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WA148 XL109 Westland Whirlwind HAR10 f/f 27/11/1956, d/d 15/01/1957, w/o 17/10/1970, s.o.c 08/02/1971 History Edit
WA149 XL110 Westland Whirlwind HAR10 f/f 30/11/1956, d/d 11/12/1956, w/o 06/02/1973, s.o.c 31/07/1973 History Edit
WA150 XL111 Westland Whirlwind HAR10 f/f 16/01/1957, d/d 07/02/1957, w/o 02/04/1967, to 8000M, scr. 1980 History Edit
WA151 XL112 Westland Whirlwind HAR10 f/f 18/01/1957, d/d 13/02/1957, w/o 20/11/1970 History Edit
WA152 XL113 Westland Whirlwind HAR2 f/f 16/11/1956, d/d 10/12/1956, w/o 05/08/1961 History Edit
XL117 Blackburn Beverley C1 To XL130 History  
XL118 Blackburn Beverley C1 To XL131 History  
XL119 Blackburn Beverley C1 To XL132 History  
1031 XL130 Blackburn Beverley C1 Ex XL117, f/f 27/04/1957, d/d 30/05/1957, scr. 29/08/1969 at No.71 MU Bicester History  
1032 XL131 Blackburn Beverley C1 Ex XL118, f/f 23/05/1957, d/d 19/06/1957, scr. 29/08/1969 at No.71 MU Bicester History  
1033 XL132 Blackburn Beverley C1 Ex XL119, f/f 11/06/1957, d/d 02/07/1957, w/o 17/05/1962 History  
1034 XL148 Blackburn Beverley C1 f/f 08/07/1957, d/d 26/07/1957, sold as scrap 25/03/1970 at No.27 MU Shawbury History  
1035 XL149 Blackburn Beverley C1 f/f 15/07/1957, d/d 09/08/1957, to 7988M, (C) pres. Doncaster Museum History  
1036 XL150 Blackburn Beverley C1 f/f 02/08/1957, d/d 17/09/1957, w/o 15/12/1967 History  
1037 XL151 Blackburn Beverley C1 f/f 11/09/1957, d/d 02/10/1957, w/o 10/10/1960 History  
1038 XL152 Blackburn Beverley C1 f/f 27/09/1957, d/d 25/10/1957, sold as scrap 25/03/1970 at No.27 MU Shawbury History  
XL158 HP Victor K2 f/f 02/11/1960, d/d 30/12/1960, scr. at Marham 12/1993 History Edit
XL159 HP Victor B2 d/d 31/08/1961, w/o 23/03/1962 History Edit
XL160 HP Victor K2 d/d 26/01/1961, to 8910M, b/u Marham 06/1994, (N) pres. Marham History Edit
XL161 HP Victor K2 d/d 27/03/1961, l/f 20/10/1993 to Lyneham, to 9214M, scr. 21/08/1995 History Edit
XL162 HP Victor K2 d/d 05/05/1961, to CTE Manston 11/1991 as 9114M, (C) perished during 1999 History Edit
XL163 HP Victor K2 d/d 07/02/1962, l/f 01/07/1986 to St. Athan, to 8916M, scr. 12/1991 History Edit
XL164 HP Victor K2 d/d 31/05/1963, to 9215M, scr. 08/1995, (N) pres. Bournemouth Museum, Dorset History Edit
XL165 HP Victor SR2 d/d 08/11/1961, s.o.c. 30/10/1975 at No.19 MU St. Athan as CAT 5(S) History Edit
XL188 HP Victor K2 d/d 02/11/1961, l/f 25/06/1991 to Kinloss, to 9100M, scr. 09/1997 History Edit
XL189 HP Victor K2 d/d 16/12/1961, to Waddington 02/07/1986 as 8912M, scr. 08/1989 History Edit
XL190 HP Victor K2 d/d 03/05/1962, l/f 19/10/1993 to St. Mawgan, to 9216M, (N) pres. Manston History Edit
XL191 HP Victor K2 d/d 28/06/1962, w/o 19/06/1986, (N) pres. Geauga, Ohio History Edit
XL192 HP Victor K2 d/d 28/06/1962, s.o.c. 07/07/1988 as CAT 5(C), to 9024M, scr. Marham 02/1996 History Edit
XL193 HP Victor SR2 d/d 30/08/1962, s.o.c. 10/11/1975 as CAT 5(S) at 19 MU St. Athan History Edit
XL230 HP Victor SR2 d/d 21/12/1961, w/o 10/05/1973 History Edit
XL231 HP Victor K2 d/d 02/02/1962, l/f 25/11/1993 to Elvington, Yorkshire for preservation History Edit
XL232 HP Victor K2 d/d 13/03/1962, w/o 15/10/1982 History Edit
XL233 HP Victor K2 d/d 11/04/1962, to St. Athan store 31/07/1986, scr. 25/04/1988 History Edit
WA6621 XL237 Hawker Sea Hawk FB50 d/d 18/07/1957 to MLD as 6-50, later to 111, w.f.u. 23/10/1964 History  
WA6622 XL238 Hawker Sea Hawk FB50 d/d 20/08/1957 to MLD as 6-51, later to 112, w.f.u. 14/07/1964 History  
WA6623 XL239 Hawker Sea Hawk FB50 d/d 30/07/1957 to MLD as 6-52, later to 113, w.f.u. 23/10/1964 History  
WA6624 XL240 Hawker Sea Hawk FB50 d/d 05/09/1957 to MLD as 6-53, w/o 06/11/1957 History  
WA6625 XL241 Hawker Sea Hawk FB50 d/d 05/09/1957 to MLD as 6-54, to 114, w.f.u. 24/10/1963 and b/u for spares History  
XL250 HP Victor B2 Mis-painted, re-serialled? History  
XL251 HP Victor B2 Mis-painted, re-serialled? History  
XL252 HP Victor B2 Mis-painted, re-serialled? History  
XL253 HP Victor B2 Mis-painted, re-serialled? History  
XL254 HP Victor B2 Mis-painted, re-serialled? History  
XL255 HP Victor B2 Mis-painted, re-serialled? History  
WA6626 XL269 Hawker Sea Hawk FB50 d/d 20/08/1957 to MLD as 6-55, to 115, w.f.u. 29/03/1963 and b/u for spares History  
WA6627 XL270 Hawker Sea Hawk FB50 d/d 19/09/1957 to MLD as 6-56, later to 116, w.f.u. 23/10/1964 History  
WA6628 XL271 Hawker Sea Hawk FB50 d/d 17/09/1957 to MLD as 6-57, later to 117, w.f.u. 14/07/1964 History  
WA6629 XL272 Hawker Sea Hawk FB50 d/d 23/10/1957 to MLD as 6-58, to 118, w.f.u. 24/09/1963 and b/u for spares History  
WA6630 XL273 Hawker Sea Hawk FB50 d/d 01/10/1957 to MLD as 6-59, later to 119, w.f.u. 23/10/1964 History  
WA6631 XL274 Hawker Sea Hawk FB50 d/d 23/10/1957 to MLD as 6-60, later to 120, w.f.u. 23/10/1964 History  
WA6632 XL275 Hawker Sea Hawk FB50 d/d 06/11/1957 to MLD as 6-61, later to 121, w/o 30/09/1959 History  
WA6633 XL276 Hawker Sea Hawk FB50 d/d 23/11/1957 to MLD as 6-62, later to 122, w.f.u. 23/10/1964 History  
WA6634 XL305 Hawker Sea Hawk FB50 d/d 13/11/1957 to MLD as 6-63, later to 123, w.f.u. 14/07/1964 History  
WA6635 XL306 Hawker Sea Hawk FB50 d/d 13/11/1957 to MLD as 6-64, to 124, w.f.u. 24/09/1963 and b/u for spares History  
WA6636 XL307 Hawker Sea Hawk FB50 d/d 26/11/1957 to MLD as 6-65, later to 125, w/o 09/03/1962 History  
WA6637 XL308 Hawker Sea Hawk FB50 d/d 03/12/1957 to MLD as 6-66, later to 126, w/o 08/07/1960 History  
WA6638 XL309 Hawker Sea Hawk FB50 d/d 17/01/1958 to MLD as 6-67, later to 127, w.f.u. 23/10/1964 History  
WA6639 XL310 Hawker Sea Hawk FB50 d/d 18/12/1957 to MLD as 6-68, to 128, w.f.u. 29/03/1963 and b/u as spares History  
WA6640 XL311 Hawker Sea Hawk FB50 d/d 18/12/1957 to MLD as 6-69, later to 129, w.f.u. 23/10/1964 History  
WA6641 XL312 Hawker Sea Hawk FB50 d/d 08/01/1958 to MLD as 6-70, to 130, w.f.u. 24/10/1963 and b/u as spares History  
WA6642 XL313 Hawker Sea Hawk FB50 d/d 29/01/1958 to MLD as 6-71, later to 131, w.f.u. 23/10/1964 History  
XL317 Avro Vulcan B2 d/d 07/06/1962, l/f 01/12/1981 to Akrotiri, to 8725M, scr. 1987 History Edit
XL318 Avro Vulcan B2 d/d 01/09/1961, l/f 11/12/1981, to RAF Museum, Hendon, London 12/02/1982 History Edit
XL319 Avro Vulcan B2 d/d 20/10/1961, l/f 21/01/1983 to North East Aviation Museum, Sunderland History Edit
XL320 Avro Vulcan B2 d/d 01/12/1961, l/f 02/06/1981 to St. Athan, scr. 31/08/1981 History Edit
XL321 Avro Vulcan B2 d/d 10/01/1962, to Catterick Fire School 19/08/1982 as 8759M, perished 1987 History Edit
XL359 Avro Vulcan B2 d/d 01/02/1962, to Scampton 01/03/1981 for display, scr. 09/1982 History Edit
XL360 Avro Vulcan B2 d/d 01/03/1962, sold 26/01/1983, l/f 04/02/1983 to Midland Air Museum History Edit
XL361 Avro Vulcan B2 d/d 14/03/1962, w/o 13/11/1981, pres. Goose Bay, Labrador, Canada History Edit
XL384 Avro Vulcan B2 d/d 15/03/1962, w/o 12/08/1971, to 8505M, 8670M, scr. Scampton History Edit
XL385 Avro Vulcan B2 d/d 17/04/1962, w/o 06/04/1967 History Edit
XL386 Avro Vulcan B2 d/d 11/05/1962, to Manston 26/08/1982, to 8760M, scr. 1994 History Edit
XL387 Avro Vulcan B2 d/d 01/06/1962, to St. Athan 28/01/1982, 8748M, scr. 02/06/1983 History Edit
XL388 Avro Vulcan B2 d/d 13/06/1962, to 8750M, (N) pres. AeroVenture, Doncaster History Edit
XL389 Avro Vulcan B2 d/d 11/07/1962, scr. St. Athan 31/08/1981 History Edit
XL390 Avro Vulcan B2 d/d 19/07/1962, w/o 11/08/1978 History Edit
XL391 Avro Vulcan B2 d/d 22/05/1963, l/f 16/02/1983 to Blackpool for display, scr. 12/01/2006 History Edit
XL392 Avro Vulcan B2 d/d 01/08/1962, l/f to Valley 10/03/1982, to 8745M, perished 08/1993 History Edit
XL425 Avro Vulcan B2 d/d 30/08/1962, w.f.u. 04/01/1982 and broken up Scampton 22/02/1982 History Edit
XL426 Avro Vulcan B2 d/d 12/09/1962, to G-VJET 07/07/1987, pres. Southend History  
XL427 Avro Vulcan B2 d/d 01/10/1962, l/f to Macrihanish 13/08/1982 fire dump 8756M, scr. 06/1995 History Edit
XL443 Avro Vulcan B2 d/d 05/10/1962, b/u 22/02/1982 at Scampton, scr. 04/1982 History Edit
XL444 Avro Vulcan B2 d/d 30/10/1962, w.f.u. 10/09/1982, scr. 08/12/1982 at Waddington History Edit
XL445 Avro Vulcan K2 d/d 24/11/1962, l/f 01/04/1984 to Lyneham 8811M, scr. 1987, (N) pres. Flixton History Edit
XL446 Avro Vulcan B2 d/d 29/11/1962, s.o.c. 01/03/1982 as CAT 5(C) at Scampton, scr. 11/1982 History Edit
F9432 XL449 Fairey Gannet AEW3 f/f 02/10/1958, d/d 23/11/1959, b/u Rhoose, Cardiff 1996, nose to Camberley History  
F9433 XL450 Fairey Gannet AEW3 f/f 31/01/1959, d/d 13/03/1959, to 8601M, pres. Hermeskeil, Germany History  
F9434 XL451 Fairey Gannet AEW3 f/f 06/03/1959, d/d 07/04/1959, w/o 22/11/1968 History  
F9435 XL452 Fairey Gannet AEW3 f/f 03/04/1959, d/d 30/05/1959, w/o 15/01/1969 History  
F9436 XL453 Fairey Gannet AEW3 f/f 26/05/1959, d/d 21/07/1959, w/o 25/01/1960 History  
F9437 XL454 Fairey Gannet AEW3 f/f 30/07/1959, d/d 14/08/1959, scr. Yeovilton 1980 History  
F9438 XL455 Fairey Gannet AEW3 f/f 22/08/1959, d/d 15/09/1959, w/o 25/11/1968 History  
F9439 XL456 Fairey Gannet AEW3 f/f 25/09/1959, d/d 06/01/1960, w/o 03/06/1974 History  
F9440 XL471 Fairey Gannet AEW3 f/f 09/12/1959, d/d 27/02/1960, scr. Lichfield 1988 History  
F9441 XL472 Fairey Gannet AEW3 f/f 04/11/1959, d/d 30/01/1960, to Wales Aerospace Centre, St Athan 08/2018 History  
F9442 XL473 Fairey Gannet AEW3 f/f 20/11/1959, d/d 03/02/1960, scr. Lossiemouth 1978 History  
F9443 XL474 Fairey Gannet AEW3 f/f 12/01/1960, d/d 03/02/1960, w/o 29/06/1972 History  
F9444 XL475 Fairey Gannet AEW3 f/f 09/02/1960, d/d 27/02/1960, w/o 10/05/1966 History  
F9445 XL476 Fairey Gannet AEW3 f/f 27/02/1960, d/d 03/05/1960, scr. Lossiemouth 1978 History  
F9446 XL477 Fairey Gannet AEW3 f/f 10/03/1960, d/d 31/03/1960, w/o 09/03/1961 History  
F9447 XL478 Fairey Gannet AEW3 f/f 29/03/1960, d/d 29/04/1960, w/o 12/10/1965 History  
F9448 XL479 Fairey Gannet AEW3 f/f 13/04/1960, d/d 04/05/1960, scr. Lossiemouth 09/1979 History  
F9449 XL480 Fairey Gannet AEW3 f/f 13/05/1960, d/d 03/06/1960, scr. Yeovilton 1979 History  
F9450 XL481 Fairey Gannet AEW3 f/f 28/05/1960, d/d 04/07/1960, scr. Lossiemouth 09/1979 History  
F9451 XL482 Fairey Gannet AEW3 d/d 25/07/1960, to USA 15/02/1982 as N1350X, pres. Pima Museum, Arizona, USA History  
F9452 XL493 Fairey Gannet AEW3 d/d 09/08/1960, w/o 24/06/1966 History  
F9453 XL494 Fairey Gannet AEW3 d/d 26/08/1960, w/o 14/09/1978, scr. Gibraltar 02/1981 History  
F9454 XL495 Fairey Gannet AEW3 d/d 04/10/1960, w/o 22/11/1960 History  
F9455 XL496 Fairey Gannet AEW3 d/d 07/11/1960, scr. Lossiemouth 1979 History  
F9456 XL497 Fairey Gannet AEW3 d/d 19/01/1961, pres. Dumfries and Galloway Museum on 13/04/2005 History  
F9457 XL498 Fairey Gannet AEW3 d/d 20/12/1960, w/o 01/05/69, b/u 06/02/1970 at Lee-on-Solent History  
F9458 XL499 Fairey Gannet AEW3 d/d 10/01/1960, w/o 09/04/1962 History  
F9459 XL500 Fairey Gannet AEW3 d/d 09/03/1961, to A2701, to G-KAEW, to private owner St. Athan History  
F9460 XL501 Fairey Gannet AEW3 d/d 09/03/1961, w/o 18/01/1965 History  
F9461 XL502 Fairey Gannet AEW3 d/d 29/03/1961, to 8610M, to G-BMYP, pres. Elvington Museum History  
F9462 XL503 Fairey Gannet AEW3 f/f 13/04/1961, d/d 08/05/1961, pres. FAAM Yeovilton History  
13407 XL507 Bristol Sycamore HR51 Ex 'XK903', d/d 06/03/1956, d/d 10/03/1956 to RAN as 13407, w/o 24/05/1957 History  
XL511 HP Victor K2 f/f 04/05/1962, d/d 26/07/1963, to CTE Manston 02/07/1986, perished 08/1993 History Edit
XL512 HP Victor K2 f/f 04/05/1962, d/d 08/11/1963, scr. Marham 12/1993 to Birds Commercial Metals History Edit
XL513 HP Victor K2 d/d 30/12/1963, w/o 29/09/1976 History Edit
125 XL517 SA Pioneer CC1 f/f 29/01/1956, ex G-AOGK, d/d 02/05/1956, w/o 15/07/1966, s.o.c. 11/08/1966 History  
126 XL518 SA Pioneer CC1 d/d 02/05/1956, d/d 05/08/1969 to SOAF, to No.389 MU Seleter s.o.c. 30/10/1962 History  
127 XL519 SA Pioneer CC1 d/d 02/05/1956, w/o 15/06/1957, s.o.c 10/07/1957 as CAT 5(C) History  
128 XL520 SA Pioneer CC1 d/d 10/05/1956, w/o 13/09/1957, s.o.c 02/10/1957 as CAT 5(C) History  
129 XL553 SA Pioneer CC1 d/d 10/05/1956, w/o 20/09/1957, s.o.c 02/10/1957 as CAT 5(C) History  
130 XL554 SA Pioneer CC1 d/d 10/05/1956, to SOAF 05/08/1959, w/o 13/09/1959 History  
131 XL555 SA Pioneer CC1 d/d 08/06/1956, w/o 29/04/1960, s.o.c 11/05/1960 as CAT 5(C) History  
132 XL556 SA Pioneer CC1 d/d 28/06/1956, w/o 22/09/1958, s.o.c 09/10/1958 as CAT 5(C) History  
133 XL557 SA Pioneer CC1 d/d 02/07/1956, w/o 09/08/1960, s.o.c 10/08/1960 as CAT 5(C) History  
134 XL558 SA Pioneer CC1 d/d 05/07/1956, w/o 18/04/1968, s.o.c 27/04/1968 as CAT 5(C) History  
HABL003303 XL563 Hawker Hunter T7 f/f 11/10/1957, d/d 19/12/1957, to 9218M, stored Farnborough for FAST Museum History  
HABL003358 XL564 Hawker Hunter T7 f/f 08/01/1958, d/d 10/03/1960, w/o 06/08/1998, (N) Norwich Museum History  
HABL003304 XL565 Hawker Hunter T7 f/f 03/02/1958, d/d 24/06/1958, to Bruntingthorpe 21/03/2002 History  
XL566 Hawker Hunter T7 f/f 20/02/1958, d/d 04/1958, to Bruggen, 03/04/1986 as 8891M, scr. 1995 History  
XL567 Hawker Hunter T7 f/f 27/02/1958, d/d 30/05/1958, to 8723M, stored Classic Jets, Exeter History  
XL568 Hawker Hunter T7A f/f 06/03/1958, d/d 20/10/1958, to 9224M, pres. RAF Museum, Cosford History  
XL569 Hawker Hunter T7 f/f 03/04/1958, d/d 01/07/1958, to 8833M, pres. East Midlands Aeropark History  
XL570 Hawker Hunter T7 f/f 15/03/1958, d/d 30/06/1958, w/o 25/09/1958 History  
XL571 Hawker Hunter T7 f/f 29/03/1958, d/d 22/07/1958, w/o 08/09/1977 History  
HABL003311 XL572 Hawker Hunter T7 f/f 02/04/1958, d/d 01/07/1958, to 8834M, to G-HNTR 07/07/1989, pres. Elvington History  
HABL003360 XL573 Hawker Hunter T7 f/f 17/04/1958, d/d 17/07/1958, to G-BVGH 26/11/1993, to St. Athan History  
XL574 Hawker Hunter T7 f/f 18/04/1958, d/d 13/11/1958, tested to destruction 11/1961 History  
XL575 Hawker Hunter T7 f/f 29/04/1958, d/d 07/1958, w/o 08/11/1971 History  
XL576 Hawker Hunter T7 f/f 30/04/1958, d/d 25/07/1958, to N576NL, w/o 17/11/1999, stored Chino History  
HABL003314 XL577 Hawker Hunter T7 f/f 30/04/1958, d/d 15/07/1958, to 8676M, to G-XMHD, to Jordan 05/2016 History  
HABL003316 XL578 Hawker Hunter T7 f/f 27/05/1958, d/d 15/07/1958, preserved Laarbruch Weeze Museum, Germany History  
XL579 Hawker Hunter T7 f/f 13/05/1958, d/d 29/07/1958, w/o 22/01/1976 History  
XL580 Hawker Hunter T8M f/f 30/05/1958, d/d 30/07/1958, pres. FAAM Yeovilton History  
XL581 Hawker Hunter T8 f/f 30/05/1958, d/d 03/07/1958, w/o 06/08/1958 History  
XL582 Hawker Hunter T8 f/f 17/06/1958, d/d 01/08/1958, w/o 26/01/1968 History  
XL583 Hawker Hunter T7 f/f 28/05/1958, d/d 18/09/1958, w/o 01/12/1981 History  
XL584 Hawker Hunter T8C f/f 08/09/1958, d/d 06/10/1958, w/o 31/10/1984 History  
XL585 Hawker Hunter T8C f/f 14/10/1958, d/d 29/10/1958, w/o 30/01/1969 History  
HABL003320 XL586 Hawker Hunter T7 f/f 27/06/1958, d/d 06/08/1958, pres. Wickford, Essex History  
41H/693455 XL587 Hawker Hunter T7 f/f 17/07/1958, d/d 06/08/1958, to 8807M, to G-HPUX 12/03/1999, to Scampton History  
41H/693685 XL591 Hawker Hunter T7 f/f 06/08/1958, d/d 18/09/1958, pres. Gatwick Aviation Museum, Charlwood History  
41H/693686 XL592 Hawker Hunter T7 f/f 30/08/1958, d/d 29/09/1958, to 8836M, preserved Maidenhead History  
41H/693747 XL593 Hawker Hunter T7 f/f 30/08/1958, d/d 29/09/1958, w/o 05/08/1982 History  
XL594 Hawker Hunter T7 f/f 10/09/1958, d/d 06/10/1958, w/o 16/04/1964 History  
41H/693688 XL595 Hawker Hunter T7 f/f 04/09/1958, d/d 09/10/1958, to G-BTYL, w/o 13/06/1993 History  
XL596 Hawker Hunter T7 f/f 17/09/1958, d/d 10/1958, w/o 02/11/1973 History  
XL597 Hawker Hunter T7 f/f 22/09/1958, d/d 31/10/1958, w/o 29/05/1980 History  
41H/693836 XL598 Hawker Hunter T8C f/f 15/10/1958, d/d 01/12/1958, to G-BVWG, to ZU-ATH, Cape Town, South Africa History  
XL599 Hawker Hunter T8 f/f 04/11/1958, d/d 09/12/1958, w/o 23/08/1961 History  
XL600 Hawker Hunter T7 f/f 07/10/1958, d/d 14/11/1958, to G-RAXA, exported to Canada 05/2016 History Edit
41H/693832 XL601 Hawker Hunter T7 f/f 15/10/1958, d/d 03/11/1958, to A2617, to G-BZSR, Vissenaken, Belgium History  
41H/694512 XL602 Hawker Hunter T8M f/f 18/11/1958, d/d 30/12/1958, to G-BWFT St Athan History  
41H/694514 XL603 Hawker Hunter T8M f/f 06/12/1958, d/d 13/01/1959, to N603XL, New Richmond, Wisconsin History  
XL604 Hawker Hunter T81 f/f 10/12/1958, d/d 19/01/1959, to G-9-416, to Ken AF as 802, to AFZ as 1084 History  
41H/693834 XL605 Hawker Hunter T70 f/f 14/10/1958, d/d 01/12/1958, to G-9-214, RSAF 70-617, RJAF 836, to XX467 History  
41H/695343 XL609 Hawker Hunter T7 f/f 01/12/1958, d/d 22/12/1958, to 8866M, (N) South Molton, Devon History  
XL610 Hawker Hunter T7 f/f 12/11/1958, d/d 23/01/1959, w/o 07/06/1962 History  
XL611 Hawker Hunter T7 f/f 11/12/1958, d/d 20/01/1959, w/o 14/05/1968 History  
XL612 Hawker Hunter T7 f/f 12/12/1958, d/d 23/01/1959, privately owned France History  
41H/695347 XL613 Hawker Hunter T7 f/f 19/12/1958, d/d 23/01/1959, to G-BVMB, ZS-CWD n.t.u, ZU-LEE Cape Town History  
41H/695446 XL614 Hawker Hunter T7A f/f 01/01/1959, d/d 03/02/1959, to USA as N614XL 05/1996, w/o 22/07/2003 History  
XL615 Hawker Hunter T7 f/f 07/01/1959, d/d 27/01/1959, w/o 01/06/1960 History  
41H/695448 XL616 Hawker Hunter T7A f/f 03/01/1959, d/d 03/02/1959, to 9223M, to G-BWIE, to SE-DXH Vasteras-Hasslo History  
41H/695449 XL617 Hawker Hunter T7 f/f 03/01/1959, d/d 27/01/1959, to 8837M, to G-HHNT, to N617NL History  
41H/695450 XL618 Hawker Hunter T7 f/f 10/01/1959, d/d 04/02/1959, to Flugplatzmuseum Gutesloh 05/2016 History  
41H/695452 XL619 Hawker Hunter T7 f/f 07/01/1959, d/d 03/02/1959, w/o 21/10/1981 History  
41H/695453 XL620 Hawker Hunter T70 f/f 13/01/1959, d/d 03/02/1959, to G-9-215, RSAF 70-616, RJAF 835, to XX466 History  
41H/695454 XL621 Hawker Hunter T7 f/f 09/01/1959, d/d 04/02/1959, to G-BNCX Dunsfold Park, preserved History  
XL622 Hawker Hunter T7 f/f 15/01/1959, d/d 04/02/1959, w/o 17/05/1971 History  
41H/695455 XL623 Hawker Hunter T7 f/f 17/01/1959, d/d 04/02/1959, to 8770M, under restoration, Dunsfold, Surrey History  
XL628 EE Lightning T4 f/f 06/05/1959, w/o 01/10/1959 History  
XL629 EE Lightning T4 f/f 21/10/1959, placed on display 02/1977 at Boscombe Down Main Gate History  
13397 XL635 Bristol Britannia C1 f/f 29/12/1959, d/d 29/01/1960, to OO-YCA, scr. Stansted during 07/1977 History  
13398 XL636 Bristol Britannia C1 f/f 23/04/1959, d/d 04/06/1959, to OO-YCE, scr. at Ostende, Belgium 07/1978 History  
13399 XL637 Bristol Britannia C1 f/f 12/05/1959, d/d 26/06/1959, to OO-YCH, to 9Q-CBT, scr. Goma, Zaire 1992 History  
13400 XL638 Bristol Britannia C1 f/f 22/06/1959, d/d 05/08/1959, w/o 12/10/1967, scr. Khormaksar, Aden History  
13448 XL639 Bristol Britannia C1 f/f 28/08/1959, d/d 07/10/1959, to EI-BDC, to G-BRAC, w/o 16/02/1980 History  
13449 XL640 Bristol Britannia C1 f/f 08/10/1959, d/d 30/10/1959, to EI-BCI, G-BHAU, 9Q-CHU, scr. Kinshasa History  
13454 XL657 Bristol Britannia C1 f/f 23/11/1959, d/d 23/12/1959, to 9U-BAD, w.f.u. Gosselies, scr. 04/1981 History  
13455 XL658 Bristol Britannia C1 f/f 03/12/1959, d/d 04/02/1960, to EI-BBY, w/o 30/09/1978 History  
13456 XL659 Bristol Britannia C1 f/f 01/02/1960, d/d 04/03/1960, to OO-YCB, w.f.u. at Ostende, scr. 12/1977 History  
13457 XL660 Bristol Britannia C1 f/f 04/03/1960, d/d 23/04/1960, to G-BEMZ, to 9Q-CGP, scrapped 1980's History  
135 XL664 SA Pioneer CC1 f/f 29/08/1956, d/d 21/09/1956, w/o 16/06/1961, perished Bicester circa 1961 History  
136 XL665 SA Pioneer CC1 d/d 04/10/1956, s.o.c. 26/10/1967 as CAT 5(C) at No.389 MU Seletar, Singapore History  
137 XL666 SA Pioneer CC1 d/d 05/10/1956, s.o.c. 01/01/1970 as CAT 5(C) at Tengah, Singapore History  
138 XL667 SA Pioneer CC1 d/d 31/10/1956, w/o 12/05/1962, s.o.c 15/05/1962 as CAT 5(C) History  
145 XL668 SA Pioneer Srs.1 Serial n.t.u, to Ceylon History  
XL670 SA Pioneer Srs.1 Serial n.t.u, to Ceylon History  
XL671 SA Pioneer Srs.1 Serial n.t.u, to Ceylon History  
XL672 SA Pioneer Srs.1 Serial n.t.u, to Ceylon History  
XL673 SA Pioneer Srs.1 Serial n.t.u, to Ceylon History  
XL674 SA Pioneer Srs.1 Serial n.t.u, to Ceylon History  
139 XL699 SA Pioneer CC1 d/d 31/10/1956, w/o 24/07/1960, s.o.c 11/08/1960 as CAT 5(C) History  
140 XL700 SA Pioneer CC1 d/d 06/11/1956, w/o 10/02/1963, s.o.c 11/03/1963 as CAT 5(S) History  
141 XL701 SA Pioneer CC1 d/d 18/12/1956, w/o 01/07/1958 History  
142 XL702 SA Pioneer CC1 d/d 18/12/1956, s.o.c 01/01/1970 as CAT 5(C) at Tengah, Singapore History  
143 XL703 SA Pioneer CC1 d/d 18/12/1956, to 8034M, pres. RAFM Cosford, to Hendon, stored Cosford History  
144 XL704 SA Pioneer CC1 d/d 09/01/1957, s.o.c 18/04/1967 as CAT 5(C) at No.389 MU Seletar, Singapore History  
146 XL705 SA Pioneer CC1 d/d 24/01/1957, w/o 11/08/1967 History  
147 XL706 SA Pioneer CC1 f/f 25/01/1957, d/d 05/02/1957, s.o.c. 25/07/1968 at No.389 MU Seletar, Singapore History  
126 XL710 DHC Otter d/d 1956, to USN 147574, to NZ6081, to ZK-CFH, CF-PNV, N63535 stored Renton, WA History  
84566 XL714 DH Tiger Moth T2 Ex G-AOGR, ex T6099, to G-AOGR Cranwell History  
XL715 DH Tiger Moth T2 Ex G-AOIK, ex DE395, w/o 16/08/1962 History  
83673 XL716 DH Tiger Moth T2 Ex G-AOIL, ex T7363, to G-AOIL, w/o 15/05/2011 History  
83805 XL717 DH Tiger Moth T2 Ex G-AOXG, ex T7291, to G-ABUL Yeovilton History  
58-265 XL722 Sikorsky S-58 Ex 141602, ex G-17-1, f/f 17/03/1956, to A2514, scr. by 1968 History  
WA1 XL727 Westland Wessex HAS1 f/f 20/06/1958, to Ternhill dump 1970, perished 1974 History  
WA2 XL728 Westland Wessex Mk.5(hybrid) f/f 16/09/1958, to Brawdy Fire Dump 1988, scrapped 1992 History  
WA3 XL729 Westland Wessex HAS1 f/f 06/10/1958, d/d 10/06/1959, to A2641, perished Culdrose 1980 History  
S2/5064 XL734 Saro Skeeter AOP12 d/d 02/07/1958, to Wyton fire dump 11/10/1968, perished by 1992 History  
S2/5066 XL735 Saro Skeeter AOP12 d/d 30/05/1958, last noted privately owned Tattershall Thorpe, Lincolnshire History  
S2/5067 XL736 Saro Skeeter AOP12 d/d 22/08/1958, w/o 25/09/1968, stored Weston-super-Mare History  
S2/5068 XL737 Saro Skeeter AOP12 d/d 22/08/1958, w/o 22/05/1962, to 7754M, perished Bicester dump History  
S2/5069 XL738 Saro Skeeter AOP12 d/d 30/09/1958, w/o 15/02/1963, to 7860M, fate? History  
S2/5071 XL739 Saro Skeeter AOP12 d/d 09/09/1958, w/o 08/10/1968, s.o.c. 11/10/1968, pres. Forncett St. Peter History  
S2/5072 XL740 Saro Skeeter AOP12 d/d 25/08/1958, w/o 10/11/1967, s.o.c. 14/12/1967 as CAT 5(C) in Germany History  
S2/5074 XL762 Saro Skeeter AOP12 d/d 16/09/1958, to 8017M, pres. East Fortune Museum, East Lothian, Scotland History  
S2/5075 XL763 Saro Skeeter AOP12 d/d 25/09/1958, s.o.c. 23/05/1968, to AeroVenture, to Storwood History  
S2/5076 XL764 Saro Skeeter AOP12 d/d 09/10/1958, to 7940M, pres. Newark Air Museum, Nottinghamshire History  
S2/5078 XL765 Saro Skeeter AOP12 d/d 02/02/1959, sold 02/08/1968, privately owned Melksham, Wiltshire History  
S2/5079 XL766 Saro Skeeter AOP12 d/d 17/10/1958, w/o 24/07/1963, s.o.c. 30/01/1964 as CAT 5(C) History  
S2/5080 XL767 Saro Skeeter AOP12 d/d 21/11/1958, sold 20/10/1969, preserved Krakow, Poland History  
S2/5084 XL768 Saro Skeeter AOP12 d/d 20/11/1958, w/o 21/06/1962, s.o.c. 26/06/1962, perished Bicester History  
S2/5085 XL769 Saro Skeeter AOP12 d/d 08/12/1958, to 7981M, to Stockport 1977, fate? History  
S2/5086 XL770 Saro Skeeter AOP12 d/d 12/12/1958, s.o.c. 23/05/1968, to 8046M, pres. Southampton Museum History  
S2/5087 XL771 Saro Skeeter AOP12 d/d 18/12/1958, w/o 31/07/1964, s.o.c. 30/09/1964, remains scrapped History  
S2/5088 XL772 Saro Skeeter AOP12 d/d 15/01/1958, w/o 16/06/1960, remains scrapped Middle Wallop History  
S2/5089 XL806 Saro Skeeter AOP12 d/d 23/01/1959, w/o 04/10/1963, s.o.c. 27/11/1963 in West Germany, scr. History  
S2/5090 XL807 Saro Skeeter AOP12 d/d 14/01/1959, w/o 07/11/1967, s.o.c. 14/12/1967 in West Germany, scr. History  
S2/5093 XL808 Saro Skeeter AOP12 d/d 02/02/1959, w/o 18/06/1967, s.o.c. 22/06/1967 in West Germany, scr. History  
S2/5094 XL809 Saro Skeeter AOP12 d/d 16/02/1959, s.o.c. 12/12/1968, to PH-HOF, to G-BLIX, Wilden, Bedfordshire History  
S2/5095 XL810 Saro Skeeter AOP12 d/d 13/03/1959, w/o 18/08/1966, s.o.c. 30/09/1966 in West Germany, scr. History  
S2/5096 XL811 Saro Skeeter AOP12 d/d 27/02/1959, w/o 18/08/1967, pres. THM Weston-Super-Mare History  
S2/5097 XL812 Saro Skeeter AOP12 d/d 13/03/1959, sold 30/04/1978, to G-SARO, stored Middle Wallop, Hampshire History  
S2/5098 XL813 Saro Skeeter AOP12 d/d 29/04/1959, to AAC Museum, Middle Wallop 23/01/1968 for display History  
S2/5099 XL814 Saro Skeeter AOP12 d/d 06/03/1959, preserved Middle Wallop, Hampshire History  
13415 XL820 Bristol Sycamore HR14 w/o 25/03/1964 History  
13417 XL821 Bristol Sycamore HR14 Broken up Seletar, Singapore during 1968 History  
13438 XL822 Bristol Sycamore HR14 w/o 06/05/1963 History  
13441 XL823 Bristol Sycamore HR14 To No.15 MU Wroughton 01/08/1966, to G.I. Catterick, perished History  
13444 XL824 Bristol Sycamore HR14 Ex RAF Museum Store, Stafford, to Bristol Aero Collection, Filton. History  
13447 XL825 Bristol Sycamore HR14 w/o 28/09/1962 History  
13460 XL826 Bristol Sycamore HR14 w/o 28/02/1966, to 7909M n.t.u, to 7916M History  
13468 XL827 Bristol Sycamore HR14 To No.15 MU Wroughton 26/05/1966, to fire dump, still present 08/08/1971 History  
13471 XL828 Bristol Sycamore HR14 w/o 19/12/1959 History  
13474 XL829 Bristol Sycamore HR14 Preserved at The Helicopter Museum Weston-super-Mare History  
WA195 XL833 Westland Whirlwind HAS7 f/f 15/10/1957, d/d 09/12/1957, w/o 08/09/1958 History  
WA196 XL834 Westland Whirlwind HAS7 f/f 21/10/1957, d/d 09/12/1957, w/o 15/08/1958 History  
WA197 XL835 Westland Whirlwind HAS7 f/f 21/10/1957, d/d 09/12/1957, to 8356M, perished Predannack Fire School History  
WA198 XL836 Westland Whirlwind HAS7 f/f 27/10/1957, d/d 11/02/1958, to A2642, perished Predannack 1993 History  
WA199 XL837 Westland Whirlwind HAS7 f/f 26/10/1957, d/d 09/12/1957, w/o 30/01/1959 History  
WA200 XL838 Westland Whirlwind HAS7 f/f 29/10/1957, d/d 01/04/1958, w/o 06/11/1958, s.o.c. 11/12/1958 History  
WA201 XL839 Westland Whirlwind HAR9 f/f 07/11/1957, d/d 20/02/1958, to A2665, perished Lee-on-Solent 1984 History  
WA202 XL840 Westland Whirlwind HAS7 f/f 19/11/1957, d/d 27/02/1958, to Bawtry - Paintball, Doncaster 2000 History  
WA203 XL841 Westland Whirlwind HAS7 f/f 22/11/1957, d/d 27/02/1958, s.o.c. 17/06/1965 History  
WA204 XL842 Westland Whirlwind HAS7 f/f 02/12/1957, d/d 17/02/1958, w/o 30/08/1958 History  
WA205 XL843 Westland Whirlwind HAS7 f/f 11/12/1957, d/d 27/01/1958, s.o.c. 12/06/1975 to Middle Wallop, perished History  
WA206 XL844 Westland Whirlwind HAS7 f/f 12/02/1958, d/d 17/02/1958, w/o 11/1964, s.o.c. 13/11/1964 History  
WA207 XL845 Westland Whirlwind HAS7 f/f 13/02/1958, d/d 27/02/1958, w/o 08/05/1964 History  
WA208 XL846 Westland Whirlwind HAS7 f/f 18/02/1958, d/d 28/02/1958, to A2625, perished Predannack 1992 History  
WA209 XL847 Westland Whirlwind HAS7 f/f 12/02/1958, d/d 17/02/1958, to A2626, scr. Middle Wallop 1998 History  
WA210 XL848 Westland Whirlwind HAS7 f/f 24/02/1958, d/d 05/03/1958, w/o 27/09/1958 History  
WA211 XL849 Westland Whirlwind HAS7 f/f 07/03/1958, d/d 01/04/1958, w/o 14/02/1960 History  
WA212 XL850 Westland Whirlwind HAS7 f/f 21/03/1958, d/d 08/09/1958, w/o 09/02/1960 History  
WA213 XL851 Westland Whirlwind HAS7 f/f 21/03/1958, d/d 10/04/1958, w/o 06/04/1960 History  
WA214 XL852 Westland Whirlwind HAS7 f/f 10/04/1958, d/d 30/04/1958, w.f.u. 05/12/1974, scr. Yeovilton circa 1978 History  
WA215 XL853 Westland Whirlwind HAS7 f/f 17/04/1958, d/d 30/04/1958, to A2630, stored FAAM Yeovilton History  
WA216 XL854 Westland Whirlwind HAS7 f/f 17/04/1958, d/d 30/04/1958, w/o 05/09/1961 History  
WA217 XL867 Westland Whirlwind HAS7 f/f 19/04/1958, d/d 30/04/1958, scr. Holyhead History  
WA218 XL868 Westland Whirlwind HAS7 f/f 21/04/1958, d/d 01/05/1958, w/o 20/06/1969, A2595, s.o.c. 18/07/1969 History  
WA219 XL869 Westland Whirlwind HAS7 f/f 24/04/1958, d/d 02/05/1958, w/o 28/10/1958 History  
WA220 XL870 Westland Whirlwind HAS7 f/f 08/05/1958, d/d 20/05/1958, w/o 07/05/1962, s.o.c. 25/05/1962, scr. History  
WA221 XL871 Westland Whirlwind HAS7 f/f 14/05/1958, d/d 29/05/1958, w/o 23/10/1958, s.o.c. 30/10/1958 History  
WA222 XL872 Westland Whirlwind HAS7 f/f 19/05/1958, d/d 28/05/1958, w/o 25/04/1963 History  
WA223 XL873 Westland Whirlwind HAS7 f/f 23/05/1958, d/d 03/06/1958, w/o 31/07/1961 History  
WA224 XL874 Westland Whirlwind HAS7 f/f 11/06/1958, d/d 26/06/1958, perished Farnborough dump circa 1981 History  
WA225 XL875 Westland Whirlwind HAR9 f/f 25/06/1958, d/d 03/07/1958, to G.I. at Perth, Scotland History  
WA226 XL876 Westland Whirlwind HAS7 f/f 26/06/1958, d/d 03/07/1958, w/o 20/03/1961 History  
WA227 XL877 Westland Whirlwind HAS7 f/f 14/07/1958, d/d 22/07/1958, w/o 21/10/1958 History  
WA228 XL878 Westland Whirlwind HAS7 f/f 14/07/1958, d/d 22/07/1958, w/o 17/05/1968, s.o.c. 23/01/1970 History  
WA229 XL879 Westland Whirlwind HAS7 f/f 20/07/1958, d/d 01/08/1958, w/o 10/03/1961 History  
WA230 XL880 Westland Whirlwind HAR9 f/f 25/07/1958, d/d 08/1958, to A2714, perished Predannack by 06/1996 History  
WA231 XL881 Westland Whirlwind HAS7 f/f 06/08/1958, d/d 05/09/1958, w/o 11/09/1969 History  
WA232 XL882 Westland Whirlwind HAS7 f/f 20/08/1958, d/d 03/09/1958, w/o 16/11/1966 History  
WA233 XL883 Westland Whirlwind HAS7 f/f 17/09/1958, d/d 30/09/1958, b/u 25/06/1962 at Fleetlands History  
WA234 XL884 Westland Whirlwind HAS7 f/f 19/09/1958, d/d 30/09/1958, w/o 05/03/1968, s.o.c. 15/03/1968 History  
WA235 XL896 Westland Whirlwind HAS7 f/f 25/09/1958, d/d 06/10/1958, w/o 02/06/1964, s.o.c. 14/07/1964 scr. History  
WA236 XL897 Westland Whirlwind HAS7 f/f 25/09/1958, d/d 06/10/1958, w/o 10/04/1960 History  
WA237/WAF.17 XL898 Westland Whirlwind HAR9 f/f 16/10/1958, d/d 31/10/1958, to 8654M, scrapped during 1992 History  
WA238/WAF.18 XL899 Westland Whirlwind HAR9 f/f 24/10/1958, d/d 08/12/1958, to Predannack by 12/1980, perished 1993 History  
WA239 XL900 Westland Whirlwind HAR9 f/f 29/10/1958, d/d 07/11/1958, w/o 21/11/1973, b/u for spares and produce History  
XL905 SR.177 Canx History  
XL906 SR.177 Canx History  
XL907 SR.177 Canx History  
XL920 SR.177 Canx History  
XL921 SR.177 Canx History  
XL922 SR.177 Canx History  
XL923 SR.177 Canx History  
XL924 SR.177 Canx History  
XL925 SR.177 Canx History  
PAC/66/87 XL929 Percival Pembroke C1 d/d 27/09/1957, to G-BNPU, w.f.u, stored Compton Verney History  
PAC/66/92 XL930 Percival Pembroke C1 d/d 03/10/1957, scr. 18/08/1970 at Wildenrath, Germany History  
PAC/66/95 XL931 Percival Pembroke C1 d/d 03/01/1958, scr. 18/08/1970 at Wildenrath, Germany History  
PAC/66/98 XL953 Percival Pembroke C1 d/d 04/06/1957, w/o 16/05/1980 History  
PAC/66/101 XL954 Percival Pembroke C1 d/d 08/08/1957, to 9042M, to N4234C, to G-BXES History  
PAC/66/104 XL955 Percival Pembroke C1 d/d 17/02/1958, w/o 13/09/1968, b/u as spares 1969 at Muharraq, Bahrain History  
PAC/66/107 XL956 Percival Pembroke C1 d/d 09/04/1958, to Catterick Fire School 16/12/1971, perished 1974 History  
14007 XL961 DH Heron Srs.2 Ex G-AMTS, d/d 1956, returned to G-AMTS 10/1956, w/o 10/07/1961 History  
514 XL966 SA Twin Pioneer CC1 f/f 29/08/1957, d/d 20/10/1958, w/o 02/03/1961 History  
518 XL967 SA Twin Pioneer CC1 f/f 26/03/1958, d/d 10/12/1958, w/o 19/04/1960 History  
520 XL968 SA Twin Pioneer CC1 f/f 24/05/1958, d/d 24/02/1959, perished Andover History  
522 XL969 SA Twin Pioneer CC1 f/f 18/05/1958, d/d 12/11/1958, s.o.c. Seletar 30/10/1968 History  
524 XL970 SA Twin Pioneer CC1 f/f 16/05/1958, d/d 30/07/1958, scr. Bahrain 10/1967 History  
525 XL991 SA Twin Pioneer CC1 f/f 13/04/1958, d/d 30/07/1958, w/o 29/09/1967 History  
527 XL992 SA Twin Pioneer CC1 f/f 09/06/1958, d/d 30/07/1958, scr. Bahrain 10/1968 History  
528 XL993 SA Twin Pioneer CC1 f/f 12/06/1958, d/d 30/07/1958, to 8388M, pres. RAF Museum, Cosford History  
530 XL994 SA Twin Pioneer CC1 f/f 22/06/1958, d/d 30/07/1958, w/o 18/04/1963 History  
531 XL995 SA Twin Pioneer CC1 f/f 16/06/1958, d/d 30/07/1958, scr. Singapore 12/1968 History  
534 XL996 SA Twin Pioneer CC2 f/f 24/06/1958, d/d 30/07/1958, scr. Bahrain 10/1968 History  
535 XL997 SA Twin Pioneer CC1 f/f 01/07/1958, d/d 30/07/1958, scr. Singapore 10/1968 History  

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