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2BK.0001ZM135Lockheed Martin Lightning f/f 13/04/2012, handed over Fort Worth 12/07/2012, d/d Eglin 23/07/2012HistoryEdit
2BK.0002ZM136Lockheed Martin Lightning f/f 11/07/2012, d/d Eglin 19/10/2012HistoryEdit
2BK.0003ZM137Lockheed Martin Lightning f/f 01/04/2013, d/d Eglin 25/06/2013, d/d Marham 16/07/2019HistoryEdit
2BK.0004ZM138Lockheed Martin Lightning f/f 02/12/2015, d/d Patuxent River 08/02/2016HistoryEdit
2BK.0005ZM139Lockheed Martin Lightning f/f by 06/05/2016, d/d Marham 16/07/2019HistoryEdit
2BK.0006ZM140Lockheed Martin Lightning f/f 23/08/2016, d/d Marham 03/08/2018HistoryEdit
2BK.0007ZM141Lockheed Martin Lightning f/f by 28/10/2016, d/d Marham 03/08/2018HistoryEdit
2BK.0008ZM142Lockheed Martin Lightning f/f by 28/10/2016, d/d Beaufort by 02/2017, d/d Marham 03/08/2018HistoryEdit
2BK.0009ZM143Lockheed Martin Lightning f/f 03/03/2017, d/d Marham 03/08/2018HistoryEdit
2BK.0010ZM144Lockheed Martin Lightning f/f 04/05/2017, d/d Marham 03/08/2018HistoryEdit
2BK.0011ZM145Lockheed Martin Lightning f/f 06/06/2017, d/d Marham 06/06/2018HistoryEdit
2BK.0012ZM146Lockheed Martin Lightning f/f 08/2017, d/d Beaufort 06/11/2017, d/d Marham 06/06/2018HistoryEdit
2BK.0013ZM147Lockheed Martin Lightning f/f 10/10/2017, d/d Beaufort 13/11/2017, d/d Marham 06/06/2018HistoryEdit
2BK.0014ZM148Lockheed Martin Lightning f/f by 29/11/2017, d/d Beaufort 14/12/2017, d/d Marham 06/06/2018HistoryEdit
2BK.0015ZM149Lockheed Martin Lightning f/f 31/01/2018, d/d Marham 16/07/2019HistoryEdit
2BK.0016ZM150Lockheed Martin Lightning f/f by 08/2018, d/d Beaufort by 02/2019, d/d Marham 16/07/2019HistoryEdit
2BK.0017ZM151Lockheed Martin Lightning f/f 10/2018, d/d Beaufort 16/11/2018, d/d Marham 16/07/2019HistoryEdit
2BK.0018ZM152Lockheed Martin Lightning f/f 12/06/2019, d/d Marham 16/07/2019HistoryEdit
2BK.0019ZM153Lockheed Martin Lightning f/f by 08/2020, d/d Marham 30/11/2020HistoryEdit
2BK.0020ZM154Lockheed Martin Lightning f/f by 10/2020, d/d Marham 30/11/2020HistoryEdit
2BK.0021ZM155Lockheed Martin Lightning f/f by 10/2020, d/d Marham 30/11/2020HistoryEdit
ZM156Lockheed Martin Lightning f/f 29/06/2021History 
ZM157Lockheed Martin Lightning On production line, due into service 2021History 
ZM158Lockheed Martin Lightning On production line, due into service 2021History 
ZM159Lockheed Martin Lightning On production line, due into service 2022History 
ZM160Lockheed Martin Lightning On production line, due into service 2022History 
ZM161Lockheed Martin Lightning On production line, due into service 2022History 
ZM162Lockheed Martin Lightning On order, due into service 2022History 
ZM163Lockheed Martin Lightning On order, due into service 2022History 
ZM164Lockheed Martin Lightning On order, due into service 2022History 
ZM165Lockheed Martin Lightning On order, due into service 2022History 
ZM166Lockheed Martin Lightning On order, due into service 2022History 
ZM167Lockheed Martin Lightning On order, due into service 2022History 
ZM168Lockheed Martin Lightning On order, due into service 2022History 
ZM169Lockheed Martin Lightning On order, due into service 2022History 
ZM170Lockheed Martin Lightning On orderHistory 
ZM171Lockheed Martin Lightning On orderHistory 
ZM172Lockheed Martin Lightning On orderHistory 
ZM173Lockheed Martin Lightning On orderHistory 
ZM174Lockheed Martin Lightning On orderHistory 
ZM175Lockheed Martin Lightning On orderHistory 
ZM176Lockheed Martin Lightning On orderHistory 
ZM177Lockheed Martin Lightning On orderHistory 
ZM178Lockheed Martin Lightning On orderHistory 
ZM179Lockheed Martin Lightning On orderHistory 
ZM180Lockheed Martin Lightning On orderHistory 
ZM181Lockheed Martin Lightning On orderHistory 
ZM182Lockheed Martin Lightning On orderHistory 
ZM183Lockheed Martin Lightning Allocation reservedHistory 
ZM184Lockheed Martin Lightning Allocation reservedHistory 
ZM185Lockheed Martin Lightning Allocation reservedHistory 
ZM186Lockheed Martin Lightning Allocation reservedHistory 
ZM187Lockheed Martin Lightning Allocation reservedHistory 
ZM188Lockheed Martin Lightning Allocation reservedHistory 
ZM189Lockheed Martin Lightning Allocation reservedHistory 
ZM190Lockheed Martin Lightning Allocation reservedHistory 
ZM191Lockheed Martin Lightning Allocation reservedHistory 
ZM192Lockheed Martin Lightning Allocation reservedHistory 
ZM193Lockheed Martin Lightning Allocation reservedHistory 
ZM194Lockheed Martin Lightning Allocation reservedHistory 
ZM195Lockheed Martin Lightning Allocation reservedHistory 
ZM196Lockheed Martin Lightning Allocation reservedHistory 
ZM197Lockheed Martin Lightning Allocation reservedHistory 
ZM198Lockheed Martin Lightning Allocation reservedHistory 
ZM199Lockheed Martin Lightning Allocation reservedHistory 
ZM200Lockheed Martin Lightning Allocation reservedHistory 
11099ZM300Grob Prefect T1Ex G-MFTS, d/d Cranwell 15/11/2016History 
11100ZM301Grob Prefect T1Ex G-MEFT, d/d Cranwell 15/11/2016History 
11111ZM302Grob Prefect T1Ex G-CJYB, d/d Cranwell 02/03/2017History 
11112ZM303Grob Prefect T1Ex G-CJYG, d/d Cranwell 07/03/2017History 
11113ZM304Grob Prefect T1Ex G-CJYH, d/d Cranwell 07/03/2017History 
11117ZM305Grob Prefect T1Ex G-CJZR, d/d Cranwell 16/05/2017History 
11118ZM306Grob Prefect T1Ex G-CJZJ, d/d Cranwell 16/05/2017History 
11122ZM307Grob Prefect T1Ex G-CJZI, d/d Cranwell 07/06/2017History 
11123ZM308Grob Prefect T1Ex G-CJZF, d/d Cranwell 07/06/2017History 
11127ZM309Grob Prefect T1Ex G-CKCO, d/d Cranwell 05/07/2017History 
11128ZM310Grob Prefect T1Ex G-CKCS, d/d Cranwell 05/07/2017History 
11129ZM311Grob Prefect T1Ex G-CKIA, d/d Cranwell 06/09/2017History 
11130ZM312Grob Prefect T1Ex G-CKIB, d/d Cranwell 06/09/2017History 
11131ZM313Grob Prefect T1Ex G-CKIC, d/d Cranwell 17/10/2017History 
11132ZM314Grob Prefect T1Ex G-CKID, d/d Cranwell 17/10/2017History 
11137ZM315Grob Prefect T1Ex G-CKIV, d/d Cranwell 14/11/2017History 
11138ZM316Grob Prefect T1Ex G-CKIW, d/d Cranwell 14/11/2017History 
11142ZM317Grob Prefect T1Ex G-CKLJ, d/d Cranwell 16/01/2018History 
11143ZM318Grob Prefect T1Ex G-CKLO, d/d Cranwell 16/01/2018History 
11144ZM319Grob Prefect T1Ex G-CKRY, d/d Cranwell 15/02/2018History 
11145ZM320Grob Prefect T1Ex G-CKRP, d/d Cranwell 15/02/2018History 
11146ZM321Grob Prefect T1Ex G-CKSJ, d/d Cranwell 14/03/2018History 
11147ZM322Grob Prefect T1Ex G-CKSI, d/d Cranwell 08/03/2018History 
PM-110ZM323Beechcraft Texan T1f/f by 28/05/2017, ex N2824B, d/d Valley 15/05/2018, to G-TBFTHistory 
PM-111ZM324Beechcraft Texan T1Ex N2826B, d/d Valley 15/05/2018, to G-CKGO, canx 21/01/2019History 
PM-115ZM325Beechcraft Texan T1Ex N2843B, d/d Valley 16/02/2018, to G-CKGP, canx 21/01/2019History 
PM-116ZM326Beechcraft Texan T1Ex N2770B, d/d Valley 16/02/2018, to G-CKGW, canx 21/01/2019History 
PM-125ZM327Beechcraft Texan T1Ex N2856B, d/d Valley 20/08/2018, to G-CKVL, canx 21/01/2019History 
PM-126ZM328Beechcraft Texan T1Ex N2857B, d/d Valley 20/08/2018, to G-CKVN, canx 21/01/2019History 
PM-127ZM329Beechcraft Texan T1Ex N2858B, d/d Valley 14/09/2018, to G-CKVO, canx 21/01/2019History 
PM-128ZM330Beechcraft Texan T1Ex N2859B, d/d Valley 05/11/2018, to G-CKVR, canx 21/01/2019History 
PM-129ZM331Beechcraft Texan T1Ex N2860B, d/d Valley 05/11/2018, to G-CKVS, canx 21/01/2019History 
PM-130ZM332Beechcraft Texan T1Ex N2872B, d/d Valley 03/12/2018, to G-CKVU, canx 21/01/2019History 
50000375ZM333Embraer Phenom T1Ex PR-PHK, to G-MEPT, d/d Cranwell 07/2017History 
50000377ZM334Embraer Phenom T1Ex N709EE, ex PR-ING, to G-MEPS, d/d Cranwell 15/08/2017History 
50000380ZM335Embraer Phenom T1Ex N713TE, ex PR-LTE, to G-CJXH d/d Cranwell 09/10/2017History 
50000384ZM336Embraer Phenom T1Ex N6014A, ex PR-LTF, d/d Cranwell 27/11/2017, to G-CKCUHistory 
50000386ZM337Embraer Phenom T1Ex N60126, ex PR-LTJ, d/d Cranwell 30/01/2018, to G-CKEFHistory 
PM-137ZM340Beechcraft Texan T1Ex N2786B, d/d Valley 03/11/2020, to G-CLTZHistory 
PM-138ZM341Beechcraft Texan T1Ex N2789B, d/d Valley 03/11/2020, to G-CLUCHistory 
PM-139ZM342Beechcraft Texan T1Ex N2790B, d/d Valley 03/11/2020, to G-CLUFHistory 
PM-144ZM343Beechcraft Texan T1Ex N2811B, d/d Valley 03/11/2020, to G-CLUAHistory 
ZM398Airbus Atlas Full Flight Simulator  
ZM399Airbus Atlas Full Flight Simulator  
015ZM400Airbus Atlas C1f/f 30/08/2014, EC-405, d/d Brize Norton 17/11/2014History 
016ZM401Airbus Atlas C1f/f 23/10/2014, d/d Brize Norton 05/02/2016History 
017ZM402Airbus Atlas C1f/f 23/12/2014, d/d Brize Norton 27/02/2015History 
020ZM403Airbus Atlas C1f/f 22/03/2015, A4M020, d/d Brize Norton 05/07/2015History 
021ZM404Airbus Atlas C1f/f 10/04/2015, d/d Brize Norton 05/02/2016History 
024ZM405Airbus Atlas C1f/f 02/07/2015, d/d Brize Norton 10/09/2015History 
025ZM406Airbus Atlas C1f/f 17/07/2015, EC-405, A4M025, d/d Brize Norton 02/10/2015History 
026ZM407Airbus Atlas C1f/f 07/08/2015, d/d Brize Norton 11/05/2016History 
027ZM408Airbus Atlas C1f/f 21/08/2015, d/d Brize Norton 12/12/2016History 
034ZM409Airbus Atlas C1f/f 25/01/2016, d/d Brize Norton 16/09/2016History 
038ZM410Airbus Atlas C1f/f 09/05/2016, d/d Brize Norton 23/07/2016History 
039ZM411Airbus Atlas C1f/f 26/08/2016, d/d Brize Norton 28/10/2016History 
042ZM412Airbus Atlas C1d/d Brize Norton 16/03/2017History 
045ZM413Airbus Atlas C1f/f 21/10/2016, d/d Brize Norton 10/02/2017History 
047ZM414Airbus Atlas C1f/f 04/01/2017, d/d Brize Norton 17/03/2017History 
052ZM415Airbus Atlas C1f/f 14/02/2017, d/d Brize Norton 14/06/2017History 
058ZM416Airbus Atlas C1f/f 24/07/2017, d/d Brize Norton 17/10/2017History 
060ZM417Airbus Atlas C1f/f 31/07/2017, d/d Brize Norton 19/10/2017History 
072ZM418Airbus Atlas C1f/f 30/01/2018, d/d Brize Norton 04/05/2018History 
077ZM419Airbus Atlas C1f/f 13/04/2018, d/d Brize Norton 28/06/2018History 
ZM420Airbus Atlas C1For RAFHistory 
056ZM421Airbus Atlas C1f/f 06/02/2018, EC-400, for RAFHistory 
ZM422Airbus Atlas CanxHistory 
ZM423Airbus Atlas CanxHistory 
ZM424Airbus Atlas CanxHistory 
20309ZM496Airbus Helicopters Jupiter HT1Ex D-HADR, ex G-CLKI, d/d Shawbury 31/07/2020History 
20310ZM497Airbus Helicopters Jupiter HT1Ex G-CLKO, d/d Shawbury 26/05/2020History 
20312ZM498Airbus Helicopters Jupiter HT1Ex G-CLKP, d/d Shawbury 29/05/2020History 
20313ZM499Airbus Helicopters Jupiter HT1Ex G-CLKS, d/d Shawbury 06/2020History 
20111ZM500Airbus Helicopters Jupiter HT1Ex D-HADT, G-CJIV, d/d Shawbury 28/07/2017History 
20123ZM501Airbus Helicopters Jupiter HT1Ex G-CJIZ, G-CKGE, d/d Shawbury 19/05/2017History 
20133ZM502Airbus Helicopters Jupiter HT1Ex D-HADQ, G-CJRW, d/d Shawbury 04/07/2017History 
ZM503Airbus Helicopters Jupiter HT1AllocatedHistory 
2001ZM504Airbus Helicopters Juno HT1Ex D-HECZ, f/f 29/07/2016, to G-CJJG, d/d Shawbury 03/11/2017History 
2002ZM505Airbus Helicopters Juno HT1Ex D-HECV, G-CJIW, d/d Shawbury 30/05/2017History 
2003ZM506Airbus Helicopters Juno HT1Ex G-CJIY, d/d Shawbury 25/05/2017History 
2004ZM507Airbus Helicopters Juno HT1Ex G-CJRP, h/o 16/05/2017, d/d Shawbury 19/05/2017History 
2005ZM508Airbus Helicopters Juno HT1Ex D-HECD, G-CJRY, d/d Shawbury 22/05/2017History 
2007ZM509Airbus Helicopters Juno HT1Ex G-CJTZ, d/d Shawbury 30/05/2017History 
2009ZM510Airbus Helicopters Juno HT1Ex G-CJUA, d/d Shawbury 19/09/2017History 
2010ZM511Airbus Helicopters Juno HT1Ex G-CJUC, d/d Shawbury 19/06/2017History 
2011ZM512Airbus Helicopters Juno HT1Ex G-CJXS, d/d Shawbury 21/07/2017History 
2012ZM513Airbus Helicopters Juno HT1Ex G-CJXU, d/d Shawbury 19/09/2017History 
2014ZM514Airbus Helicopters Juno HT1Ex G-CJXV, d/d Shawbury 10/07/2017History 
2015ZM515Airbus Helicopters Juno HT1Ex G-CJSO, d/d Shawbury 16/03/2018History 
2016ZM516Airbus Helicopters Juno HT1Ex G-CJZS, d/d Shawbury 14/08/2017History 
2018ZM517Airbus Helicopters Juno HT1Ex G-CJZT, d/d Shawbury 31/07/2017History 
2021ZM518Airbus Helicopters Juno HT1Ex G-CKEO, d/d Shawbury 25/08/2017History 
2023ZM519Airbus Helicopters Juno HT1Ex G-CKEU, d/d Shawbury 20/10/2017History 
2024ZM520Airbus Helicopters Juno HT1Ex D-HCBD, G-CKEW, d/d Shawbury 31/10/2017History 
2025ZM521Airbus Helicopters Juno HT1Ex D-HECJ, G-CKIK, d/d Shawbury 17/10/2017History 
2026ZM522Airbus Helicopters Juno HT1Ex G-CKIM, d/d Shawbury 13/11/2017History 
2027ZM523Airbus Helicopters Juno HT1Ex G-CKJW, d/d Shawbury 27/10/2017History 
2028ZM524Airbus Helicopters Juno HT1Ex G-CKJU, d/d Shawbury 02/11/2017History 
2031ZM525Airbus Helicopters Juno HT1Ex D-HECQ, G-CKJX, d/d Shawbury 08/02/2018History 
2032ZM526Airbus Helicopters Juno HT1Ex D-HECU, G-CKOC, d/d Shawbury 07/02/2018History 
2033ZM527Airbus Helicopters Juno HT1Ex D-HECX, G-CKOB, d/d Shawbury 16/02/2018History 
2034ZM528Airbus Helicopters Juno HT1Ex D-HECF, ex G-CKOA, d/d Shawbury 19/12/2017History 
2038ZM529Airbus Helicopters Juno HT1Ex D-HECW, G-CKPT, d/d Shawbury 19/03/2018History 
2040ZM530Airbus Helicopters Juno HT1Ex D-HECD, G-CKRA, d/d Shawbury 26/03/2018History 
2042ZM531Airbus Helicopters Juno HT1Ex D-HECA, G-CKSB, d/d Shawbury 27/03/2018History 
2045ZM532Airbus Helicopters Juno HT1Ex D-HECY, G-CKSA, d/d Shawbury 24/05/2018History 
ZM533Airbus Helicopters Juno HT1AllocatedHistory 
ZM534Airbus Helicopters Juno HT1AllocatedHistory 
UD001ZM700Boeing Apache AH-64Ed/d Wattisham 03/06/2021History 
ZM701Boeing Apache AH-64Ed/d Wattisham 03/06/2021History 
ZM702Boeing Apache AH-64E  
ZM703Boeing Apache AH-64E  
ZM704Boeing Apache AH-64Ed/d Wattisham 26/11/2020HistoryEdit
ZM705Boeing Apache AH-64Ed/d Wattisham 26/11/2020HistoryEdit
ZM706Boeing Apache AH-64Ed/d Wattisham 12/02/2021HistoryEdit
ZM707Boeing Apache AH-64Ed/d Wattisham 15/03/2021HistoryEdit
ZM708Boeing Apache AH-64Ed/d Wattisham 12/02/2021HistoryEdit
ZM709Boeing Apache AH-64Ed/d Wattisham 15/03/2021HistoryEdit
ZM710Boeing Apache AH-64Ed/d Wattisham 19/04/2021HistoryEdit
ZM711Boeing Apache AH-64Ed/d Wattisham 19/04/2021HistoryEdit
ZM712Boeing Apache AH-64EFor AACHistory 
ZM713Boeing Apache AH-64EFor AACHistory 
ZM714Boeing Apache AH-64EFor AACHistory 
ZM715Boeing Apache AH-64EFor AACHistory 
ZM716Boeing Apache AH-64EFor AACHistory 
ZM717Boeing Apache AH-64EFor AACHistory 
ZM718Boeing Apache AH-64EFor AACHistory 
ZM719Boeing Apache AH-64EFor AACHistory 
ZM720Boeing Apache AH-64EFor AACHistory 
ZM721Boeing Apache AH-64EFor AACHistory 
ZM722Boeing Apache AH-64EFor AACHistory 
ZM723Boeing Apache AH-64EFor AACHistory 
ZM724Boeing Apache AH-64EFor AACHistory 
ZM725Boeing Apache AH-64EFor AACHistory 
ZM726Boeing Apache AH-64EFor AACHistory 
ZM727Boeing Apache AH-64EFor AACHistory 
ZM728Boeing Apache AH-64EFor AACHistory 
ZM729Boeing Apache AH-64EFor AACHistory 
ZM730Boeing Apache AH-64EFor AACHistory 
ZM731Boeing Apache AH-64EFor AACHistory 
ZM732Boeing Apache AH-64EFor AACHistory 
ZM733Boeing Apache AH-64EFor AACHistory 
ZM734Boeing Apache AH-64EFor AACHistory 
ZM735Boeing Apache AH-64EFor AACHistory 
ZM736Boeing Apache AH-64EFor AACHistory 
ZM737Boeing Apache AH-64EFor AACHistory 
ZM738Boeing Apache AH-64EFor AACHistory 
ZM739Boeing Apache AH-64EFor AACHistory 
ZM740Boeing Apache AH-64EFor AACHistory 
ZM741Boeing Apache AH-64EFor AACHistory 
ZM742Boeing Apache AH-64EFor AACHistory 
ZM743Boeing Apache AH-64EFor AACHistory 
ZM744Boeing Apache AH-64EFor AACHistory 
ZM745Boeing Apache AH-64EFor AACHistory 
ZM746Boeing Apache AH-64EFor AACHistory 
ZM747Boeing Apache AH-64EFor AACHistory 
ZM748Boeing Apache AH-64EFor AACHistory 
ZM749Boeing Apache AH-64EFor AACHistory 

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