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XJ112Gloster Javelin FAW8Static Test AirframeHistory 
XJ113Gloster Javelin FAW8d/d 04/03/1960, w/o 11/09/1963HistoryEdit
XJ114Gloster Javelin FAW8d/d 19/01/1960, sold as scrap 11/03/1965 at No.27 MU ShawburyHistoryEdit
XJ115Gloster Javelin FAW8d/d 02/03/1960, sold as scrap 11/03/1965 at No.27 MU ShawburyHistoryEdit
XJ116Gloster Javelin FAW8d/d 26/02/1960, to No.9 SoTT Newton for G.I. as 7832M, scr. 12/03/1974HistoryEdit
XJ117Gloster Javelin FAW8d/d 26/02/1960, to No.9 SoTT Newton for G.I. as 7833M, scr. 12/03/1974HistoryEdit
XJ118Gloster Javelin FAW8d/d 24/03/1960, sold as scrap 11/03/1965 at No.27 MU ShawburyHistoryEdit
XJ119Gloster Javelin FAW8d/d 10/03/1960, sold as scrap 11/03/1965 at No.27 MU ShawburyHistoryEdit
XJ120Gloster Javelin FAW8d/d 20/04/1960, sold as scrap 11/03/1965 at No.27 MU ShawburyHistoryEdit
XJ121Gloster Javelin FAW8d/d 06/04/1960, sold as scrap 11/03/1965 at No.27 MU ShawburyHistoryEdit
XJ122Gloster Javelin FAW8d/d 04/04/1960, to 7836M n.t.u, scr. 21/01/1965 at No.19 MU St. AthanHistoryEdit
XJ123Gloster Javelin FAW8d/d 05/04/1960, sold as scrap 26/11/1964 at No.19 MU St. AthanHistoryEdit
XJ124Gloster Javelin FAW8d/d 06/05/1960, sold as scrap 26/11/1964 at No.19 MU St. AthanHistoryEdit
XJ125Gloster Javelin FAW8d/d 24/04/1959, sold as scrap 11/03/1965 at No.27 MU ShawburyHistoryEdit
XJ126Gloster Javelin FAW8d/d 10/05/1960, to 7837M n.t.u, scr. 21/01/1965 at No.19 MU St. AthanHistoryEdit
XJ127Gloster Javelin FAW8d/d 23/05/1960, sold as scrap 26/11/1964 at No.19 MU St. AthanHistoryEdit
XJ128Gloster Javelin FAW8d/d 23/05/1960, w/o 12/07/1962HistoryEdit
XJ129Gloster Javelin FAW8d/d 20/06/1960, sold as scrap 26/11/1964 at No.19 MU St. AthanHistoryEdit
XJ130Gloster Javelin FAW8d/d 05/08/1960, sold as scrap 26/11/1964 at No.19 MU St. AthanHistoryEdit
XJ165Gloster Javelin FAW8d/d 16/08/1960, sold as scrap 26/11/1964 at No.19 MU St. AthanHistoryEdit
XJ166Gloster Javelin FAW8Canx 08/1960 whilst on final assembly, b/u for sparesHistory 
XJ167Gloster Javelin FAW8Canx 08/1960 whilst on final assembly, b/u for sparesHistory 
XJ168Gloster Javelin FAW8Canx 08/1960 whilst on final assembly, b/u for sparesHistory 
XJ169Gloster Javelin FAW8Canx 08/1960 whilst on final assembly, b/u for sparesHistory 
XJ170Gloster Javelin FAW8Canx 08/1960 whilst on final assembly, b/u for sparesHistory 
XJ171Gloster Javelin FAW8Canx 08/1960 whilst on final assembly, b/u for sparesHistory 
XJ172Gloster Javelin FAW8Canx 08/1960 whilst on final assembly, b/u for sparesHistory 
XJ173Gloster Javelin FAW8Canx 08/1960 whilst on final assembly, b/u for sparesHistory 
XJ174Gloster Javelin FAW8Canx 08/1960 whilst on final assembly, b/u for sparesHistory 
XJ175Gloster Javelin FAW8Canx 08/1960 whilst on final assembly, b/u for sparesHistory 
XJ176Gloster Javelin FAW8Canx 08/1960 whilst on final assembly, b/u for sparesHistory 
XJ177Gloster Javelin FAW8Canx 08/1960 whilst on final assembly, b/u for sparesHistory 
XJ178Gloster Javelin FAW8Canx 08/1960 whilst on final assembly, b/u for sparesHistory 
XJ183Supermarine Swift F4CanxHistory 
XJ184Supermarine Swift F4CanxHistory 
XJ185Supermarine Swift F4CanxHistory 
XJ186Supermarine Swift F4CanxHistory 
XJ187Supermarine Swift F4CanxHistory 
XJ188Supermarine Swift F4CanxHistory 
XJ217Supermarine Swift F4CanxHistory 
XJ218Supermarine Swift F4CanxHistory 
XJ219Supermarine Swift F4CanxHistory 
XJ220Supermarine Swift F4CanxHistory 
XJ221Supermarine Swift F4CanxHistory 
XJ222Supermarine Swift F4CanxHistory 
XJ223Supermarine Swift F4CanxHistory 
XJ224Supermarine Swift F4CanxHistory 
XJ225Supermarine Swift F4CanxHistory 
XJ226Supermarine Swift F4CanxHistory 
XJ241Supermarine Swift F4CanxHistory 
XJ242Supermarine Swift F4CanxHistory 
XJ243Supermarine Swift F4CanxHistory 
XJ244Supermarine Swift F4CanxHistory 
XJ249EE Canberra B(I)6d/d 05/04/1956, w/o 30/12/1957HistoryEdit
XJ257EE Canberra B(I)6d/d 01/05/1956, w/o 09/04/1957HistoryEdit
XJ264Avro York Ex MW253, ex G-ANVO. Rtnd to G-ANVO, w.f.u. Luton 06/1963, scr. 10/1963History 
HP81/17XJ269HP Hermes 4AEx G-ALDP. Rtnd to G-ALDP, w.f.u. 10/10/1962 at Stansted and scr.History 
HP81/24XJ276HP Hermes 4AEx G-ALDX. Rtnd to G-ALDX, w.f.u. 30/11/1959 at Blackbushe, later scr.History 
HP81/12XJ281HP Hermes 4AEx G-ALDK. Rtnd to G-ALDK, w/o 05/08/1956History 
HP81/21XJ288HP Hermes 4AEx G-ALDU. Rtnd to G-ALDU, broken up Southend 11/1962History 
207XJ304Vickers Viking 1BEx VX856, ex G-AJPH. Rtnd to G-AJPH, broken up Heathrow 09/1962History 
HP81/10XJ309HP Hermes 4AEx G-ALDI. Rtnd to G-ALDI, w.f.u. 10/1962 at Stansted and scrappedHistory 
XJ314Thrust Measuring Rig f/f 09/07/1953, w/o 16/09/1957, pres. Science Museum, South KensingtonHistory 
4420XJ319DH Sea Devon C20Ex G-AMXP. Rtnd to G-AMXP, to VH-DVE, pres. Bankstown, NSW, AustraliaHistory 
4441XJ320DH Sea Devon C20Ex G-ANDY. Rtnd to G-ANDY 28/06/1961, w/o 29/05/1962History 
4415XJ321DH Sea Devon C20Ex XB-TAN. To G-AROH 24/05/1961, scr. Biggin Hill during 05/1973History 
4421XJ322DH Sea Devon C20Ex G-AMYP. Rtnd to G-AMYP 13/04/1982, w/o 09/07/1983History 
4409XJ323DH Sea Devon C20Ex G-AMXY. Rtnd to G-AMXY, to 9J-AAE, to A2-ZFM, scr. at Liverpool 1972History 
4410XJ324DH Sea Devon C20Ex G-AMXZ. To VH-DHI, to Caboolture, AustraliaHistory 
4392XJ347DH Sea Devon C20Ex G-AMXT. Rtnd to G-AMXT 13/04/1982, scr. Sandown, Isle of Wight 01/1998History 
4406XJ348DH Sea Devon C20Ex G-AMXX. To G-NAVY 06/01/1982, to Hermeskeil Museum, Germany 03/2003History 
4401XJ349DH Sea Devon C20Ex G-AMXW. Rtnd to G-AMXW, to N11XW, Mojave, California, USAHistory 
4453XJ350DH Sea Devon C20d/d 05/05/1955, to Lelystad Museum, Netherlands as PH-MADHistory 
SR.905XJ355Saro Skeeter Mk.6f/f 29/08/1954, to G-ANMH, broken up as spares, parts to Shrivenham, OxfordshireHistory 
13248XJ361Bristol Sycamore HR14d/d 24/03/1955, w/o 02/09/1958History 
13266XJ362Bristol Sycamore HR14f/f 06/04/1955, d/d 03/05/1955, w/o 27/06/1956History 
13240XJ363Bristol Sycamore HR14d/d 14/06/1955, w/o 20/05/1957History 
13241XJ364Bristol Sycamore HR14d/d 27/09/1955, to Old Sarum fire section 20/03/1968, perished 1970History 
1558XJ376Sud Aviation Alouette AH2d/d 24/04/1961 incorrectly serialled as XJ376, re-serialled to XR376History 
1567XJ377Sud Aviation Alouette AH2d/d 24/04/1961 incorrectly serialled as XJ377, re-serialled to XR377History 
1582XJ378Sud Aviation Alouette AH2Ex F-WIEM, d/d during 05/1961 incorrectly serialled as XJ378, re-serialled to XR378History 
13242XJ380Bristol Sycamore HR14d/d 22/10/1956, to 8628M, preserved at Morayvia, KinlossHistory 
1596XJ380Sud Aviation Alouette AH2d/d 21/12/1961 incorrectly serialled XJ380, re-serialled to XR380History 
13243XJ381Bristol Sycamore HR14d/d 02/05/1956, w/o 07/08/1957History 
13244XJ382Bristol Sycamore HR14d/d 14/05/1956, w/o 09/07/1962History 
13390XJ383Bristol Sycamore HR14d/d 28/09/1956, w/o 26/07/1957History 
13391XJ384Bristol Sycamore HR14d/d 05/10/1956, to Catterick Fire School 06/03/1968, since perishedHistory 
1644XJ384Sud Aviation Alouette AH2d/d during 10/1961 incorrectly serialled as XJ384, re-serialled as XR384History 
13392XJ385Bristol Sycamore HR14d/d 05/10/1956, w/o 25/10/1963History 
1645XJ385Sud Aviation Alouette AH2d/d during 10/1961 incorrectly serialled as XJ385, re-serialled as XR385History 
F9420XJ389Jet Gyrodyne Ex G-AJJP, f/f during 01/1954, ex XD759, preserved, Woodley, BerkshireHistory 
WA57XJ393Westland Whirlwind HAR3Ex XD763, to A2538, scrapped during 1993History 
WA58XJ394Westland Whirlwind HAR3Issued XD764 n.t.u, f/f 15/07/1955, d/d 10/10/1957, b/u Farnborough 19/11/1973History 
WA59XJ395Westland Whirlwind HAR3Issued XD765 n.t.u, f/f 09/07/1955, d/d 16/01/1956, w/o 30/04/1956History 
WA60XJ396Westland Whirlwind HAR5/10Issued XD766 n.t.u, f/f 28/08/1955, d/d 11/06/1956, to Farnborough G.I, scr.History 
WA61XJ397Westland Whirlwind HAR3Issued XD767 n.t.u, f/f 18/07/1955, w/o 29/04/1959, to A2485, scr. ArbroathHistory 
WA62XJ398Westland Whirlwind HAR5/10Issued XD768 n.t.u, f/f 04/05/1957, to G-BDBZ, pres. AeroVenture, DoncasterHistory 
WA63XJ399Westland Whirlwind HAR3Issued XD769 n.t.u, f/f 09/08/1955, d/d 01/09/1955, w/o 16/10/1964, A2578, scr.History 
WA64XJ400Westland Whirlwind HAR3Issued XD770 n.t.u, f/f 10/08/1955, d/d 31/08/1955, w/o 06/11/1956History 
WA65XJ401Westland Whirlwind HAR3XD771 n.t.u, f/f 24/08/1955, to G-AYTK, VH-BFG, VR-BFG, b/u Redhill 1978History 
WA66XJ402Westland Whirlwind HAR3Issued XD772 n.t.u, f/f 11/09/1955, d/d 21/09/1955, to A2572, scr. Yeovilton 1988History 
WA33XJ407Westland Whirlwind HAR10f/f 21/10/1954 as XD777, d/d 03/11/1954, to G-BKHB, North SomercotesHistoryEdit
WA34XJ408Westland Whirlwind HAR4f/f 27/10/1954 as XD778, d/d 12/11/1954, w/o 26/08/1955, scr. ChangiHistoryEdit
WA35XJ409Westland Whirlwind HAR10f/f 03/11/1954 as XD779, d/d 19/11/1954, to Llanbedr, Wales 1994, fate?HistoryEdit
WA36XJ410Westland Whirlwind HAR10f/f 05/11/1954 as XD780, d/d 24/11/1954, w/o 21/09/1965HistoryEdit
WA37XJ411Westland Whirlwind HAR10f/f 13/11/1954 as XD781, d/d 30/11/1954, scr. Pendine Sands 1999HistoryEdit
WA38XJ412Westland Whirlwind HAR10f/f 15/11/1954 as XD782, d/d 03/12/1954, w/o 05/11/1966, wreckage in MalaysiaHistoryEdit
WA40XJ413Westland Whirlwind HAR4f/f 23/11/1954 as XD783, d/d 03/12/1954, w/o 20/09/1957HistoryEdit
WA41XJ414Westland Whirlwind HAR10f/f 24/11/1954 as XD784, d/d 03/12/1954, w/o 22/06/1967HistoryEdit
WA42XJ426Westland Whirlwind HAR10f/f 14/12/1954, d/d 11/01/1955, w/o 22/08/1971HistoryEdit
WA43XJ427Westland Whirlwind HAR4f/f 16/12/1954, d/d 12/01/1955, w/o 16/04/1957HistoryEdit
WA44XJ428Westland Whirlwind HAR10f/f 20/12/1954, d/d 07/01/1955, w/o 10/09/1963, to 7821M n.t.u, scr. TernhillHistoryEdit
WA45XJ429Westland Whirlwind HAR10f/f 14/01/1955, d/d 08/02/1955, to Benson fire section, perished 09/1979HistoryEdit
WA46XJ430Westland Whirlwind HAR10f/f 20/01/1955, d/d 25/05/1955, to Manston Fire School, perished 01/1990HistoryEdit
WA47XJ431Westland Whirlwind HAR4f/f 31/05/1955, d/d 02/06/1955, w/o 01/08/1958HistoryEdit
WA48XJ432Westland Whirlwind HAR10f/f 11/02/1955, d/d 25/05/1955, w/o 18/01/1971, s.o.c. 26/03/1971 as CAT 5(S)HistoryEdit
WA49XJ433Westland Whirlwind HAR10f/f 18/02/1955, d/d 02/06/1955, w/o 20/02/1964HistoryEdit
WA50XJ434Westland Whirlwind HAR2f/f 22/02/1955, d/d 01/06/1955, w/o 01/10/1955HistoryEdit
WA51XJ435Westland Whirlwind HAR10f/f 03/03/1955, d/d 06/06/1955, to 8671M, scr. Dishforth 1998HistoryEdit
WA52XJ436Westland Whirlwind HAR2f/f 18/03/1955, d/d 06/06/1955, w/o 30/08/1955HistoryEdit
WA53XJ437Westland Whirlwind HAR10f/f 30/03/1955, d/d 02/06/1955, to 8788M, scrapped by 05/2009HistoryEdit
F9431XJ440Fairey Gannet AEW3f/f 20/08/1958, w/o 26/04/1960History 
WA93XJ445Westland Whirlwind HAR5f/f 15/10/1957, d/d 17/06/1958, to Porton Down 25/11/1971, since scr.History 
112XJ450SA Pioneer CC1d/d 03/05/1955, w/o 04/10/1960, s.o.c. 03/12/1960 as CAT 5(S)History 
113XJ451SA Pioneer CC1d/d 05/1955, w/o 10/04/1958, s.o.c. 28/04/1958 as CAT 5(C)History 
114XJ465SA Pioneer CC1d/d 06/1955, s.o.c. 01/01/1970, to Tengah Dump in 1972, since perishedHistory 
117XJ466SA Pioneer CC1d/d 24/10/1955, s.o.c. 26/11/1964 as CAT 5(C) at No.390 MU SeletarHistory 
13217XJ470Bristol 170 Freighter Mk.31CEx G-18-193, ex G-ANMF, b/u for spares and produce at Lasham early 1970sHistory 
10001XJ474DH Sea Vixen FAW1f/f 20/03/1957, d/d 12/06/1957, s.o.c 25/06/1970, Yeovilton for G/I, perishedHistory 
10002XJ475DH Sea Vixen FAW1f/f 28/06/1957, w/o 18/11/1970, s.o.c. 15/04/1971, b/u Yeovilton 1971History 
10003XJ476DH Sea Vixen FAW1f/f 04/11/1957, d/d 09/04/1958, w/o 21/09/1973, (N) Boscombe Down Aviation CollectionHistory 
10004XJ477DH Sea Vixen FAW1f/f 21/01/1958, d/d 27/03/1958, to A2601, scr. Arbroath 1983History 
10005XJ478DH Sea Vixen FAW1f/f 10/05/1958, d/d 23/06/1958, w/o 08/03/1965, s.o.c. 30/11/1965, scr.History 
10006XJ479DH Sea Vixen FAW1f/f 06/07/1958, d/d 21/07/1958, w/o 28/10/1958History 
10007XJ480DH Sea Vixen FAW1f/f 29/07/1958, d/d 12/09/1958, b/u as spares and produce at YeoviltonHistory 
10008XJ481DH Sea Vixen FAW1f/f 02/09/1958, d/d 14/11/1958, stored Fleet Air Arm Museum YeoviltonHistory 
10009XJ482DH Sea Vixen FAW1f/f 30/09/1958, d/d 03/11/1958, to A2598, pres. Flixton MuseumHistory 
10010XJ483DH Sea Vixen FAW1d/d 15/12/1958, w/o 26/02/1965, b/u as spares and produce at YeoviltonHistory 
10011XJ484DH Sea Vixen FAW1f/f 08/12/1958, d/d 31/12/1958, to A2535, scrapped circa 1968History 
10012XJ485DH Sea Vixen FAW1f/f 31/12/1958, d/d 12/03/1959, s.o.c. 02/02/1971 and scr. Boscombe DownHistory 
10013XJ486DH Sea Vixen FAW1d/d 15/01/1959, A2599, scr. Lee-on-Solent 06/1972History 
10014XJ487DH Sea Vixen FAW1f/f 03/02/1959, d/d 26/02/1959, to A2544, scr. Arbroath circa 1968History 
10015XJ488DH Sea Vixen FAW1f/f 04/04/1959, d/d 20/04/1959, (N) pres. Robertsbridge, MayfieldHistory 
10016XJ489DH Sea Vixen FAW2f/f 21/02/1959, d/d 18/03/1959, w/o 24/07/1968History 
10017XJ490DH Sea Vixen FAW2f/f 06/03/1959, d/d 18/03/1959, pres. Queensland Air Museum, CaloundraHistory 
10018XJ491DH Sea Vixen FAW2f/f 12/03/1959, d/d 30/03/1959, perished Yeovilton fire dump 1974History 
10019XJ492DH Sea Vixen FAW1f/f 31/03/1959, d/d 31/03/1959, broken up 20/07/1970 at BelfastHistory 
10020XJ493DH Sea Vixen FAW1f/f 01/05/1959, d/d 27/05/1959, w/o 23/08/1962History 
10021XJ494DH Sea Vixen FAW2f/f 14/04/1959, d/d 28/04/1959, pres. Bruntingthorpe, LeicestershireHistory 
10022XJ513DH Sea Vixen FAW1d/d 05/06/1959, s.o.c. 30/01/1970, scrapped Yeovilton circa 1974History 
10023XJ514DH Sea Vixen FAW1f/f 30/05/1959, d/d 01/06/1959, b/u for spares 05/02/1970 at YeoviltonHistory 
10024XJ515DH Sea Vixen FAW1f/f 03/06/1959, d/d 16/06/1959, w/o 17/09/1960History 
10025XJ516DH Sea Vixen FAW2d/d 26/06/1959, w/o 16/02/1968History 
10026XJ517DH Sea Vixen FAW2d/d 01/07/1959, b/u for spares 12/05/1969 at YeoviltonHistory 
10027XJ518DH Sea Vixen FAW2d/d 21/07/1959, b/u for spares 12/1971 at SydenhamHistory 
10028XJ519DH Sea Vixen FAW1d/d 21/07/1959, w/o 27/10/1961History 
10029XJ520DH Sea Vixen FAW1d/d 24/08/1959, w/o 10/05/1966History 
10030XJ521DH Sea Vixen FAW2d/d 07/08/1959, to A2612 08/12/1970, scr. UxbridgeHistory 
10031XJ522DH Sea Vixen FAW1d/d 04/09/1959, w/o 24/03/1966History 
10032XJ523DH Sea Vixen FAW1f/f 14/08/1959, d/d 07/09/1959, w/o 20/02/1964, scr. 23/09/1964History 
10033XJ524DH Sea Vixen FAW2d/d 11/09/1959, to 8804M, perished Catterick Fire School 11/1984History 
10034XJ525DH Sea Vixen FAW1d/d 29/09/1959, b/u for spares 22/12/1969 at SydenhamHistory 
10035XJ526DH Sea Vixen FAW2d/d 30/09/1959, to 8145M, to Catterick Fire School 02/02/1983, perished 1984History 
10036XJ527DH Sea Vixen FAW1d/d 29/09/1959, w/o 09/02/1961History 
10037XJ528DH Sea Vixen FAW1f/f 24/09/1959, d/d 06/10/1959, w/o 01/05/1962History 
10038XJ556DH Sea Vixen FAW1f/f 14/10/1959, d/d 04/11/1959, b/u for spares 13/02/1970 at YeoviltonHistory 
10039XJ557DH Sea Vixen FAW1d/d 17/12/1959, b/u for spares 13/02/1970 at YeoviltonHistory 
10040XJ558DH Sea Vixen FAW2d/d 27/11/1959, w/o 04/12/1967History 
10041XJ559DH Sea Vixen FAW2d/d 26/11/1959, w/o 09/01/1969History 
10042XJ560DH Sea Vixen FAW2d/d 24/11/1959, to 8142M, pres. Newark Air Museum, NottinghamshireHistory 
10043XJ561DH Sea Vixen FAW2f/f 26/11/1959, d/d 15/12/1959, w/o 15/09/1970History 
10044XJ562DH Sea Vixen FAW1d/d 04/02/1960, w/o 29/10/1962History 
10045XJ563DH Sea Vixen FAW1f/f 15/12/1959, d/d 12/01/1960, b/u for spares 13/02/1970 at YeoviltonHistory 
10046XJ564DH Sea Vixen FAW2d/d 26/01/1960, w/o 23/01/1967History 
10047XJ565DH Sea Vixen FAW2f/f 04/02/1960, d/d 29/02/1960, s.o.c. 31/10/1976, pres. London Colney, HertsHistory 
10048XJ566DH Sea Vixen FAW1f/f 04/05/1960, d/d 15/06/1960, w/o 20/06/1961History 
10049XJ567DH Sea Vixen FAW1d/d 15/02/1960, w/o 09/02/1966History 
10050XJ568DH Sea Vixen FAW1f/f 04/02/1960, d/d 03/03/1960, b/u as spares 1970 at SydenhamHistory 
10051XJ569DH Sea Vixen FAW1f/f 01/03/1960, d/d 14/06/1960, w/o 20/07/1961History 
10052XJ570DH Sea Vixen FAW2f/f 04/03/1960, d/d 31/03/1960, b/u as spares 1971 at SydenhamHistory 
10053XJ571DH Sea Vixen FAW2f/f 14/03/1960, d/d 11/05/1960, to 8140M, pres. Southampton MuseumHistory 
10054XJ572DH Sea Vixen FAW2f/f 25/05/1960, d/d 29/06/1960, to 8803M, perished Catterick Fire School 1987History 
10055XJ573DH Sea Vixen FAW1f/f 05/05/1960, d/d 17/06/1960, w/o 06/01/1961History 
10056XJ574DH Sea Vixen FAW2f/f 15/6/1960, d/d 25/07/1960, b/u as spares 1971 at SydenhamHistory 
10057XJ575DH Sea Vixen FAW2f/f 30/05/1960, d/d 28/06/1960, (N) pres. Wellesbourne Mountford, WarwickshireHistory 
10058XJ576DH Sea Vixen FAW2f/f 01/07/1960, d/d 29/07/1960, b/u Holme-on-Spalding-MoorHistory 
10059XJ577DH Sea Vixen FAW1f/f 06/07/1960, d/d 15/08/1960, w/o 21/04/1965History 
10060XJ578DH Sea Vixen FAW2f/f 12/07/1960, d/d 20/09/1960, b/u as spares 05/1973 at SydenhamHistory 
10061XJ579DH Sea Vixen FAW2f/f 18/07/1960, d/d 04/08/1960, (N) pres. Midland Air Museum, BagintonHistory 
10062XJ580DH Sea Vixen FAW2f/f 21/07/1960, d/d 02/08/1960, pres. Tangmere Museum, West SussexHistory 
10063XJ581DH Sea Vixen FAW2f/f 25/07/1960, d/d 27/07/1960, b/u as spares 02/1973 at SydenhamHistory 
10064XJ582DH Sea Vixen FAW2f/f 01/08/1960, d/d 04/08/1960, to 8139M, scr. Hanningfield Metals 06/1993History 
10065XJ583DH Sea Vixen FAW1f/f 02/08/1960, d/d 05/08/1960, w/o 08/02/1961, to A2507, scr. ArbroathHistory 
10066XJ584DH Sea Vixen FAW2f/f 07/09/1960, d/d 20/07/1960, to A2621, scr. Culdrose 05/01/1989History 
10067XJ585DH Sea Vixen FAW1f/f 15/09/1960, d/d 28/09/1960, w/o 28/01/1963History 
10068XJ586DH Sea Vixen FAW1f/f 23/09/1960, d/d 11/10/1960, b/u as spares 22/12/1969 at SydenhamHistory 
10069XJ602DH Sea Vixen FAW2f/f 06/10/1960, d/d 25/10/1960, to A2622, b/u Hurn 1984History 
10070XJ603DH Sea Vixen FAW1f/f 17/10/1960, d/d 07/11/1960, w/o 04/09/1962History 
10071XJ604DH Sea Vixen FAW2f/f 27/10/1960, d/d 07/11/1960, to 8222M, destroyed Otterburn Ranges 06/1999History 
10072XJ605DH Sea Vixen FAW1f/f 02/11/1960, d/d 14/11/1960, w/o 11/07/1964History 
10073XJ606DH Sea Vixen FAW2f/f 10/11/1960, d/d 30/11/1960, w/o 15/09/1966History 
10074XJ607DH Sea Vixen FAW2f/f 22/11/1960, d/d 10/01/1961, to 8171M, (N) Queensland Air MuseumHistory 
10075XJ608DH Sea Vixen FAW2f/f 29/11/1960, d/d 09/01/1961, to 8802M, scr. North Luffenham 1992History 
10076XJ609DH Sea Vixen FAW2f/f 21/12/1960, d/d 13/01/1961, to 8172M, scr. Abingdon 23/06/1985History 
10077XJ610DH Sea Vixen FAW2f/f 22/12/1960, d/d 29/01/1961, b/u as spares 1973 at SydenhamHistory 
10078XJ611DH Sea Vixen FAW1f/f 29/12/1961, d/d 19/01/1961, b/u as spares 16/03/1970 at SydenhamHistory 
XJ615Hawker Hunter T7f/f 08/07/1955, d/d 01/05/1959, w/o 24/06/1964History 
XJ627Hawker Hunter T72f/f 17/11/1956, d/d 06/12/1957, to G-9-296, to FACh as J-721History 
41H/680085XJ632Hawker Hunter FGA74f/f 03/01/1957, d/d 24/01/1957, to SingADC as 505, pres. Jurong, SingaporeHistory 
41H-688050 XJ633Hawker Hunter FGA74f/f 04/12/1956, d/d 18/02/1957, to G-9-356, d/d 21/02/1973 to SingADC as 534History 
41H-688051 XJ634Hawker Hunter F6Af/f 03/01/1957, d/d 24/01/1957, to 8684M, to RSAF 60-602, pres. RiyadhHistory 
41H-688052XJ635Hawker Hunter FGA9f/f 03/01/1957, d/d 01/03/1957, w/o 04/05/1976History 
41H-688053XJ636Hawker Hunter FGA9f/f 18/12/1956, d/d 22/01/1957, w/o 25/10/1976History 
41H-688054XJ637Hawker Hunter F6Af/f 03/01/1957, d/d 31/01/1957, w/o 14/03/1979History 
41H-688055XJ638Hawker Hunter F6f/f 10/01/1957, d/d 28/05/1957, to RhodesianAF 123, AFZ 1823, w/o 28/10/1970History 
41H-688056XJ639Hawker Hunter F6Af/f 18/12/1956, d/d 10/01/1957, to 8687M, submerged Womersley diving schoolHistory 
41H-688057XJ640Hawker Hunter FGA70f/f 03/01/1957, d/d 21/01/1957, to G-9-425, to Lebanese AF as L-285History 
41H-688058XJ641Hawker Hunter F6f/f 03/01/1957, d/d 05/02/1957, w/o 11/11/1959History 
41H-688059XJ642Hawker Hunter FGA74f/f 15/01/1957, d/d 13/03/1957, to G-9-311, to Singapore ADC as 518History 
41H-688060 XJ643Hawker Hunter FGA74f/f 15/01/1957, d/d 04/03/1957, to G-9-309, to Singapore ADC as 515History 
41H-688061 XJ644Hawker Hunter FGA70Af/f 09/01/1957, d/d 11/02/1957, to G-9-427, to Lebanese AF as L-284History 
41H-688062 XJ645Hawker Hunter F73Af/f 10/01/1957, d/d 06/02/1957, to G-9-274, RJAF 831, RAFO 831, pres. SeebHistory 
41H-688063 XJ646Hawker Hunter F56Af/f 09/01/1957, d/d 05/02/1957, to G-9-275, to IAF as A968, pres. KalaikundaHistory 
41H-688064 XJ673Hawker Hunter FGA9f/f 07/01/1957, d/d 11/02/1957, w/o 02/04/1969History 
41H-688065 XJ674Hawker Hunter FGA9f/f 16/01/1957, d/d 12/02/1957, w/o 22/07/1968History 
41H-688066 XJ675Hawker Hunter F6f/f 15/01/1957, d/d 18/02/1957, w/o 08/01/1960History 
41H-688067 XJ676Hawker Hunter F6Af/f 06/02/1957, d/d 01/03/1957, to 8844M, (N) scr. Leavesden Studios circa 2002History 
41H-688068 XJ677Hawker Hunter F6f/f 25/01/1957, d/d 04/03/1957, d/d 15/04/1957 to Iraqi AF as 394History 
41H-688069 XJ678Hawker Hunter F6f/f 10/01/1957, d/d 05/02/1957, d/d 15/04/1957 to Iraqi AF as 395History 
41H-688070 XJ679Hawker Hunter F6f/f 17/01/1957, d/d 20/03/1957, d/d 15/04/1957 to Iraqi AF as 396History 
41H/688071XJ680Hawker Hunter FGA74Af/f 18/02/1957, d/d 26/03/1957, to G-9-307, to Singapore ADC as 511History 
41H-688072 XJ681Hawker Hunter F6f/f 24/01/1957, d/d 22/02/1957, d/d 15/04/1957 to Iraqi AF as 397History 
41H-688073 XJ682Hawker Hunter F6f/f 16/01/1957, d/d 26/03/1957, d/d 15/04/1957 to Iraqi AF as 398History 
41H-688074 XJ683Hawker Hunter FGA9f/f 07/02/1957, d/d 29/05/1957, to AFZ as 8112, stored Gweru, ZimbabweHistory 
41H-688075 XJ684Hawker Hunter FGA74f/f 11/02/1957, d/d 26/03/1957, to G-9-308, to Singapore ADC as 513History 
41H/688076XJ685Hawker Hunter FGA74f/f 08/02/1957, d/d 02/04/1957, w/o 28/07/1969, SingADC 502, stored QuebecHistory 
41H-688077 XJ686Hawker Hunter FGA9f/f 22/01/1957, d/d 26/03/1957, d/d 24/04/1982 to FACh as J-743History 
41H-688079 XJ687Hawker Hunter FGA9f/f 26/02/1957, d/d 13/08/1957, d/d 06/01/1983 to FACh as J-749History 
41H-688079 XJ688Hawker Hunter FGA9f/f 08/02/1957, d/d 26/03/1957, to FACh as J-744, pres. Santiago, ChileHistory 
41H/688080XJ689Hawker Hunter FR74Af/f 06/02/1957, d/d 20/03/1957, to G-9-327, to SingADC 517, to Tauranga MuseumHistory 
41H-688081 XJ690Hawker Hunter FGA9f/f 12/02/1957, d/d 26/03/1957, (N) pres. Bournemouth-Hurn with ET-272 (F)History 
41H-688082 XJ691Hawker Hunter FGA9f/f 08/02/1957, d/d 26/03/1957, w/o 27/04/1967, s.o.c. 05/07/1967 as CAT 5(S)History 
41H-688083 XJ692Hawker Hunter F56Af/f 18/02/1957, d/d 08/05/1957, to G-9-276, d/d 23/09/1969 to IAF as A969History 
41H-688084 XJ693Hawker Hunter F6f/f 11/02/1957, d/d 08/05/1957, w/o 03/10/1960, s.o.c. CAT 5(C)History 
41H-688085 XJ694Hawker Hunter T66Ef/f 20/02/1957, d/d 08/01/1958, to G-9-344, d/d 13/06/1973 to IAF as S1389History 
41H/688086XJ695Hawker Hunter FGA9f/f 11/02/1957, d/d 17/04/1957, w/o 16/11/1978, perished ManstonHistory 
41H-688087 XJ712Hawker Hunter F60f/f 22/02/1957, d/d 17/04/1957, to G-9-210, d/d 01/04/1966 to RSAF as 60-601History 
41H-688088 XJ713Hawker Hunter FGA71f/f 22/02/1957, d/d 08/04/1957, to FACh as J-722, pres. Quintero, ChileHistory 
41H-688089 XJ714Hawker Hunter FR74Bf/f 13/02/1957, d/d 26/03/1957, to G-9-365, SingADC 531, (N) stored TocumwalHistory 
41H-688090 XJ715Hawker Hunter F60f/f 22/02/1957, d/d 30/05/1957, to G-9-213, d/d 06/1966 to RSAF as 60-604History 
41H-688091 XJ716Hawker Hunter FGA9f/f 20/02/1957, d/d 16/04/1957, RhodesianAF 124, 1284, stored GweruHistory 
41H-688092 XJ717Hawker Hunter FR71Af/f 25/02/1957, d/d 28/05/1957, to G-9-234, to FACh as J-717, w/o 08/03/1985History 
41H-688093 XJ718Hawker Hunter FGA9f/f 20/03/1957, d/d 08/05/1957, to Rhodesian AF as 117, to AFZ as 1817, stored GweruHistory 
WA94XJ723Westland Whirlwind HAR10f/f 03/10/1955, d/d 10/1955, to Dallachy area, Moray for storageHistoryEdit
WA95XJ724Westland Whirlwind HAR10f/f 28/10/1955, d/d 21/11/1955, to 8613M, perished Catterick by 02/1984HistoryEdit
WA96XJ725Westland Whirlwind HAR2f/f 19/12/1955, d/d 03/01/1956, w/o 11/10/1961HistoryEdit
WA97XJ726Westland Whirlwind HAR10f/f 22/12/1955, d/d 03/01/1956, pres. Caernarfon Air World during 1986HistoryEdit
WA98XJ727Westland Whirlwind HAR10f/f 29/12/1955, d/d 03/01/1956, to 8661M, to Thetford Paintball ParkHistoryEdit
WA99XJ728Westland Whirlwind HAR2f/f 18/01/1956, d/d 01/02/1956, w/o 20/01/1960HistoryEdit
WA100XJ729Westland Whirlwind HAR10f/f 18/01/1956, d/d 01/02/1956, to 8732M, to G-BVGE, to ChardHistoryEdit
WA101XJ730Westland Whirlwind HAR2f/f 26/11/1955, d/d 08/12/1955, w/o 15/05/1958HistoryEdit
WA102XJ756Westland Whirlwind HAR2f/f 23/01/1956, d/d 08/02/1956, w/o 12/12/1956HistoryEdit
WA103XJ757Westland Whirlwind HAR10f/f 24/01/1956, d/d 08/02/1956, w/o 19/09/1966, to 7921M, scr. TernhillHistoryEdit
WA104XJ758Westland Whirlwind HAR10f/f 01/02/1956, d/d 05/03/1956, to 8464M, (C) pres. Welshpool, PowysHistoryEdit
WA105XJ759Westland Whirlwind HAR2f/f 22/02/1956, d/d 19/03/1956, w/o 01/08/1966HistoryEdit
WA106XJ760Westland Whirlwind HAR10f/f 29/02/1956, d/d 23/06/1956, w/o 10/09/1964HistoryEdit
WA107XJ761Westland Whirlwind HAR4f/f 28/01/1956, d/d 08/03/1956, w/o 27/07/1960HistoryEdit
WA108XJ762Westland Whirlwind HAR10f/f 01/03/1956, d/d 12/04/1956, w/o 11/01/1961HistoryEdit
WA109XJ763Westland Whirlwind HAR10f/f 29/02/1956, d/d 26/03/1956, to G-BKHA, pres. Elmira, New York, USAHistoryEdit
WA110XJ764Westland Whirlwind HAR10f/f 05/03/1956, d/d 26/03/1956, w/o 03/09/1976, scr. Akrotiri 1985HistoryEdit
WA111XJ765Westland Whirlwind HAR2f/f 16/03/1956, d/d 12/04/1956, w/o 01/06/1961HistoryEdit
WA112XJ766Westland Whirlwind HAR2f/f 21/03/1956, d/d 26/04/1956, w/o 31/07/1959HistoryEdit
15016XJ771DH Vampire T11Ex RNoAF, d/d 28/02/1955, sold to BEA, London Airport, scr. HounslowHistoryEdit
15018XJ772DH Vampire T11Ex RNoAF, d/d 28/02/1955, pres. London Colney, HertfordshireHistoryEdit
15027XJ773DH Vampire T11Ex RNoAF, d/d 28/02/1955, to U-1237, OO-KGS, N4368F, OO-KER, OO-KGS, CharleroiHistoryEdit
15028XJ774DH Vampire T11Ex RNoAF, d/d 30/12/1955, sold 10/11/1972 to FACh as J-303, w.f.u. 06/1977HistoryEdit
15033XJ775DH Vampire T11Ex RNoAF, d/d 21/11/1955, s.o.c. 06/06/1963 as CAT 5(C)HistoryEdit
15051XJ776DH Vampire T11Ex RNoAF, d/d 23/11/1955, sold as scrap 30/06/1964 at No.19 MU St. AthanHistoryEdit
XJ780Avro Vulcan B2(MRR)d/d 13/01/1961, s.o.c. 31/03/1982 as CAT 5(C) at ScamptonHistoryEdit
XJ781Avro Vulcan B2d/d 22/02/1961, w/o 23/05/1973HistoryEdit
XJ782Avro Vulcan B2(MRR)d/d 01/03/1961, to 8766M, scr. Finningley 06/1988HistoryEdit
XJ783Avro Vulcan B2d/d 10/03/1961, s.o.c. 01/03/1982 as CAT 5(C) at ScamptonHistoryEdit
XJ784Avro Vulcan B2d/d 21/12/1966, s.o.c. 10/09/1982 as CAT 5(C) at WaddingtonHistoryEdit
XJ823Avro Vulcan B2d/d 20/04/1961, l/f 24/01/1983, pres. Carlisle Museum, CumbriaHistoryEdit
XJ824Avro Vulcan B2d/d 15/05/1961, l/f 13/03/1982 to the Imperial War Museum, Duxford for displayHistoryEdit
XJ825Avro Vulcan K2d/d 27/07/1961, s.o.c. 05/04/1984, to 8810M, scr. Waddington 01/1992HistoryEdit
130XJ830HP Marathon 1AEx G-AMHS, VR-NAS, G-AMHS. Broken up at Hurn 02/1962History 
133XJ831HP Marathon 1AEx G-AMHV, VR-NAT, G-AMHV. Broken up at Wymeswold during 1963History 
XJ836Gloster P.376 CanxHistory 
XJ837Gloster P.376 CanxHistory 
XJ838Gloster P.376 CanxHistory 
XJ839Gloster P.376 CanxHistory 
XJ840Gloster P.376 CanxHistory 
XJ841Gloster P.376 CanxHistory 
XJ842Gloster P.376 CanxHistory 
XJ877Gloster P.376 CanxHistory 
XJ878Gloster P.376 CanxHistory 
XJ879Gloster P.376 CanxHistory 
XJ880Gloster P.376 CanxHistory 
XJ881Gloster P.376 CanxHistory 
XJ882Gloster P.376 CanxHistory 
XJ883Gloster P.376 CanxHistory 
XJ884Gloster P.376 CanxHistory 
XJ885Gloster P.376 CanxHistory 
XJ886Gloster P.376 CanxHistory 
XJ887Gloster P.376 CanxHistory 
13404XJ895Bristol Sycamore HR14d/d 29/10/1956, to Catterick Fire School 06/03/1968, since perishedHistory 
13405XJ896Bristol Sycamore HR14d/d 01/11/1956, w/o 10/02/1958History 
13406XJ897Bristol Sycamore HR14d/d 15/11/1956, to Wattisham Fire Section 29/04/1968, since perishedHistory 
13408XJ898Bristol Sycamore HR14d/d 27/11/1956, to Leuchars Fire Section 29/04/1968, since perishedHistory 
13409XJ915Bristol Sycamore HR14d/d 29/11/1956, w/o 17/02/1966, to 7910M n.t.u, to 7915MHistory 
13410XJ916Bristol Sycamore HR14d/d 29/11/1956, to Manston Fire School 29/04/1968, since scr.History 
13412XJ917Bristol Sycamore HR14d/d 11/01/1957, pres. Sunderland MuseumHistory 
13413XJ918Bristol Sycamore HR14d/d 11/01/1957, to 8190M, pres. Long Kesh MuseumHistory 
13414XJ919Bristol Sycamore HR14d/d 07/02/1957, w/o 27/02/1963History 
F9423XJ924Fairey Ultra-Light f/f 14/08/1955History 
F9424XJ928Fairey Ultra-Light To G-AOUJ 01/08/1956, pres. The Helicopter Museum, Weston-super-MareHistory 
F9425XJ930Fairey Ultra-Light   
F9426XJ936Fairey Ultra-Light To G-AOUK 01/08/1956History 
3153XJ941Auster J.5G Autocarissued as XJ941 from 1955 to 01/1957, to VP-KPZ, w/o 19/06/1962History 
XJ945Hawker Hunter F6CanxHistory 
XJ946Hawker Hunter F6CanxHistory 
XJ947Hawker Hunter F6CanxHistory 
XJ948Hawker Hunter F6CanxHistory 
XJ949Hawker Hunter F6CanxHistory 
XJ950Hawker Hunter F6CanxHistory 
XJ951Hawker Hunter F6CanxHistory 
XJ952Hawker Hunter F6CanxHistory 
XJ953Hawker Hunter F6CanxHistory 
XJ954Hawker Hunter F6CanxHistory 
XJ955Hawker Hunter F6CanxHistory 
XJ956Hawker Hunter F6CanxHistory 
XJ957Hawker Hunter F6CanxHistory 
XJ958Hawker Hunter F6CanxHistory 
XJ971Hawker Hunter F6CanxHistory 
XJ972Hawker Hunter F6CanxHistory 
XJ973Hawker Hunter F6CanxHistory 
XJ974Hawker Hunter F6CanxHistory 
XJ975Hawker Hunter F6CanxHistory 
XJ976Hawker Hunter F6CanxHistory 
XJ977Hawker Hunter F6CanxHistory 
XJ978Hawker Hunter F6CanxHistory 
XJ979Hawker Hunter F6CanxHistory 
XJ980Hawker Hunter F6CanxHistory 
XJ981Hawker Hunter F6CanxHistory 
XJ982Hawker Hunter F6CanxHistory 
XJ983Hawker Hunter F6CanxHistory 
XJ984Hawker Hunter F6CanxHistory 
XJ985Hawker Hunter F6CanxHistory 
XJ986Hawker Hunter F6CanxHistory 
XJ987Hawker Hunter F6CanxHistory 
XJ988Hawker Hunter F6CanxHistory 
XJ989Hawker Hunter F6CanxHistory 
XJ990Hawker Hunter F6CanxHistory 
XJ991Hawker Hunter F6CanxHistory 
XJ992Hawker Hunter F6CanxHistory 
XJ993Hawker Hunter F6CanxHistory 
XJ994Hawker Hunter F6CanxHistory 
XJ995Hawker Hunter F6CanxHistory 
XJ996Hawker Hunter F6CanxHistory 
XJ997Hawker Hunter F6CanxHistory 

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