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31283ZR283AgustaWestland AW.139 Ex N209YS, ex G-FBHA canx 04/02/2011, d/d Valley 14/02/2011, to G-FBHA 18/02/2020History 
50285ZR285AgustaWestland AW.101 614f/f 19/07/2021, for Polish NavyHistory 
50286ZR286AgustaWestland AW.101 614f/f 06/11/2021, for Polish Navy 6202History 
50287ZR287AgustaWestland AW.101 614f/f 23/06/2022, for Polish NavyHistory 
50288ZR288AgustaWestland AW.101 614f/f 24/11/2022, for Polish NavyHistory 
11663ZR321Agusta A.109 EEx G-CDVB, canx 29/03/2006, d/d 29/03/2006, rtnd to G-CDVB 20/04/2011History 
11664ZR322Agusta A.109 EEx G-CDVC, canx 21/03/2006, d/d 22/03/2006, to G-CDVC 12/04/2016, to Biggin HillHistory 
11665ZR323Agusta A.109 EEx G-CDVE, d/d 30/03/2006, rtnd to G-CDVE 26/04/2013, to Mexico 11/2017History 
11111ZR324Agusta A.109 EEx G-EMHB, canx 10/02/2009, to Newquay 12/2017, to G-EMHB 18/02/2020, to ItalyHistory 
11056ZR325Agusta A.109 EEx G-BZEI, canx 19/02/2009, to Cobham at Newquay12/2017, to G-BZEI 18/02/2020History 
31223ZR326AgustaWestland AW.139 Ex G-CFUO, d/d Valley 17/04/2009, to G-CFUO, to PH-FBH CuracaoHistory 
31231ZR327AgustaWestland AW.139 Ex G-CFVD, d/d Valley 21/05/2009, to G-CFVD, to PH-DCG CuracaoHistory 
50228ZR328AgustaWestland AW.101 610Ex G-17-610, f/f 29/10/2009, to Algerian Naval ForcesHistory 
50229ZR329AgustaWestland AW.101 610Ex G-17-611, d/d 23/05/2011 to Algerian Naval ForcesHistory 
50230ZR330AgustaWestland AW.101 610Ex G-17-612, to Algerian Naval ForcesHistory 
50231ZR331AgustaWestland AW.101 610Ex G-17-613, d/d 14/02/2012 to Algerian Naval ForcesHistory 
50232ZR332AgustaWestland AW.101 610Ex G-17-614, d/d 23/05/2011 to Algerian Naval Forces as MS-25, w/o 16/12/2020History 
50233ZR333AgustaWestland AW.101 610Ex G-17-615, d/d 31/07/2011 to Algerian Naval ForcesHistory 
50239ZR334AgustaWestland AW.101 640d/d 19/12/2013 to Saudi Arabia as HMH-1History 
50240ZR335AgustaWestland AW.101 640d/d 03/11/2014 to Saudi Arabia as HMH-2History 
50241ZR336AgustaWestland AW.101 643d/d 29/03/2013 to Turkmenistan as EZ-S714History 
50245ZR337AgustaWestland AW.101 643d/d 16/06/2012 to Turkmenistan as EZ-S715History 
50242ZR338AgustaWestland AW.101 641d/d 18/12/2012 to IAF as ZW-4301History 
50243ZR339AgustaWestland AW.101 641Cancelled IAF ZW-4302, to CS-X81925History 
50244ZR340AgustaWestland AW.101 641d/d 28/12/2012 to IAF as ZW-4303History 
50246ZR341AgustaWestland AW.101 641f/f 22/08/2012, d/d 21/12/2012 to IAF as ZW-4304History 
50247ZR342AgustaWestland AW.101 641Cancelled IAF ZW-4305History 
50248ZR343AgustaWestland AW.101 646f/f 06/12/2012, cancelled IAF ZW-4306, d/d 19/01/2017 to Indonesian AFHistory 
50251ZR344AgustaWestland AW.101 644Cancelled IAF ZW-4307, f/f 19/09/2014, d/d 30/09/2014 to Nigeria as NAF280History 
50252ZR345AgustaWestland AW.101 644Cancelled IAF ZW-4308, d/d 21/11/2014 to Nigeria as NAF281History 
50253ZR346AgustaWestland AW.101 641Cancelled IAF ZW-4309History 
50254ZR347AgustaWestland AW.101 641Cancelled IAF ZW-4310, for Azerbaijan as 4K-Ai010History 
50255ZR348AgustaWestland AW.101 641Cancelled IAF ZW-4311History 
50256ZR349AgustaWestland AW.101 641Cancelled IAF ZW-4312History 
50249ZR350AgustaWestland AW.101 642d/d 05/12/2013 to Algeria as 7T-WVBHistory 
50250ZR351AgustaWestland AW.101 642d/d 05/12/2013 to Algeria as 7T-WVDHistory 
50257/CSAR01ZR352AgustaWestland AW.101 611 HH-101d/d 06/05/2015 to AMI as MM81864History 
50258/CSAR02ZR353AgustaWestland AW.101 611 HH-101To AMI as MM81865History 
50259/CSAR03ZR354AgustaWestland AW.101 611 HH-101To AMI as MM81866, CSX81866History 
50260/CSAR04ZR355AgustaWestland AW.101 611 HH-101To AMI as MM81867History 
50261/CSAR05ZR356AgustaWestland AW.101 611 HH-101To AMI as MM81868History 
50263/CSAR06ZR357AgustaWestland AW.101 611 HH-101To AMI as MM81869History 
50266/CSAR07ZR358AgustaWestland AW.101 611 HH-101f/f 19/11/2018, to AMI as MM81870History 
50267/CSAR08ZR359AgustaWestland AW.101 611 HH-101d/d 30/07/2019 to AMI as MM81871History 
50269/CSAR09ZR360AgustaWestland AW.101 611 HH-101f/f 21/06/2019, d/d 26/09/2019 to AMI as MM81872History 
50271/CSAR10ZR361AgustaWestland AW.101 611 HH-101f/f 03/10/2019, d/d 28/01/2020 to AMI as MM81873History 
50272/CSAR11ZR362AgustaWestland AW.101 611 HH-101f/f 11/12/2019, d/d 18/02/2020 to AMI as MM81874History 
50274/CSAR12ZR363AgustaWestland AW.101 611 HH-101f/f 05/06/2020, d/d 25/06/2020 to AMI as MM81875History 
NS001ZR401Eurofighter Typhoon f/f 30/01/2017, d/d 07/08/2017 to RAFO as 210History 
NS002ZR402Eurofighter Typhoon f/f 13/04/2017, d/d 09/10/2017 to RAFO as 211History 
NS003ZR403Eurofighter Typhoon f/f 09/05/2017, d/d 09/10/2017 to RAFO as 212History 
NS004ZR404Eurofighter Typhoon f/f 13/06/2017, d/d 20/11/2017 to RAFO as 213History 
NS005ZR405Eurofighter Typhoon f/f 04/07/2017, d/d 20/11/2017 to RAFO as 214History 
NS006ZR406Eurofighter Typhoon f/f 22/08/2017, d/d 05/02/2018 to RAFO as 215History 
NS007ZR407Eurofighter Typhoon f/f 07/09/2017, d/d 05/02/2018 to RAFO as 216History 
NS008ZR408Eurofighter Typhoon f/f 21/11/2017, d/d 04/06/2018 to RAFO as 217History 
NS009ZR409Eurofighter Typhoon f/f 13/03/2018, d/d 04/06/2018 to RAFO as 218History 
NT001ZR410Eurofighter Typhoon Tf/f 25/11/2016, d/d 19/06/2017 to RAFO as 200History 
NT002ZR411Eurofighter Typhoon Tf/f 25/11/2016, d/d 19/06/2017 to RAFO as 201History 
NT003ZR412Eurofighter Typhoon Tf/f 07/03/2017, d/d 07/08/2017 to RAFO as 202History 
MT0001ZR501Eurofighter Typhoon Tf/f 23/09/2022, d/d 02/11/2022 to QEAF as QA400History 
MT0002ZR502Eurofighter Typhoon Tf/f 14/09/2022, d/d 15/11/2022 to QEAF as QA401History 
MT0003ZR503Eurofighter Typhoon Tf/f 01/12/2022, for QEAFHistory 
MT0004ZR504Eurofighter Typhoon TFor QEAFHistory 
MS0001ZR505Eurofighter Typhoon f/f 25/11/2021, d/d 25/08/2022 to QEAF as QA404History 
MS0002ZR506Eurofighter Typhoon f/f 12/01/2022, d/d 25/08/2022 to QEAF as QA405History 
MS0003ZR507Eurofighter Typhoon f/f 31/03/2022, d/d 30/08/2022 to QEAF as QA406History 
MS0004ZR508Eurofighter Typhoon f/f 09/05/2022, d/d 30/08/2022 to QEAF as QA407History 
MS0005ZR509Eurofighter Typhoon f/f 17/06/2022, d/d 02/11/2022 to QEAF as QA408History 
MS0006ZR510Eurofighter Typhoon f/f 18/10/2022, d/d 15/11/2022 to QEAF as QA409History 
MS0007ZR511Eurofighter Typhoon For QEAFHistory 
MS0008ZR512Eurofighter Typhoon For QEAFHistory 
MS0009ZR513Eurofighter Typhoon For QEAFHistory 
MS0010ZR514Eurofighter Typhoon For QEAFHistory 
MS0011ZR515Eurofighter Typhoon For QEAFHistory 
MS0012ZR516Eurofighter Typhoon For QEAFHistory 
MS0013ZR517Eurofighter Typhoon For QEAFHistory 
MS0014ZR518Eurofighter Typhoon For QEAFHistory 
MS0015ZR519Eurofighter Typhoon For QEAFHistory 
MS0016ZR520Eurofighter Typhoon For QEAFHistory 
MS0017ZR521Eurofighter Typhoon For QEAFHistory 
MS0018ZR522Eurofighter Typhoon For QEAFHistory 
MS0019ZR523Eurofighter Typhoon For QEAFHistory 
MS0020ZR524Eurofighter Typhoon For QEAFHistory 

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