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754XD102Canadair Sabre F4Ex RCAF 19854, d/d 10/11/1953, to XB647History 
755XD103Canadair Sabre F4Ex RCAF 19855, d/d 10/11/1953, to XB648History 
756XD104Canadair Sabre F4Ex RCAF 19856, d/d 21/12/1953, to XB649History 
757XD105Canadair Sabre F4Ex RCAF 19857, d/d 10/11/1953, to XB650History 
758XD106Canadair Sabre F4Ex RCAF 19858, d/d 10/11/1953, to XB770History 
759XD107Canadair Sabre F4Ex RCAF 19859, d/d 21/12/1953, to XB771History 
760XD108Canadair Sabre F4Ex RCAF 19860, d/d 10/11/1953, to XB772History 
761XD109Canadair Sabre F4Ex RCAF 19861, d/d 10/11/1953, to XB773History 
762XD110Canadair Sabre F4Ex RCAF 19862, d/d 10/11/1953, to XB774History 
763XD111Canadair Sabre F4Ex RCAF 19863, d/d 10/11/1953, to XB775History 
764XD112Canadair Sabre F4Ex RCAF 19864, d/d 10/11/1953, to XB851History 
765XD113Canadair Sabre F4Ex RCAF 19865, d/d 10/11/1953, to XB852History 
766XD114Canadair Sabre F4Ex RCAF 19866, d/d 10/11/1953, to XB853History 
767XD115Canadair Sabre F4Ex RCAF 19867, d/d 10/11/1953, to XB854History 
768XD116Canadair Sabre F4Ex RCAF 19868, d/d 10/11/1953, to XB855History 
769XD117Canadair Sabre F4Ex RCAF 19869, d/d 21/12/1953, to XB978History 
770XD118Canadair Sabre F4Ex RCAF 19870, d/d 10/11/1953, to XB979History 
771XD119Canadair Sabre F4Ex RCAF 19871, d/d 10/11/1953, to XB980History 
772XD120Canadair Sabre F4Ex RCAF 19872, d/d 10/11/1953, to XB981History 
773XD121Canadair Sabre F4Ex RCAF 19873, d/d 10/11/1953, to XB982History 
774XD122Canadair Sabre F4Ex RCAF 19874, d/d 10/11/1953, to XB983History 
775XD123Canadair Sabre F4Ex RCAF 19875, d/d 10/11/1953, to XB984History 
776XD124Canadair Sabre F4Ex RCAF 19876, d/d 10/11/1953, to XB985History 
777XD125Canadair Sabre F4Ex RCAF 19877, d/d 10/11/1953, to XB986History 
778XD126Canadair Sabre F4Ex RCAF 19878, d/d 21/12/1953, to XB987History 
779XD127Canadair Sabre F4Ex RCAF 19879, d/d 10/11/1953, to XB988History 
780XD128Canadair Sabre F4Ex RCAF 19880, d/d 23/11/1953, to XB989History 
781XD129Canadair Sabre F4Ex RCAF 19881, d/d 21/12/1953, to XB990History 
782XD130Canadair Sabre F4Ex RCAF 19882, d/d 21/12/1953, to XB991History 
783XD131Canadair Sabre F4Ex RCAF 19883, d/d 10/11/1953, to XB992History 
784XD132Canadair Sabre F4Ex RCAF 19884, d/d 10/11/1953, to XB993History 
785XD133Canadair Sabre F4Ex RCAF 19885, d/d 10/11/1953, to XB994History 
786XD134Canadair Sabre F4Ex RCAF 19886, d/d 21/12/1953, to XB995History 
787XD135Canadair Sabre F4Ex RCAF 19887, d/d 21/12/1953, to XB996History 
788XD136Canadair Sabre F4Ex RCAF 19888, d/d 10/11/1953, to XB997History 
789XD137Canadair Sabre F4Ex RCAF 19889, d/d 10/11/1953, to XB998History 
790XD138Canadair Sabre F4Ex RCAF 19890, d/d 10/11/1953, to XB999History 
XD139Canadair Sabre F4Allocation deletedHistory 
XD140Canadair Sabre F4Allocation deletedHistory 
XD141Canadair Sabre F4Allocation deletedHistory 
XD142Canadair Sabre F4Allocation deletedHistory 
XD143Supermarine Swift PR6Not completed, to 7289M, scr. HaltonHistory 
XD143Canadair Sabre F4Allocation deletedHistory 
XD144Canadair Sabre F4Allocation deletedHistory 
XD145SR.53 f/f 16/05/1957, l/f 20/10/1959, pres. Cosford MuseumHistory 
XD151SR.53 f/f 08/12/1957, w/o 05/06/1958History 
XD153SR.53 CanxHistory 
XD158Gloster Javelin FAW2f/f 31/10/1955, d/d 10/05/1956, to 7592M, scr. Bicester 1963HistoryEdit
WA20XD163Westland Whirlwind HAR10f/f 15/07/1954, d/d 13/08/1954, to 8645M n.t.u, pres. Weston-super-MareHistoryEdit
WA21XD164Westland Whirlwind HAR10f/f 21/05/1954, d/d 14/07/1954, to 7853M, scr. HaltonHistoryEdit
WA22XD165Westland Whirlwind HAR10f/f 09/07/1954, d/d 19/08/1954, to 8673M, to Caernarfon Fire DumpHistoryEdit
XD167Canadair Sabre F4Allocation deletedHistory 
XD168Canadair Sabre F4Allocation deletedHistory 
XD169Canadair Sabre F4Allocation deletedHistory 
XD170Canadair Sabre F4Allocation deletedHistory 
XD171Canadair Sabre F4Allocation deletedHistory 
XD172Canadair Sabre F4Allocation deletedHistory 
XD173Canadair Sabre F4Allocation deletedHistory 
XD174Canadair Sabre F4Allocation deletedHistory 
XD175Canadair Sabre F4Allocation deletedHistory 
XD176Canadair Sabre F4Allocation deletedHistory 
XD177Canadair Sabre F4Allocation deletedHistory 
XD178Canadair Sabre F4Allocation deletedHistory 
XD179Canadair Sabre F4Allocation deletedHistory 
XD180Canadair Sabre F4Allocation deletedHistory 
XD181Canadair Sabre F4Allocation deletedHistory 
WA25XD182Westland Whirlwind HAR10f/f 13/08/1954, d/d 13/08/1953, to 8612M, perished Catterick 1988HistoryEdit
XD182Canadair Sabre F4Allocation deletedHistory 
WA26XD183Westland Whirlwind HAR10f/f 20/07/1954, d/d 18/08/1954, w/o 22/06/1970, to Royal Malaysian AF G.I.HistoryEdit
XD183Canadair Sabre F4Allocation deletedHistory 
WA27XD184Westland Whirlwind HAR10f/f 13/08/1954, d/d 29/08/19534, to 8787M, pres. Akrotiri, CyprusHistoryEdit
XD184Canadair Sabre F4Allocation deletedHistory 
WA28XD185Westland Whirlwind HAR4f/f 09/08/1954, d/d 19/11/1954, w/o 31/01/1958HistoryEdit
XD185Canadair Sabre F4Allocation deletedHistory 
WA29XD186Westland Whirlwind HAR10f/f 14/08/1954, d/d 29/08/1954, to 8730M, stored Hermeskeil, GermanyHistoryEdit
XD186Canadair Sabre F4Allocation deletedHistory 
WA30XD187Westland Whirlwind HAR4f/f 22/08/1954, d/d 30/08/1954, w/o 02/04/1957HistoryEdit
XD187Canadair Sabre F4Allocation deletedHistory 
WA31XD188Westland Whirlwind HAR4f/f 30/08/1954, d/d 30/08/1954. w/o 14/12/1956HistoryEdit
XD188Canadair Sabre F4Allocation deletedHistory 
XD189Canadair Sabre F4Allocation deletedHistory 
XD190Canadair Sabre F4Allocation deletedHistory 
XD191Canadair Sabre F4Allocation deletedHistory 
XD192Canadair Sabre F4Allocation deletedHistory 
XD193Canadair Sabre F4Allocation deletedHistory 
XD194Canadair Sabre F4Allocation deletedHistory 
XD195Canadair Sabre F4Allocation deletedHistory 
13066XD196Bristol Sycamore HR13d/d 17/04/1953, w/o 13/01/1954History 
XD196Canadair Sabre F4Allocation deletedHistory 
13067XD197Bristol Sycamore HR13d/d 17/04/1953, w/o 17/11/1955History 
XD197Canadair Sabre F4Allocation deletedHistory 
XD198Canadair Sabre F4Allocation deletedHistory 
XD199Canadair Sabre F4Allocation deletedHistory 
XD200Canadair Sabre F4Allocation deletedHistory 
XD201Canadair Sabre F4Allocation deletedHistory 
XD202Canadair Sabre F4Allocation deletedHistory 
XD203Canadair Sabre F4Allocation deletedHistory 
XD203Westland Whirlwind CanxHistory 
XD204Canadair Sabre F4Allocation deletedHistory 
XD205Canadair Sabre F4Allocation deletedHistory 
XD206Canadair Sabre F4Allocation deletedHistory 
XD207Canadair Sabre F4Allocation deletedHistory 
XD207Westland Whirlwind CanxHistory 
XD208Canadair Sabre F4Allocation deletedHistory 
XD209Canadair Sabre F4Allocation deletedHistory 
XD210Canadair Sabre F4Allocation deletedHistory 
XD212Supermarine Scimitar F1f/f 11/01/1957, d/d 04/06/1958, w/o 20/09/1961History 
XD213Supermarine Scimitar F1f/f 27/04/1957, d/d 21/05/1957, w/o 20/09/1963History 
XD214Supermarine Scimitar F1f/f 31/05/1957, d/d 29/07/1957, w/o 28/05/1969History 
XD215Supermarine Scimitar F1d/d 29/07/1957, to A2573, (N) to private owner at CheltenhamHistory 
XD216Supermarine Scimitar F1f/f 25/05/1957, d/d 27/05/1957, w/o 16/07/1964, scr. FleetlandsHistory 
XD217Supermarine Scimitar F1f/f 19/05/1957, d/d 16/08/1957, s.o.c. 04/09/1969 at BrawdyHistory 
XD218Supermarine Scimitar F1f/f 24/06/1957, d/d 28/06/1957, s.o.c. 06/09/1967, broken up at Fleetlands History 
XD219Supermarine Scimitar F1f/f 02/08/1957, d/d 15/08/1957, w/o 09/01/1973History 
XD220Supermarine Scimitar F1d/d 11/10/1957, pres. Empire State Aerosciences Museum, Schenectady, NYHistory 
XD221Supermarine Scimitar F1f/f 20/08/1957, d/d 25/09/1957, w/o 06/06/1966, perished SambawangHistory 
XD222Supermarine Scimitar F1f/f 20/09/1957, d/d 11/10/1957, w/o 16/11/1960History 
XD223Supermarine Scimitar F1f/f 01/10/1957, d/d 23/10/1957, w/o 20/09/1965History 
XD224Supermarine Scimitar F1d/d 06/01/1958, sold to MinTech 12/09/1969, scr. P&EE ShoeburynessHistory 
XD225Supermarine Scimitar F1d/d 06/01/1958, sold to MinTech 14/05/1969, destroyed Larkhill RangesHistory 
XD226Supermarine Scimitar F1d/d 20/01/1958, to A2562, scr. FarnboroughHistory 
XD227Supermarine Scimitar F1f/f 19/12/1957, d/d 01/01/1958, destroyed Larkhill RangesHistory 
XD228Supermarine Scimitar F1f/f 29/12/1957, d/d 07/03/1958, broken up 1975History 
XD229Supermarine Scimitar F1d/d 13/03/1958, w/o 08/1965, s.o.c. 10/10/1966, scr.West Freugh 06/1976History 
XD230Supermarine Scimitar F1d/d 26/02/1958, w/o 28/09/1964, remains scr. West FreughHistory 
XD231Supermarine Scimitar F1f/f 18/01/1958, d/d 02/04/1958, scr. Foulness 06/07/1983History 
XD232Supermarine Scimitar F1f/f 18/02/1958, d/d 24/04/1958, scr. Foulness 09/1984History 
XD233Supermarine Scimitar F1Never delivered, static test airframe, tested to destuction at WisleyHistory 
XD234Supermarine Scimitar F1d/d 02/05/1958, scr. Farnborough scrapped circa 1977History 
XD235Supermarine Scimitar F1d/d 30/04/1958, l/f 16/03/1970 to Southend, (N) pres. LavendonHistory 
XD236Supermarine Scimitar F1d/d 08/05/1958, w/o 26/06/1968, remains scr. FleetlandsHistory 
XD237Supermarine Scimitar F1d/d 20/06/1958, w/o 22/06/1961History 
XD238Supermarine Scimitar F1d/d 20/06/1958, w/o 06/02/1960, remains to Lossiemouth, scr. 1964History 
XD239Supermarine Scimitar F1d/d 01/07/1958, w/o 22/05/1963, scr. Fleetlands 03/1967History 
XD240Supermarine Scimitar F1d/d 11/07/1958, w/o 25/09/1958History 
XD241Supermarine Scimitar F1d/d 30/06/1958, destroyed Foulness and PendineHistory 
XD242Supermarine Scimitar F1d/d 24/07/1958, w/o 14/05/1960, remains destroyed AberporthHistory 
XD243Supermarine Scimitar F1d/d 02/09/1958, to A2588, roaded destroyed Foulness and PendineHistory 
XD244Supermarine Scimitar F1d/d 25/08/1958, scrapped Farnborough and OttershawHistory 
XD245Supermarine Scimitar F1d/d 29/08/1958, w/o 07/02/1960History 
XD246Supermarine Scimitar F1d/d 29/09/1958, destroyed Larkhill RangesHistory 
XD247Supermarine Scimitar F1d/d 29/09/1958, w/o 19/11/1958History 
XD248Supermarine Scimitar F1d/d 31/10/1958, s.o.c. 08/07/1969 as CAT 5(C) at BrawdyHistory 
XD249Supermarine Scimitar F1d/d 30/09/1958, w/o 28/01/1964, s.o.c. 06/02/1964History 
XD250Supermarine Scimitar F1d/d 28/10/1958, w/o 17/02/1966History 
XD264Supermarine Scimitar F1d/d 11/11/1958, w/o 21/07/1961History 
XD265Supermarine Scimitar F1d/d 31/07/1959, w/o 15/11/1962, remains to Arbroath and scr. 1963History 
XD266Supermarine Scimitar F1d/d 19/02/1959, w/o 19/11/1959History 
XD267Supermarine Scimitar F1d/d 11/02/1959, sold to MinTech 11/09/1969, scr. Shoeburyness 1991History 
XD268Supermarine Scimitar F1d/d 17/02/1959, w/o 15/07/1965, scr. 26/01/1966 Gordon Wilkins, ElginHistory 
XD269Supermarine Scimitar F1d/d 04/03/1959, w/o 10/07/1961History 
XD270Supermarine Scimitar F1d/d 08/02/1959, w/o 27/04/1965History 
XD271Supermarine Scimitar F1d/d 13/03/1959, to A2589, (F) destroyed Pendine Ranges circa 09/1984History 
XD272Supermarine Scimitar F1d/d 25/03/1959, to A2585, thought scrapped at Arbroath 1971History 
XD273Supermarine Scimitar F1d/d 19/03/1959, w/o 27/04/1961History 
XD274Supermarine Scimitar F1d/d 01/04/1959, to A2584, thought scrapped Arbroath during 1971History 
XD275Supermarine Scimitar F1d/d 10/07/1959, to A2587, perished West Freugh fire dumpHistory 
XD276Supermarine Scimitar F1d/d 30/06/1959, to A2591, scr. Foulness 1994History 
XD277Supermarine Scimitar F1d/d 24/06/1959, w/o 06/04/1966, s.o.c. 11/05/1966History 
XD278Supermarine Scimitar F1d/d 26/06/1959, to A2586, thought scrapped Arbroath during 1971History 
XD279Supermarine Scimitar F1d/d 03/07/1959, w/o 02/01/1966, perished Sambawang fire dumpHistory 
XD280Supermarine Scimitar F1d/d 23/07/1959, to A2583, thought scrapped Arbroath during 1971History 
XD281Supermarine Scimitar F1d/d 08/09/1959, w/o 10/11/1959History 
XD282Supermarine Scimitar F1d/d 02/08/1959, w/o 23/11/1962, scr. Fleetlands 08/07/1963History 
XD316Supermarine Scimitar F1d/d 19/10/1959, w/o 28/01/1966History 
XD317Supermarine Scimitar F1d/d 11/11/1959, pres. Fleet Air Arm Museum at YeoviltonHistory 
XD318Supermarine Scimitar F1d/d 05/01/1960, w/o 31/12/1965History 
XD319Supermarine Scimitar F1d/d 27/11/1959, w/o 07/03/1962History 
XD320Supermarine Scimitar F1d/d 15/12/1959, s.o.c. 06/02/1970 at Brawdy and reduced to sparesHistory 
XD321Supermarine Scimitar F1d/d 25/01/1960, s.o.c. 30/01/1970 at Brawdy and reduced to sparesHistory 
XD322Supermarine Scimitar F1d/d 06/01/1960, scr. Foulness 04/1991 by Mayer & Perry, SnailwellHistory 
XD323Supermarine Scimitar F1d/d 23/02/1960, w/o 18/04/1966, perished Sambawang fire dumpHistory 
XD324Supermarine Scimitar F1d/d 29/02/1960, to A2590, scr. Foulness Island circa 1982History 
XD325Supermarine Scimitar F1d/d 28/03/1960, w/o 07/03/1966, perished Sambawang fire dumpHistory 
XD326Supermarine Scimitar F1d/d 02/05/1960, w/o 31/07/1963History 
XD327Supermarine Scimitar F1d/d 02/06/1960, w.f.u. 14/06/1968, scr. FleetlandsHistory 
XD328Supermarine Scimitar F1d/d 13/07/1960, w/o 30/08/1965, s.o.c. 26/07/1966History 
XD329Supermarine Scimitar F1d/d 15/07/1960, w/o 09/12/1960History 
XD330Supermarine Scimitar F1d/d 16/08/1960, s.o.c. 20/01/1970 at Brawdy and reduced to sparesHistory 
XD331Supermarine Scimitar F1d/d 16/09/1960, w/o 13/08/1962History 
XD332Supermarine Scimitar F1d/d 04/10/1960, A2574, stored Timsbury, HampshireHistory 
XD333Supermarine Scimitar F1d/d 10/01/1961, scr. Foulness by 12/1989History 
XD334Supermarine Scimitar F1CanxHistory 
XD335Supermarine Scimitar F1CanxHistory 
XD336Supermarine Scimitar F1CanxHistory 
XD337Supermarine Scimitar F1CanxHistory 
XD338Supermarine Scimitar F1CanxHistory 
XD339Supermarine Scimitar F1CanxHistory 
XD340Supermarine Scimitar F1CanxHistory 
XD341Supermarine Scimitar F1CanxHistory 
XD342Supermarine Scimitar F1CanxHistory 
XD343Supermarine Scimitar F1CanxHistory 
XD344Supermarine Scimitar F1CanxHistory 
XD345Supermarine Scimitar F1CanxHistory 
XD346Supermarine Scimitar F1CanxHistory 
XD347Supermarine Scimitar F1CanxHistory 
XD348Supermarine Scimitar F1CanxHistory 
XD349Supermarine Scimitar F1CanxHistory 
XD350Supermarine Scimitar F1CanxHistory 
XD351Supermarine Scimitar F1CanxHistory 
XD352Supermarine Scimitar F1CanxHistory 
XD353Supermarine Scimitar F1CanxHistory 
XD354Supermarine Scimitar F1CanxHistory 
XD355Supermarine Scimitar F1CanxHistory 
XD356Supermarine Scimitar F1CanxHistory 
XD357Supermarine Scimitar F1CanxHistory 
XD361Supermarine Swift F1CanxHistory 
XD366Vickers Varsity T1d/d 08/04/1953, scr. 1969 on Little Rissington dumpHistory 
XD371Scheibe Mu.13 AEx LG+WZ, w/o 02/06/1957, s.o.c. 12/12/1958History 
15224XD375DH Vampire T11d/d 29/09/1953, to 7887M, (C) Elland, West YorkshireHistory 
15248XD376DH Vampire T11d/d 23/02/1954, s.o.c. 20/02/1964 perished Odiham fire dumpHistory 
15249XD377DH Vampire T11d/d 27/11/1953, to 8203M, (C) pres. Aeroventure, Doncaster, to private owner GilberdykeHistory 
15225XD378DH Vampire T11d/d 29/09/1953, w/o 05/09/1955History 
15226XD379DH Vampire T11d/d 20/10/1953, w/o 01/03/1962History 
15227XD380DH Vampire T11d/d 29/09/1953, w/o 07/06/1955History 
15228XD381DH Vampire T11d/d 20/10/1953, sold as scrap 05/03/1964 at No.27 MU ShawburyHistory 
15229XD382DH Vampire T11d/d 11/11/1953, s.o.c. 13/08/1968, to 8033M, scr. East Midlands Aeropark 2008History 
15230XD383DH Vampire T11d/d 20/10/1953, to Leeming fire dump 01/07/1965, since perishedHistory 
15231XD384DH Vampire T11d/d 11/11/1953, sold as scrap 05/03/1964 at No.27 MU ShawburyHistory 
15232XD385DH Vampire T11d/d 11/11/1953, to Valley fire dump 09/03/1965, since perishedHistory 
15233XD386DH Vampire T11d/d 11/11/1953, to 7629M, scr. Swinderby 04/05/1964History 
15234XD387DH Vampire T11d/d 11/11/1953, scr. 05/10/1960 at No.27 MU ShawburyHistory 
15251XD388DH Vampire T11d/d 20/11/1953, to Manston Fire School 26/03/1965, since perishedHistory 
15252XD389DH Vampire T11d/d 15/12/1953, scr. 05/10/1960 at No.27 MU ShawburyHistory 
15253XD390DH Vampire T11d/d 31/12/1953, w/o 21/01/1957History 
15254XD391DH Vampire T11d/d 22/02/1954, sold as scrap 13/05/1963 at No.19 MU St. AthanHistory 
15255XD392DH Vampire T11d/d 10/02/1954, scr. 05/10/1960 at No.27 MU ShawburyHistory 
15250XD393DH Vampire T11d/d 07/09/1953, w/o 01/11/1961, perished Church Fenton fire dumpHistory 
15376XD394DH Vampire T11d/d 05/07/1953, scr. 09/12/1968 at No.19 MU St. AthanHistory 
15235XD395DH Vampire T11d/d 25/01/1953, scrapped Chadderton 08/1981History 
15236XD396DH Vampire T11d/d 25/01/1954, sold as scrap 05/03/1964 at No.27 MU ShawburyHistory 
15237XD397DH Vampire T11d/d 25/01/1954, sold as scrap 05/10/1960 at No.27 MU ShawburyHistory 
15287XD398DH Vampire T11d/d 18/01/1954, s.o.c. Singapore 29/09/1959 as CAT 5(C)History 
15288XD399DH Vampire T11d/d 25/01/1954, to Catterick Fire School 13/05/1960, perished circa 1961History 
15289XD400DH Vampire T11d/d 31/12/1953, scr. 29/07/1960 at No.19 MU St. AthanHistory 
15290XD401DH Vampire T11d/d 15/02/1954, sold as scrap 05/03/1964 at No.27 MU ShawburyHistory 
15291XD402DH Vampire T11d/d 15/02/1954, sold as scrap 05/03/1964 at No.27 MU ShawburyHistory 
15377XD403DH Vampire T11d/d 12/08/1954, sold 02/12/1968 at No.19 MU St. Athan, pres. ErrolHistory 
15392XD404DH Vampire T11d/d 31/12/1953, sold as scrap 27/02/1961 at No.27 MU ShawburyHistory 
15378XD405DH Vampire T11d/d 07/09/1954, perished Macclesfield Technical College 1977History 
15293XD424DH Vampire T11d/d 25/01/1954, w/o 21/06/1955History 
15256XD425DH Vampire T11d/d 23/03/1954, sold 30/11/1967, pres. Morayvia Collection, KinlossHistory 
15294XD426DH Vampire T11d/d 15/02/1954, s.o.c. 13/03/1964 as CAT 5(C)History 
15295XD427DH Vampire T11d/d 10/02/1954, to Cambridge fire section 26/07/1966, perished 1977History 
15296XD428DH Vampire T11d/d 24/02/1954, sold as scrap 30/06/1964 at No.19 MU St. AthanHistory 
15257XD429DH Vampire T11d/d 23/02/1957, s.o.c. 10/02/1964 at Shawbury, perished Andover dumpHistory 
15258XD430DH Vampire T11d/d 17/03/1954, to 7450M 02/07/1957, s.o.c. 01/05/1962 and scr. OakingtonHistory 
15297XD431DH Vampire T11d/d 10/02/1954, w/o 09/01/1961, s.o.c. 18/01/1961 as CAT 5(M)History 
15299XD432DH Vampire T11d/d 24/02/1954, s.o.c. 05/04/1960 as CAT 5(C)History 
XD433DH Vampire T11d/d 03/06/1954, scr. 19/08/1959 at No.10 MU HullavingtonHistory 
15260XD434DH Vampire T11d/d 29/03/1954, sold 01/12/1968 at St. Athan, pres. Norwich MuseumHistory 
15379XD435DH Vampire T11d/d 05/10/1954, sold 01/11/1967 at No.19 MU St. Athan, b/u FirbeckHistory 
15380XD436DH Vampire T11d/d 03/12/1954, sold as scrap 05/03/1964 at No.27 MU ShawburyHistory 
15261XD437DH Vampire T11d/d 29/03/1954, sold as scrap 05/03/1964 at No.27 MU ShawburyHistory 
15262XD438DH Vampire T11d/d 23/02/1954, sold as scrap 30/06/1964 at No.19 MU St. AthanHistory 
15263XD439DH Vampire T11d/d 30/03/1954, to FAMexico as 17History 
15264XD440DH Vampire T11d/d 07/05/1954, to SE-DXU, to Altenrhein as HB-RVZHistory 
15265XD441DH Vampire T11d/d 03/06/1954, w/o 16/07/1956, broken up as sparesHistory 
15299XD442DH Vampire T11d/d 12/02/1954, sold as scrap 27/03/1963 at No.27 MU ShawburyHistory 
15300XD443DH Vampire T11d/d 10/02/1954, sold as scrap 31/03/1965 at No.27 MU ShawburyHistory 
15381XD444DH Vampire T11d/d 27/10/1954, to 7918M, perished Leuchars fire dump 1981History 
15382XD445DH Vampire T11d/d 03/12/1954, pres. Tettenhall Transport Heritage Centre, WolverhamptonHistory 
15383XD446DH Vampire T11d/d 22/12/1954, sold as scrap 18/03/1964 at No.19 MU St. AthanHistory 
15384XD447DH Vampire T11d/d 26/11/1954, sold 01/12/1967 at St. Athan, pres. East Midlands AeroparkHistory 
15385XD448DH Vampire T11d/d 06/12/1954, w/o 04/09/1962History 
15301XD449DH Vampire T11d/d 01/02/1954, sold as scrap 21/04/1964 at No.27 MU ShawburyHistory 
15302XD450DH Vampire T11d/d 24/02/1954, s.o.c. 13/05/1960, perished Catterick Fire SchoolHistory 
15303XD451DH Vampire T11d/d 24/02/1954, w/o 14/11/1955History 
15266XD452DH Vampire T11d/d 06/07/1954, s.o.c. 01/09/1967 to 7990M, (C) pres. Dursley areaHistory 
15521XD453DH Vampire T11d/d 06/08/1954, to 7890M, b/u MillomHistory 
15304XD454DH Vampire T11d/d 15/02/1954, w/o 22/05/1957, s.o.c. 03/06/1957 as CAT 5(C)History 
15267XD455DH Vampire T11d/d 19/05/1954, sold as scrap 30/06/1964 at No.19 MU St. AthanHistory 
15268XD456DH Vampire T11d/d 03/06/1954, sold as scrap 19/03/1962 at No.19 MU St. AthanHistory 
15269XD457DH Vampire T11d/d 02/06/1954, to 7423M, s.o.c. 30/04/1963 and scr. Little RissingtonHistory 
15522XD458DH Vampire T11d/d 06/08/1954, sold as scrap 05/03/1964 at No.27 MU ShawburyHistory 
15523XD459DH Vampire T11d/d 09/08/1954, sold 06/01/1972, privately owned La Marsaudiere, FranceHistory 
15305XD460DH Vampire T11d/d 30/03/1954, scr. 27/02/1961 at Shawbury to Hayes Metal Co, HayesHistory 
15306XD461DH Vampire T11d/d 15/02/1954, scr. 05/03/1964 at No.27 MU ShawburyHistory 
15307XD462DH Vampire T11d/d 24/04/1954, w/o 09/03/1955, s.o.c. 05/05/1955 as CAT 5(C)History 
15270XD463DH Vampire T11d/d 07/05/1954, to 8023M, scr. St. Athan late 1990sHistory 
15271XD506DH Vampire T11d/d 06/04/1954, s.o.c. 07/09/1967, to 7983M, to Suffolk Aviation Heritage CentreHistory 
15272XD507DH Vampire T11d/d 19/05/1954, w/o 19/04/1961, s.o.c. 30/05/1961 as CAT 5(C)History 
15273XD508DH Vampire T11d/d 02/07/1954, scr. 19/08/1959 at No.10 MU HullavingtonHistory 
15274XD509DH Vampire T11d/d 09/08/1954, scr. 27/02/1961 at Shawbury to Hayes Metal Co, HayesHistory 
15524XD510DH Vampire T11d/d 29/03/1954, scr. 29/07/1960 at No.19 MU St. AthanHistory 
15309XD511DH Vampire T11d/d 30/03/1954, to 7814M, scr. Gorleston during 1984History 
15346XD512DH Vampire T11d/d 26/03/1954, scr. 30/06/1960 at No.19 MU St. AthanHistory 
15347XD513DH Vampire T11d/d 26/03/1954, scr. 05/10/1960 at No.27 MU ShawburyHistory 
15348XD514DH Vampire T11d/d 29/03/1954, w/o 27/07/1954History 
15349XD515DH Vampire T11d/d 29/03/1954, to 7998M, stored RAF Museum, CosfordHistory 
15350XD516DH Vampire T11d/d 26/03/1954, sold as scrap 21/08/1964 at No.27 MU ShawburyHistory 
15351XD517DH Vampire T11d/d 26/03/1954, w/o 26/11/1954History 
15352XD518DH Vampire T11d/d 30/03/1954, w/o 19/04/1955, s.o.c. 29/04/1955 as CAT 5(C)History 
15353XD519DH Vampire T11d/d 06/04/1954, to 7651M, broken up Valley 22/07/1963History 
15354XD520DH Vampire T11d/d 06/04/1954, w/o 02/02/1960, s.o.c. 09/02/1960 as CAT 5(C)History 
15355XD521DH Vampire T11d/d 06/04/1954, w/o 21/08/1956History 
15356XD522DH Vampire T11d/d 30/03/1954, sold as scrap 30/06/1964 at No.19 MU St. AthanHistory 
15357XD523DH Vampire T11d/d 06/04/1954, sold as scrap 05/03/1964 at No.27 MU ShawburyHistory 
15358XD524DH Vampire T11d/d 13/04/1954, sold 09/12/1969 at No.19 MU St. AthanHistory 
15359XD525DH Vampire T11d/d 13/04/1954, to 7882M, to Campbell College, to Templepatrick, N.I.History 
15274XD526DH Vampire T11d/d 14/06/1954, s.o.c. 27/05/1963 as CAT 5(C) and broken upHistory 
15275XD527DH Vampire T11d/d 06/07/1954, sold 24/11/1967 at No.19 MU St. Athan to Hawker SiddeleyHistory 
15276XD528DH Vampire T11d/d 03/06/1954, to 8159M, perished Gamston fire section circa 2000History 
15277XD529DH Vampire T11d/d 29/06/1954, sold as scrap 19/08/1959 at No.10 MU HullavingtonHistory 
15278XD530DH Vampire T11d/d 24/05/1954, w/o 20/08/1954History 
15525XD531DH Vampire T11d/d 12/08/1954, sold as scrap 05/03/1964 at No.27 MU ShawburyHistory 
15526XD532DH Vampire T11d/d 09/08/1954, d/d 07/1963 to IAF as BY1007History 
15360XD533DH Vampire T11d/d 13/04/1954, w/o 01/06/1957, s.o.c. 05/06/1957 as CAT 5(C)History 
15279XD534DH Vampire T11d/d 02/04/1954, sold 30/10/1967, pres. East Midlands AeroParkHistory 
15280XD535DH Vampire T11d/d 01/06/1954, sold 28/11/1967 at No.19 MU St. Athan, fate?History 
15281XD536DH Vampire T11d/d 03/06/1954, to 7734M, to Alleyn's School Northolt, since scrappedHistory 
15282XD537DH Vampire T11d/d 28/06/1954, scr. 19/08/1959 at No.10 MU HullavingtonHistory 
15283XD538DH Vampire T11d/d 02/07/1954, to 7951M, to N70877 Hickory Regional Airport, N.C.History 
15284XD539DH Vampire T11d/d 20/07/1954, w/o 03/11/1955History 
15285XD540DH Vampire T11d/d 22/07/1954, sold 12/12/1968 at No.19 MU St. Athan, b/u Handforth 1975History 
15530XD541DH Vampire T11d/d 27/08/1954, sold as scrap 31/03/1965 at No.27 MU ShawburyHistory 
15286XD542DH Vampire T11d/d 02/07/1954, to 7604M, preserved at PatringtonHistory 
15466XD543DH Vampire T11d/d 15/07/1954, sold as scrap 05/03/1963 at No.27 MU ShawburyHistory 
15467XD544DH Vampire T11d/d 13/08/1954, to Swiss AF as U-1239, stored Sion Airfield, to Bex areaHistory 
15468XD545DH Vampire T11d/d 22/07/1954, sold as scrap 05/03/1964 at No.27 MU ShawburyHistory 
15469XD546DH Vampire T11d/d 28/07/1954, s.o.c. 20/05/1968 as CAT 5(S), perished SyerstonHistory 
15515XD547DH Vampire T11d/d 02/07/1954, sold 22/03/1971, privately owned Cantley, NorfolkHistory 
15516XD548DH Vampire T11d/d 20/07/1954, sold 01/07/1955 to RJAF as T-209History 
15517XD549DH Vampire T11d/d 08/07/1954, w/o 07/07/1960, s.o.c. 11/07/1960 as CAT 5(S)History 
15531XD550DH Vampire T11d/d 27/08/1954, to Swinderby fire section 01/07/1969, since perishedHistory 
15533XD551DH Vampire T11d/d 21/09/1954, to Shawbury dump 09/11/1962, since perishedHistory 
15518XD552DH Vampire T11d/d 20/07/1954, sold 01/07/1955 to RJAF as T-210History 
15519XD553DH Vampire T11d/d 30/07/1954, w/o 13/09/1957History 
15520XD554DH Vampire T11d/d 28/07/1954, sold as scrap 05/03/1964 at No.27 MU ShawburyHistory 
15527XD588DH Vampire T11d/d 30/07/1954, sold as scrap 05/03/1964 at No.27 MU ShawburyHistory 
15528XD589DH Vampire T11d/d 03/09/1954, s.o.c. 25/06/1966 as CAT 5(C)History 
15529XD590DH Vampire T11d/d 14/09/1954, sold as scrap 11/07/1960 at No.22 MU SillothHistory 
15536XD591DH Vampire T11d/d 07/09/1954, sold as scrap 11/07/1960 at No.22 MU SillothHistory 
15537XD592DH Vampire T11d/d 03/09/1954, w/o 04/09/1961History 
15538XD593DH Vampire T11d/d 05/10/1954, sold 12/12/1968 at No.19 MU St. Athan, pres. Newark MuseumHistory 
15386XD594DH Vampire T11d/d 13/01/1955, to Swiss AF as U-1235, to HB-RVI Sion Airfield, SwitzerlandHistory 
15533XD595DH Vampire T11d/d 21/09/1954, (C) pres. Glentham area, LincolnshireHistory 
15534XD596DH Vampire T11d/d 23/09/1954, to 7939M, pres. Solent Sky Museum, SouthamptonHistory 
15535XD597DH Vampire T11d/d 27/09/1954, sold as scrap 29/07/1960 at No.19 MU St. AthanHistory 
15450XD598DH Vampire T11d/d 13/10/1954, to Austrian AF as 5C-YA, pres. Graz Museum, AustriaHistory 
15451XD599DH Vampire T11d/d 15/10/1954, (C) Sywell Aviation MuseumHistory 
15539XD600DH Vampire T11d/d 13/10/1954, s.o.c. 13/07/1964 as CAT 5(C), perished Linton-on-OuseHistory 
15540XD601DH Vampire T11d/d 25/10/1954, to 7878M, scr. George Watson College, EdinburghHistory 
15541XD602DH Vampire T11d/d 25/10/1954, w/o 29/09/1961, to 7737M, pres. Ripon, to Wurmberg, GermanyHistory 
15571XD603DH Vampire T11d/d 29/10/1954, sold as scrap 27/04/1961 at No.27 MU ShawburyHistory 
15387XD604DH Vampire T11d/d 22/12/1954, sold as scrap 19/08/1959 at No.10 MU HullavingtonHistory 
15361XD605DH Vampire T11d/d 30/04/1954, sold as scrap 10/10/1960 at No.19 MU St. AthanHistory 
15362XD606DH Vampire T11d/d 10/05/1954, sold as scrap 23/07/1963 at No.27 MU ShawburyHistory 
15363XD607DH Vampire T11d/d 25/05/1954, sold as scrap 29/07/1960 at No.19 MU St. AthanHistory 
15388XD608DH Vampire T11d/d 31/07/1954, to Swiss AF as U-1231, w.f.u 17/12/1984, scr. SionHistory 
15389XD609DH Vampire T11d/d 28/01/1955, w/o 19/01/1956History 
15390XD610DH Vampire T11d/d 15/01/1955, sold 15/12/1968 at No.19 MU St. Athan, fate?History 
15391XD611DH Vampire T11d/d 11/02/1955, sold as scrap 23/07/1963 at No.27 MU ShawburyHistory 
15437XD612DH Vampire T11d/d 06/04/1955, sold as scrap 21/04/1964 at No.27 MU ShawburyHistory 
15438XD613DH Vampire T11d/d 02/03/1955, to 8122M, pres. Montelimar Museum, FranceHistory 
15439XD614DH Vampire T11d/d 02/03/1955, to 8124M n.t.u, to FACh as J-302, w.f.u. 06/1977History 
15440XD615DH Vampire T11d/d 24/03/1955, sold as scrap 13/05/1963 at No.19 MU St. AthanHistory 
15441XD616DH Vampire T11d/d 30/03/1955, sold 06/11/1967, to Suffolk Aviation Heritage CentreHistory 
15442XD617DH Vampire T11d/d 28/04/1955, to 7815M, scr. to BKL Alloys, Kings NortonHistory 
15443XD618DH Vampire T11d/d 04/05/1955, sold as scrap 21/04/1964 at No.27 MU ShawburyHistory 
15444XD619DH Vampire T11d/d 18/05/1955, sold as scrap 21/04/1964 at No.27 MU ShawburyHistory 
15445XD620DH Vampire T11d/d 01/07/1955, w/o 08/08/1962History 
15446XD621DH Vampire T11d/d 07/07/1955, sold as scrap 31/03/1965 at No.27 MU ShawburyHistory 
15447XD622DH Vampire T11d/d 10/08/1955, to 8160M, to Flugplatzmuseum, Gutersloh, Germany History 
15448XD623DH Vampire T11d/d 23/08/1955, w/o 27/09/1965, perished ExeterHistory 
15449XD624DH Vampire T11d/d 03/10/1955, sold 15/12/1970, preserved Hooton parkHistory 
15366XD625DH Vampire T11d/d 06/04/1954, sold 09/12/1968 to BEA London Airport, since scrappedHistory 
15367XD626DH Vampire T11d/d 15/04/1954, sold 19/07/1967 at No.27 MU Shawbury, pres. BagintonHistory 
15368XD627DH Vampire T11d/d 23/08/1954, w/o 20/07/1959History 
HP81/1XD632HP.81 Hermes 4AEx G-AKFP. Returned to G-AKFP, w/o 01/09/1957History 
121XD635Vickers Viking 1AEx G-AHOT. Returned to G-AHOT, to ZS-DKH, preserved Rand MuseumHistory 
124XD636Vickers Viking 1AEx G-AHOW. Returned to G-AHOW, scr. Manston, Kent during 1969History 
118XD637Vickers Viking 1AEx G-AHOR. Returned to G-AHOR, to ZS-DNU, w/o 29/05/1960History 
WA/H/001XD649Westland Dragonfly 1AEx G-AKTW, f/f 12/03/1953, rtnd to G-AKTW, to G-APPR, to 5N-ABVHistory 
13071XD653Bristol Sycamore HR51f/f 12/11/1953, d/d 16/12/1953 to RAN as XD653, RAN Museum, Nowra, AustraliaHistory 
13145XD654Bristol Sycamore HR51f/f 14/12/1953, d/d 01/03/1954 to RAN as XD654, w/o 04/03/1961History 
13146XD655Bristol Sycamore HR51f/f 22/12/1953, d/d 05/08/1954 to RAN as XD655, w/o 12/10/1955History 
13147XD656Bristol Sycamore HR51f/f 04/01/1954, d/d 05/08/1954, to RAN as XD656, w/o 21/11/1957History 
XD662Vickers V.1000 Canx 11/11/1955, incomplete airframe to PEE Shoeburyness for trials, scr.History 
XD667Avro York Ex MW321 ex G-AMUN. Returned to G-AMUN, w/o 30/05/1956History 
XD668Avro York Ex MW183, ex G-AMUU. Returned to G-AMUU, scr. Heathrow during 05/1959History 
XD669Avro York Ex MW226, ex G-AMUV. Returned to G-AMUV, w/o 22/05/1958History 
1222XD670Avro York Ex TS797 n.t.u, ex G-AGNU. Returned to G-AGNU, to OD-ACO, w/o 24/05/1961History 
PAC/84/001XD674Hunting Jet Provost T1f/f 26/06/1954, to 7570M, pres. RAF Museum, CosfordHistoryEdit
PAC/84/002XD675Hunting Jet Provost T1f/f 19/02/1955, d/d 23/05/1955, scr. 09/05/1960 at No.27 MU ShawburyHistoryEdit
PAC/84/003XD676Hunting Jet Provost T1f/f 20/03/1955, d/d 12/05/1955, scr. 09/05/1960 at No.27 MU ShawburyHistoryEdit
PAC/84/004XD677Hunting Jet Provost T1f/f 25/04/1955, d/d 10/05/1955, scr. 09/05/1960 at No.27 MU ShawburyHistoryEdit
PAC/84/005XD678Hunting Jet Provost T1f/f 31/05/1955, ex G-42-1, d/d 30/06/1955, scr. Shawbury 09/05/1960HistoryEdit
PAC/84/007XD679Hunting Jet Provost T1d/d 22/07/1955, scr. 09/05/1960 at No.27 MU ShawburyHistoryEdit
PAC/84/008XD680Hunting Jet Provost T1f/f 20/08/1955, d/d 31/08/1955, scr. 09/05/1960 at No.27 MU ShawburyHistoryEdit
PAC/84/010XD692Hunting Jet Provost T1d/d 12/10/1955, w/o 30/08/1956, to 7369M n.t.u, scr. HullavingtonHistoryEdit
PAC/84/011XD693Hunting Jet Provost T1f/f 23/11/1955, d/d 06/12/1955, scr. 09/05/1960 at No.27 MU ShawburyHistoryEdit
PAC/84/009XD694Hunting Jet Provost T2f/f 01/09/1955, d/d 05/12/1955, scr. 13/10/1967 at No.27 MU ShawburyHistoryEdit
XD696Avro 720 Cancelled during 1956 when airframe almost complete, later scrappedHistory 
XD701Avro 720 CanxHistory 
607XD706Canadair Sabre F4Ex RCAF 19707, d/d 20/07/1953, s.o.c. 18/12/1958 as CAT 5(C)History 
608XD707Canadair Sabre F4Ex RCAF 19708, d/d 20/07/1953, w/o 22/07/1954History 
609XD708Canadair Sabre F4Ex RCAF 19709, d/d 20/07/1953, to USAF 06/11/1956, to AMI as MM19709History 
610XD709Canadair Sabre F4Ex RCAF 19710, d/d 20/07/1953, to USAF 26/08/1957, to Yugoslav AF as 11-084History 
611XD710Canadair Sabre F4Ex RCAF 19711, d/d 20/07/1953, w/o 05/04/1955History 
612XD711Canadair Sabre F4Ex RCAF 19712, d/d 20/07/1953, w/o 16/06/1954, perished Rufforth dumpHistory 
613XD712Canadair Sabre F4Ex RCAF 19713, d/d 20/07/1953, w/o 16/06/1955, remains scr. FarnboroughHistory 
614XD713Canadair Sabre F4Ex RCAF 19714, d/d 20/07/1953, w/o 29/01/1955History 
615XD714Canadair Sabre F4Ex RCAF 19715, d/d 20/07/1953, returned to USAF 27/07/1957History 
616XD715Canadair Sabre F4Ex RCAF 19716, d/d 17/08/1953, to AMI as MM19716History 
617XD716Canadair Sabre F4Ex RCAF 19717, d/d 17/08/1953, w/o 16/06/1954History 
618XD717Canadair Sabre F4Ex RCAF 19718, d/d 20/07/1953, to USAF 03/07/1957History 
619XD718Canadair Sabre F4Ex RCAF 19719, d/d 20/07/1953, s.o.c. 12/07/1956 as CAT 5(C)History 
620XD719Canadair Sabre F4Ex RCAF 19720, d/d 20/07/1953, to USAF 10/01/1957History 
621XD720Canadair Sabre F4Ex RCAF 19721, d/d 30/09/1953, to Yugoslav AF as 11-085History 
622XD721Canadair Sabre F4Ex RCAF 19722, d/d 29/09/1953, to AMI as MM19722History 
623XD722Canadair Sabre F4Ex RCAF 19723, d/d 20/07/1953, to AMI as MM19723History 
624XD723Canadair Sabre F4Ex RCAF 19724, d/d 20/07/1953, to AMI as MM19724, pres. RivoltoHistory 
625XD724Canadair Sabre F4Ex RCAF 19725, d/d 17/08/1953, to YAF as 11-086, to Honduras AF as FAH3007History 
626XD725Canadair Sabre F4Ex RCAF 19726, d/d 17/08/1953, to USAF on 03/07/1957History 
627XD726Canadair Sabre F4Ex RCAF 19727, d/d 20/07/1953, to USAF on 09/10/1957History 
628XD727Canadair Sabre F4Ex RCAF 19728, d/d 17/08/1953, s.o.c. 18/12/1958 as CAT 5(C)History 
629XD728Canadair Sabre F4Ex RCAF 19729, d/d 20/07/1953, to USAF on 27/06/1956History 
630XD729Canadair Sabre F4Ex RCAF 19730, d/d 20/07/1953, w/o 25/01/1956History 
631XD730Canadair Sabre F4Ex RCAF 19731, d/d 17/08/1953, w/o 22/07/1954History 
649XD731Canadair Sabre F4Ex RCAF 19749, d/d 17/08/1953, to AMI as MM19749, w/o 25/03/1960History 
650XD732Canadair Sabre F4Ex RCAF 19750, d/d 17/08/1953, scr. 18/12/1958History 
651XD733Canadair Sabre F4Ex RCAF 19751, d/d 20/07/1953, w/o 21/09/1954History 
652XD734Canadair Sabre F4Ex RCAF 19752, d/d 20/07/1953, to AMI as MM19752, w/o 26/08/1958History 
653XD735Canadair Sabre F4Ex RCAF 19753, d/d 20/07/1953, to AMI as MM19753, w/o 28/03/1959History 
654XD736Canadair Sabre F4Ex RCAF 19754, d/d 30/09/1953, to AMI as MM19754History 
655XD753Canadair Sabre F4Ex RCAF 19755, d/d 17/08/1953, to Yugoslav AF as 11-091History 
656XD754Canadair Sabre F4Ex RCAF 19756, d/d 17/08/1953, to USAF 31/05/1957History 
657XD755Canadair Sabre F4Ex RCAF 19757, d/d 17/08/1953, w/o 16/03/1955History 
658XD756Canadair Sabre F4Ex RCAF 19758, d/d 17/08/1953, to YAF as 11-092, wreck at Subotic, SerbiaHistory 
659XD757Canadair Sabre F4Ex RCAF 19759, d/d 30/09/1953, to Yugoslav AF as 11-093History 
660XD758Canadair Sabre F4Ex RCAF 19760, d/d 17/08/1953, w/o 22/07/1954History 
661XD759Canadair Sabre F4Ex RCAF 19761, d/d 17/08/1953, scr. 18/12/1958History 
F9420XD759Jet Gyrodyne Ex G-AJJP, f/f 01/1954, to XJ389History 
662XD760Canadair Sabre F4Ex RCAF 19762, d/d 30/09/1953, to YAF as 11-094, to Honduras AF as FAH3005History 
663XD761Canadair Sabre F4Ex RCAF 19763, d/d 17/08/1953, to Yugoslav AF as 11-095History 
664XD762Canadair Sabre F4Ex RCAF 19764, d/d 21/12/1953, scr. 18/12/1958History 
665XD763Canadair Sabre F4Ex RCAF 19765, d/d 17/08/1953, scr. 18/12/1958History 
WA57XD763Westland Whirlwind HAR3f/f 24/09/1954, to XJ393History 
666XD764Canadair Sabre F4Ex RCAF 19766, d/d 17/08/1953, to AMI as MM19766History 
WA58XD764Westland Whirlwind HAR3N.t.u, to XJ394History 
667XD765Canadair Sabre F4Ex RCAF 19767, d/d 30/09/1953, to Yugoslav AF as 11-096History 
WA59XD765Westland Whirlwind HAR3N.t.u, to XJ395History 
668XD766Canadair Sabre F4Ex RCAF 19768, d/d 17/08/1953, scr. 18/12/1958History 
WA60XD766Westland Whirlwind HAR3N.t.u, to XJ396History 
669XD767Canadair Sabre F4Ex RCAF 19769, d/d 17/08/1953, to USAF 28/05/1957History 
WA61XD767Westland Whirlwind HAR3N.t.u, to XJ397History 
670XD768Canadair Sabre F4Ex RCAF 19770, d/d 17/08/1953, w/o 10/08/1954History 
WA62XD768Westland Whirlwind HAR3N.t.u, to XJ398History 
671XD769Canadair Sabre F4Ex RCAF 19771, d/d 17/08/1953, scr. 18/12/1958History 
WA63XD769Westland Whirlwind HAR3N.t.u, to XJ399History 
672XD770Canadair Sabre F4Ex RCAF 19772, d/d 17/08/1953, scr. 18/12/1958History 
WA64XD770Westland Whirlwind HAR3N.t.u, to XJ400History 
673XD771Canadair Sabre F4Ex RCAF 19773, d/d 30/09/1953, w/o 29/09/1954History 
WA65XD771Westland Whirlwind HAR3N.t.u, to XJ401History 
693XD772Canadair Sabre F4Ex RCAF 19793, d/d 17/08/1953, w/o 29/11/1954History 
WA66XD772Westland Whirlwind HAR3N.t.u, to XJ402History 
694XD773Canadair Sabre F4Ex RCAF 19794, d/d 29/09/1953, w/o 13/05/1954History 
695XD774Canadair Sabre F4Ex RCAF 19795, d/d 30/09/1953, to Yugoslav AFHistory 
696XD775Canadair Sabre F4Ex RCAF 19796, w/oHistory 
697XD776Canadair Sabre F4Ex RCAF 19797, d/d 29/09/1953, w/o 27/08/1954History 
698XD777Canadair Sabre F4Ex RCAF 19798, d/d 29/09/1953, to AMI as MM19798History 
WA33XD777Westland Whirlwind HAR4f/f 21/10/1954, to XJ407History 
699XD778Canadair Sabre F4Ex RCAF 19799, d/d 30/09/1953, to USAF 28/03/1957History 
WA34XD778Westland Whirlwind HAR4To XJ408History 
700XD779Canadair Sabre F4Ex RCAF 19800, d/d 30/09/1953, to USAF 04/11/1957History 
WA35XD779Westland Whirlwind HAR4To XJ409History 
701XD780Canadair Sabre F4Ex RCAF 19801, d/d 29/09/1953, w/o 14/05/1955History 
WA36XD780Westland Whirlwind HAR4To XJ410History 
702XD781Canadair Sabre F4Ex RCAF 19802, d/d 29/09/1953, to USAF 23/10/1956History 
WA37XD781Westland Whirlwind HAR4To XJ411History 
WA38XD782Westland Whirlwind HAR4To XJ412History 
WA40XD783Westland Whirlwind HAR4To XJ413History 
WA41XD784Westland Whirlwind HAR4f/f 24/11/1954, to XJ414History 
WA42XD795Westland Whirlwind HAR4N.t.u, to XJ426History 
WA43XD796Westland Whirlwind HAR4N.t.u, to XJ427History 
WA44XD797Westland Whirlwind HAR4N.t.u, to XJ428History 
WA45XD798Westland Whirlwind HAR4N.t.u, to XJ429History 
WA46XD799Westland Whirlwind HAR4N.t.u, to XJ430History 
WA47XD800Westland Whirlwind HAR4N.t.u, to XJ431History 
WA48XD801Westland Whirlwind HAR4N.t.u, to XJ432History 
WA49XD802Westland Whirlwind HAR4N.t.u, to XJ433History 
WA50XD803Westland Whirlwind HAR4N.t.u, to XJ434History 
WA51XD804Westland Whirlwind HAR4N.t.u, to XJ435History 
WA52XD805Westland Whirlwind HAR4N.t.u, to XJ436History 
WA53XD806Westland Whirlwind HAR4N.t.u, to XJ437History 
XD812Vickers Valiant BK1d/d 18/07/1956, s.o.c. 05/03/1965, remains scr. P&EE Foulness IslandHistory 
XD813Vickers Valiant BK1d/d 18/07/1956, s.o.c. 01/03/1965 as CAT 5(S), scr. BKL AlloysHistory 
XD814Vickers Valiant BK1d/d 26/07/1956, s.o.c. 15/12/1964 and b/u during 01/1965 at HoningtonHistory 
XD815Vickers Valiant BK1d/d 17/08/1953, s.o.c. 01/03/1965 and b/u during 05/1965 at MarhamHistory 
XD816Vickers Valiant BK1d/d 03/09/1956, to BAC 21/09/1964, (N) pres. Weybridge - Brooklands MuseumHistory 
XD817Vickers Valiant BK1d/d 23/08/1956, s.o.c. 01/03/1965 at Marham and scrappedHistory 
XD818Vickers Valiant BK1f/f 04/09/1956, d/d 14/11/1956, s.o.c. 01/04/1965, to 7894M, pres. CosfordHistory 
XD819Vickers Valiant BK1d/d 18/09/1956, s.o.c. 14/12/1964, to Foulness Island 06/1965, since scr.History 
XD820Vickers Valiant BK1d/d 03/10/1956, s.o.c. 01/03/1965 and broken up at HoningtonHistory 
XD821Vickers Valiant BK1d/d 06/11/1956, s.o.c. 30/10/1967 and broken up as scrap at St. AthanHistory 
XD822Vickers Valiant BK1d/d 09/11/1956, s.o.c. 05/06/1965, remains scr. at Foulness IslandHistory 
XD823Vickers Valiant BK1d/d 21/11/1956, s.o.c. 01/03/1965 and broken up for scrap at MarhamHistory 
XD824Vickers Valiant BK1d/d 24/11/1956, s.o.c. 05/03/1965 and broken up for scrap at MarhamHistory 
XD825Vickers Valiant BK1d/d 30/11/1956, s.o.c. 10/06/1965 and broken up as scrap at Wisley, SurreyHistory 
XD826Vickers Valiant BK1d/d 12/02/1957, b/u Wyton 1965, (N) pres. Rayleigh, EssexHistory 
XD827Vickers Valiant BK1d/d 10/01/1957, s.o.c. 14/12/1964, remains to Foulness Island 1965History 
XD828Vickers Valiant BK1d/d 15/01/1957, s.o.c. 05/03/1965 and broken up as scrap at MarhamHistory 
XD829Vickers Valiant BK1d/d 15/01/1957, s.o.c. 05/03/1965 and broken up as scrap at MarhamHistory 
XD830Vickers Valiant BK1d/d 24/01/1957, s.o.c. 15/12/1964 and broken up as scrapHistory 
XD857Vickers Valiant BK1d/d 10/01/1957, s.o.c. 06/03/1965, (C) restoration Marham Aviation Heritage CentreHistory 
XD858Vickers Valiant BK1d/d 31/01/1957, s.o.c. 04/03/1965 and broken up as scrap at MarhamHistory 
XD859Vickers Valiant BK1d/d 14/02/1957, s.o.c. 10/06/1965 and broken up as scrap at Filton, BristolHistory 
XD860Vickers Valiant BK1d/d 20/02/1957, s.o.c. 01/01/1967 at St. Athan, (N) scr. FarnboroughHistory 
XD861Vickers Valiant BK1d/d 22/02/1957, s.o.c. 05/03/1965 and broken up as scrap at MarhamHistory 
XD862Vickers Valiant BK1d/d 01/02/1957, s.o.c. 05/03/1965 and broken up as scrap at MarhamHistory 
XD863Vickers Valiant BK1d/d 11/03/1957, s.o.c. 10/06/1965 and broken up as scrap at Filton, BristolHistory 
XD864Vickers Valiant BK1d/d 19/03/1957, w/o 12/08/1960History 
XD865Vickers Valiant BK1d/d 25/03/1957, s.o.c. 05/03/1965 and broken up as scrap at MarhamHistory 
XD866Vickers Valiant BK1d/d 29/04/1957, s.o.c. 04/03/1965 and broken up as scrap at GaydonHistory 
XD867Vickers Valiant BK1d/d 18/04/1957, s.o.c. 01/03/1965, remains scr. Honington dumpHistory 
XD868Vickers Valiant BK1d/d 10/05/1957, s.o.c. 04/03/1965 and broken up as scrap at HoningtonHistory 
XD869Vickers Valiant BK1d/d 22/05/1957, w/o 11/09/1959History 
XD870Vickers Valiant BK1d/d 23/05/1957, s.o.c. 04/03/1965 and broken up as scrap at MarhamHistory 
XD871Vickers Valiant BK1d/d 27/06/1957, s.o.c. 04/03/1965 and broken up as scrap at MarhamHistory 
XD872Vickers Valiant BK1d/d 06/1957, s.o.c. 10/06/1965 and broken up as scrap at WytonHistory 
XD873Vickers Valiant BK1d/d 18/07/1957, s.o.c. 04/03/1965 and broken up as scrap at GaydonHistory 
XD874Vickers Valiant BK1d/d 30/08/1957, s.o.c. 05/03/1965, scr. Pendine RangesHistory 
XD875Vickers Valiant BK1f/f 27/08/1957, d/d 27/09/1957, w/o 09/11/1962, (N) pres. Morayvia, KinlossHistory 
XD876Vickers Valiant BK1CanxHistory 
XD877Vickers Valiant BK1CanxHistory 
XD878Vickers Valiant BK1CanxHistory 
XD879Vickers Valiant BK1CanxHistory 
XD880Vickers Valiant BK1CanxHistory 
XD881Vickers Valiant BK1CanxHistory 
XD882Vickers Valiant BK1CanxHistory 
XD883Vickers Valiant BK1CanxHistory 
XD884Vickers Valiant BK1CanxHistory 
XD885Vickers Valiant BK1CanxHistory 
XD886Vickers Valiant BK1CanxHistory 
XD887Vickers Valiant BK1CanxHistory 
XD888Vickers Valiant BK1CanxHistory 
XD889Vickers Valiant BK1CanxHistory 
XD890Vickers Valiant BK1CanxHistory 
XD891Vickers Valiant BK1CanxHistory 
XD892Vickers Valiant BK1CanxHistory 
XD893Vickers Valiant BK1CanxHistory 
F9327XD898Fairey Gannet AS1f/f 10/06/1957, d/d 30/07/1957 to RAN, w.f.u. 15/08/1967, perished NowraHistory 
XD903Supermarine Swift FR5d/d 31/05/1955, to Vickers Armstrong, Wisley 11/10/1956, later scrappedHistory 
XD904Supermarine Swift FR5d/d 03/10/1955, sold as scrap 06/01/1959History 
XD905Supermarine Swift FR5d/d 17/10/1955, w/o 22/10/1958, s.o.c. 04/12/1958 as CAT 5(C) at BensonHistory 
XD906Supermarine Swift FR5d/d 06/12/1955, sold as scrap 27/06/1960 at No.23 MU AldergroveHistory 
XD907Supermarine Swift FR5d/d 08/12/1955, sold as scrap 27/06/1960 at No.23 MU AldergroveHistory 
XD908Supermarine Swift FR5d/d 19/12/1955, sold as scrap 27/06/1960 at No.23 MU AldergroveHistory 
XD909Supermarine Swift FR5d/d 06/12/1955, w/o 19/10/1956, s.o.c. 23/04/1957History 
XD910Supermarine Swift FR5d/d 05/01/1956, w/o 23/08/1957History 
XD911Supermarine Swift FR5d/d 19/12/1955, sold as scrap 27/06/1960 at No.23 MU AldergroveHistory 
XD912Supermarine Swift FR5d/d 21/12/1955, sold as scrap 13/01/1959 at No.23 MU AldergroveHistory 
XD913Supermarine Swift FR5d/d 17/05/1955, w/o 23/06/1960, s.o.c. 01/07/1960 as CAT 5(C)History 
XD914Supermarine Swift FR5d/d 21/12/1955, sold as scrap 30/05/1960 at No.23 MU AldergroveHistory 
XD915Supermarine Swift FR5d/d 01/02/1956, sold as scrap 27/06/1960 at No.23 MU AldergroveHistory 
XD916Supermarine Swift FR5d/d 21/12/1955, sold as scrap 27/06/1960 at No.23 MU AldergroveHistory 
XD917Supermarine Swift FR5d/d 01/02/1956, sold as scrap 27/06/1960 at No.23 MU AldergroveHistory 
XD918Supermarine Swift FR5d/d 19/02/1956, sold as scrap 27/06/1960 at No.23 MU AldergroveHistory 
XD919Supermarine Swift FR5w/o 21/01/1956 on delivery flightHistory 
XD920Supermarine Swift FR5d/d 01/02/1956, sold as scrap 27/06/1960 at No.23 MU AldergroveHistory 
XD921Supermarine Swift FR5d/d 01/02/1956, to Finningley dump 16/10/1961, since perishedHistory 
XD922Supermarine Swift FR5d/d 14/02/1956, sold as scrap 27/06/1960 at No.23 MU AldergroveHistory 
XD923Supermarine Swift FR5d/d 20/04/1956, sold as scrap 27/06/1960 at No.23 MU AldergroveHistory 
XD924Supermarine Swift FR5d/d 30/01/1956, w/o 04/08/1960, s.o.c. as CAT 5(C) 04/08/1956History 
XD925Supermarine Swift FR5d/d 20/04/1956, sold as scrap 27/06/1960 at No.23 MU AldergroveHistory 
XD926Supermarine Swift FR5d/d 14/02/1956, w/o 24/11/1958History 
XD927Supermarine Swift FR5d/d 12/04/1956, sold as scrap 27/06/1960 at No.23 MU AldergroveHistory 
XD928Supermarine Swift FR5d/d 16/04/1956, w/o 09/04/1959History 
XD929Supermarine Swift FR5d/d 16/04/1956, sold as scrap 27/06/1960 at No.23 MU AldergroveHistory 
XD930Supermarine Swift FR5d/d 12/04/1956, sold as scrap 27/06/1960 at No.23 MU AldergroveHistory 
XD948Supermarine Swift FR5d/d 26/04/1956, w/o 01/08/1957, remains broken up as spares and produceHistory 
XD949Supermarine Swift FR5d/d 16/04/1956, sold as scrap 27/06/1960 at No.23 MU AldergroveHistory 
XD950Supermarine Swift FR5d/d 17/04/1956, w/o 15/06/1960, s.o.c. 22/06/1960 as CAT 5(C)History 
XD951Supermarine Swift FR5d/d 17/04/1956, to 7447M, perished KirkhamHistory 
XD952Supermarine Swift FR5d/d 04/05/1956, sold as scrap 27/06/1960 at No.23 MU AldergroveHistory 
XD953Supermarine Swift FR5d/d 10/05/1956, w/o 06/09/1960, s.o.c. 16/09/1960 as CAT 5(C)History 
XD954Supermarine Swift FR5d/d 07/06/1956, s.o.c. 05/09/1960 as CAT 5(C)History 
XD955Supermarine Swift FR5d/d 28/05/1956, w/o 13/07/1959, s.o.c. 14/08/1959 as CAT 5(C)History 
XD956Supermarine Swift FR5d/d 28/05/1956, sold as scrap 27/06/1960 at No.23 MU AldergroveHistory 
XD957Supermarine Swift FR5d/d 01/06/1956, sold as scrap 27/06/1960 at No.23 MU AldergroveHistory 
XD958Supermarine Swift FR5d/d 10/05/1956, w/o 30/04/1958, s.o.c. 09/09/1958 as CAT5(C)History 
XD959Supermarine Swift FR5d/d 20/07/1956, sold as scrap 27/06/1960 at No.23 MU AldergroveHistory 
XD960Supermarine Swift FR5d/d 28/06/1956, sold as scrap 27/06/1960 at No.23 MU AldergroveHistory 
XD961Supermarine Swift FR5d/d 12/10/1956, w/o 17/07/1959History 
XD962Supermarine Swift FR5d/d 09/11/1956, to Bovingdon dump 04/10/1961, perished 1976History 
XD963Supermarine Swift FR5d/d 05/02/1957, sold as scrap 27/06/1960 at No.23 MU AldergroveHistory 
XD964Supermarine Swift FR5d/d 06/02/1957, to Manston Fire School, Kent 10/07/1961, since perishedHistory 
XD965Supermarine Swift FR5d/d 06/02/1957, sold as scrap 27/06/1960 at No.23 MU AldergroveHistory 
XD966Supermarine Swift FR5d/d 05/02/1957, sold as scrap 27/06/1960 at No.23 MU AldergroveHistory 
XD967Supermarine Swift FR5d/d 12/03/1957, w/o 28/02/1959, s.o.c. 06/04/1959 as CAT5(C)History 
XD968Supermarine Swift FR5d/d 27/02/1961, sold as scrap 02/05/1961 at No.23 MU AldergroveHistory 
XD969Supermarine Swift FR5d/d 10/04/1057 w/o 07/03/1960, s.o.c. 08/03/1960 as CAT5(C)History 
XD970Supermarine Swift FR5d/d 06/02/1957, sold as scrap 02/05/1961 at No.23 MU AldergroveHistory 
XD971Supermarine Swift FR5d/d 05/02/1957, sold as scrap 27/06/1960 at No.23 MU AldergroveHistory 
XD972Supermarine Swift FR5d/d 07/03/1957, w/o 31/08/1960, s.o.c. 08/09/1960 as CAT5(C)History 
XD973Supermarine Swift FR5d/d 20/03/1957, to Oakington fire dump 06/04/1961, perished 07/1961History 
XD974Supermarine Swift FR5d/d 09/04/1957, s.o.c. 05/09/1960 as CAT5(C)History 
XD975Supermarine Swift FR5d/d 06/05/1957, w/o 15/08/1958History 
XD976Supermarine Swift FR5d/d 16/04/1957, to Cottesmore fire dump 08/05/1961, since perishedHistory 
XD977Supermarine Swift FR5No records exist that this aircraft had ever been builtHistory 
XD978Supermarine Swift FR5CanxHistory 
XD979Supermarine Swift FR5CanxHistory 
XD980Supermarine Swift FR5CanxHistory 
XD981Supermarine Swift FR5CanxHistory 
XD982Supermarine Swift FR5CanxHistory 
XD983Supermarine Swift FR5CanxHistory 
XD984Supermarine Swift FR5CanxHistory 
XD985Supermarine Swift FR5CanxHistory 
XD986Supermarine Swift FR5CanxHistory 
XD987Supermarine Swift FR5CanxHistory 
XD988Supermarine Swift FR5CanxHistory 

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