Displaying Serials in range XM

1039XM103Blackburn Beverley C1f/f 23/10/1957, d/d 08/11/1957, scr. 29/08/1969 at No.71 MU BicesterHistory 
1040XM104Blackburn Beverley C1f/f 08/11/1957, d/d 29/11/1957, s.o.c. 14/02/1968 at No.389 MU SeletarHistory 
1041XM105Blackburn Beverley C1f/f 29/11/1957, d/d 19/12/1957, scr. 25/09/1969 at No.27 MU ShawburyHistory 
1042XM106Blackburn Beverley C1f/f 20/12/1957, d/d 13/01/1958, w/o 21/06/1967History 
1043XM107Blackburn Beverley C1f/f 03/01/1958, d/d 03/02/1958, scr. 01/11/1967 at No.27 MU ShawburyHistory 
1044XM108Blackburn Beverley C1f/f 05/02/1958, d/d 11/04/1958, scr. 23/03/1970 at No.27 MU ShawburyHistory 
1045XM109Blackburn Beverley C1f/f 26/02/1958, d/d 11/04/1958, scr. 23/03/1970 at No.27 MU ShawburyHistory 
1046XM110Blackburn Beverley C1f/f 19/03/1958, d/d 02/05/1958, w/o 06/10/1961History 
1047XM111Blackburn Beverley C1f/f 19/04/1958, d/d 13/05/1958, scr. 29/08/1969 at No.71 MU BicesterHistory 
1048XM112Blackburn Beverley C1f/f 15/05/1958, d/d 28/05/1958, s.o.c. 14/02/1968 at No.389 MU Seletar, scr.History 
XM117Hawker Hunter T7Canx, d/d 22/12/1958 to KLu as N-311, since scrappedHistory 
41H-695334XM118Hawker Hunter T77Canx, d/d 21/01/1959 to KLu as N-312, G-9-288, ADAF 711, Somalia CC-701History 
XM119Hawker Hunter T7Canx, d/d 21/01/1959 to KLu as N-313, to Swiss AF as J-4127, later scrappedHistory 
XM120Hawker Hunter T7Canx, d/d 23/01/1959 to KLu as N-314, since scrappedHistory 
XM121Hawker Hunter T7Canx, d/d 21/01/1959 to KLu as N-315, to Long Marston, to Netherley 11/09/2010History 
XM122Hawker Hunter T7Canx, d/d 23/01/1959 to KLu as N-316, to Qatar AF as QA-13, pres. Doha, QatarHistory 
XM123Hawker Hunter T7Canx, d/d 04/02/1959 to KLu as N-317, to the UK as sparesHistory 
41H-695340XM124Hawker Hunter F58ACanx, f/f 06/12/1958, d/d 23/01/1959 to KLu N-318, G-9-194, J-4128, s.o.c. 12/12/1989History 
41H-695341XM125Hawker Hunter T75Canx, f/f 07/01/1959, d/d 03/02/1959 to KLu N-319, History 
41H-695342XM126Hawker Hunter T7Canx, d/d 26/01/1959 to KLu as N-320, to PH-NLH, (N) stored WeeldeHistory 
PAC/84/006XM129Hunting Jet Provost T1Ex G-AOBU, G-42-1. To G-AOBU 17/06/1992, pres. North WealdHistory 
XM134EE Lightning F1f/f 30/10/1959, d/d 31/03/1960, w/o 11/09/1964History 
95031XM135EE Lightning F1f/f 14/11/1959, d/d 25/05/1960, l/f 20/11/1974 to the IWM, DuxfordHistoryEdit
XM136EE Lightning F1f/f 01/12/1959, d/d 21/06/1960, w/o 12/09/1967HistoryEdit
XM137EE Lightning F1f/f 14/12/1959, d/d 28/06/1960, scr. 16/12/1974 at No.60 MU LeconfieldHistoryEdit
XM138EE Lightning F1f/f 23/12/1959, d/d 30/06/1960, w/o 16/12/1960HistoryEdit
XM139EE Lightning F1f/f 12/01/1960, d/d 02/08/1960, s.o.c. 28/05/1974, to 8411M, to Pendine, scr.HistoryEdit
XM140EE Lightning F1f/f 21/01/1960, d/d 02/08/1960, scr. No.33 MU Lyneham 16/12/1966 HistoryEdit
XM141EE Lightning F1f/f 09/02/1960, d/d 29/08/1960, scr. No.33 MU Lyneham 16/12/1966HistoryEdit
XM142EE Lightning F1f/f 19/02/1960, d/d 30/08/1960, w/o 26/04/1963HistoryEdit
XM143EE Lightning F1f/f 27/02/1960, d/d 15/09/1960, scr. No.33 MU Lyneham 16/12/1966HistoryEdit
XM144EE Lightning F1f/f 14/03/1960, d/d 30/09/1960, s.o.c. 28/05/1974, to 8417M, (N) ShannonHistoryEdit
XM145EE Lightning F1f/f 18/03/1960, d/d 08/1960, scr. No.60 MU Leconfield 27/06/1974HistoryEdit
XM146EE Lightning F1f/f 29/03/1960, d/d 04/09/1960, scr. No.33 MU Lyneham 16/12/1966HistoryEdit
95043XM147EE Lightning F1f/f 07/04/1960, d/d 03/09/1960, s.o.c. 28/05/1974, to 8412M, to Pendine, scr.HistoryEdit
XM163EE Lightning F1f/f 23/04/1960, d/d 08/1960, s.o.c. 23/05/1974, scr. No.60 MU LeconfieldHistoryEdit
XM164EE Lightning F1f/f 13/06/1960, d/d 15/07/1960, scr. No.60 MU Leconfield 12/06/1974HistoryEdit
XM165EE Lightning F1f/f 30/05/1960, d/d 29/06/1960, scr. No.33 MU Lyneham 16/12/1966HistoryEdit
XM166EE Lightning F1f/f 01/07/1960, d/d 02/08/1960, scr. No.33 MU Lyneham 16/12/1966HistoryEdit
XM167EE Lightning F1f/f 14/07/1960, d/d 26/09/1960, scr. No.33 MU Lyneham 16/12/1966HistoryEdit
XM168EE Lightning F1Static test airframe, tested to destructionHistory 
XM169EE Lightning F1Af/f 16/08/1960, to Leuchars 13/06/1974 as 8422M, (N) pres. Morayvia, KinlossHistoryEdit
XM170EE Lightning F1Af/f 02/09/1960, w/o 02/09/1960, to 7877M, perished Swinderby 1977HistoryEdit
XM171EE Lightning F1Af/f 20/09/1960, d/d 10/11/1960, s.o.c. 29/03/1974, scr. No.60 MU LeconfieldHistoryEdit
95059XM172EE Lightning F1Af/f 10/10/1960, d/d 14/12/1960, l/f 1974, to 8427M, pres. Spark BridgeHistoryEdit
95051XM173EE Lightning F1Af/f 15/11/1960, d/d 15/12/1960, to 8414M, pres. Dyson HQ, Malmesbury, WiltshireHistoryEdit
XM174EE Lightning F1Af/f 15/11/1960, d/d 15/12/1960, w/o 29/11/1968HistoryEdit
XM175EE Lightning F1Af/f 23/11/1960, d/d 15/12/1960, to Warton 05/04/1973, scr. 1974HistoryEdit
XM176EE Lightning F1Af/f 01/12/1960, d/d 16/01/1961, scr. No.60 MU Leconfield 08/1974HistoryEdit
XM177EE Lightning F1Af/f 20/12/1960, d/d 28/01/1961, scr. No.60 MU Leconfield 08/1974HistoryEdit
XM178EE Lightning F1Af/f 30/12/1960, d/d 03/02/1961, to 8418M, pres. Savigny-les-Beaune, FranceHistoryEdit
XM179EE Lightning F1Af/f 04/01/1961, d/d 28/02/1961, w/o 06/06/1963HistoryEdit
XM180EE Lightning F1Af/f 23/01/1961, d/d 08/03/1961, to 8424M, sold as scrap 26/10/1982 at GuterslohHistoryEdit
95069XM181EE Lightning F1Af/f 25/01/1961, d/d 03/1961, to 8415M, scr. Binbrook 09/1987 HistoryEdit
XM182EE Lightning F1Af/f 06/02/1961, d/d 13/03/1961, to 8425M, sold as scrap 26/10/1982 GuterslohHistoryEdit
XM183EE Lightning F1Af/f 09/02/1961, d/d 06/03/1961, to 8416M, scr. 21/10/1987 Sutton-on-ForestHistoryEdit
XM184EE Lightning F1Af/f 27/02/1961, d/d 13/04/1961, w/o 17/04/1967HistoryEdit
XM185EE Lightning F1Af/f 28/02/1961, d/d 06/03/1961, w/o 28/06/1961HistoryEdit
XM186EE Lightning F1Af/f 14/03/1961, d/d 13/04/1961, w/o 18/07/1963HistoryEdit
XM187EE Lightning F1Af/f 20/03/1961, d/d 24/04/1961, to 7838M, perished Coningsby 1981HistoryEdit
XM188EE Lightning F1Af/f 27/03/1961, d/d 30/05/1961, w/o 21/06/1968HistoryEdit
XM189EE Lightning F1Af/f 30/03/1961, d/d 01/05/1961, to 8423M, sold as scrap 26/10/1982 GuterslohHistoryEdit
XM190EE Lightning F1Af/f 01/05/1961, d/d 20/06/1961, w/o 15/03/1966HistoryEdit
XM191EE Lightning F1Af/f 08/05/1961, d/d 28/06/1961, w/o 09/06/1964, (N), Thorpe Wood, N YorksHistoryEdit
95090XM192EE Lightning F1Af/f 25/05/1961, d/d 28/06/1961, to 8413M, pres. Tattershall Thorpe CampHistoryEdit
XM213EE Lightning F1Af/f 03/06/1961, d/d 30/06/1961, w/o 06/05/1966HistoryEdit
XM214EE Lightning F1Af/f 29/06/1961, d/d 01/08/1961, to 8420M, scr. Gutersloh during 11/1977HistoryEdit
XM215EE Lightning F1Af/f 11/07/1961, d/d 02/08/1961, to 8421M, scr. (N) scr. Bruggen by 08/1984HistoryEdit
XM216EE Lightning F1Af/f 28/07/1961, d/d 29/08/1961, to 8426M, scr. Gutersloh 11/1977HistoryEdit
XM217EE Lightning F1ANot completed and utilised as spares sourceHistory 
XM218EE Lightning F1ANot completed and utilised as spares sourceHistory 
04498XM223DH Devon C2Handed over 19/12/1957, to G-BWWC 14/06/1996, stored Compton VerneyHistory 
71596XM228EE Canberra T4To FAVenezuela as 1-E-39, to G-27-310, to FAV 0619History 
71608XM229EE Canberra T4To FAVenezuela as 2E-39History 
XM244EE Canberra B(I)8d/d 25/08/1958, to 8202M, scr. Gutersloh 1993History 
XM245EE Canberra B(I)8d/d 12/09/1958, s.o.c. 06/06/1972, destroyed Nordhorn Ranges, W/GermanyHistory 
XM262EE Canberra B(I)8d/d 07/10/1958, s.o.c. 23/03/1973, perished Catterick Fire SchoolHistory 
XM263EE Canberra B(I)8d/d 09/10/1958, to G-52-10, d/d 11/10/1977 to Peru AF as 255History 
71624XM264EE Canberra B(I)8d/d 01/12/1958, to 8227M, pres. Hermeskeil Museum, GermanyHistory 
XM265EE Canberra B(I)8d/d 31/10/1958, to 8199M, destroyed Nordhorn Ranges, West GermanyHistory 
XM266EE Canberra B(I)8d/d 13/11/1958, w/o 21/11/1961History 
XM267EE Canberra B(I)8d/d 13/11/1958, w/o 15/12/1970History 
XM268EE Canberra B(I)8d/d 23/12/1958, to Catterick Fire School 08/03/1973, perishedHistory 
XM269EE Canberra B(I)8d/d 23/12/1958, to Nordhorn Ranges, West Germany 1972, scr.History 
XM270EE Canberra B(I)8d/d 23/12/1958, w/o 05/06/1966History 
XM271EE Canberra B(I)8d/d 28/01/1959, to 8204M, scr. Foulness 04/1991History 
XM272EE Canberra B(I)8d/d 20/02/1959, to Marham F/S 20/06/1972, perished by 1975History 
XM273EE Canberra B(I)8d/d 23/02/1979, to G-52-8, d/d 25/11/1975 to Peru AF as 253History 
XM274EE Canberra B(I)8d/d 27/02/1959, to 8170M, scr. Laarbruch 1977History 
XM275EE Canberra B(I)8d/d 13/03/1959, to Wattisham F/S 19/06/1972, perished 1984History 
XM276EE Canberra B(I)8d/d 26/02/1959, to G-52-11, d/d 28/01/1978 to Peru AF as 256History 
XM277EE Canberra B(I)8d/d 16/03/1959, s.o.c. 23/06/1972, scr. Chivenor dump 10/01/1975History 
XM278EE Canberra B(I)8d/d 23/03/1959, b/u Marshalls Cambridge as spares for Peruvian B(I)68 contractHistory 
71648XM279EE Canberra B(I)8d/d 07/04/1959, to G-52-12, d/d 05/07/1978 to FAPeru 257, B(I)8 nose at FlixtonHistory 
536XM284SA Twin Pioneer CC1f/f 09/07/1958, d/d 30/07/1958, perished Muharraq, Bahrain circa 1967History 
538XM285SA Twin Pioneer CC2Ex G-31-5, f/f 16/07/1958, d/d 30/05/1958, to G-AYFA, (N) DumfriesHistory 
539XM286SA Twin Pioneer CC1f/f 22/07/1958, d/d 09/09/1958, scr. at Muharraq, Bahrain during 10/1968History 
541XM287SA Twin Pioneer CC1f/f 20/08/1958, d/d 09/09/1958, w/o 08/04/1959History 
542XM288SA Twin Pioneer CC1f/f 01/09/1958, d/d 09/09/1959, w/o 08/04/1959History 
543XM289SA Twin Pioneer CC1f/f 27/08/1958, d/d 10/10/1958, perished Muharraq, Bahrain circa 1967History 
544XM290SA Twin Pioneer CC1f/f 09/09/1958, d/d 16/09/1958, w/o 13/03/1963History 
545XM291SA Twin Pioneer CC1f/f 17/09/1958, d/d 16/10/1985, scr. Muharraq, Bahrain during 10/1968History 
14129XM295DH Heron CC4d/d 17/04/1958, to G41-2-68, to OY-DHE n.t.u, to C-FOXK, scr. 1986History 
14130XM296DH Heron C4d/d 17/04/1958, to G-BVBI, to N82D, to Viru Viru Airport, BolliviaHistory 
WA4XM299Westland Wessex HC2f/f 19/12/1958, to Farnborough for G.I, scr. Pendine Sands Ranges 1991/2History 
WA5XM300Westland Wessex HAS1f/f 30/04/1959, d/d 02/12/1959, stored Nantgarw, CardiffHistory 
WA6XM301Westland Wessex HAS1f/f 27/07/1959, d/d 04/1959, to PEE Foulness Island 12/06/1968, since scrappedHistory 
WA7XM326Westland Wessex HAS1f/f 07/07/1959, d/d 28/08/1959, to Portland for G.I scr.1988History 
WA8XM327Westland Wessex HAS3f/f 22/09/1959, d/d 05/10/1959, to Warsash College, 13/09/1982,scr. 1996 History 
WA9XM328Westland Wessex HAS3f/f 04/03/1960, d/d 26/07/1960, to Weston-super-Mare 13/05/2004 for displayHistory 
WA10XM329Westland Wessex HAS1f/f 24/10/1959, d/d 21/12/1959, to A2609, perished Predannack Fire School 07/1997History 
WA11XM330Westland Wessex HAS1f/f 09/11/1959, d/d 01/12/1959, to IHM Weston-super-Mare 16/05/1994History 
WA12XM331Westland Wessex HAS3f/f 30/11/1959, d/d 22/08/1961, perished Predannack 05/1993History 
XM336Gloster Javelin T3d/d 11/01/1960, w/o 05/11/1963HistoryEdit
XM337Gloster Javelin T3CanxHistory 
XM338Gloster Javelin T3CanxHistory 
XM339Gloster Javelin T3CanxHistory 
XM340Gloster Javelin T3CanxHistory 
XM341Gloster Javelin T3CanxHistory 
PAC/W/6303XM346Hunting Jet Provost T3f/f 22/06/1958, d/d 28/06/1958, s.o.c. 09/06/1969, perished Thorney Island 1975HistoryEdit
PAC/W/6304XM347Hunting Jet Provost T3d/d 25/07/1958, w/o 23/03/1961HistoryEdit
PAC/W/6305XM348Hunting Jet Provost T3w/o 04/09/1958 before delivery to the RAFHistory 
PAC/W/6306XM349Hunting Jet Provost T3Ad/d 31/10/1958, to 9046M, privately owned Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, USAHistoryEdit
PAC/W/6307XM350Hunting Jet Provost T3Ad/d 12/12/1958, to 9036M, preserved AeroVenture, DoncasterHistoryEdit
PAC/W/6308XM351Hunting Jet Provost T3d/d 18/02/1959, to 8078M, preserved RAF Museum, Cosford, ShropshireHistoryEdit
PAC/W/6309XM352Hunting Jet Provost T3Ad/d 12/01/1959, sold 08/11/1994, to N35378, Edmunston, CanadaHistoryEdit
PAC/W/6310XM353Hunting Jet Provost T3d/d 18/02/1959, w/o 21/02/1968, scr. 03/09/1968 at No.27 MU ShawburyHistoryEdit
PAC/W/6311XM354Hunting Jet Provost T3d/d 12/03/1959, s.o.c. 08/08/1974 as CAT 5(S) at ShawburyHistoryEdit
PAC/W/6312 then PAC/W/5759XM355Hunting Jet Provost T3d/d 01/07/1959, to 8229M, to Newcastle Academy at Newcastle Airport 2006HistoryEdit
PAC/W/6313XM356Hunting Jet Provost T3d/d 30/06/1959, s.o.c. 03/12/1969, to Linton-on-Ouse fire dump, perished 1976HistoryEdit
PAC/W/5762XM357Hunting Jet Provost T3Ad/d 31/08/1959, to N27357, pres. Classic Aviation Museum, Portland-HillsboroHistoryEdit
PAC/W/6315XM358Hunting Jet Provost T3Ad/d 04/09/1959, to 8987M, on display at Newmead Farm, Newbridge on Wye, PowysHistoryEdit
XM359Hunting Jet Provost T3d/d 30/06/1959, s.o.c. 28/05/1976 at No.5 MU Kemble, destroyed SennybridgeHistoryEdit
PAC/W/6317XM360Hunting Jet Provost T3d/d 01/07/1959, w/o 24/01/1969HistoryEdit
PAC/W/6318XM361Hunting Jet Provost T3d/d 01/07/1959, s.o.c. 08/08/1974 as CAT 5(S), scr. 03/1975 at No.5 MU KembleHistoryEdit
PAC/W/6195XM362Hunting Jet Provost T3d/d 20/08/1959, to 8230M, G.I. at DCAE Cosford, ShropshireHistoryEdit
XM363Hunting Jet Provost T3d/d 20/08/1959, s.o.c. 06/08/1989 at No.27 MU Shawbury, perished LeemingHistoryEdit
XM364Hunting Jet Provost T3d/d 21/08/1959, s.o.c. 28/05/1976 at No.5 MU Kemble, scr. ArborfieldHistoryEdit
XM365Hunting Jet Provost T3Ad/d 08/1959, to G-BXBH 29/01/1997, to Bruntingthorpe 05/2010HistoryEdit
XM366Hunting Jet Provost T3Ad/d 15/08/1959, w/o 22/10/1981HistoryEdit
XM367Hunting Jet Provost T3d/d 09/09/1959, to 8083M, scr. 04/1995 at Bruntingthorpe, LeicestershireHistoryEdit
XM368Hunting Jet Provost T3d/d 07/09/1959, w/o 29/04/1963HistoryEdit
XM369Hunting Jet Provost T3d/d 07/09/1959, to 8084M, sold 02/1992, pres. Roelofarendsveen, NetherlandsHistoryEdit
XM370Hunting Jet Provost T3Ad/d 24/09/1959, sold, to G-BVSP 31/08/1994, to North WealdHistoryEdit
XM371Hunting Jet Provost T3Ad/d 01/10/1959, to 8962M, to N4427Q Colorado Springs, USAHistoryEdit
XM372Hunting Jet Provost T3Ad/d 25/09/1959, w/o 06/12/1985, to 8917M, scr. Linton-on-Ouse 10/2000HistoryEdit
XM373Hunting Jet Provost T3d/d 01/10/1959, w/o 29/06/1971, to 7726M, (N) to Elvington MuseumHistoryEdit
PAC/W/6601XM374Hunting Jet Provost T3Ad/d 03/11/1959, to N374XM Eureka, California, USAHistoryEdit
XM375Hunting Jet Provost T3d/d 03/11/1959, to 8231M, to Cottesmore fire dump 23/05/1990, perished 03/1996HistoryEdit
PAC/W/6603XM376Hunting Jet Provost T3Ad/d 03/11/1959, to G-BWDR, pres. Istanbul Museum, TurkeyHistoryEdit
XM377Hunting Jet Provost T3d/d 05/11/1959, w/o 04/02/1960HistoryEdit
XM378Hunting Jet Provost T3Ad/d 20/11/1959, to G-BWZE 29/11/1996, w/o 16/10/2000, stored Weert, NetherlandsHistoryEdit
XM379Hunting Jet Provost T3d/d 10/11/1959, s.o.c. 28/05/1976 at No.5 MU Kemble, remains scr. ArborfieldHistoryEdit
XM380Hunting Jet Provost T3d/d 21/12/1959, w/o 29/07/1963HistoryEdit
XM381Hunting Jet Provost T3d/d 09/12/1959, to 8232M, scr. Marham 1995 by Hanningfield Metals, StockHistoryEdit
XM382Hunting Jet Provost T3d/d 17/12/1959, w/o 17/06/1970HistoryEdit
XM383Hunting Jet Provost T3Ad/d 01/11/1959, preserved Newark Air Museum, NottinghamshireHistoryEdit
XM384Hunting Jet Provost T3d/d 10/12/1959, w/o 26/05/1966HistoryEdit
XM385Hunting Jet Provost T3d/d 04/12/1959, w/o 08/03/1960, s.o.c. 11/03/1960 as CAT 5(C)HistoryEdit
PAC/W/7473XM386Hunting Jet Provost T3d/d 04/12/1959, to 8076M, to STANTA, East Wretham, NorfolkHistoryEdit
PAC/W/7474XM387Hunting Jet Provost T3Ad/d 11/01/1960, sold 19/07/1995, to N387TW Estherville, Iowa, USAHistoryEdit
XM401Hunting Jet Provost T3Ad/d 31/12/1959, sold, stored Humberside, North Lincolnshire, broken upHistoryEdit
PAC/W/7476XM402Hunting Jet Provost T3d/d 01/01/1960, to 8055MA, pres. West Walton Highway, NorfolkHistoryEdit
PAC/W/7477XM403Hunting Jet Provost T3Ad/d 01/01/1960, to 9048M, to RAFO Technical College, Seeb as 102HistoryEdit
XM404Hunting Jet Provost T3d/d 01/01/1960, to 8055MB, (C) Privately owned, on display Bournemouth MuseumHistoryEdit
XM405Hunting Jet Provost T3Ad/d 01/1960, to G-TORE, to Market Harborough areaHistoryEdit
XM406Hunting Jet Provost T3d/d 19/01/1960, w/o 12/11/1965HistoryEdit
XM407Hunting Jet Provost T3d/d 11/01/1960, to Manston Fire School, Kent for film work, perished 1974HistoryEdit
PAC/W/9215XM408Hunting Jet Provost T3d/d 04/02/1960, to 8333M, to Lafayette Airport, Louisiana, USAHistoryEdit
XM409Hunting Jet Provost T3d/d 04/02/1960, to 8082M, (N) pres. Guernsey Air Scouts, Channel IslandsHistoryEdit
PAC/W/8083XM410Hunting Jet Provost T3d/d 09/02/1960, to 8054MA, then to Chattenden, Kent during 1989, to GillinghamHistoryEdit
PAC/W/8084XM411Hunting Jet Provost T3d/d 10/02/1960, to 8434M, (N) pres. AeroVenture, DoncasterHistoryEdit
XM412Hunting Jet Provost T3Ad/d 05/02/1960, to 9011M, pres. Balado Bridge, Perth and Kinross, ScotlandHistoryEdit
XM413Hunting Jet Provost T3d/d 01/03/1960, s.o.c. 28/05/1976, to Arborfield for G.I. scr.HistoryEdit
XM414Hunting Jet Provost T3Ad/d 04/03/1960, to 8996M, pres. Long Kesh, County Antrim, Northern IrelandHistoryEdit
XM415Hunting Jet Provost T3d/d 02/03/1960, s.o.c. 28/05/1976, remains to Southampton, scr. 1980'sHistoryEdit
XM416Hunting Jet Provost T3d/d 01/03/1960, s.o.c. 28/05/1976, to Sennybridge Ranges, destroyed 1980'sHistoryEdit
XM417Hunting Jet Provost T3d/d 02/03/1960, to 8054MB, (N) pres. Bracknell, BerkshireHistoryEdit
XM418Hunting Jet Provost T3d/d 28/03/1960, w/o 25/03/1971, to Leeming for G.I. as 8593M, scr. 10/1979HistoryEdit
XM419Hunting Jet Provost T3Ad/d 04/03/1960, to St. Athan for G.I. as 8990M, to Newcastle Airport for G.I.HistoryEdit
XM420Hunting Jet Provost T3d/d 10/03/1960, s.o.c. 18/12/1969 at No.27 MU Shawbury, perished CatterickHistoryEdit
XM421Hunting Jet Provost T3d/d 18/03/1960, w/o 13/12/1963HistoryEdit
XM422Hunting Jet Provost T3d/d 22/03/1960, w/o 08/05/1962HistoryEdit
XM423Hunting Jet Provost T3d/d 22/03/1960, w/o 30/08/1961, s.o.c. 31/10/1961 as CAT 5(S)HistoryEdit
PAC/W/9231XM424Hunting Jet Provost T3Ad/d 04/04/1960, sold 06/06/1995, to G-BWDS 01/10/1998, to DunkeswellHistoryEdit
XM425Hunting Jet Provost T3Ad/d 28/03/1960, to 8995M, preserved Longton, StaffordshireHistoryEdit
XM426Hunting Jet Provost T3d/d 04/04/1960, s.o.c. 28/05/1976 at No.5 MU Kemble and scrappedHistoryEdit
XM427Hunting Jet Provost T3d/d 06/04/1960, w/o 16/10/1962HistoryEdit
XM428Hunting Jet Provost T3d/d 06/04/1960, w/o 20/04/1965HistoryEdit
XM451Hunting Jet Provost T3d/d 06/04/1960, s.o.c. 08/08/1974 as CAT 5(S) at No.5 MU Kemble and scrappedHistoryEdit
XM452Hunting Jet Provost T3d/d 20/04/1960, w/o 05/04/1962HistoryEdit
XM453Hunting Jet Provost T3Ad/d 20/04/1960, w/o 21/11/1983, s.o.c. 26/01/1984 as CAT 5(S)HistoryEdit
XM454Hunting Jet Provost T3d/d 27/04/1960, s.o.c. 08/08/1974 as CAT 5(S), remains scr. ArborfieldHistoryEdit
XM455Hunting Jet Provost T3Ad/d 27/04/1960, to 8960M, sold, to N455XM Ogden, Utah, USAHistoryEdit
XM456Hunting Jet Provost T3d/d 27/04/1960, w/o 22/08/1962, s.o.c. 19/10/1961 as CAT 5(S)HistoryEdit
XM457Hunting Jet Provost T3d/d 02/05/1960, s.o.c. 08/08/1974 as CAT 5(S) at No.5 MU Kemble, scr. 05/1975HistoryEdit
XM458Hunting Jet Provost T3Ad/d 02/05/1960, to Otterburn Ranges during 1990, destroyed during 06/1999HistoryEdit
PAC/W/9267XM459Hunting Jet Provost T3Ad/d 04/05/1960, sold, stored El Cajon, California, USAHistoryEdit
PAC/W/9268XM460Hunting Jet Provost T3d/d 23/05/1960, w/o 14/12/1964HistoryEdit
PAC/W/9269XM461Hunting Jet Provost T3Ad/d 24/05/1960, sold 02/06/1993, to N6204H at Griffin Airport, Georgia, USAHistoryEdit
PAC/W/9270XM462Hunting Jet Provost T3d/d 23/05/1960, to Little Rissington fire dump 18/12/1969, perished 1977HistoryEdit
PAC/W/9271XM463Hunting Jet Provost T3Ad/d 24/05/1960, (F) preserved RAF Museum, Hendon, Barnet, LondonHistoryEdit
PAC/W/9272XM464Hunting Jet Provost T3Ad/d 26/07/1960, sold 01/1993, pres. Pima Museum, Tucson, Arizona, USAHistoryEdit
PAC/W/9273XM465Hunting Jet Provost T3Ad/d 30/05/1960, broken up Linton-on-Ouse 1990HistoryEdit
PAC/W/9274XM466Hunting Jet Provost T3Ad/d 02/06/1960, sold 02/06/1993, to Santa Rosa, California as N7075UHistoryEdit
PAC/W/9275XM467Hunting Jet Provost T3d/d 02/06/1960, to 8085M, sunk at Gildenburgh Lake, WhittleseyHistoryEdit
PAC/W/9276XM468Hunting Jet Provost T3d/d 21/06/1960, to 8081M, (N) stored Terrington St. Clement, pres. BalcombeHistoryEdit
PAC/W/9277XM469Hunting Jet Provost T3d/d 22/06/1960, w/o 05/05/1961HistoryEdit
PAC/W/9278XM470Hunting Jet Provost T3Ad/d 22/06/1960, to G-BWZZ, to ZU-JPR, Cape Town, South AfricaHistoryEdit
PAC/W/9279XM471Hunting Jet Provost T3Ad/d 29/06/1960, to 8968M, sold Cosford 09/1994 to an unknown locationHistoryEdit
PAC/W/9280XM472Hunting Jet Provost T3Ad/d 28/06/1960, to 9051M, broken upHistoryEdit
PAC/W/9281XM473Hunting Jet Provost T3Ad/d 28/06/1960, to 8974M, sold, privately owned, WethersfieldHistoryEdit
PAC/W/9282XM474Hunting Jet Provost T3d/d 04/07/1960, to as 8121M, (N) to No.247 ATC Sqn, Ashton-under-LyneHistoryEdit
PAC/W/9283XM475Hunting Jet Provost T3Ad/d 04/07/1960, to Manston Fire School, Kent for G/I as 9112M, perished 1999HistoryEdit
PAC/W/9284XM476Hunting Jet Provost T3d/d 15/07/1960, w/o 29/01/1963, s.o.c. 29/01/1963 as CAT 5(C) and broken upHistoryEdit
PAC/W/9285XM477Hunting Jet Provost T3d/d 15/06/1960, w/o 28/03/1961HistoryEdit
PAC/W/9286XM478Hunting Jet Provost T3Ad/d 19/07/1960, to 8983M n.t.u, to G-BXDL, to I-PROV, pres Milan, ItalyHistoryEdit
PAC/W/9287XM479Hunting Jet Provost T3Ad/d 19/07/1960, sold, to G-BVEZ 13/10/1993, to Leeds East AirportHistoryEdit
PAC/W/9288XM480Hunting Jet Provost T3d/d 22/07/1960, to 8080M, to Sheepbridge, Derbyshire during 1996HistoryEdit
XM484Hunting Jet Provost N.t.u.History 
XM485Hunting Jet Provost N.t.u.History 
13434XM489Bristol Britannia C1f/f 07/04/1960, d/d 04/05/1960, to OO-YCC, scr. Gosselies, Belgium 1978History 
13435XM490Bristol Britannia C1f/f 16/05/1960, d/d 08/06/1960, to G-BDLZ, scr. Luton 09/1979History 
13436XM491Bristol Britannia C1f/f 16/06/1960, d/d 06/07/1960, to EI-BBH, to 9Q-CMO, scr. Kinshasa 1992History 
13508XM496Bristol Britannia C1f/f 24/08/1960, To G-BDUP, CU-T120, 9Q-CJH, EL-WXA, pres. Cotswold AirportHistory 
13509XM497Bristol Britannia C1f/f 17/11/1960, d/d 02/12/1960, to OO-YCF n.t.u, perished Stansted 1981History 
13510XM498Bristol Britannia C1f/f 30/09/1959, d/d 17/10/1959, to OO-YCG, to EL-LWG, to 9Q-CHY, scr. KinshasaHistory 
13511XM517Bristol Britannia C1f/f 21/11/1959, d/d 02/12/1959, to 9Q-CAJ, to G-BEPX, scr. Luton 04/1980History 
13512XM518Bristol Britannia C1f/f 18/12/1959, d/d 29/12/1959, to OO-YCD, scr. Gosselies, Belgium 1978History 
13513XM519Bristol Britannia C1f/f 28/01/1960, d/d 05/02/1960, to G-BDUR, to CU-T121, scr. Zaire 11/1995History 
13514XM520Bristol Britannia C1f/f 09/03/1960, d/d 19/03/1960, to 9G-ACE, scr. Kinshasa, Zaire 07/1986History 
S2/5100XM524Saro Skeeter AOP12d/d 01/04/1959, to Leuchars fire dump 10/09/1968, since perishedHistory 
S2/5101XM525Saro Skeeter AOP12d/d 09/04/1959, w/o 30/04/1965, s.o.c 11/05/1965History 
S2/5102XM526Saro Skeeter AOP12d/d 24/04/1959, to Waddington fire dump 10/09/1968, since perishedHistory 
S2/5103XM527Saro Skeeter AOP12d/d 18/06/1959, w/o 17/09/1963, to Middle Wallop for G.I. as 7820M, fate?History 
S2/5104XM528Saro Skeeter AOP12d/d 06/1959, w/o 23/05/1968History 
S2/5105XM529Saro Skeeter AOP12d/d 18/06/1959, to 7979M, to G-BDNS 02/01/1976, canx 08/08/1985, scr.History 
S2/5106XM530Saro Skeeter AOP12d/d 26/06/1959, w/o 25/09/1968, History 
S2/5107XM553Saro Skeeter AOP12d/d 26/06/1959, s.o.c. 25/11/1968, to G-AWSV 31/10/1968, pres. ElvingtonHistory 
S2/5108XM554Saro Skeeter AOP12d/d 17/07/1959, to Chivenor fire dump 10/08/1968, since perishedHistory 
S2/5109XM555Saro Skeeter AOP12d/d 14/07/1959, to 8027M, disp. NELSAM, Sunderland, Tyne & WearHistory 
S2/5110XM556Saro Skeeter AOP12d/d 28/08/1959, to 7870M, to G-HELI, pres. Gatow Museum, Berlin, GermanyHistory 
S2/5112XM557Saro Skeeter AOP12d/d 30/07/1959, sold 20/10/1969, stored Helicopter Museum, Weston-super-MareHistory 
S2/5113XM558Saro Skeeter AOP12d/d 20/08/1959, w/o 25/11/1963, s.o.c. 28/02/1964History 
S2/5114XM559Saro Skeeter AOP12d/d 26/08/1959, s.o.c 27/05/1968 at No.15 MU Wroughton and scrappedHistory 
S2/5115XM560Saro Skeeter AOP12d/d 28/09/1959, w/o 08/05/1965, s.o.c. 31/10/1965 and scrappedHistory 
S2/5116XM561Saro Skeeter AOP12d/d 05/10/1959, to 7980M, preserved AeroVenture, DoncasterHistory 
S2/5117XM562Saro Skeeter AOP12d/d 23/10/1959, sold 20/10/1969, l/n Autoglaserei, Stuttgart, 1989, fate?History 
S2/5118XM563Saro Skeeter AOP12d/d 10/1959, sold 20/10/1969, privately owned Seifertshofen, GermanyHistory 
S2/5119XM564Saro Skeeter AOP12d/d 30/12/1959, pres. Bovington Tank Museum, DorsetHistory 
S2/5120XM565Saro Skeeter AOP12d/d 18/11/1959, to Middle Wallop 17/09/1964 as 7861M, to Storwood, E YorksHistory 
XM569Avro Vulcan B2d/d 31/01/1963, l/f 02/02/1983 to Cardiff, (N) pres. StavertonHistoryEdit
XM570Avro Vulcan B2d/d 26/02/1963, l/f 10/03/1981 to St. Athan, scr. 29/01/1982HistoryEdit
XM571Avro Vulcan K2d/d 21/02/1963, l/f 09/05/1984 to Gibraltar for display, scr. 09/1990HistoryEdit
XM572Avro Vulcan B2d/d 01/03/1963, s.o.c. 10/09/1982 at Waddington, scr. 30/11/1982 to BirdsHistoryEdit
XM573Avro Vulcan B2d/d 27/03/1963, pres. Ashland, Nebraska, USAHistoryEdit
XM574Avro Vulcan B2d/d 17/06/1959, l/f 16/09/1981 to St. Athan, scr. 29/01/1982HistoryEdit
XM575Avro Vulcan B2d/d 21/05/1959, l/f 21/08/1983 to East Midlands Aeropark, to G-BLMC n.t.uHistoryEdit
XM576Avro Vulcan B2d/d 06/1963, w/o 25/05/1965, s.o.c. 05/06/1965 as CAT 5(C) at ScamptonHistoryEdit
XM594Avro Vulcan B2d/d 09/07/1963, l/f 07/02/1983 to Newark Air Museum, NottinghamshireHistoryEdit
XM595Avro Vulcan B2d/d 20/08/1963, s.o.c. 01/03/1982 as CAT 5(S) ScamptonHistoryEdit
XM596Avro Vulcan B2Static test frame, remains scrapped Woodford 1972History 
XM597Avro Vulcan B2d/d 27/08/1963, l/f 12/04/1984 to Royal Scottish Museum of Flight, East FortuneHistoryEdit
XM598Avro Vulcan B2d/d 03/09/1963, l/f 20/01/1983 to RAF Museum at Cosford as 8778MHistoryEdit
XM599Avro Vulcan B2d/d 30/09/1963, s.o.c. 27/05/1981, scr. 29/01/1982 at St AthanHistoryEdit
XM600Avro Vulcan B2d/d 02/10/1963, w/o 17/01/1977HistoryEdit
XM601Avro Vulcan B2d/d 04/11/1963, w/o 07/10/1964HistoryEdit
XM602Avro Vulcan B2d/d 12/11/1963, to 8771M, broken up 10/1992, (N) pres. WoodfordHistoryEdit
XM603Avro Vulcan B2d/d 03/12/1963, sold 12/03/1982 to BAE Woodford for displayHistoryEdit
XM604Avro Vulcan B2d/d 04/12/1963, w/o 30/01/1968HistoryEdit
XM605Avro Vulcan B2d/d 20/12/1963, l/f 02/09/1981 to Castle AFB, pres. Atwater, Ca, USAHistoryEdit
XM606Avro Vulcan B2d/d 20/12/1963, pres. Barksdale AFB, Louisiana, USAHistoryEdit
XM607Avro Vulcan B2d/d 31/12/1963, to 8779M, pres. Waddington, LincolnshireHistoryEdit
XM608Avro Vulcan B2d/d 28/01/1964, s.o.c. 06/04/1981, scr. 02/12/1982 at St AthanHistoryEdit
XM609Avro Vulcan B2d/d 28/01/1964, s.o.c. 12/03/1981, scr. 31/08/1981 at St AthanHistoryEdit
XM610Avro Vulcan B2d/d 11/02/1964, w/o 08/01/1971HistoryEdit
XM611Avro Vulcan B2d/d 13/02/1964, s.o.c. 27/01/1982, scr. 02/06/1983 at St AthanHistoryEdit
XM612Avro Vulcan B2d/d 02/03/1964, l/f 30/01/1983 to Norwich, preservedHistoryEdit
XM645Avro Vulcan B2d/d 11/03/1964, w/o 14/10/1975HistoryEdit
XM646Avro Vulcan B2d/d 07/04/1964, s.o.c. 26/01/1982, scr. 29/06/1982 at St AthanHistoryEdit
XM647Avro Vulcan B2d/d 15/04/1964, l/f 17/09/1982 to Laarbruch as 8765M, scr. 01/03/1985HistoryEdit
XM648Avro Vulcan B2d/d 05/05/1964, s.o.c. 10/09/1982 at Waddington, scr. 08/12/1982 HistoryEdit
XM649Avro Vulcan B2d/d 13/05/1964, s.o.c. 02/09/1981, scr. 02/12/1982 at St AthanHistoryEdit
XM650Avro Vulcan B2d/d 27/05/1964, s.o.c. 28/01/1982 as CAT 5(C), scr. at St AthanHistoryEdit
XM651Avro Vulcan B2d/d 16/03/1964, s.o.c. 10/09/1982 at Waddington, scr. 30/11/1982HistoryEdit
XM652Avro Vulcan B2d/d 14/08/1964, broken up 03/1984, (N) pres. Welshpool, Powys, WalesHistoryEdit
XM653Avro Vulcan B2d/d 03/09/1964, s.o.c. 19/09/1980 as CAT 5(C) at St. Athan, scr. 28/07/1981HistoryEdit
XM654Avro Vulcan B2d/d 22/10/1964, s.o.c. 29/10/1982 at Waddington, scr. 30/11/1982 to BirdsHistoryEdit
XM655Avro Vulcan B2d/d 20/11/1964, l/f 11/02/1984 to Wellesbourne Mountford, to G-VULCHistoryEdit
XM656Avro Vulcan B2d/d 14/12/1963, l/f 09/08/1982 to Cottesmore as 8757M, scr. 30/03/1983HistoryEdit
XM657Avro Vulcan B2d/d 14/01/1965, l/f 12/01/1982 to Manston, to 8734M, perished 11/1992HistoryEdit
WA251XM660Westland Whirlwind HAS7f/f 20/11/1958, d/d 09/12/1958, to Millom Museum, to Palis Foundation, GreeceHistory 
WA252XM661Westland Whirlwind HAS7f/f 26/11/1958, d/d 09/12/1958, w/o 04/02/1960History 
WA253XM662Westland Whirlwind HAS7f/f 04/12/1958, d/d 16/12/1958, b/u for spares 03/08/1970 at FleetlandsHistory 
WA254XM663Westland Whirlwind HAS7f/f 15/12/1958, d/d 31/12/1958, w/o 14/04/1959, scr. circa 1986History 
WA255XM664Westland Whirlwind HAS7f/f 30/12/1958, d/d 07/01/1959, w/o 20/01/1960History 
WA256XM665Westland Whirlwind HAS7f/f 30/12/1958, d/d 19/01/1959, w/o 09/10/1968, pres. RAN Museum, NowraHistory 
WA257XM666Westland Whirlwind HAR9f/f 07/01/1959, d/d 20/01/1959, w/o 17/12/1969, stored San Salvador, F.I.History 
WA258XM667Westland Whirlwind HAS7f/f 21/01/1959, d/d 02/02/1959, w/o 26/04/1972, to A2629, perished 1993History 
WA259XM668Westland Whirlwind HAS7f/f 26/01/1959, d/d 04/02/1959, w/o 24/07/1963, perished CuldroseHistory 
WA260XM669Westland Whirlwind HAS7f/f 22/02/1959, d/d 26/02/1959, perished PredannackHistory 
WA261XM683Westland Whirlwind HAS7f/f 18/02/1959, d/d 14/04/1959, w/o 26/05/1961History 
WA262XM684Westland Whirlwind HAS7f/f 21/02/1959, d/d 10/04/1959, s.o.c. 13/02/1970 at Fleetlands and broken upHistory 
WA263XM685Westland Whirlwind HAS7f/f 22/02/1959, d/d 09/04/1959, to G-AYZJ n.t.u, pres. Newark Air MuseumHistory 
WA264XM686Westland Whirlwind HAS7f/f 17/08/1959, d/d 26/08/1959, w/o 17/06/1966, perished CuldroseHistory 
WA265XM687Westland Whirlwind HAS7f/f 14/08/1959, d/d 08/12/1959, w/o 06/10/1968, broken up FleetlandsHistory 
FL501XM691Folland Gnat T1f/f 31/08/1959, blown up Shepperton Studios during 07/1969History 
FL502XM692Folland Gnat T1f/f 31/01/1960, to Farnborough for G.I, (C) to Welshpool 11/2010History 
FL503XM693Folland Gnat T1f/f 08/03/1960, to Abingdon for G.I. as 7891M, to Hamble 10/1980 for displayHistory 
FL504XM694Folland Gnat T1f/f 29/05/1960, to N694XM, pres. Pima Museum, Tucson, Arizona, USAHistory 
FL505XM695Folland Gnat T1f/f 31/05/1960, scrapped Llanbedr 1975History 
FL506XM696Folland Gnat T1f/f 05/08/1960, w/o 12/10/1962History 
FL507XM697Folland Gnat T1f/f 16/03/1961, to G-NAAT, pres. Raynards Nursery, Carluke, Scotland. To BlantyreHistory 
FL508XM698Folland Gnat T1f/f 25/04/1961, to 8090M, to 8497M, to N698XM St. Cloud, Florida, USAHistoryEdit
FL509XM704Folland Gnat T1f/f 16/08/1961, d/d 13/12/1963, w/o 28/09/1966, (N) to Cranwell, scr.HistoryEdit
FL510XM705Folland Gnat T1f/f 19/05/1961, d/d 07/12/1962, to 8574M, to N705XM, stored St. Cloud, FloridaHistoryEdit
FL511XM706Folland Gnat T1f/f 18/01/1962, d/d 10/05/1962, to 8572M, to Swinderby, scr. 10/1993HistoryEdit
FL512XM707Folland Gnat T1f/f 14/09/1961, d/d 11/07/1963, w/o 30/06/1967HistoryEdit
FL513XM708Folland Gnat T1f/f 05/12/1961, d/d 24/01/1962, to 8573M, pres. Lytham, LancashireHistoryEdit
FL514XM709Folland Gnat T1f/f 05/01/1962, d/d 02/02/1962, to 8617M, stored West Palm Beach, FloridaHistoryEdit
XM714HP Victor B2f/f 16/10/1962, d/d 21/11/1962, w/o 20/03/1963HistoryEdit
XM715HP Victor K2d/d 04/05/1963, l/f 19/11/1993 to Bruntingthorpe, LeicestershireHistoryEdit
XM716HP Victor SR2d/d 05/03/1963, w/o 29/06/1966HistoryEdit
XM717HP Victor K2d/d 14/03/1963, l/f 01/10/1993, (N) pres. RAF Museum, HendonHistoryEdit
XM718HP Victor SR2f/f 02/04/1963, d/d 02/05/1963, s.o.c. 31/03/1976 as CAT 5S and scrappedHistoryEdit
XM719HP Victor B2CanxHistory 
XM720HP Victor B2CanxHistory 
XM721HP Victor B2CanxHistory 
XM745HP Victor B2CanxHistory 
XM746HP Victor B2CanxHistory 
XM747HP Victor B2CanxHistory 
XM748HP Victor B2CanxHistory 
XM749HP Victor B2CanxHistory 
XM750HP Victor B2CanxHistory 
XM751HP Victor B2CanxHistory 
XM752HP Victor B2CanxHistory 
XM753HP Victor B2CanxHistory 
XM754HP Victor B2CanxHistory 
XM755HP Victor B2CanxHistory 
XM756HP Victor B2CanxHistory 
XM785HP Victor B2CanxHistory 
XM786HP Victor B2CanxHistory 
XM787HP Victor B2CanxHistory 
XM788HP Victor B2CanxHistory 
XM789HP Victor B2CanxHistory 
XM790HP Victor B2CanxHistory 
XM791HP Victor B2CanxHistory 
XM792HP Victor B2CanxHistory 
XM793HP Victor B2CanxHistory 
XM794HP Victor B2CanxHistory 
38XM797E.P.9 d/d 23/04/1958, sold 02/10/1961 to G-ARTU, w/o 02/09/1969History 
39XM819E.P.9 d/d 23/04/1958, to G-ARTV, D-ELSA, G-ARTV, N747JC, La Crosse, WisconsinHistory 
6022XM823DH Comet Srs.1XBf/f16/03/1953, to F-BGNZ, G-APAS, G-5-23, d/d 22/10/1958, pres. RAFM CosfordHistory 
6021XM829DH Comet Srs.1XBf/f 22/05/1953, to F-BGNY, G-AOJU, d/d 14/06/1961, scr Stansted 11/1970History 
WA13XM832Westland Wessex HAS1f/f 31/01/1960, d/d 04/04/1960, scr. No.15 MU Wroughton during 1978History 
WA14XM833Westland Wessex HAS3f/f 15/03/1960, d/d 05/04/1960, pres. St. Athan MuseumHistory 
WA15XM834Westland Wessex HAS3f/f 21/04/1960, d/d 05/10/1960, w/o 21/11/1970, scr. Odiham 11/1976History 
WA16XM835Westland Wessex HAS1f/f 11/05/1960, d/d 28/11/1960, w/o 03/05/1961, to A2516, scr History 
WA17XM836Westland Wessex HAS3f/f 25/05/1960, d/d 29/03/1961, scr. Culdrose 11/12/1991History 
WA18XM837Westland Wessex HAS3f/f 21/06/1960, d/d 19/09/1960, w/o 12/06/1982History 
WA19XM838Westland Wessex HAS3f/f 28/06/1960, d/d 04/07/1961, perished Predannack 08/1995History 
WA20XM839Westland Wessex HAS1f/f 25/07/1960, d/d 29/03/1961, w/o 22/09/1961History 
WA21XM840Westland Wessex HAS1f/f 17/12/1960, d/d 05/05/1961, w/o 29/05/1962History 
WA22XM841Westland Wessex HAS1f/f 23/03/1961, d/d 17/05/1961, perished Predannack 07/1991History 
WA23XM842Westland Wessex HAS1f/f 17/01/1961, d/d 01/04/1963, perished Predannack 1986History 
WA24XM843Westland Wessex HAS1f/f 29/03/1961, d/d 17/05/1961, to A2693, scr. Lee-on-Solent 1995History 
WA25XM844Westland Wessex HAS3f/f 07/04/1961, d/d 26/05/1961, w/o 13/12/1976History 
WA26XM845Westland Wessex HAS1f/f 02/05/1961, d/d 05/1961, to A2682, scr. Yeovilton 1994History 
WA27XM868Westland Wessex HAS1f/f 10/05/1961, d/d 01/06/1961, to A2630, A2706, scr. Predannack 13/08/2004History 
WA28XM869Westland Wessex HAS1f/f 15/05/1961, d/d 16/06/1961, w/o 05/09/1964History 
WA29XM870Westland Wessex HAS3f/f 24/05/1961, d/d 06/1961, to A2634 G.I. Predannack, sold as scrap 09/2007History 
WA30XM871Westland Wessex HAS3f/f 01/06/1961, d/d 20/06/1961, w/o 21/08/1975History 
WA31XM872Westland Wessex HAS3f/f 05/07/1961, d/d 17/07/1961, w/o 11/03/1981History 
WA32XM873Westland Wessex HAS1f/f 05/07/1961, d/d 01/08/1961, w/o 10/06/1964History 
WA33XM874Westland Wessex HAS1f/f 14/07/1961, d/d 28/07/1961, to A2689, scr. Predannack 10/2001History 
WA34XM875Westland Wessex HAS1f/f 11/07/1961, d/d 03/08/1961, w/o 20/05/1971History 
WA35XM876Westland Wessex HAS1f/f 03/08/1961, d/d 08/08/1961, w/o 27/11/1961History 
WA36XM915Westland Wessex HAS1f/f 22/08/1961, d/d 04/09/1961, w/o 10/11/1961History 
WA37XM916Westland Wessex HAS3f/f 10/08/1961, d/d 29/09/1961, scr. No.15 MU Wroughton 1990History 
WA38XM917Westland Wessex HAS1f/f 08/09/1961, d/d 29/09/1961, to A2692, scr. Lee-on-Solent 1990History 
WA39XM918Westland Wessex HAS3f/f 18/09/1961, d/d 27/09/1961, w/o 25/07/1970History 
WA40XM919Westland Wessex HAS3f/f 22/09/1961, d/d 09/10/1961, to Yeovilton for G.I, scr 09/01/1984History 
WA41XM920Westland Wessex HAS3f/f 25/09/1961, d/d 13/10/1961, w/o 01/11/1968, to A2594, scr. 1974History 
WA42XM921Westland Wessex HAS1f/f 13/10/1961, d/d 30/10/1961, w/o 17/06/1966History 
WA43XM922Westland Wessex HAS1f/f 24/10/1961, d/d 03/11/1961, w/o 12/08/1963History 
WA44XM923Westland Wessex HAS3f/f 27/10/1961, d/d 08/11/1961, scr. Fleetlands 1992History 
WA45XM924Westland Wessex HAS1f/f 13/11/1961, d/d 06/12/1961, w/o 15/01/1963History 
WA46XM925Westland Wessex HAS1f/f 16/11/1961, d/d 07/12/1961, w/o 10/09/1963History 
WA47XM926Westland Wessex HAS1f/f 25/11/1961, d/d 08/01/1962, scr. Pendine Sands 1999History 
WA48XM927Westland Wessex HAS3f/f 27/11/1961, d/d 08/01/1962, to 8814M, scr. 09/07/2003 at ShawburyHistory 
WA49XM928Westland Wessex HAS1f/f 15/12/1961, d/d 09/01/1962, w/o 07/10/1966History 
WA50XM929Westland Wessex HAS1f/f 02/01/1962, d/d 22/01/1962, w/o 19/03/1962History 
WA51XM930Westland Wessex HAS1f/f 06/01/1962, d/d 22/01/1962, w/o 31/07/1964History 
WA52XM931Westland Wessex HAS1f/f 12/01/1962, d/d 29/01/1962, w/o 28/02/1965History 
XM936EE Canberra B(I)8d/d 09/04/1959, to G-52-9, d/d 27/01/1976 to Peru AF as 254History 
546XM939SA Twin Pioneer CC1f/f 24/09/1958, d/d 10/10/1958, scr. Singapore 10/1968History 
549XM940SA Twin Pioneer CC2f/f 06/10/1958, d/d 16/10/1958, expired Muharraq 1969History 
550XM941SA Twin Pioneer CC1f/f 04/11/1958, d/d 14/11/1958, w/o 09/03/1960History 
551XM942SA Twin Pioneer CC1f/f 23/10/1958, d/d 12/11/1958, w/o 29/05/1964History 
552XM943SA Twin Pioneer CC1f/f 19/11/1958, d/d 28/11/1958, w/o 16/09/1964History 
553XM957SA Twin Pioneer CC1f/f 21/11/1958, d/d 28/11/1958, s.o.c 20/07/1967 in Singapore History 
554XM958SA Twin Pioneer CC1f/f 28/11/1958, d/d 28/11/1958, expired Muharraq 1969History 
555XM959SA Twin Pioneer CC1f/f 04/12/1958, d/d 11/12/1958, w/o 14/09/1967History 
557XM960SA Twin Pioneer CC1f/f 11/12/1958, d/d 05/01/1969, scr. No.27 MU Shawbury 09/1968History 
558XM961SA Twin Pioneer CC2f/f 05/01/1959, d/d 14/01/1959, to 7978M, to G-BBVF, pres. East FortuneHistory 
559XM962SA Twin Pioneer CC2f/f 14/01/1959, d/d 27/01/1959, scr. Singapore 10/1968History 
560XM963SA Twin Pioneer CC1f/f 20/01/1959, d/d 27/01/1959, w/o 10/02/1968History 
95051XM966EE Lightning T5f/f 15/07/1960, w/o 22/07/1965HistoryEdit
95052XM967EE Lightning T5f/f 29/03/1962, to 8433M, to No.5 MU Kemble fire dump 07/1976, perished 1981History 
95053XM968EE Lightning T4f/f 09/11/1960, w/o 24/02/1977, to 8541M n.t.u, remains scrappedHistoryEdit
95054XM969EE Lightning T4f/f 28/03/1961, d/d 29/06/1962, l/f 22/07/1974, to 8592M, perished 04/1988HistoryEdit
95055XM970EE Lightning T4f/f 05/03/1961, d/d 27/06/1962, to 8529M, scrapped Bruggen 01/1990HistoryEdit
95071XM971EE Lightning T4f/f 23/06/1961, d/d 23/07/1962, w/o 02/01/1967HistoryEdit
95072XM972EE Lightning T4f/f 24/06/1961, d/d 02/07/1962, s.o.c. 11/06/1974, perished Waddington 1981HistoryEdit
95073XM973EE Lightning T4f/f 17/05/1961, d/d 03/08/1962, s.o.c. 01/01/1977 to 8528M, scr. Bruggen 1994/5HistoryEdit
95074XM974EE Lightning T4f/f 18/06/1961, d/d 06/1962, w/o 14/12/1972HistoryEdit
95075XM987EE Lightning T4f/f 13/07/1961, d/d 20/08/1962, s.o.c. 25/10/1974, scr. Coningsby 04/02/1992HistoryEdit
95076XM988EE Lightning T4f/f 21/08/1961, d/d 10/1962, w/o 05/06/1973HistoryEdit
95077XM989EE Lightning T54f/f 30/08/1961, d/d 22/02/1962, to RSAF as 54-650, to 54-607, pres. DhahranHistoryEdit
95078XM990EE Lightning T4f/f 21/09/1961, d/d 20/09/1962, w/o 19/09/1970HistoryEdit
95079XM991EE Lightning T4f/f 04/10/1961, d/d 20/09/1962, w/o 03/05/1974, to 8456M, b/u 06/1975HistoryEdit
95080XM992EE Lightning T54f/f 13/12/1961, d/d 24/09/1962, d/d 06/06/1966 to RSAF as 54-651, to 54-608, scr.HistoryEdit
95100XM993EE Lightning T4f/f 09/12/1961, d/d 03/10/1962, w/o 12/12/1962, s.o.c. 14/12/1962, scr.HistoryEdit
95101XM994EE Lightning T4f/f 12/03/1962, d/d 31/10/1962, to West Raynham 29/04/1974 for G.I, scr. 1977HistoryEdit
95104XM995EE Lightning T4f/f 26/02/1962, d/d 25/11/1962, s.o.c. 06/04/1977, to 8542M, scr. Wildenrath 1992HistoryEdit
95103XM996EE Lightning T4f/f 13/04/1962, d/d 08/01/1963, s.o.c. 02/07/1974, perished Machrihanish 1976HistoryEdit
95111XM997EE Lightning T4f/f 22/05/1962, d/d 08/01/1963, to No.60 MU Leconfield, to Catterick, scr.HistoryEdit

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