705XV130Westland Scout AH1To G-BWJW, stored Thruxton, to North Weald
F9706XV131Westland Scout AH1Expired Middle Wallop fire dump around 2001
F9707XV132Westland Scout AH1w/o 10/04/1978
F9708XV133Westland Scout AH1w/o 09/01/1976
F9709XV134Westland Scout AH1To G-BWLX, privately owned New York, USA as N438VC
F9710XV135Westland Scout AH1Scr. Far East 1980's
F9711XV136Westland Scout AH1Preserved Long Kesh Museum
F9712XV137Westland Scout AH1To G-CRUM, to private owner Malvern, Worcestershire by 08/2022
F9713XV138Westland Scout AH1To G-SASM, Thruxton, to North Weald
F9714XV139Westland Scout AH1To Aeroventure Doncaster 06/2009
F9715XV140Westland Scout AH1To G-KAXL, to Sierra Leone, reported to have since crashed and been destroyed
F9716XV141Westland Scout AH1Pres. REME Museum, Lyneham
F9735XW280Westland Scout AH1f/f 09/05/1969, (C) used as fish tank in the bar of Scout Base, Seria, Brunei
F9736XW281Westland Scout AH1To G-BYNZ, w/o 24/09/2000, pres. Knighton area, Devon, to Dungannon
F9737XW282Westland Scout AH1To New Zealand as ZK-HUC, w/o 13/03/2002
F9738XW283Westland Scout AH1Last noted stored Yeovilton, to North Weald 18/08/2013 as G-CIMX
F9739XW284Westland Scout AH1To Almondbank store 23/06/1992, to Ipswich area, Suffolk
F9740XW612Westland Scout AH1To G-BXRR, private owner, Dunchurch, Warwickshire
F9741XW613Westland Scout AH1To G-BXRS, Thruxton, to North Weald
F9742XW614Westland Scout AH1w/o 02/12/1978
F9743XW615Westland Scout AH1Last noted Detmold Germany, fate?
F9744XW616Westland Scout AH1Last noted at Dishforth 2000, fate?
F9758XW795Westland Scout AH1Pres. Fivemiletown Museum, Tyrone, Northern Ireland
F9759XW796Westland Scout AH1To private owner, Sutton, Surrey
F9760XW797Westland Scout AH1Scr. Sek Kong 11/1993, to Kuala Belait scrapyard, Brunei
F9761XW798Westland Scout AH1To G-BXOE, to G-ONEB, to Sierra Leone, 2005
F9762XW799Westland Scout AH1To G-BXSL, w/o 19/11/2001, to Thruxton Airfield dump 2007
S2/5311XP166Westland Scout AH1f/f 09/08/1959 as G-APVL, s.o.c. 12/05/1976, to G-APVL, to Motueka New Zealand, to ZK-HJG
S2/5312XR493Westland Scout AH1/P.531Ex G-APVM, to 8040M, to RAFO Museum, Seeb
S2/8437XP165Westland Scout AH1f/f 29/08/1960, s.o.c. 26/08/1971, pres. Weston-super-Mare Museum
S2/8438XP167Westland Scout AH1f/f 04/08/1960, s.o.c. 24/09/1970, to Farnborough dump 1975, scr. 1987
S2/8440XP188Westland Scout AH1f/f 04/1961, w/o 19/05/1961, to Eastleigh, s.o.c. 23/07/1963, scr.
S2/8441XP189Westland Scout AH1f/f 03/09/1960, to P&EE Foulness Island 07/08/1978, scr. Middle Wallop 1984
S2/8443XP190Westland Scout AH1f/f 06/03/1961, to Arborfield 1972 for G.I, pres. AeroVenture, Doncaster
S2/8444XR436Westland Scout AH1/P531f/f 02/1962, scr. Middle Wallop
S2/8446XP191Westland Scout AH1f/f 19/01/1961, d/d 01/05/1961, to Prenton, Wirral 03/2006
S2/8447XP192Westland Scout AH1f/f 23/02/1962, w/o 13/11/1962, to RMCS Shrivenham 18/06/1984, since scr.

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