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XW101 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW102 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW103 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW104 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW105 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW106 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW107 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW108 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW109 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW110 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW111 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW112 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW113 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW114 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW115 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW116 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW117 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW118 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW119 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW120 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW121 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW122 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW123 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW124 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW125 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW126 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW127 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW128 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW129 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW130 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW131 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW132 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW133 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW134 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW135 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW136 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW137 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW138 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW139 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW140 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW141 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW142 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW143 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW144 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW145 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW146 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW147 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW148 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW149 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW150 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW161 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW162 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW163 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW164 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW165 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW166 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW167 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW168 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW169 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW170 Northrop Shelduck D1  
212001 XW174 HS Harrier T2 f/f 24/04/1969, w/o 04/06/1969 History
212002 XW175 HS Harrier T4mod f/f 14/07/1969, w.f.u. 22/09/2010, to DSAE Cosford 24/02/2015 History
WA699 XW179 Westland-Bell Sioux AH1 d/d 05/11/1968, w/o 28/08/1979, to A2711, parts to XT242 History
WA700 XW180 Westland-Bell Sioux AH1 Sold, to G-BHNV 11/03/1980, Ingleby Arncliffe, North Yorkshire History
WA701 XW181 Westland-Bell Sioux AH1 Sold, to D-HAFJ, Heide/Büsum Airfield, Germany, to Ahlen, Germany History
WA702 XW182 Westland-Bell Sioux AH1 To D-HAFZ, Porta Westfalica, Germany History
WA703 XW183 Westland-Bell Sioux AH1 To D-HMNI, w/o 26/07/1979 History
WA704 XW184 Westland-Bell Sioux AH1 To G-BEHP, w/o 26/06/1980 History
WA705 XW185 Westland-Bell Sioux AH1 To G-BEGA, to D-HAFF, Ahlen, Germany History
WA706 XW186 Westland-Bell Sioux AH1 aw/cn 31/12/1968, d/d 14/01/1969, s.o.c 19/11/1975 as CAT 5(S) History
WA707 XW187 Westland-Bell Sioux AH1 To G-BGKK regd 21/03/1979, to 5B-CEW 16/06/1982, to SU-BGR 06/03/1985 History
WA708 XW188 Westland-Bell Sioux AH1 To D-HKKK Nuremberg, Germany History
WA709 XW189 Westland-Bell Sioux AH1 To HB-XMM, to Sweden as SE-HMU, to D-HATS, Oedheim, Germany History
WA710 XW190 Westland-Bell Sioux AH1 To G-BFKM, wfu 04/1986, last noted stored Thruxton, Hampshire History
WA711 XW191 Westland-Bell Sioux AH1 d/d 14/04/1969, w/o 25/08/1969 History
WA712 XW192 Westland-Bell Sioux AH1 To G-BGFS, w/o 30/06/1982 History
WA713 XW193 Westland-Bell Sioux AH1 To G-BHKW, to SX-HCC Greece History
WA714 XW194 Westland-Bell Sioux AH1 d/d 10/06/1969, w/o 05/10/1973 History
WA715 XW195 Westland-Bell Sioux AH1 w/o 18/12/1975 History
F9745/1039 XW198 Aerospatiale Puma HC1 f/f 25/11/1970, d/d 29/01/1971, w.f.u. 31/12/2012 History
F9746/1042 XW199 Aerospatiale Puma HC2 f/f 01/01/1971, d/d 29/01/1971 History
F9747/1048 XW200 Aerospatiale Puma HC1 f/f 25/01/1971, d/d 25/02/1971, w/o 09/04/2001, stored RAF Shawbury 02/07/2001 History
F9748/1054 XW201 Aerospatiale Puma HC1 f/f 18/02/1971, d/d 26/02/1971, to BDRT use at Benson from 2010 History
F9749/1061 XW202 Aerospatiale Puma HC1 f/f 25/02/1971, d/d 19/03/1971, to Shawbury, to Strensall Barracks 14/05/2014 History
F9750/1068 XW203 Aerospatiale Puma HC1 f/f 23/03/1971, d/d 05/04/1971, w/o 14/11/1974 History
F9751/1074 XW204 Aerospatiale Puma HC2 f/f 07/04/1971, d/d 24/04/1971 History
F9752/1080 XW205 Aerospatiale Puma HC1 f/f 22/04/1971, d/d 05/05/1971, w/o 30/01/1978 History
1086 XW206 Aerospatiale Puma HC1 f/f 07/05/1971, d/d 27/05/1971, w.f.u, stored Shawbury, to scr. 01/05/2014 History
1091 XW207 Aerospatiale Puma HC1 f/f 18/05/1971, d/d 02/06/1971, w.f.u, stored Shawbury, to scr. 01/05/2014 History
1095 XW208 Aerospatiale Puma HC1 f/f 27/05/1971, d/d 04/06/1971, w.f.u, stored Shawbury, to Cranwell 04/2014 History
F9772/1096 XW209 Aerospatiale Puma HC2 f/f 15/06/1971, d/d 01/07/1971 History
F9773/1101 XW210 Aerospatiale Puma HC1 f/f 23/06/1971, d/d 01/07/1971, w.f.u. 31/12/2012, to Shawbury 12/08/2014 History
1106 XW211 Aerospatiale Puma HC1 f/f 11/08/1971, d/d 01/09/1971, crashed 05/07/2011 History
1111 XW212 Aerospatiale Puma HC2 f/f 12/07/1971, d/d 26/07/1971 History
1116 XW213 Aerospatiale Puma HC2 f/f 20/07/1971, d/d 08/1971 History
1120 XW214 Aerospatiale Puma HC2 f/f 25/08/1971, d/d 03/09/1971 History
1125 XW215 Aerospatiale Puma HC1 f/f 06/09/1971, d/d 23/09/1971, w/o 24/06/1991 History
1129 XW216 Aerospatiale Puma HC2 f/f 18/09/1971, d/d 05/10/1971, to F-ZWDD, returned to XW216 as mark HC2 History
1134 XW217 Aerospatiale Puma HC2 f/f 26/09/1971, d/d 06/10/1971 History
1139 XW218 Aerospatiale Puma HC1 f/f 25/10/1971, d/d 24/11/1971, to Shawbury storage 05/03/2008 History
1144 XW219 Aerospatiale Puma HC2 f/f 17/11/1971, d/d 06/12/1971 History
1148 XW220 Aerospatiale Puma HC2 f/f 07/12/1971, d/d 30/12/1971 History
1152 XW221 Aerospatiale Puma HC1 f/f 21/12/1971, d/d 21/01/1972, w/o 19/07/2004 History
1157 XW222 Aerospatiale Puma HC1 f/f 21/01/1972, d/d 1972, w.f.u. 31/12/2012, pres. Long Kesh, N.I. History
1161 XW223 Aerospatiale Puma HC1 f/f 25/01/1972, d/d 1972, w.f.u. 31/12/2012 History
1166 XW224 Aerospatiale Puma HC2 f/f 17/02/1972, d/d 1972 History
1170 XW225 Aerospatiale Puma HC1 f/f 09/03/1972, d/d 1972, w/o 15/02/1997, to Wallingford 11/2003, scr. by 2010 History
1175 XW226 Aerospatiale Puma HC1 f/f 27/03/1972, d/d 1972, w.f.u. 31/12/2012, to Shawbury 12/08/2014 History
1178 XW227 Aerospatiale Puma HC1 f/f 26/04/1972, d/d 1972, w/o 16/03/2002, sold to Netherlands History
1183 XW228 Aerospatiale Puma HC1 f/f 15/05/1972, d/d 1972, w/o 27/12/1979 History
1185 XW229 Aerospatiale Puma HC2 f/f 31/05/1972, d/d 1972, w/o 11/10/2015 History
1191 XW230 Aerospatiale Puma HC1 f/f 27/06/1972, d/d 26/07/1972, w/o 28/08/1976 History
1195 XW231 Aerospatiale Puma HC2 f/f 20/07/1972, d/d 24/10/1972 History
1199 XW232 Aerospatiale Puma HC2 f/f 31/08/1972, to F-ZWDE History
1205 XW233 Aerospatiale Puma HC1 f/f 29/08/1972, w/o 26/11/1992 History
1209 XW234 Aerospatiale Puma HC1 f/f 13/09/1972, d/d 09/11/1972, w/o 21/01/2002, submerged North Cave History
1212 XW235 Aerospatiale Puma HC2 f/f 22/09/1972, d/d 17/11/1972 History
1216 XW236 Aerospatiale Puma HC1 f/f 01/10/1972, w.f.u. Benson, to DMS Brize Norton 06/2014 History
1218 XW237 Aerospatiale Puma HC2 d/d 01/01/1973, d/d 1973 History
08 XW241 Aerospatiale SA.330 E Ex F-ZJUX, d/d 19/10/1968, to Farnborough 09/02/1990, pres. History
006 XW246 SR.N5 Warden Ex SR-N5-006, f/f 17/11/1964, d/d 05/11/1968, to GH-2041, stored Lee-on-Solent History
001 XW249 Cushioncraft CC-7 Ex CC-7-001, stored Currock Hill, Northumberland History
001 XW255 BH-7 Wellington Mk.2 d/d 28/09/1970, pres. The Hovercraft Museum, Lee-on-Solent, Hampshire History
010 XW260 Hovermarine Transport HM-2 N.t.u, see XW555 History
212003 XW264 HS Harrier T2 f/f 03/10/1969, d/d 11/07/1970, w/o 11/07/1970, (N) pres. Staverton History
212004 XW265 HS Harrier T4 f/f 28/02/1970, d/d 21/05/1970, to 9258M, (N) pres. 2345 Sqn ATC Leuchars History
212005 XW266 HS Harrier T4A f/f 01/06/1970, d/d 25/07/1970, roaded out of Yeovilton 14/01/1998, location? History
212006 XW267 HS Harrier T4 f/f 03/06/1970, d/d 28/08/1970, to Claydon 02/2014, to Bentwaters 03/2014 History
212007 XW268 HS Harrier T4N f/f 05/11/1970, d/d 07/01/1971, w/o 27/06/1994, pres. Norwich Museum History
212008 XW269 HS Harrier T4 f/f 12/02/1971, d/d 01/04/1971, pres. Caernarfon Airworld, Wales History
212009 XW270 HS Harrier T4 f/f 24/11/1970, d/d 10/03/1971, to Coventry University for G.I. History
212010 XW271 HS Harrier T4 f/f 26/05/1971, d/d 20/07/1971, to A2692, Pres Ballarat, Victoria, Australia History
212011 XW272 HS Harrier T4 f/f 04/05/1971, d/d 10/06/1971, w/o 29/06/1982, (F) 8783M History
XW273 HS Harrier Test Rig  
3 XW276 Aerospatiale SA.341 Ex F-ZWRI, f/f 28/04/1970, pres. Newark Air Museum, Nottinghamshire History
F9735 XW280 Westland Scout AH1 f/f 09/05/1969, (C) used as fish tank in the bar of Scout Base, Seria, Brunei History
F9736 XW281 Westland Scout AH1 To G-BYNZ, w/o 24/09/2000, pres. Knighton area, Devon, to Dungannon History
F9737 XW282 Westland Scout AH1 To New Zealand as ZK-HUC, w/o 13/03/2002 History
F9738 XW283 Westland Scout AH1 Last noted stored Yeovilton, to North Weald 18/08/2013 History
F9739 XW284 Westland Scout AH1 To Almondbank store 23/06/1992, to Ipswich, Suffolk, fate? History
EEP/JP/951 XW287 Hunting Jet Provost T5 d/d 03/09/1969, to N4107K, to N900SA, to N287XW, Polk City, Florida, USA History Edit
EEP/JP/952 XW288 Hunting Jet Provost T5A d/d 25/09/1969, w/o 17/05/1982 History
EEP/JP/953 XW289 Hunting Jet Provost T5A d/d 06/10/1969, to G-BVXT, to G-JPVA Yeovilton, Somerset History
EEP/JP/954 XW290 Hunting Jet Provost T5A d/d 08/10/1969, to 9199M, to Bruntingthorpe during 01/2014 History
EEP/JP/955 XW291 Hunting Jet Provost T5 d/d 23/10/1969, to G-BWOF, to North Weald, Essex History
EEP/JP/956 XW292 Hunting Jet Provost T5A d/d 14/11/1969, to 9128M, to N292XW, Watkins, Colorado, USA History
EEP/JP/957 XW293 Hunting Jet Provost T5 d/d 13/11/1969, to G-BWCS, pres. Bournemouth-Hurn, Dorset History
EEP/JP/958 XW294 Hunting Jet Provost T5A d/d 26/11/1969, to 9129M, to N294XW, Watkins, Colorado, USA History
EEP/JP/959 XW295 Hunting Jet Provost T5A d/d 26/12/1970, to VH-JPV, Essendon, Victoria, Australia History
EEP/JP/960 XW296 Hunting Jet Provost T5 d/d 01/01/1970, to N4107G, last known for sale in Florida, USA History
EEP/JP/961 XW297 Hunting Jet Provost T5 d/d 15/12/1969, w/o 17/09/1970, scr. Ascot 06/1974 History
EEP/JP/962 XW298 Hunting Jet Provost T5 d/d 30/12/1969, to 9013M, scr. Hanningfield Metals 1995 History
EEP/JP/963 XW299 Hunting Jet Provost T5A d/d 30/12/1970, to 9146M for G.I. Cosford, to Thorpe Wood, to G.I. Boscombe Down History
EEP/JP/964 XW300 Hunting Jet Provost T5 d/d 01/01/1970, w/o 02/03/1971 History
EEP/JP/965 XW301 Hunting Jet Provost T5A d/d 29/01/1970, to 9147M for G.I. Cosford, to Thorpe Wood, to Barneveld History
EEP/JP/966 XW302 Hunting Jet Provost T5 d/d 03/02/1970, to N166A, to G-BYED, w/o 12/02/2001, (N) pres. Cranwell area History
EEP/JP/967 XW303 Hunting Jet Provost T5A d/d 16/03/1970, to 9119M, to Halton, Buckinghamshire as a horse jump History
EEP/JP/968 XW304 Hunting Jet Provost T5 d/d 20/02/1970, to 9172M, privately owned Brome, Eye, Suffolk History
EEP/JP/969 XW305 Hunting Jet Provost T5A d/d 27/02/1970, to N453MS, Staunton, Virginia, USA History
EEP/JP/970 XW306 Hunting Jet Provost T5 d/d 16/03/1970, to N313A, Lakeland Regional Airport, Florida, USA History
EEP/JP/971 XW307 Hunting Jet Provost T5 d/d 25/03/1970, to N4107U, Leetsdale, Pennsylvania, USA History
EEP/JP/972 XW308 Hunting Jet Provost T5A d/d 26/03/1970, w/o 28/01/1981 History
EEP/JP/973 XW309 Hunting Jet Provost T5 d/d 04/05/1970, to 9179M, to Hartlepool College for G.I. History
EEP/JP/974 XW310 Hunting Jet Provost T5A d/d 19/05/1970, to G-BWGS, North Weald, Essex History
EEP/JP/975 XW311 Hunting Jet Provost T5 d/d 14/05/1970, to 9180M, stored North Weald, Essex History
EEP/JP/976 XW312 Hunting Jet Provost T5A d/d 16/06/1970 to 9109M, to N312XW Watkins, Colorado, USA History
EEP/JP/977 XW313 Hunting Jet Provost T5A d/d 02/07/1970, to G-BVTB, to N313RH in the USA History
EEP/JP/978 XW314 Hunting Jet Provost T5A d/d 29/07/1970, w/o 08/05/1980 History
EEP/JP/979 XW315 Hunting Jet Provost T5A d/d 17/07/1970, w/o 05/07/1984, (N) pres. Preston area, Lancashire History
EEP/JP/980 XW316 Hunting Jet Provost T5A d/d 01/09/1970, to N316HC, stored Melbourne Regional Airport, Florida, USA History
EEP/JP/981 XW317 Hunting Jet Provost T5A d/d 01/09/1970, to N355A, Melbourne, Florida, USA History
EEP/JP/982 XW318 Hunting Jet Provost T5A d/d 17/09/1970, to 9190M, exported to Netherlands 17/01/2014, to Teuge, to Baarlo History
EEP/JP/983 XW319 Hunting Jet Provost T5A d/d 17/09/1970, to N8087V, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA History
EEP/JP/984 XW320 Hunting Jet Provost T5A d/d 30/09/1970, to 9015M, to 9016MA for G.I. Cosford, Shropshire History
EEP/JP/985 XW321 Hunting Jet Provost T5A d/d 01/10/1970, to 9154M for G.I. Cosford, to Bentwaters 10/2013 History
EEP/JP/986 XW322 Hunting Jet Provost T5A d/d 15/12/1970, to N8086U, to N199ER, w/o 12/06/2008 History
EEP/JP/987 XW323 Hunting Jet Provost T5A d/d 11/12/1970, to 9166M, to RAF Museum, Hendon, Barnet, London. History
EEP/JP/988 XW324 Hunting Jet Provost T5 d/d 01/10/1970, to G-BWSG, to East Midlands Airport, Leicestershire History
EEP/JP/989 XW325 Hunting Jet Provost T5A d/d 29/09/1970, to G-BWGF, privately owned St. Athan History
EEP/JP/990 XW326 Hunting Jet Provost T5A d/d 05/10/1970, to N326GV, to Tamiami, Florida, USA History
EEP/JP/991 XW327 Hunting Jet Provost T5A d/d 28/10/1970, to 9130M for G.I. Cosford, Shropshire History
EEP/JP/992 XW328 Hunting Jet Provost T5A d/d 20/10/1970, to 9177M, to Antwerp, Belgium, to Wernigerode Museum History
EEP/JP/993 XW329 Hunting Jet Provost T5A d/d 03/11/1970, w/o 16/06/1981, to 8741M n.t.u, scr. Church Fenton History
EEP/JP/994 XW330 Hunting Jet Provost T5A d/d 03/11/1970, to 9195M for G.I. Cosford, to Bentwaters 10/2013 History
EEP/JP/995 XW331 Hunting Jet Provost T5 d/d 30/11/1970, w/o 11/04/1973, to Foulness Island presumed scrapped History
EEP/JP/996 XW332 Hunting Jet Provost T5A d/d 30/11/1970, to N332RC, Denver-Front Range Airport, Colorado, USA History
EEP/JP/997 XW333 Hunting Jet Provost T5A d/d 01/12/1970, to G-BVTC, to Humberside, Lincolnshire History
EEP/JP/998 XW334 Hunting Jet Provost T5A d/d 11/12/1970, to N334XW, Denver-Front Range Airport, Colorado, USA History
EEP/JP/999 XW335 Hunting Jet Provost T5A d/d 21/12/1970, to 9061M, to Watkins, Colorado, USA History
EEP/JP/1000 XW336 Hunting Jet Provost T5A d/d 17/12/1970, to N78SH, Broomfield, Colorado, USA History
EEP/JP/1001 XW351 Hunting Jet Provost T5A d/d 05/01/1971, to 9062M, to Watkins, Colorado, USA History
EEP/JP/1002 XW352 Hunting Jet Provost T5 d/d 31/12/1970, sold 11/1992, last known location is USA History
EEP/JP/1003 XW353 Hunting Jet Provost T5A d/d 18/01/1971, to 9090M, pres. Cranwell, Lincolnshire History
EEP/JP/1004 XW354 Hunting Jet Provost T5A d/d 21/01/1971, to N300LT, to Florida, USA History
EEP/JP/1005 XW355 Hunting Jet Provost T5A d/d 28/01/1971, to G-JPTV, to Church Fenton, to Linton-on-Ouse History
EEP/JP/1006 XW356 Hunting Jet Provost T5 d/d 25/02/1971, w/o 12/09/1972 History
EEP/JP/1007 XW357 Hunting Jet Provost T5A d/d 15/03/1971, to VH-YZD, preserved Wanaka Transport Museum, New Zealand History
EEP/JP/1008 XW358 Hunting Jet Provost T5A d/d 30/03/1971, to 9181M, to Fareham College at Lee-on-Solent 07/05/2014 History
EEP/JP/1009 XW359 Hunting Jet Provost T5A d/d 31/03/1971, to N400LT, Bishop, California, USA History
EEP/JP/1010 XW360 Hunting Jet Provost T5A d/d 25/03/1971, to 9153M for G.I. Cosford, to Thorpe Wood History
EEP/JP/1011 XW361 Hunting Jet Provost T5A d/d 01/04/1971, to 9192M, export to the Netherlands 17/01/2014 History
EEP/JP/1012 XW362 Hunting Jet Provost T5A d/d 20/04/1971, to VH-YZB, Bankstown, NSW, Australia History
EEP/JP/1013 XW363 Hunting Jet Provost T5A d/d 03/05/1971, to BAe Warton for G.I, pres. Dumfries & Galloway Museum History
EEP/JP/1014 XW364 Hunting Jet Provost T5A d/d 03/05/1971, to 9188M for G.I. Halton, Buckinghamshire History
EEP/JP/1015 XW365 Hunting Jet Provost T5A d/d 03/05/1971, to 9018M, to Watkins, Colorado, USA History
EEP/JP/1016 XW366 Hunting Jet Provost T5A d/d 03/05/1971, to 9097M, to Watkins, Colorado, USA History
EEP/JP/1017 XW367 Hunting Jet Provost T5A d/d 20/05/1971, to 9193M, to Bevilacqua-Montagnana, Italy by May 2015 History
EEP/JP/1018 XW368 Hunting Jet Provost T5A d/d 02/09/1971, to N600LT, to Brooksville Hernando County, Florida History
EEP/JP/1019 XW369 Hunting Jet Provost T5A d/d 04/06/1971, s.o.c. 05/04/1960, to N800LT, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA History
EEP/JP/1020 XW370 Hunting Jet Provost T5A d/d 03/08/1971, to 9196M for G.I. Cosford, to Sproughton 10/2013 History
EEP/JP/1021 XW371 Hunting Jet Provost T5A d/d 25/06/1971, w/o 03/07/1979 History
EEP/JP/1022 XW372 Hunting Jet Provost T5A d/d 29/09/1971, to N372JP, to N399PS Cheraw, SC, USA History
EEP/JP/1023 XW373 Hunting Jet Provost T5A d/d 24/09/1971, to N373XW, Denver-Front Range Airport, Colorado, USA History
EEP/JP/1024 XW374 Hunting Jet Provost T5A d/d 21/06/1971, to VH-JPE, Reedy Springs, Queensland, Australia History
EEP/JP/1025 XW375 Hunting Jet Provost T5A d/d 28/10/1971, to 9149M for G.I. Cosford, Shropshire History
EEP/JP/1026 XW404 Hunting Jet Provost T5A d/d 01/07/1971, to 9049M, to Hartlepool College 15/05/2011 for G.I. use History
EEP/JP/1027 XW405 Hunting Jet Provost T5A d/d 12/07/1971, to 9187M, to Hartlepool College 15/05/2011 History
EEP/JP/1028 XW406 Hunting Jet Provost T5A d/d 08/07/1971, stored Maastricht Airport, Netherlands History
EEP/JP/1029 XW407 Hunting Jet Provost T5A d/d 09/08/1971, w/o 06/06/1986 History
EEP/JP/1030 XW408 Hunting Jet Provost T5A d/d 14/07/1971, to VH-YZC, Bankstown, NSW, Australia History
EEP/JP/1031 XW409 Hunting Jet Provost T5A d/d 15/08/1971, to 9047M, privately owned Hawarden area History
EEP/JP/1032 XW410 Hunting Jet Provost T5A d/d 27/08/1971, to 9125M, Cockpit section privately owned Norwich area History
EEP/JP/1033 XW411 Hunting Jet Provost T5A d/d 23/08/1971, w/o 06/06/1986 History
EEP/JP/1034 XW412 Hunting Jet Provost T5A d/d 27/08/1971, to N8088V, Warner Robins, Georgia History
EEP/JP/1035 XW413 Hunting Jet Provost T5A d/d 26/10/1971, to 9126M, to N413XW, Watkins, Colorado, USA History
EEP/JP/1036 XW414 Hunting Jet Provost T5A d/d 16/11/1971, w/o 28/06/1978, scr. Leeming History
EEP/JP/1037 XW415 Hunting Jet Provost T5A d/d 14/07/1972, to N900LT, Tamiami, Florida, USA History
EEP/JP/1038 XW416 Hunting Jet Provost T5A d/d 14/10/1971, to 9191M for G.I. Cosford, to Sproughton, to Bentwaters History
EEP/JP/1039 XW417 Hunting Jet Provost T5A d/d 14/10/1971, w/o 09/12/1982 History
EEP/JP/1040 XW418 Hunting Jet Provost T5A d/d 21/08/1972, to 9173M for G.I. Cosford, Shropshire, to Museum History
EEP/JP/1041 XW419 Hunting Jet Provost T5A d/d 22/10/1971, to 9120M, pres. Inverness Museum History
EEP/JP/1042 XW420 Hunting Jet Provost T5A d/d 29/10/1971, to 9194M for G.I. Cosford, Shropshire, pres. Woodvale History
EEP/JP/1043 XW421 Hunting Jet Provost T5A d/d 06/12/1971, to 9111M, to Baarlo, to Karellas Koropiou, Greece by 11/2011 History
EEP/JP/1044 XW422 Hunting Jet Provost T5A d/d 25/08/1972, to G-BWEB, privately owned Cotswold Airport, Gloucestershire History
EEP/JP/1045 XW423 Hunting Jet Provost T5A d/d 06/09/1972, to G-BWUW, to Deeside College, Connah's Quay, Flintshire History
EEP/JP/1046 XW424 Hunting Jet Provost T5A d/d 06/09/1972, w/o 30/04/1977 History
EEP/JP/1047 XW425 Hunting Jet Provost T5A d/d 14/08/1972, to 9200M for G.I. Cosford, to Thorpe Wood, to Baarlo History
EEP/JP/1048 XW426 Hunting Jet Provost T5A d/d 22/06/1972, w/o 23/01/1978 History
EEP/JP/1049 XW427 Hunting Jet Provost T5A d/d 07/02/1972, to 9124M, to N427XW, Watkins, Colorado, USA History
EEP/JP/1050 XW428 Hunting Jet Provost T5A d/d 11/07/1972, to N4311M, Lenoir, North Carolina, USA History
EEP/JP/1051 XW429 Hunting Jet Provost T5A d/d 22/06/1972, to N556A, to Las Vegas North, USA History
EEP/JP/1052 XW430 Hunting Jet Provost T5A d/d 31/05/1972, to 9176M for G.I. Cosford, Shropshire History
EEP/JP/1053 XW431 Hunting Jet Provost T5A d/d 31/05/1972, to G-BWBS, w/o 24/12/1998 History
EEP/JP/1054 XW432 Hunting Jet Provost T5A d/d 08/06/1972, to 9127M, to Thame History
EEP/JP/1055 XW433 Hunting Jet Provost T5A d/d 30/06/1972, to G-JPRO, to Baginton Coventry Airport, History
EEP/JP/1056 XW434 Hunting Jet Provost T5A d/d 11/07/1972, to 9091M for G.I. Cosford, to Halfpenny Green Airport for display History
EEP/JP/1057 XW435 Hunting Jet Provost T5A d/d 14/07/1972, to N4XW, to Taft, California, USA History
EEP/JP/1058 XW436 Hunting Jet Provost T5A d/d 05/10/1972, to 9148M for G.I. Cosford, Shropshire History
EEP/JP/1059 XW437 Hunting Jet Provost T5A d/d 06/10/1972, to N80873, Merrimack, New Hampshire, USA History
EEP/JP/1060 XW438 Hunting Jet Provost T5A d/d 09/10/1972, to RAFO Technical College, Seeb, Oman for G.I. History
XW444 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW445 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW446 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW447 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW448 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW449 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW450 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW451 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW452 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW453 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW454 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW455 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW456 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW457 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW458 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW459 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW460 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW461 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW462 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW463 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW464 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW465 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW466 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW467 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW468 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW469 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW470 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW471 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW472 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW473 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW474 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW475 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW476 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW477 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW478 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW492 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW493 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW494 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW495 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW496 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW497 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW498 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW499 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW500 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW501 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW502 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW503 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW504 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW505 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW506 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW507 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW508 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW509 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW510 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW511 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW512 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW513 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW514 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW515 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW516 Northrop Shelduck D1  
B3-01-69 XW525 Blackburn Buccaneer S2B f/f 08/01/1970, d/d 20/01/1970, w/o 04/04/1977 History
B3-02-69 XW526 Blackburn Buccaneer S2B d/d 30/04/1970, w/o 12/07/1979 History
B3-03-69 XW527 Blackburn Buccaneer S2B d/d 30/06/1970, nose section pres. Vigolzone, Italy History
B3-04-69 XW528 Blackburn Buccaneer S2B d/d 31/07/1970, to 8861M, scr. Coningsby 2002 History
B3-05-69 XW529 Blackburn Buccaneer S2B d/d 30/09/1970, b/u Lossiemouth 1992, to George F Williamson, scr. 1997 History
B3-06-69 XW530 Blackburn Buccaneer S2B d/d 31/10/1970, pres. Elgin History
B3-07-69 XW531 Blackburn Buccaneer S2B d/d 30/11/1970, w/o 29/10/1976 History
B3-01-70 XW532 Blackburn Buccaneer S2B d/d 31/12/1970, w/o 25/03/1971 History
B3-02-70 XW533 Blackburn Buccaneer S2B d/d 26/02/1971, b/u Lossiemouth 1992, to George F Williamson, scr. 1997 History
B3-03-70 XW534 Blackburn Buccaneer S2B d/d 31/03/1971, scr. Shawbury 07/1994 History
B3-04-70 XW535 Blackburn Buccaneer S2B d/d 07/05/1971, w/o 24/11/1973 History
B3-05-70 XW536 Blackburn Buccaneer S2B d/d 11/06/1971, w/o 16/06/1975 History
B3-06-70 XW537 Blackburn Buccaneer S2B d/d 23/07/1071, w/o 23/09/1981 History
B3-07-70 XW538 Blackburn Buccaneer S2B d/d 27/08/1971, to 8660M, scr. Lossiemouth 1987 History
B3-08-70 XW539 Blackburn Buccaneer S2B d/d 19/10/1971, w/o 04/01/1972 History
B3-01-71 XW540 Blackburn Buccaneer S2B d/d 08/12/1971, w/o 22/04/1987 History
B3-02-71 XW541 Blackburn Buccaneer S2B d/d 07/12/1971, to 8858M, (N) to Lavendon, Bucks History
B3-03-71 XW542 Blackburn Buccaneer S2B d/d 24/12/1971, scr. Lossiemouth 02/1994 History
B3-04-71 XW543 Blackburn Buccaneer S2B d/d 19/05/1972, w/o 14/05/1992 History
B3-05-71 XW544 Blackburn Buccaneer S2B d/d 23/06/1972, to 8857M, privately owned Bruntingthorpe, Leicestershire History
B3-06-71 XW545 Blackburn Buccaneer S2B d/d 14/08/1972, scr. Pendine 1994 History
B3-07-71 XW546 Blackburn Buccaneer S2B d/d 30/09/1972, b/u Lossiemouth 1992, to George F Williamson, scr. 1997 History
B3-08-71 XW547 Blackburn Buccaneer S2B d/d 31/10/1972, to 9169M, pres. RAF Museum, Hendon, Barnet, London History
B3-09-71 XW548 Blackburn Buccaneer S2B d/d 01/01/1973, w/o 03/02/1977 History
B3-10-71 XW549 Blackburn Buccaneer S2B d/d 14/02/1973, to 8860M, scr. Kinloss 1997 History
B3-11-71 XW550 Blackburn Buccaneer S2B d/d 30/03/1973, (N) pres. West Horndon, Thurrock, Essex History
310 XW555 Hovermarine Transport HM-2 Ex HM-2-010, ex XW260 n.t.u, to GH-2051, fate unknown History
S.06 XW560 SEPECAT Jaguar S f/f 12/10/1969, w/o 11/08/1972, (N) Boscombe Down Aviation Collection History
S.07 XW563 SEPECAT Jaguar S f/f 12/06/1970, to 8563M, pres. Norwich County Hall, Norfolk History
B.08 XW566 SEPECAT Jaguar B f/f 30/08/1971, s.o.c. 03/1984, to Farnborough for G.I, pres. FAST Museum History
XW571 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW572 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW573 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW574 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW575 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW576 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW577 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW578 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW579 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW580 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW594 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW595 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW596 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW597 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW598 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW599 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW600 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW601 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW602 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW603 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW608 Hovercat Mk.3 Broken up History
F9740 XW612 Westland Scout AH1 To G-BXRR, to North Weald History
F9741 XW613 Westland Scout AH1 To G-BXRS, Thruxton History
F9742 XW614 Westland Scout AH1 w/o 02/12/1978 History
F9743 XW615 Westland Scout AH1 Last noted Detmold Germany, fate? History
F9744 XW616 Westland Scout AH1 Last noted at Dishforth 2000, fate? History
001 XW620 HD.1 To GH-9000, stored Lee-on-Solent Museum, Hampshire History
001 XW621 HD.2 Broken up History
001 XW622 HU.4 Ex CC-4-001, ex HU-4-001, broken up History
6419 XW626 DH Comet 4 Ex G-APDS, sold to MoS 24/02/1969, scr. Bedford by Hanningfield Metals, Stock History
712061 XW630 HS Harrier GR3 f/f 10/06/1971 d/d 30/06/1971, to A2759, to A2671, dumped Yeovilton History
3690 XW635 Beagle D5/180 Husky Ex G-AWSW, to RAF 16/06/1969, rtnd to G-AWSW, to Spanhoe Lodge History
6526 XW640 Schleicher Ka.6 CR Ex BGA1348, d/d 16/07/1969, to BGA1348, to G-DBYU, to Seighford, Staffordshire History
712062/1 XW644 HS Harrier Mk.50 f/f 20/11/1970, d/d 19/01/1971 to USMC as 158384, w/o 05/09/1980 History
712063/2 XW645 HS Harrier Mk.50 f/f 24/12/1970, d/d 05/02/1971 to USMC as 158385, to N716NA, s.o.c. 15/11/1979 History
712064/3 XW646 HS Harrier Mk.50 f/f 03/02/1971, d/d 15/03/1971 to USMC as 158386, w/o 18/06/1971 History
712065/4 XW647 HS Harrier Mk.50 f/f 16/02/1971, d/d 12/03/1971 to USMC as 158387, to N719NA, pres. Miramar History
712066/5 XW648 HS Harrier Mk.50 f/f 16/04/1971, d/d 11/05/1971 to USMC as 158388, w/o 27/03/1973 History
712067/6 XW649 HS Harrier Mk.50 f/f 07/04/1971, d/d 30/04/1971 to USMC as 158389, w/o 07/03/1980 History
712068/7 XW650 HS Harrier Mk.50 f/f 20/05/1971, d/d 10/07/1971 to USMC as 158390, w/o 09/12/1983 History
712069/8 XW651 HS Harrier Mk.50 f/f 07/05/1971, d/d 28/05/1971 to USMC as 158391, AMARC 7A034, to Falcon Ranges History
712070/9 XW652 HS Harrier Mk.50 f/f 19/06/1971, d/d 13/07/1971 to USMC as 158392, to AMARC 7A035, scr. History
712088/10 XW653 HS Harrier Mk.50 f/f 28/10/1971, d/d 29/11/1971 to USMC as 158393, to AMARC 7A026, scr. History
712089/11 XW654 HS Harrier Mk.50 f/f 23/12/1971, d/d 31/01/1972 to USMC as 158394, to N704NA, pres. Huntsville History
712090/12 XW655 HS Harrier Mk.50 f/f 18/03/1972, d/d 21/03/1972 to USMC as 158395, w/o 15/11/1979 History
058 XW660 Hoverhawk Mk.III Broken up History
8039 XW664 HS Nimrod R1 d/d 07/07/1971, w.f.u. 28/06/2011 Waddington, to East Midlands 12/07/2011 History
8040 XW665 HS Nimrod R1 Last flight 27/10/2009, (N) section preserved Sinsheim, Germany History
8041 XW666 HS Nimrod R1 f/f 11/09/1973, d/d 27/09/1973, w/o 16/05/1995, nose pres. Doncaster Museum History
XW670 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW671 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW672 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW673 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW674 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW675 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW676 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW677 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW678 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW679 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW680 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW681 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW682 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW683 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW684 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW685 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW686 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW687 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW688 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW689 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW690 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW691 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW692 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW693 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW694 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW695 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW696 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW697 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW698 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW699 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW700 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW701 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW702 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW703 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW704 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW705 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW706 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW707 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW724 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW725 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW726 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW727 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW728 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW729 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW730 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW731 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW732 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW733 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW734 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW735 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW736 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW737 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW738 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW739 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW740 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW741 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW742 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW743 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW744 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW745 Northrop Shelduck D1  
1559 XW750 HS.748 Srs.107 Ex G-ASJT, d/d 13/01/1970, to N748D, to Southend Airport, broken up 03/11/2009 History
XW754 HS Harrier GR1 N.t.u, to XW916 History
XW755 HS Harrier GR1 N.t.u, to XW917 History
XW756 HS Harrier GR1 N.t.u, to XW918 History
XW757 HS Harrier GR1 N.t.u, to XW919 History
XW758 HS Harrier GR1 N.t.u, to XW920 History
XW759 HS Harrier GR1 N.t.u, to XW921 History
XW760 HS Harrier GR1 N.t.u, to XW922 History
XW761 HS Harrier GR1 N.t.u, to XW923 History
XW762 HS Harrier GR1 N.t.u, to XW924 History
712080 XW763 HS Harrier GR3 f/f 30/09/1971, d/d 05/11/1971, to 9002M, pres. Wigston, Leicestershire History
712081 XW764 HS Harrier GR3 f/f 14/10/1971, d/d 05/11/1971, scr. Leeming 11/1994 History
712082 XW765 HS Harrier GR3 f/f 01/11/1971, d/d 30/11/1971, w/o 12/03/1980 History
712083 XW766 HS Harrier GR3 f/f 01/11/1971, d/d 30/11/1971, w/o 04/10/1979 History
712084 XW767 HS Harrier GR3 f/f 24/11/1971, d/d 12/1971, w/o 06/11/1982 History
712085 XW768 HS Harrier GR3 f/f 09/12/1971, d/d 24/04/1972, to 9072M, to DFSCTE Manston 07/2008 History
712086 XW769 HS Harrier GR3 f/f 10/01/1972, d/d 24/01/1972, w/o 28/06/1986 History
712087 XW770 HS Harrier GR3 f/f 04/01/1972, d/d 14/08/1972, w/o 06/07/1976 History
XW778 HS Harrier T2 N.t.u, to XW925 History
XW779 HS Harrier T2 N.t.u, to XW926 History
XW780 HS Harrier T2 N.t.u, to XW927 History
02 XW784 Kittiwake Mk.1 Ex PFA.1352, f/f 21/10/1971, to G-BBRN, privately owned, Yeovilton, Somerset History
25255 XW788 HS.125 CC1 d/d 20/04/1971, to G-BVTP, to N255TS n.t.u, to N4QB, Pelham, New Hampshire History
25264 XW789 HS.125 CC1 d/d 07/04/1971, to G-BVTR, to N264TS, to N93TS, to N178PC Fort Lauderdale History
25266 XW790 HS.125 CC1 d/d 18/05/1971, to G-BVTS, to N266TS, to N125CK, Scottsdale, Arizona, USA History
25268 XW791 HS.125 CC1 d/d 27/05/1971, to G-BVTT, to N268TS n.t.u, to N41953, w/o 07/04/1995 History
F9758 XW795 Westland Scout AH1 Pres. Fivemiletown Museum, Tyrone, Northern Ireland History
F9759 XW796 Westland Scout AH1 To paintball park, Hadleigh, Suffolk History
F9760 XW797 Westland Scout AH1 Scr. Sek Kong 11/1993, to Kuala Belait scrapyard, Brunei History
F9761 XW798 Westland Scout AH1 To G-BXOE, to G-ONEB, to Sierra Leone, 2005 History
F9762 XW799 Westland Scout AH1 To G-BXSL, w/o 19/11/2001, to Thruxton Airfield dump 2007 History
XW800 Westland Scout AH1 Canx History
XW801 Westland Scout AH1 Canx History
XW803 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW804 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW805 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW806 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW807 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW808 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW809 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW810 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW811 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW812 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW813 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW814 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW815 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW816 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW817 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW818 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW819 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW820 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW821 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW822 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW823 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW824 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW825 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW826 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW827 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW828 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW829 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW830 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW831 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW832 Northrop Shelduck D1  
01/02 XW835 Westland Lynx f/f 21/03/1971, to G-BEAD, rtnd XW835, scr. 03/2003 at Sackers, Claydon History
01/04 XW836 Westland Lynx f/f 24/03/1972, to Westland 606 mock-up, to Lasham 1993 and scrapped History
01/06 XW837 Westland Lynx f/f 28/09/1971, scr. Yeovilton 10/2003 History
01/03 XW838 Westland Lynx f/f 08/03/1972, to TAD009, to DCCT Lyneham History
02/09 XW839 Westland Lynx f/f 19/06/1974, to A2710, pres. Weston-super-Mare Museum History
1002 XW842 Aerospatiale Gazelle AH1 f/f 28/01/1972, d/d 27/11/1972, w/o 07/08/1979 History
1004 XW843 Aerospatiale Gazelle AH1 f/f 31/01/1972, d/d 17/10/1972, w/o 25/02/1990, scr. Arborfield 1996 History
1005 XW844 Aerospatiale Gazelle AH1 f/f 1972, to G.I. at Fleetlands, Hampshire, preserved History
1007 XW845 Aerospatiale Gazelle HT2 f/f 06/07/1972, d/d 14/09/1972, to G-ZELE, to Australia as VH-OIW History
1009 XW846 Aerospatiale Gazelle AH1 f/f 1972, d/d 13/04/1973 History
1011 XW847 Aerospatiale Gazelle AH1 f/f 25/09/1972, d/d 17/04/1973 History
1013 XW848 Aerospatiale Gazelle AH1 f/f 30/10/1972, d/d 11/12/1974, to Stapleford Tawney History
1016 XW849 Aerospatiale Gazelle AH1 f/f 17/12/1972, d/d 02/05/1973, privately owned Bourne Park, Hampshire History
1018 XW850 Aerospatiale Gazelle AH1 d/d 02/05/1973, w/o 31/05/1973 History
1021 XW851 Aerospatiale Gazelle AH1 f/f 10/05/1973, d/d 19/06/1973, to VTOL Tri Services, Durham, to Breighton History
1024 XW852 Aerospatiale Gazelle HT3 f/f 04/06/1973, d/d 16/07/1973, to 9331M at Cosford for G.I. History
1033 XW853 Aerospatiale Gazelle HT2 f/f 26/04/1973, d/d 28/06/1973, to G-SWWM, to G-IBNH History
1045 XW854 Aerospatiale Gazelle HT2 f/f 19/06/1973, d/d 29/11/1974, to G-CBSD, to G-TIZZ, privately owned Redhill History
1050 XW855 Aerospatiale Gazelle HT3 f/f 11/07/1973, d/d 09/08/1973, pres. RAF Museum, Hendon, Barnet, London History
1078 XW856 Aerospatiale Gazelle HT2 f/f 17/07/1973, d/d 03/08/1973, to G-CBBY, to G-GAZL, to Ukraine History
1081 XW857 Aerospatiale Gazelle HT2 f/f 07/08/1973, d/d 06/09/1973, to G-CBSB, to G-LEDR, Escrick and Spain History
1089 XW858 Aerospatiale Gazelle HT3 f/f 14/08/1973, d/d 05/09/1973, to G-DMSS, to G-ONNE, Steeple Bumpstead History
1091 XW859 Aerospatiale Gazelle HT2 f/f 24/08/1973, d/d 17/09/1973, w/o 13/06/1977 History
1096 XW860 Aerospatiale Gazelle HT2 f/f 29/08/1973, d/d 18/09/1973, to TAD021, to DCCT Lyneham History
1102 or 1098 XW861 Aerospatiale Gazelle HT2 f/f 04/09/1973, d/d 24/09/1973, to G-BZFJ, to Ukraine History
1104 XW862 Aerospatiale Gazelle HT3 f/f 11/09/1973, d/d 03/10/1973, to G-CBKC, to G-EZZL History
1114 XW863 Aerospatiale Gazelle HT2 f/f 11/09/1973, d/d 27/09/1973, to TAD022, to Farnborough Museum History
1116 XW864 Aerospatiale Gazelle HT2 f/f 14/09/1973, d/d 02/10/1973, to FAA Museum store, Cobham Hall, Yeovilton History
1119 XW865 Aerospatiale Gazelle AH1 f/f 19/09/1973, d/d 02/10/1973 History
1120 XW866 Aerospatiale Gazelle HT3 f/f 22/09/1973, d/d 03/10/1973, to G-BXTH, Wigtown, to Staverton History
1128 XW867 Aerospatiale Gazelle HT2 f/f 27/09/1973, d/d 02/10/1973, w/o 22/05/1975 History
1130 XW868 Aerospatiale Gazelle HT2 f/f 15/10/1973, d/d 21/11/1973, to G-CBKD, to Welshpool, Powys, Wales History
1139 XW869 Aerospatiale Gazelle AH1 f/f 16/10/1973, d/d 05/11/1973, w/o 11/10/1978 History
1146 XW870 Aerospatiale Gazelle HT3 f/f 26/10/1973, d/d 05/12/1973, to 9299M, to FSCTE Manston, Kent for G.I. History
1148 XW871 Aerospatiale Gazelle HT2 f/f 02/11/1973, d/d 06/12/1973, to G-CBSC, to Ukraine as GL-0077 History
1150 XW884 Aerospatiale Gazelle HT2 f/f 13/11/1973, d/d 17/01/1974, to G-BZDV, Stapleford Tawney, Essex History
1152 XW885 Aerospatiale Gazelle AH1 f/f 27/11/1973, d/d 17/12/1973, to G-BZYJ, to G-ZZEL, Shawbury, Shropshire History
1157 XW886 Aerospatiale Gazelle HT2 f/f 11/12/1973, d/d 09/01/1974, w/o 16/01/1991 History
1158 XW887 Aerospatiale Gazelle HT2 f/f 11/12/1973, d/d 09/01/1974, to G-CBFD, w/o 18/11/2003, scrapped Bourne Park History
1159 XW888 Aerospatiale Gazelle AH1 f/f 17/12/1973, d/d 17/01/1974, to TAD017, G.I. at Arborfield History
1160 XW889 Aerospatiale Gazelle AH1 d/d 25/01/1974, to TAD018, G.I. at Arborfield History
1161 XW890 Aerospatiale Gazelle HT2 f/f 14/01/1974, d/d 18/01/1974, pres. Yeovilton History
1163 XW891 Aerospatiale Gazelle HT2 f/f 21/01/1974, d/d 18/01/1974, w/o 25/11/1987 History
1165 XW892 Aerospatiale Gazelle AH1 f/f 23/01/1973, d/d 06/02/1974, to 9292M, to G-CGJX 23/11/2010, Bourne Park History
1167 XW893 Aerospatiale Gazelle AH1 d/d 26/02/1974, to J Hirst & Sons, St. Mary Bourne, 02/2010 for scrap History
1173 XW894 Aerospatiale Gazelle HT2 f/f 13/02/1974, d/d 20/03/1974, to G-BZOS, w/o 14/07/2002, scr. 02/2010 History
1174 XW895 Aerospatiale Gazelle HT2 f/f 13/02/1974, d/d 02/04/1974, to G-BXZD, exported to Ukraine 11/2006 History
1177 XW896 Aerospatiale Gazelle AH1 d/d 06/03/1974, w/o 11/06/1982 History
1178 XW897 Aerospatiale Gazelle AH1 f/f 22/02/1974, d/d 20/03/1974, to Cosford, Shropshire for G.I. History
1191 XW898 Aerospatiale Gazelle HT3 f/f 15/03/1974, d/d 03/03/1974, to G-CBXT, w/o 01/11/2008 History
1192 XW899 Aerospatiale Gazelle AH1 f/f 1974, d/d 16/04/1974, to Cosford for G.I. History
1195 XW900 Aerospatiale Gazelle AH1 f/f 1974, d/d 01/05/1974, w/o 25/05/1976, to TAD900, G.I. Bramley History
1196 XW901 Aerospatiale Gazelle AH1 f/f 09/04/1974, d/d 13/05/1974, w/o 13/02/1975 History
1199 XW902 Aerospatiale Gazelle HT3 f/f 19/04/1974, d/d 09/05/1974, to G-RBIL, History
1208 XW903 Aerospatiale Gazelle AH1 f/f 24/04/1974, d/d 29/05/1974, to G-BZYC, N341AH, to Philippines as RP-C77 History
1209 XW904 Aerospatiale Gazelle AH1 f/f 02/05/1974, d/d 22/05/1974, to GDSH Middle Wallop 02/06/2009 for RTP History
1212 XW905 Aerospatiale Gazelle AH1 f/f 1974, d/d 07/06/1974, w/o 24/02/1982 History
1213 XW906 Aerospatiale Gazelle HT3 f/f 21/05/1974, d/d 04/06/1974, to Apprentice School, Boscombe Down History
1216 XW907 Aerospatiale Gazelle HT2 f/f 29/05/1974, d/d 25/07/1974, to G-BZOT, to G-DFKI, to Bourne Park History
1217 XW908 Aerospatiale Gazelle AH1 f/f 05/06/1974, d/d 20/06/1974, spares source, Boscombe Down History
1227 XW909 Aerospatiale Gazelle AH1 f/f 1974, d/d 04/07/1974, to Stapleford Tawney History
1228 XW910 Aerospatiale Gazelle HT3 f/f 1974, d/d 01/07/1974, sold to G-BXZE 02/07/2001, w/o 03/09/2001 History
1230 XW911 Aerospatiale Gazelle AH1 f/f 01/07/1974, d/d 09/08/1974, to USA as N911XW, w/o 08/11/2002 History
1231 XW912 Aerospatiale Gazelle AH1 f/f 23/07/1974, d/d 29/08/1974, to TAD019, to DCCT Lyneham History
1233 XW913 Aerospatiale Gazelle AH1 f/f 09/08/1974, d/d 03/09/1974, to Colsterworth, roaded out south 17/07/2012 History
712071 XW916 HS Harrier GR3 f/f 11/06/1971, d/d 19/11/1971, w/o 17/06/1986 History
712072 XW917 HS Harrier GR3 f/f 30/06/1971, d/d 08/1971, to 8975M, pres. Swanwick, Hampshire History
712073 XW918 HS Harrier GR1 f/f 10/07/1971, d/d 07/1971, w/o 12/01/1972 History
712074 XW919 HS Harrier GR3 f/f 23/07/1971, d/d 09/1971, to Polish Air Force Museum, Krakow, 18/06/2010 History
712075 XW920 HS Harrier GR1A f/f 02/09/1971, d/d 10/1971, w/o 20/06/1972 History
712076 XW921 HS Harrier GR3 f/f 17/09/1971, d/d 10/1971, w/o 18/08/1988 History
712077 XW922 HS Harrier GR3 f/f 26/08/1971, d/d 10/1971 to Manston Fire School History
712078 XW923 HS Harrier GR3 f/f 08/09/1971, d/d 10/1971, w/o 26/05/1981, (N) to 8742M, Wittering History
712079 XW924 HS Harrier GR3 f/f 15/09/1971, d/d 10/1971, to 9073M, pres. Coningsby, Lincolnshire History
212013 XW925 HS Harrier T4 f/f 26/08/1971, d/d 01/10/1971, w/o 20/06/1989 History
212014 XW926 HS Harrier T4 f/f 06/04/1972, d/d 11/05/1972, w/o 23/02/1983 History
212015 XW927 HS Harrier T4 f/f 08/06/1972, d/d 28/07/1972, (F) Hermeskeil store, (N) Sproughton History
25009 XW930 HS.125 Srs.1B Ex G-ATPC, l/f 21/05/1992 sold for spares 1995, scr. Portsmouth 06/1997 History
212016 XW933 HS Harrier T4 f/f 04/05/1973, d/d 22/08/1973, w/o 18/02/1985 History
212017 XW934 HS Harrier T4 f/f 16/10/1973, d/d 21/12/1973, to Farnborough for G.I, pres. FAST Museum History
30-439 XW938 Piper Twin Comanche 160 Ex N7385Y, ex G-ATMT, d/d 19/07/1971, rtnd G-ATMT, Turweston, Buckinghamshire History
XW941 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW942 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW943 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW944 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW945 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW946 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW947 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW948 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW949 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW950 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW951 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW952 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW953 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW954 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW955 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW956 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW957 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW958 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW959 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW960 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW961 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW962 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW963 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW964 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW965 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW966 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW967 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW968 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW969 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW970 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW971 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW972 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW973 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW974 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW975 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW976 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW977 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW978 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW979 Northrop Shelduck D1  
XW980 Northrop Shelduck D1  
1735 XW983 Slingsby Venture T1 Ex G-AYUP 02/02/1994, stored Bicester, Oxfordshire History
B3-01-72 XW986 Blackburn Buccaneer S2B d/d 25/01/1974 to RAE, to ZU-NIP, Cape Town, South Africa History
B3-02-72 XW987 Blackburn Buccaneer S2B d/d 15/03/1974 to RAE, to ZU-BCR, Cape Town, South Africa History
B3-03-72 XW988 Blackburn Buccaneer S2B d/d 16/05/1974 to RAE, to ZU-AVI, Cape Town, South Africa History
XW989 Blackburn Buccaneer S2B Canx History
XW990 Northrop Chukar D1  
XW991 Northrop Chukar D1  
XW992 Northrop Chukar D1  
XW993 Northrop Chukar D1  
XW994 Northrop Chukar D1 Stored, FAAM Yeovilton, Somerset History
XW995 Northrop Chukar D1  
XW996 Northrop Chukar D1  
XW997 Northrop Chukar D1  
XW998 Northrop Chukar D1  
XW999 Northrop Chukar D1 Preserved, Davidstow Airfield & Cornwall at War Museum, Trewassa, Cornwall History

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